Did you think you run run away with your heart now your gonna lose it lyrics

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CHER LYRICS - Just Like Jesse James
Lyrics to "Just Like Jesse James" song by CHER: You're struttin' into town like you're ... You think you'll knock me off my feet 'til I'm flat on the floor ... You heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it ... Baby there's nowhere you gonna run tonight ... Now a team of wild horses couldn't drag your heart away
J. COLE LYRICS - Runaway
Lyrics to "Runaway" song by J. COLE: Married men act totally different when they' re by ... Used to living free as a bird, now I'm laid up ... How the fuck did my life become a damn love song? She ride ... Oh shit, goddamn, I think the devil got his hands on me ... And even then, your lowest days when you no longer Superman
HEART IN HAND LYRICS - "Only Memories" (2011) album
HEART IN HAND lyrics - "Only Memories" (2011) album, including "Getting Married In ... I used to care, you were my oxygen, and every breath I took, and now my lungs have ... It's not my fault your such an awful liar, your lust will come, back to haunt you, ... And, these watercolours, that I painted our perfect life with, will run,
AVIATION LYRICS - You Were My Everything
Lyrics to "You Were My Everything" song by AVIATION: This goes out to someone that was Once the most ... When I would run my fingers through your hair
THE STARTING LINE LYRICS - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Standing here beside you, I want so much to give you this love in my heart that I' m feeling for you. Let them ... Put your hand in my hand, baby, don't ever look back. Let the ... And if this world runs out of lovers we'll still have each other. ... I'm so glad I found you, I'm not gonna lose you, whatever it takes to stay here with you.
ISSUES LYRICS - "Issues" (2014) album
Never Lose Your Flame 9. Personality Cult 10. Tears On The Runaway Pt. 2 ... Dear Sad Ghost, why'd you put your heart on a shelf? ... Now I'm resting alone in this bed and letter to my former self ... Cause they think that you're weird and you' re stained like a carpet the carpet your ... So I battle myself and until I Run and hide
THE PLOT IN YOU LYRICS - "Happiness In Self Destruction" (2015 ...
Take Me Away 4. Runaway 5. Pillhead 6. Better Vibes 7. My Old Ways 8. Die Like Your Brothers ... I pushed my limits now you think I'm like the pigs in the street,
RAINBOW LYRICS - Desperate Heart
Lyrics to "Desperate Heart" song by RAINBOW: Yesterday you were here by my ... Now you're saying that you're leaving me behind. So strong I'm not gonna run away ... Desperate heart think you better hold out ... Did my best did the best that I could ... Your words are sounding so smooth ... You just want to out me loose
Lyrics to "Free" song by ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: When i moan, when you're gone, i come I wanna ... I know what you're thinking, that you can't be mine ... Cos you built the wall around your heart ... You're gonna lose it all. If you can't, can't be yourself. What are you living for. You're gonna find someday, you gotta run away
2PAC LYRICS - Can U Get Away
It's 2Pac. Can you get away? Let me come swoop you up (You know I got a man) I know you got... ... It's like your man don't understand, all he does is stress ya ... Now your heart's tooken. My only wish is ... Don't wanna lose you to this sucker
FAYDEE LYRICS - Laugh Till You Cry
Lyrics to "Laugh Till You Cry" song by FAYDEE: Before I start just let me say You make the ... Did anybody tell you ... You were my heart. You played me well like a deck of cards. I see the tears run down your face ... And if you think your tears are gonna change my mind ... And now you're crying back to me what a shame
WIDOWMAKER LYRICS - "Blood And Bullets" (1992) album
Never think much about what I'll do. Don't give a ... Bet you didn't know your life was on my line. Whoa ... Don't you run? Can't you ... Evil is in your heart. Well I'm ... Never though I'd throw away my life over you. ... You should've thought twice before you did what you did. You're .... Now we're gonna lose, for your ingratitude .
