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2PAC LYRICS - Lord Knows
Lyrics to "Lord Knows" song by 2PAC: Damn, another funeral, another motherfucker Lord knows ... Homies died in my arms, with his brains hangin', fucked up!
T.I. LYRICS - Dying In Your Arms
Lyrics to "Dying In Your Arms" song by T.I.: Say girl Ay, been holding on to you all night So all my body feel wrong but its all right I know you...
2PAC LYRICS - Life Goes On
I got your name tatted on my arm. So we both ball till my dying days. Before I say goodbye. Kato and Mental rest in peace. Thug till I die! How many brothers fell ...
Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight Lyrics
Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight. It must have been something you said. I just died in your arms tonight. I keep looking for something I can't get. Broken hearts ...
2PAC LYRICS - Heavy In The Game
Lyrics to "Heavy In The Game" song by 2PAC: Oh, you Thug Life is yours? Life ain't no something ... Fuck what they say and get your dough nigga. Heavy in the  ...
2PAC LYRICS - My Block (Remix)
Lyrics to "My Block (Remix)" song by 2Pac: Damn, take a ride to my block My block, that's right! Hehe 'Round my ... It appears that I've been marked for death, my heartless breast ... But don't cry through your despair. I wonder if the Lord still  ...
2PAC LYRICS - Can U Get Away
Why you got on glasses? [2Pac:] Ever since I met ya I could peep the pressure. It's like your man don't understand, all he does is stress ya. I can see your state of  ...
2PAC LYRICS - No More Pain
Lyrics to "No More Pain" song by 2PAC: Hey DeVante Nigga, don'tcha know we' re ... And fuck your boyfriend bitch, I want some ass tonight You know my steelo, Alize and Cristal, weed ... It's Westside, Death Row, Thug niggas on the rise
2Pac - Life Goes On Lyrics
I got your name tated on my arm. So we both ball till' my dying days. Before I say goodbye. Kato and Mental rest in peace. Thug till I die. How many brothers fell ...
2PAC LYRICS - Ghetto Gospel
Lyrics to "Ghetto Gospel" song by 2PAC: Uhh, Hit them with a little ghetto gospel Those who wish to ... and all good men like Malcolm X and Bobby Hutton died for nothing ... if you take your time to hear me, maybe you can learn to cheer me
2Pac - Hold Ya Head Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hold Ya Head' by 2Pac. ... Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up. And when he tells you ... Dying inside, but outside you're looking fearless
2PAC LYRICS - Brenda's Got A Baby
Lyrics to "Brenda's Got A Baby" song by 2PAC: Brenda's got a baby I hear Brenda's got a baby But ... And her dad was a junkie putting death into his arms
2PAC LYRICS - Lastonesleft
Lyrics to "Lastonesleft" song by 2PAC: Nigga westside Westside in this motherfucker Westside in this motherfucker right here ... They never try me 'cause right behind me your killer team ... Like them other vile men I'm marked for death
2PAC LYRICS - Mama's Just A Little Girl
Lyrics to "Mama's Just A Little Girl" song by 2PAC: Young mothers That's right I feel ya (hey) I ... Still see here crying by the caskets when here parents got killed
2Pac - Hit 'em Up - Outlawz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hit 'em Up - Outlawz' by 2Pac. I ain't got ... First off, fuck your bitch and the click you claim. Westside ... Bad Boy murdered on wax and killed. Fuck wit' ...
2Pac - Death Around The Corner Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Death Around The Corner' by 2Pac. Why you by the ... I see death around the corner, gotta stay high while I survive ... They fought like they your homies
Smitty - Died In Your Arms (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Died In Your Arms (Remix)' by Smitty. Ohh, I just died in your arms tonight / It must have been something you said / I just died in your arms.
2PAC LYRICS - Tattoo Tears
Lyrics to "Tattoo Tears" song by 2Pac: Live back at 'cha Westside baby Aight fuck it, we gone flip some new shit now You ... Your block ain't no harder, fake baller
2Pac - Lord Knowz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lord Knowz' by 2Pac. ... slangin rocks with ya glocks put this tape in your box when your ... homie dies in my arms,with his brains hangin fucked up! I had to tell him it was alright and that's a lie,and he knew it when he shook and died
2Pac - Just Like Daddy Lyrics
Outlawz, in this, no doubt. Death Row, Makaveli You can call me daddy, uh. I'll be ya daddy, that's right, uh. Just like daddy, fo' the ladies. Come with me every ...
