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J. Cole Lyrics - Hold It Down
I know that deep inside these niggas know there's more ... Man I'm sorta like a nigga who done seen greener ... my mama doing drugs At times it's hard to feel blessed
SBTRKT Lyrics - Voices In My Head
Needed a drug, so I'm smoking on cannabis ... All these voices in my head Voices in my head, ... get feeling like Iron Man
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - BM J.R.
... you know what I'm talking bout' I peep these niggaz out here they slipping like they ... other than people you feel, I'm deeper for ... I'm the man of my ...
Kanye West Lyrics - Addiction
Man I tried to stop man I tried the best ... I'm on drugs Just let me peek now, I mean damn, I'm so curious She's got a lover, so the lies, and ... I'm feeling incredibly
Shania Twain Lyrics - Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Lyrics to "Man! I Feel Like A ... Come on. I'm going out tonight-I'm feelin' alright Gonna let it all hang ... Wanna make some noise-really raise my voice Yeah, ...
Mac Miller Lyrics - Fight The Feeling
How a man in my position can start slipping down ... Sometimes I be feeling like a needle to these young kids ... Balling like I’m Jordan but I’m fresh as Mars ...
Prozak Lyrics - Drugs
I need some more drugs like all six of them I'll take these ... I'm always thinkin about the next line man I ... feel my face my nose is frost bitten (I'm ...
Caro Emerald - That Man Lyrics
I'm in a little bit of trouble / And I'm in real deep / From the beginning to the end ... And then I feel a ... Ooh I wanna love that man. Now it's like I'm on a ...
Logic Lyrics - Innermission
And truly understand the deeper things that I don't know ... I'm busting my mind open Hoping these lyrics will keep me ... it feel like forever since I hit him, man
The Weeknd Lyrics - The Hills
... Your man on the road, ... Drugs start to feeling like it's decaf I'm just tryna live life for the moment And all these motherfuckers want a relapse
Kanye West - Clique Lyrics
Freaky women I be feeling from the bank accounts I'm filling What a feeling, ah man, ... deep depression when my ... they don't do it like my clique And all these bad ...
Eminem Lyrics - Drug Ballad
[Em's spaceman voice]Earth calling, ... I'm a sucker all I gotta say These drugs really got a hold of me ... Even though you wake up feeling like shit every morning
The War on Drugs - Holding On Lyrics
Lyrics for Holding On by The War on Drugs. ... I can't move the past Feel like I'm about to crash Riding on my line, ... These lyrics have been translated into 1 ...
SBTRKT - Voices In My Head Lyrics
Needed a drug, so I'm smoking on cannabis ... All these voices in my head Voices in my head, ... get feeling like Iron Man
Rich The Kid Lyrics - Made It
... I still got the key We still got the streets on lock man what the fuck wrong with these niggas man T ... hit like rocky these haters they ... drugs I'm strapped ...
50 Cent - In Da Club Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Da Club' by 50 Cent: ... bottle full of bub Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs I'm into having sex, ... I'm feelin' focused man, ...
YG Lyrics - Who Do You Love
I'm that nigga who got homies that be sellin' drugs I'm the nigga on the back street ... But I'm big on the west like I'm big in the ... I'm tryna go deep, hit them ...
Joe Budden Lyrics - Pray For Me
A loud noise without a voice but I'm tryna scream out shit ... Feel like my souls gone naked ... I can see my every breath like a cold day Stood before a man with no ...
Lil' B Lyrics - I Got Beef
I'm a tell you like this man I serve every day cause I feel like I'm ... I'm on the corner blocking These streets like soccer ... My advice to you don't do drugs ...
Webbie Lyrics - Shawty Know
I mean you my baby man. All that other shit, ... Know what I’m saying? [Verse 1] ... Feel like I done growed up and opened my eyes up.
Mims Lyrics - Doctor, Doctor
Lyrics to "Doctor, Doctor" song by Mims: Aw man, I'm fucked ... so I sell drugs ain't shit you ... but it feels so good, mad at me like "he ain't no good", but I feel ...
DJ Khaled Lyrics - Hip Hop
I’m doing drugs trying to feel you ... Once in love and it’s gone you don’t look at it the same man ... Got a nigga feeling like I up and left ya
Logic - AfricAryaN Lyrics
... now I'm praying for a flood It feel like time passing me ... Black man screaming, trying to convince me I'm not ... By parents that was in too deep with the drugs
Lil' B Lyrics - Control Response
You was a drug lord, I want to get the plug route I'm tired of ... The clerk knows my voice, ... I was bagging up zips like fire I'm in deep, I'm the con-man I was ...
DJ Khaled Lyrics - Good Man
Lyrics to "Good Man" song by DJ Khaled: ... I'm more Eric B I ain't no joke, ... Like Pac was on the wrong side of the car
I been in this game for a while I'm a paid man now On my sixth solo album I'm a made man now Six years ... But these white folks ... I feel deep down in my ...
Madchild Lyrics - Dead Man Walking
Mad Child sleep deep like I breathe ether ... three packs of cigarettes now I’m past regret I’m a dead man walking, ... I’m feeling like I’m under attack
Big Sean Lyrics - Paradise (Extended)
Man, I feel like money is the best drug ... Man I'm going hard all season these hoes goin' both ways, offense, defense Livin' life on the deep end, ...
The Who Lyrics - Behind Blue Eyes
No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes ... To feel these feelings Like I do And I blame you No one bites back as hard
David Banner Lyrics - Cadillac On 22's
Pimp my voice and mack these beats and ... Keep 'em off them drugs, far away from thugs ... Sometimes I feel like I'm faking, man
Mac Miller - Fight The Feeling Lyrics
Sometimes I be feeling like a needle to these young kids ... Balling like Im Jordan but Im fresh as Mars ... But even if youre Mayweather you can't fight the feeling
Ludacris - Stop Lying (Skit) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stop Lying (Skit)' by Ludacris. 'Damn man, ... That's What I LikeBruno Mars; I'm The OneDJ Khaled; ... How to do it deep voice deep voice" "What up"
Lil' Flip Lyrics - I Came To Bring The Pain
I ain't saying I'm the best (best) but I feel like I'm ... Man with deep voice] I ... Thanks to pedro3234, Kevin O'Bannon for correcting these lyrics ...
Lil' B Lyrics - Watch Out 4 Da Lick
These motherfuckers don't know that I'm like some poison Come through man lead the voice in ... Now you know how I feel
David Banner Lyrics - Cadillac On 22's (Part 2)
Lyrics to "Cadillac On 22's (Part 2) ... Pimp my voice and mack these beats [Chorus:] ... Sometimes I feel like I'm faking, man
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