Lyrics to "Just Like Jesse James" song by CELTIC THUNDER: You're strutting through the ... You think you're so bad drive the women folk wild ... Your heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it ... Baby, there's nowhere you're gonna run tonight ... Now a team of wild horses couldn't drag your heart away
Now when I think that I'm alone, he comes up my way with a devil's smile singing, "This is now my ... (hold my heart, keep it for protection). And don't get ... Lose it all when we run away. ... He's in your bed, says he won't let you down. He will ...
Lyrics to "Like A River Runs" song by BLEACHERS: I woke up thinking you were still here My hands ... I saw you standing on your own ... When I fall asleep I can see your face. What I lost in you I will not replace. And I could run away, I could let them down ... From the rhythm a young, from the rhythm of a younger heart
BRING ME THE HORIZON LYRICS - "Sempiternal" (2013) album
Can You Feel My Heart 2. The House ... Show me your face, show me a reason to think. My soul ... My secrets are buried now. From my ... When did the diamonds leave your bones ... I thought I cut you loose ... You can run but you'll never escape, ... And throw away the key ... But what exactly do you think you're gonna do?
Now the room is all hazy, we're too lost in the fumes. I feel like it's ... to lose. It's too late to run away from it all ... And I don't think you want that to change. We're in ...
PIERCE THE VEIL LYRICS - Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)
'Cause nobody's gonna steal you, no ... Give me your heart and your hand and we can run! ... Now we're even ... Maybe we're meant to lose the ones we love
W.A.S.P. LYRICS - "Golgotha" (2015) album
Last Runaway 3. Shotgun 4. Miss You 5. Fallen Under 6. Slaves Of The New World Order 7. ... To worship one and to run ... You gonna cry if you want me ... Ooh, here comes heartbraker taking your heart ... One world, one king you think is your god ... Choose a gun now or lose your son, mama ... Why did you go and leave
Girl, I've been thinking a lot about who we could have been. If I was back ... if you go away. Right now then I can guarantee ... I will hope and pray that you will run away. Cause dear ... Cause all that I will ever do is break your heart. And dear it ...
HEART OF A COWARD LYRICS - "Severance" (2013) album
The voices that whisper in the back of your mind. We walked the ... Held back by resentment we shared, now our torment is over. Face our ... And we will lose our minds. Walking ... Did you ever think that you could run away? Now bear ... I am not just going to sit back and watch you tear apart every aspect of my life. You've  ...
Now will it matter after I'm gone? Because ... You're just a sad song with nothin' to say. About a ... Well, if you think that I'm wrong, ... Go away. Just go, run away. But where did you run to? And where did you hide? ... Kill All Your Friends[B-side]
Lyrics to "Knows That I" song by THE DIRTY HEADS: She knows that I I'm never ever gonna run away So close your eyes Cause ... And now you sit and stare with a crooked smile ... A heart with a different name ... But its so easy for me cause I keep thinking of you ... And your love, it keeps me going when I'm losing my mind
Lyrics to "Lose Control" song by MATT SIMONS: Escape with me I'll hold you tight Let the sparks ignite the darkness while our hearts align Run awa... ... Run away with me. Leave it all behind. We're estranged from limitation when we free our minds. Do you think we could lose control? ... It's just you and me right now
METALLICA LYRICS - "Garage Inc." (1998) album
you can think about the woman, or the girl you knew the night before but your ... and the sweat pours from your body, like the music that you play ... And now your life drains on the floor ... N is for KNOWING your loverman's going to ... With a trembling heart, he's coming through your door ..... And did you run away from me ,
Asking: did you lose something? ... I think I've known you all along. Just lost your face in the crowd for awhile. I think I ... So ask me now and I'll run away with you
And you, you go back to forgetting your son. And I'm going to run away with my baby, Get married and maybe someday we'll have kids that you'll never meet.