METHOD MAN LYRICS - 2 Minutes Of Your Time
Lyrics to "2 Minutes Of Your Time" song by METHOD MAN: I wrote this verse on the 25th, But half a y'all just aint gon get it till the 26th. ... You know that short arm. ... to have Tupac & Biggy back. ... but make it brief nobody cared if ya cow died,
Needle left stuck in his arm, died of a bad fix. We still rock ... 2Pac's back, my Glock's fat. After the gun ... Move your big ass head, my favorite part's on. Q and the ...
Jay-Z - I Just Died Lyrics
Lyrics to 'i just died' by Jay-Z. Let's go / Hov! / Uh huh, Hov' ... What do you say, me, you, and your Chloe glasses ... Ladies love me long time like 2Pac's soul
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight Lyrics. I, I just died in your arms tonight It must have been something you said I keep looking for something I can't get Broken ...
2Pac - Never Had a Friend Like Me Lyrics
Lyrics for Never Had a Friend Like Me by 2Pac has been translated in 1 ... for you so ride wit me My enemies your enemies Cuz you aint never had a friend like me ... He alone died, nobody cried Shoulda never testified, you got my nigga 25 So ...
DMX - Lord Give Me A Sign Lyrics
Trapped in your own mind waiting on the Lord Or hunting with the word that ... Life or death. Live or die. I will never live a lie ... 2Pac lyrics. 2Pac · Ludacris lyrics .
T.I. LYRICS - My Life Your Entertainment
Lyrics to "My Life Your Entertainment" song by T.I.: Hey, hey Hey what's happenin ' e'erybody I hope they get ... Just here for your amusement ... It's like 2Pac never died, sit back, enjoy the show ... But for the hustle and the lady on my arm now
2Pac - Troublesome 96 (original) lyrics
Lyrics for Troublesome 96 (original) by 2Pac. ... up on his ass when I dump he died Cause I'm troublesome Young, strapped, ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
Lyrics to "Spit Your Game" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: Notorious... Spit your game, talk your shit, grab your gat, Spit your game, talk your shit, gr... ... you ain't got "Ready to Die", "Life After Death", give to 'em, however you wanna nigga, that a ...
2Pac - Mama's Just A Little Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mama's Just A Little Girl' by 2Pac. Young mothers (that's right) / I ... Little girl don't cry, 'cause even though they died ... You gots to do this on your own, so baby go ... Now, look here, I see her clutching her son in her arms, she's hurt
PAPOOSE LYRICS - You Can't Murder Me
They killed him in Las Vegas, my name Tupac, I ain't a killah ... How you gon' kill Papoose, he already faced his death, A tricknologist ... We got the constitution the rights to bare arms, Ya'll wear ... Talkin' bout your jewels you iceless, How you ...
NAS LYRICS - Got Yourself A Gun
to take it back to Africa, I did it with Biggie Me and 2Pac were soldiers of the same struggle. You lames should huddle, your teams shook y'all feel ... you Judists thought I was gone, so in light of my death y'all been all happy go lucky, bunch of  ...
and with that fucked up attitude he killed his first mate ... Then imagine lying dead in the arms of your enemy ... But you kinda scared of dying so you hold on
JAY-Z LYRICS - Moment Of Clarity
When Pop died. Didn't cry. Didn't know ... It wasn't all your fault. Homie you got caught ... When your sense got that much in common. And you been hosteling ...
Game - Cali Niggaz Lyrics
love Tupac to death and still bump Biggie. ... Compton, California where you'd rather get caught with your gun on you, ... look, I shoot arms like heroin addicts,
Depicting with your wordplay, exactly what life means to you 16 ain't enough ... Whitney died night before the Grammys - damn, what a memory. Trump Tower and I ... (I miss the days of old, when one could hold his girl on his arm) And not set off ... Do he think I'm 2Pac cause I'm black and put the works in? Does he know his ...
EMINEM LYRICS - White America
Country of ours, the stripes and the stars for the rights that men have died for to ... Could be one of your kids, white America, little Eric looks just like this, white ...
DEAD PREZ LYRICS - When Mama Cries
They killed her only son and now she cryin in my arms BE STRONG Don't cry don 't ... I cried when Tupac died, it was a Friday ... Mama hold your head up high
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Trigger Finger
Rest in peace to the game cause I'm fresh to death. Rest in peace to ... Make yo death wish, cause I'm too fresh. ... Put ya son in ya arm, or put one in ya dome.
His mother's make up smearing on my arms, Crying cause' I'm the only ... What if tomorrow; the only I could spoil her was dying? ... Well this ain't 2Pac This ain't ...

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