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YO GOTTI LYRICS - Swimming Pool
Lyrics to "Swimming Pool" song by YO GOTTI: Aye why you totin shit with ... bitch that suck dick and take pride in it, pussy deep wet that I just dive in it. ... A nigga living reckless tryna get these stacks, left your bitch naked laying on her back (tru)
And Lord knows I can't swim so please help me float ... And I dive in that pussy like shampoo girl. Yea go ... Touch a nigga - move bitch, get out the way like Luda
Swimming Pools (Drank) lyrics and translation - Kendrick Lamar ...
Oct 16, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar. ... turn it up a notch First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it ... when I thought I had enough They stomped the homie out over a bitch?
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Swimming Pools (Black Hippy Remix)
Lyrics to "Swimming Pools (Black Hippy Remix)" song by KENDRICK LAMAR: Playas always trying to pop ... First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it ... Under my pants be a golden dick, bitch, everything about me solid
Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools Lyrics
First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it. Pool full of ... Kendrick Lamar - Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Explicit) Music Video. Bitch, Don't Kill My ...
Got a thing for you and I can't let go. My friends wonder ... This bitch got me feeling psycho. Living on a tight ... To dive in to your ocean, let me swim. Just don' t let ...
YOUNG MONEY LYRICS - Fresher Than Ever
Stunna told me get these niggas so I got em! Man these ... Deep Sea Diving And I 'm ... You boys goldfish, swimming with the sharks now. Fuck what you drive, just know you will get parked now. Millzy in this bitch, and now I'm on the top now
LLOYD LYRICS - Swimming Pools
Lyrics to "Swimming Pools" song by LLOYD: I'm way past gone, and I just see the bottom of this bottle I ... First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you diiive in it ... Pool full of liquor I'm a dive in it, ohh ... TK Call #4 - "Pleasin' Yo Bitch"
Swimming Pools (Drank) [Black Hippy Remix] Lyrics - ...
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Swimming Pools (Drank) [Black Hippy Remix]" from "Kendrick Lamar": Intro Ab-Soul, Playas always trying to pop ... First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it ... Bitch, everything about me solid
EMINEM LYRICS - As The World Turns
Cause we're dope as fuck and only get a 2 in the source. They never ... That she was too fat to swim laps, she needed Slim Fast (Who Me?) Yeah bitch you so big you walked into big Tanny's and stepped on Jenny Craig She picked me up ... And took her up to the highest diving board and tossed her down. Sorry coach, its  ...
Lyrics to "Ali Bomaye" song by THE GAME: Get my people out them chains nigga I mean ... Got coke swimming in that glass jar, bitch go turn on them burners
Ty Dolla $ign - Float (feat. IAMSU! & Terrace Martin) lyrics and ...
Jun 17, 2014 ... me float, please help me float and lord knows I can't swim so please help me ... And I dive in that pussy like shamoo girl Yea go all the way to the bottom, no scruba Told you nigga -move bitch, get out the way like luda I hit er ...
BIRDMAN LYRICS - Fire Flame (Remix)
I'll have money back for breakfast smell like "bitch I'm rich cologne" Ha, I'm so ... Upown soldier, you have been blinded. Grinding all ... Diving in deep shit, the money keep climbing. Blah, the ... Pockets so deep it's like my money gotta swim out
Mook Boy - So Wavy lyrics and translation
Aug 11, 2015 Mook wavy like a tsunami im with a bad model bitch yea her pussy yummy ... white airmax on swimming trunks got my white boy swag on I ain't even mad ... fuck all my bitch friends Get some head from them hoes Let my bitch ...
So I'm a get this fucking platform, keep on talkin' my stuff. Reachin' everybody ... Bugus, rollin' good kush. Never house a bitch because they bite and bark, woof woof. Look ... Go dive in ambition. Swim around in some talent. Bust a nut full of ...
E-40 LYRICS - Wet
Off dat under water weed keep smoking like a bad exhaust. You mad cause I got your bitch wetter than bed weather. You have to dry like a sweater bro. I'm the ...
Lyrics to "Terminator" song by LIL YACHTY: Damn, I might just fuck on my Uber driver Deep in that bitch like a scuba diver Hit buddy boy with t...
Yo Gotti - Swimming Pool Lyrics
Swimming Pool lyrics performed by Yo Gotti: Why you talking shit about five or six ... First you get an AK with the whole hundred rounds in it. ... Pussy deep and wet that I just dive in. ... Bitch, I'm turned up every day, big bangs are my entrée,
Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) - Extended Explicit Version Lyrics. Pour up (drank) ... First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it. Pool full of ... 12, Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (International Remix). 13, Swimming ...