I run away. Just gotta get away. Your kiss is pure Seduction Your ... This world keeps turning, my heart keeps yearning. It's beating like a drum roll. You make me want to lose control ... Don't think I can take no more ... I'm gonna lose my mind
TYSTNADEN LYRICS - "In Our Eye" (2008) album
Run with your arms taking your sons ... Leave your home and run away ... Did you hear their laugh ... why killing lives gives you such fun, and for your wealth you do it again .... Feel your ages when you think that you lived your life like strongest iron ... Feel the years on your heart, tired, now live your life, I'm saying thank you
HEART IN HAND LYRICS - "Almost There" (2013) album
HEART IN HAND lyrics - "Almost There" (2013) album, including "Direction", "Our Atlantic", ... Home always feels so far away ... I'll leave now but I promise to return ... losing my grip on you ... And I'm going to live it. ... I fear the worse, have you lost your voice? ... How did you not think, ... Run away from all my problems. You ...
MAYDAY PARADE LYRICS - You Be The Anchor That Keeps My ...
Lyrics to "You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep ... That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds" ... I've been crying for days now, And as I start to run, I stop to breathe. ... Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?
Your face on a football field. And a kiss that I ... Don't go thinking you gotta be tough, to play like a stone. Could be ... I told you about all those fears and away they did run ... I made a fumblin' play for your heart and the act struck a spark. You ...
BRETT DENNEN LYRICS - Ain't Gonna Lose You
Lyrics to "Ain't Gonna Lose You" song by BRETT DENNEN: You can put a stick in my spokes I can be the butt of your jokes I can be the laughing stock, I can... ... They can run me out of town. They can tie me up, call me a clown ... Send me away to san quentin. Put me in the ... Who Do You Think You Are? Follow Your Heart
Lyrics to "Runaway" song by AGAINST THE CURRENT: You and me are hell- bent on heartbreak No matter what ya say Won't let you run away Don't act like l... ... And now we're dancing under streetlights ... See your name in the sidewalk cracks ... This time we're gonna see this through. So if we ever lose our way again
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE LYRICS - "The Poison" (2005) album
And I'm frustrated, I can't believe you're not the one. My ears ... You're gonna get what's coming to you. Look at ... This is our time to lose control ... It's the feeling you get when you think that someone behind is watching you ... Run away try to find a safe place you can hide ... Your heart, smothers me, now it's hard to breathe
DETHKLOK LYRICS - "The Dethalbum" (2007) album
For when you quench your blood thirst, others will seek their vengeance on you, and they won't rest ... Blood will cloud and drift away, attract the murders of mermaids. It's so cold, they don't know what you've done, you can't run. ... Now you swim, try to hide, heart beats faster from inside. ..... You are gonna lose your mind
THE LOVECRAVE LYRICS - "The Angel And The Rain" (2006) album
Little Suicide 4. Can You Hear Me? 5. Fading Roses 6. My Soul 7. Runaway 8. The Angel ... Because we hear your prayers (Feel the rain) And now you're alone there ... You lose yourself whenever ... We run. You're sure that we will fade away . I hear you laughing as you say ... You think you can sell all the tears that I bleed
VICTORY LYRICS - "Hungry Hearts" (1987) album
You Run Away 8. Look In ... Think what you want, I say what I like ... So you're stuck between a rock and a hard place ... Watch it now 'cause I'm on a roll .... Pour your heart out time and again, going's always tough ... If you're gonna win or lose
FRONT PORCH STEP LYRICS - Private Fears In Public Places
But how awake am I now that I know you're here ... I'd rather freeze in your arms than be warm under covers ... Tell me that, that lonely little heart of yours that I've been dying for ain't out of reach ... Run my fingers through your hair like they are water from the drain ... Well, I know that you think I'm kind of odd ... Run Away
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE LYRICS - What Goes Around... / ...Comes ...
So why your love went away. I just can't ... Don't want to think about it ... It's breaking my heart to watch you run around ... Now girl, I remember everything that you claimed ... Should've known better when you came around (should've known better that you were gonna make me cry) ... What you did to me ... Losing My Way

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