Dick down her throat locking up her jaws lyrics

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She put the pipe down, but for every year she was sober. Her son's heart ... Ripping her up, and choking her until her throat burned. Her broken jaw mumbled for ...
TRINA LYRICS - Look Back At Me
Hope you got a mile for a dick I wanna run. Slap it in my face shove it down my throat ... [Trina] Put this pussy in yo jaws now smack ... Gave her mayonnaise on the face pearl necklace ... I'm gonna have you saying no please let me get up
TWIZTID LYRICS - Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder
You Better Lock Your Fucking Doors [Madrox:] I Fucked ... She Was Working My Dick Like My Shit Was A Joystick Now I Didn't ... I'm Able To Bust Up In Her, She Said That She's On The Pill And Fucking ... Her Up Ghost-Like, Gaspin For Air, Chocking With Her Throat Cut ... Had A Tutu And A Bra, But I Broke The Bitches Jaw
Lyrics to "Becky" song by PLIES: Can Ms Becky please raise her hand bra I need some of that ... Keep that pussy I want your throat ... I'ma lock your jaw fore I go
GORGASM LYRICS - "Masticate To Dominate" (2003) album
Forced down to her knees. .... Locked up in a cage of steel. Your pain ... Unconsciously you choke, cock plunged deep inside throat. ... Wire your jaw nicely shut.
CupcakKe - Deepthroat Lyrics
... fuck me Daddy better make me choke (you better) Hump me, fuck me My tunnel loves to deep throat. ... I want to eat yo' dick. But I can't fuck up my nails. So imma pick it up with chopsticks ... So I pulled them down to show him the pearl
LIONHEART LYRICS - "Love Don't Live Here" (2016) album
8. New Enemies 9. Lock Jaw 10. Dead Wrong 11. Going Back To The Bay ... Hands around my throat, I can't take it anymore ... But when I come around you've got your fucking. Hands out. Listen up! (Ha) ... Well suck! my! dick! ... So I put my head down and sigh can you feel it cos I feel it too can you feel it hoping and wishing ...
... can't slow up. Fifty grand with the lean, all eyes on me, I can't pour up ... Her booty lookin' like pumpkins. Got a toolie ... Outside with the loud mouth, nigga broke your jaw, you fouled out ... Jean jacket, with the Timbs on, got tattoos on my neck. Nobody ... The good Lord sat him down for something ... Thinking With My Dick
I must have thought about being the stupid box of cereal up on that stupid shelf ... And in I went down the throat, passed the tongue, by her heart, by her lungs ... Would you be a parka keeping someone warm in a lock-up ... Would you fight for a cause, chew on people like Jaws ... Would you be a big giant dick always fucking
GORGASM LYRICS - "Destined To Violate" (2014) album
Cock is hardened by her scent, torturing is ecstasy. Spread your legs as you're begging for your life. Tightened grip around her neck, pulsing veins invite my knife. Strip her ... Another whore to cut down with my fucking knife. Twisting ... Locking up the doors, shades drawn tight ... Break the jaw so it hangs open, always ready
Plies - Becky lyrics
Becky lyrics by Plies: Can miss becky please raise her hand bruh / I need some of that good head right now bruh / I need that becky / I'm.
Section Boyz - Who Needs a Hook? Lyrics
Sep 26, 2015 ... stiff Man a come like Rottweiler Stepped in the crib, put down some jims ... sick, grip up the stick Cock it back and go wild Money give a young nigga ... man'a want up Tuschee Did you hear these verses lock arff this beat?
Boondox - Freak Bitch Lyrics
you love it when I tie ya down and put the gun in ya face ... slicin ya wrist cut ya throat while takin dick in ya jaw, ... grab you by the dred locks ... but she love her some boondox, (My little freak bitch) ... She likes dick when it's up in her butt
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - Dogghouse In Your Mouth
Bitch swingin' on my dick sayin WEEEEE! ... Bitch nigga jaw-jackin' get ?blasted? out the frame ... You jumped up and got stomped the fuck down, what now? ... When I bust this bitch i put my dick in her mouth ... From the knuckle shoes buckle when we lock and strap ... I got platinum 'round my neck, that will never fade
Up Your Altar 5. The Curse 6. ... Instead I'm forced down on my knees with this grizzly bear cumming ... I face my death upon this cock impaled deep within my throat ... She is my perfect girl but there's some things I'd do that would make her hurl ... Alligator fuckhouse is for the pros lock your jaws of death and do a barrel roll
Plies - Becky Lyrics
Can miss Becky please raise her hand bruh. I need some of ... Keep that pussy I want yo throat. Front that head ... Head nigga thatz fosho umma lock yo jaws fo' I go. I'm on this ... Man down I am dead. Suck no dick can't get in my bed, Heard me ... 12 Hit Songs You Won't Believe Were Passed Up By Other Artists. Imagine  ...
ABSCESS LYRICS - "Thirst For Blood, Hunger For Flesh" (2003 ...
Gonna fuck shit up and I don't care why. Hour's late, War's ... Roast beed lips around my filthy cock. When it was over plugged her hole with my sweaty sock ... As I Clutch My Hands Around Your Throat Die Pig Die ... In the Basement they have Locked Us ... Flung to Pieces Shrunken Down Up the ... Jaws Unlock like a Snake
I Know You Don't Love Me Lyrics - Tony Yayo feat. G-Unit
Snoop put me up on how tha hoes get down. I Know You ... they sniff coke, deep throat, and they hold outglocks ... her pussy tight like an airplane bathroom ... this is how it is homie lock costa nostra ... and i only serve a bitch once so they treat my dick like tha last supper ... mus' want a jab to tha jaw, to be they claim to fame
DJ Kayslay - New Jack City Lyrics
Send her to ER with half her tummy out ... Catch Shells all-star weekend down in Philly On my hip, pack heat ... When you boys gon learn I got this game lock ... The hookers'll open they jaw for free ... The day the dick had ya mother next up one way ... Liars get shot in they tongue - I'll put the mack to ya throat motherfucker!
SHEER TERROR LYRICS - "Just Can't Hate Enough" (1993) album
All of the times of putting up with shit and now we're wading through it And we're still ... I jam my fingers right down my throat. ... It ain't my problem if I'm not like you And I'm not sucking Uncle Sam's dick. ... Read from the book kept locked with anger and rage. ... She's only thirteen years old and she's in her mother's shoes.
J-Zone - Jalbait Jennifer Lyrics
Oh shit - (dong) - went my cock. I'm harder than ... She grabbed her hips, what's up yo, I'm 23, middle class ... Right there, keep goin, she acknowledged by Deep Throat ... You'se a grown-ass girl, mama got you on lock? ... Picturin cell mates, my jaw fell straight ... Shit, I know what I'm facin if I get caught with my cock in this
I wanna lock Betty Crocker in the kitchen. And knock her ... He's gonna give her a boost with that Kentucky fried juice. Sooper doop ... Topped with dick cheese, sneeze, wheeze, From the skeez ... Cookin' like a beginner, but I'm goin' up in her . I had Fritos for ... We came to pottie...we came to pottie down your throat. 00:00.
Run up in a lobby with a shotty, catch a body like you're crowd surfing. The walls ... To fuck her in the ass, make her squeal, make me a meal [Verse 6: Coal]

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