We gone let them hits fly, we gone let her go ... I'm like goddamn bitch I am not a Teen Choice ... Said I'm just tryna swim in something wetter than the ocean
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Sky's The Limit
They tell me don't get high, and I should try to make a living, ... Or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pigeons, See my world is ... Tell a bitch don't talk to me,
... bitch you are Wamu I'm on some other shit, so can you please get off my stool ... I'm bout to take your bitch nigga and this is how I cum in her [Chorus:] Girl, I see ... a bitch drown. And I be swimming all in that money, diving all in that paper
Out My Business
Jun 11, 2016 I'm Just Caught Up In The Life But A Bitch Get Out My Business I Aint Ask You. Back The Fuck Up All These Bands Gave Me The Cash Flu.
Meek Mill - Kendrick You Next lyrics and translation
Feb 7, 2015 ... and feed my family First off, fucked your bitch nigga get a blood test ... to murder you and have you scuba diving Swimming with the fishes, ...
DR. DRE LYRICS - Deep Water
I'm on the throne in a place some niggas won't go. Don't get it ... (Swimming with the mothefuckin' fishes, what the business?) These niggas ... They don't get the picture, fuck them. Yeah ... Inner-city bullet fly 'til that bitch on auto pilot (Shit)
SOULJA BOY LYRICS - Water Whippin'
Lyrics to "Water Whippin'" song by SOULJA BOY: Bitch I'm water whippin, water whippin ... Swimming, bands bands ... Me is rich, let's get that understood, Soulja
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - The Recipe (Black Hippy Remix)
It's a beautiful day I guess for a bitch to roll with Ab-Soul I guess. Pretty Chick let ... OG, Hennessy get their panties wet, I'm trying to dive in the (Swimming Pool)
RIHANNA LYRICS - Pour It Up (Remix)
These bitch niggas be actin' up. These hoe ... Came and poured a swimming pool and we about to dive. Got one ... I'm thorough as it get, official, bitch, bitch!
kendrick lamar - swimming pools (drank) (extended) lyrics
[Hook] Nigga why you babysittin only two or three shots? I'mma show you how to turn it up a notch. First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
CHIDDY BANG LYRICS - Opposite Of Adults
Mo money mo problems when I get it I'm a pile it up. Now I'm dope, ... I got a flow that make a bitch do a cartwheel ... And I'm just a rhymer, swimming in the water
Lyrics to "Me & My Bitch" song by THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: I used to have a girlfriend Now all I got is hoes I was looking for a down girl But she was fucking...
Fire Flame Lyrics - Birdman feat. Lil Wayne
I'll have money back for breakfast smell like "bitch I'm rich cologne" ha, I'm so relaxed ... pockets so deep its like my money gotta swim out. Marley say f-ck em,  ...
MADONNA - Bitch I'm Madonna lyrics
“Bitch I'm Madonna” is a party-ready record from Madonna's 13th studio album. ... I just wanna have fun tonight ... We're jumping in the pool and swimming with our clothes on ... lyrics - Ed Sheeran; Despacito lyrics - Luis Fonsi; Dive lyrics - Ed Sheeran; New Man lyrics - Ed Sheeran; Scared To Be Lonely lyrics - Martin Garrix ...
Lmfao - Yes Lyrics
Every time I dive in my pool. It's hard to be humble ... I say go and call your bitches cause there's gonna be a party. Then they ... I get to dancing as I Walk through ...
UGLY GOD LYRICS - Water (Remix)
Lyrics to "Water (Remix)" song by UGLY GOD: I drip on your bitch like water I splash on your bitch with ... I dive in the pussy, It's water ... Make it rain, get a coat
While in the park garage you go slipping off your bra. Oh, oh ... I'll be diving when I be diving she be dick dick dick ... No walking around, but you're a bad bitch,
Black Hippy - Swimming Pools (Drank) (Black Hippy remix) Lyrics. Playas always trying to pop ... First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it. Pool full of liquor, then you ... Bitch did you see your tab reciept? Nigga why you ...
DJ KHALED - Work For It lyrics
I could have anything I want but I still want you, that's the truth ... That bitch is jockin' me, and young niggas admire me ... Your mind is clear as the water you swimming in ... Paris lyrics - The Chainsmokers; Happier lyrics - Ed Sheeran; Dive lyrics - Ed Sheeran; Ex lyrics - James TW; Lipgloss lyrics - Charli XCX; Dreamer lyrics ...
My daughter gone love this bitch here ... I was just trying to get paper to sneeze ... Diving be treacherous. Pray to God that don't nobody mess with us (swim)
Get another, pitcher liquor. Off that tank of red ... (Swimming in all these people) ( Bitch, surfin' homies) (Swimming in all ... I'm diving backwards. And livin' ravish

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