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DBangz - Dick Sweat On My Wrist Lyrics
Lyrics to "Dick Sweat On My Wrist" song by DBangz: Hello Now if you've gotten this far in the mixtape You must like this music and I gotta give you a b...
DBangz - Kill A Thottie Outro Lyrics
(Dbangz can you write a song about me?) [Dbangz:] Yo, I killed the last MC who stepped to me, giving rapping niggas rectal hysterectomies Fuck Lil pump, I'm the trapper of the century
DBangz - Ass Intro Lyrics
Lyrics to "Ass Intro" song by DBangz: It's the intro It's the intro to the song The intro to the song where we introduce the song, the int...
DBangz - Way Back When Lyrics
Lyrics to "Way Back When" song by DBangz: Yo' Let's take it backs to the basics and talk about how it was Everybody was hating, now niggas ca...
DBangz - DBangz vs. The Rest Lyrics
Lyrics to "DBangz vs. The Rest" song by DBangz: Yeehaw! She not thick nor fat, A fine young latina and she like how I spit it back Flows addictive,...
DBangz - A Weird Way To Express My Love Lyrics
Lyrics to "A Weird Way To Express My Love" song by DBangz: ... I still pull a chick with no ice on my wrist Girl you know I skate and I'm nice with the flicks ... A Weird Way To Express My Love Dick Sweat On My Wrist DBangz vs. The Rest Way Back When Friends Kill A Thottie Outro.
DBangz - I Love You Lyrics
Swag! This record right here is for the fans, AKA all my niggas and niggeroids who listen to my music. I fuck with y'all! (DBangz, can you eat my ass?)
DBangz - Friends Lyrics
Hello, I'm DBangz I'll be your proctor for this evening Now this record right here, is all about having fun, in the sun, while you're young, with your friends
Plies - Good Dick Lyrics
Lyrics to "Good Dick" song by Plies: Some say I'm hoeish; some say I'm arrogant some say I'm cocky; Some say I aint shit but I got good...
Don't call me stupid, that ain't the way my name pronounced Don't call me Cupid, I got too many hoes right now Poolside in Houston, tryna see if Beyonce will take me for adoption
Yung Chris - Racks (Remix) Lyrics
Look inside my closet (Look!), that shit look like it's Raks Fifth (Raks Fifth) Man, that's racks on racks on racks on top of packs on top of pounds My chains is Pow!
DBangz - Wet Willy Lyrics
DBangz My name is Lil Cumstain, my wet willy leave you speechless And I'm ugly as the fuck, I pulled up lookin' like a fetus Got your boyfriend hella mad 'cause I won't give him a feature I pass it to my [?] because my penis didn't need her I ain't got no money but my niggas ballin' steady
Lil' B - Look Like God Lyrics
All the girls love Lil B fo' sho They say I look good with the x and o's She can drive in the coupe I can floss my wrist The president say based God fuck my bitch
Ice Cube - X-bitches Lyrics
Lyrics to 'X-bitches' by Ice Cube. / Never go down the same road twice / Advice from the big homie ice cube / Hmm, girl you better get away from here / I don't
Doe B - Homicide Lyrics
[Doe B:] I'm still Doe B bitch, so what the fuck is up Got yo' ho' on my dick, whole town on my nuts I got keys on the streets, I got shooters in the cut
Vado - Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to "Boy" song by Vado: ... Wrist wear Cartier (boy) Bitch want dick head gotta pay (boy) A couple models on the way (boy) Tell the waiter hundred bottles all day (boy) ... But I woke up in a cold sweat from catching a body Yeah, yes, I'll be on some other shit
Curren$y - Three 60 Lyrics
Backstage at my show, got two or three hoes that slob on my dick Take a look at my wrist, you can tell I'm paid Wrist big as shit, I bet your bitch give me head on stage
Mike Will Made-It - Whippin a Brick Lyrics. feat. Migos & Wiz Khalifa [Hook: Quavo of Migos] Pots in the pan watch me break the stick Pull up to the kitchen with that strong ar
Trinidad James - All Gold Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Gold Everything' by Trinidad James. Yeah this shit sound like 007 on N64 and shit / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / James / Gold all in my
French Montana - Diamonds Lyrics
On some Keith Sweat, I sang them bitches get to falling, on some Ville shit ... Diamonds, diamonds. Neck full of diamonds, wrist worth an island 40 niggas strapped up - Yeah 49ers 40/40 bank 40 commas ... And all my diamonds clear like a sample nigga.
Backstage at my show, got two or three hoes that slob on my dick Take a look at my wrist, you can tell I'm paid Wrist big as shit, I bet your bitch give me head on stage
Lil B - 30 Thousand 100 Million lyrics
I spend three million on my wrist Word around town I spend twelve million on my Word around town, bitch This is how I live Word around town My dick, taste like ribs Word around town, bitch What happen to So thirty thousand hundred million, All my niggers go so crazy and it's fucking so sweat Soulja I said thirty thousand hundred million, All my ...
Cassidy - She Addicted Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Addicted' by Cassidy. Your all I need that's all / I'm addicted to your love your love / But when you leave I feel withdrawls / Because I'm ... Chicks is addicted to my dick they can't leave that Like a crackhead need a hit the chicks need that ... It's diamonds on my wrist neck diamonds on my hand If I'm your best friend you ...
Montana Of 300 - Had To Sauce Lyrics
Had to sauce on a bitch Had to sauce on a bitch Made her fall from the drip Now she all on my dick Had to sauce on a bitch Had to sauce on a bitch
Lil' O - The Throwdest Lyrics
Lil' O The Throwdest Lyrics. The Throwdest lyrics performed by Lil' O: (feat. ... getting cold like slurpees I got dick sucking hoes, that gobble like turkeys Bad broads, that eat my ass ... cause you keep you some change You the throwdest (yeah I know bitch) And you got ice from your neck, to your wrist, to your ring You the throwdest (yeah I ...
London Jae - Summer Lyrics
Wipe the sweat off with them 100s, check that summer breeze Put them Phantoms up, bring out them old school ... Got a cold wrist, cold six Forty-five, born to live, live to die ... I'm on my grind in that real split Man, I'm on my shit, bitches on my dick Designer frames on my face Can't see you niggas from outer space Panoramic views, wanna ...
Boosie Badazz - Intro [Explicit] Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Intro [Explicit]' by Boosie Badazz. Look at how the wrist glow along with a sick flow / Bitches hitting switches on my dick like a '64 / Swisha
Dj Quik - Get Down lyrics
I'm the right nigga to get My picks are thick stallion, I'm slangin the dick Still bangin the bricks, with the 'caine and the 6 Remain in the mix, because I'm famous and shit (Shoot back) Let the guest in, doors open, my entourage walked in Let's get some whore scopin I'm open for more pokin On my wrist is 50 tokens, buy that chump Sold a show ...
Lil Yachty - Boom! Lyrics
I won't even break a sweat I'ma just call up my goons Get yo' ass gone for the low My shooters gon' ride to the moon ... Hit the flick of the wrist, huh Bank on Lemony Snicket, huh (ooh) ... Racist pig that can suck on my cock Big rocks all inside of my watch That's not a Rolex, my nigga, that's Swatch And that lil' car, it go fast (yeah) ...
Cassidy - She's Addicted Lyrics
Chicks is addicted to my dick they can't leave that Like a crackhead need a hit the chicks need that ... It's diamonds on my wrist neck diamonds on my hand If I'm your best friend you could get diamonds and a man But Pam say she'd rather have diamonds then a man ... Pam I protect myself don't even sweat that I hit it now shawty addicted She ...
Drake - All Me Lyrics
No help, that's all me, all me for real [2 Chainz:] Money on my mind, you should think the same J's on, pinky ring—dogging these hoes, I need quarantine ... And my dick so hard it make the metal detector go off This that sauce, this that dressing ... I'm the light skinned Keith Sweat, I'mma make it last forever It's not your turn 'cause I ain ...
Esham - 13 Ways lyrics
Tryed to take a whiff into wrist but it didn't work And it seems I'm the only one that's gettin' hurt Now I gotta bullet and a chain, and I'm fulla sweat I decide to play a game of Russian Roulette Click, click, click I guess I loose I didn't win ... It's like lettin' a pitbull suck a dick So if you wanna follow me I got 13 ways to commit suicide
Young Thug feat. Gucci Mane, Gunna & Travis Scott - Floyd ...
Ayy, ayy Little bitch, you ridin' niggas' dick like a bitch, damn Little bitch, you ridin' niggas' dick like a bitch I got, six brand new foreigns on my wrist I got six Forgiatos on my fist I got fifty foreign hoes on my dick I'ma nut in all 'em hoes, let's have some chicks Nigga tried to hit a lick and missed Tried to run then I caught him like a fish I'ma catch his ass with the whole clip I ...
Tink - Don't Tell Nobody Lyrics
He like "baby you my all and all, I was in the bathroom when I missed your call" No you was in the backseat sweating like a athlete doing everything that you said you wouldn't
Lil' B - Keith Sweat Lyrics
"Keith Sweat" [Verse 1:] I got alot of bitches Call me bar sensing ... God flash bitches like Based God Bitch call me Based God, That's the fucking man in town I'm Based God drop top Bitch suck my dick Big thing don't drink haze me 55 based God I wanna be your homie ... Bitch I'm Keith Sweat, [x16] [Verse 2:] Wrist game crazy, Bling like OG ...
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