Do it like you know somebody else aint doint it right lyrics

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Why don't you stop talking 'bout it and come do it then. Written on your face, ... Fuck me like you know somebody else ain't fuckin' me right. Go ahead (Go ahead )
fabolous - doin it well ft. nicki minaj & trey songz lyrics
[Intro: Fabolous & (Trey Songz)] (Go ahead) See you can't just do it (Go ahead) You gotta do it well ... Fuck me like you know somebody else ain't fuckin' me right
Lyrics to "Somebody Else Will" song by MICKEY GUYTON: So he broke your heart in a ... And you're feeling like the storm ain't ever gonna let up ... But right now you don't wanna believe it ... Yeah I know you think you're spinning your wheels
TWEET LYRICS - Somebody Else Will
Lyrics to "Somebody Else Will" song by TWEET: Let me tell you how I feel My man ... If you can't love me, then I know somebody else that will! ... He ain't did nothing for me in a minute ... Don't feel like you still love me ... All right. I'll be all right. If you don't love me, somebody else will. If you don't love me, somebody else will!
TECH N9NE LYRICS - Somebody Else
Lyrics to "Somebody Else" song by TECH N9NE: Wow that was like "DWAM" baby, you know? Mmmm, not for ... like that? I don't know what that... ... So I could do you right you know I mean? ... Gonna moan and I hope that it ain't anyone home
DRAKE LYRICS - Hate Sleeping Alone
Lyrics to "Hate Sleeping Alone" song by DRAKE: She said kiss me like you miss me, fuck me like you hate me And when ... And when you're fucking someone else just fuck her like she ain't me ... You just told me I ain't shit and I guess I'm proving it right now ... You know how it goes, don't be crazy, don't play dumb with me
Young M.a. - Karma Krys Lyrics
Oct 11, 2016 You really a fucking coward Like, y'all don't give a fuck about nobody but yourself You do. ... doing me But what you heard and what they say got to do with me? ... get right back How you gon' ride around in someone else whip like that ... I guess you was just speaking for your health And I know I ain't shit but ...
MARIO LYRICS - Somebody Else
Lyrics to "Somebody Else" song by MARIO: You left me for somebody else now ... I don't really like it ... But right now I gotta accept the fact yeah ... Said you will always be there but I just lost my girl ... How would you have learned if I ain't leave?
Why don't you stop talking 'bout it and come do it then? Written on your face, that ... Fuck me like you know somebody else ain't fuckin' me right. Go ahead (Go ...
But... but I'm in love with someone else (ooh) And I'm so sorry ... And I know it ain't right hey. You should go ... A girl who'll treat you like you treat them ... I know I ain' t right... no no no no no no ... But at the end of the day (day) baby I just don't want to (want to) ... Oh and I'm so sorry baby (hey) that I have to do this to you (hey)
Tell me that you love me when you know you don't love me But... ... If you want it let's do it. Ride it, my pony, ... Think somebody else like me gon' come around
RICO LOVE LYRICS - Somebody Else (Remix)
Lyrics to "Somebody Else (Remix)" song by RICO LOVE: It feels a way I can't ... I know we can't right those wrongs ... It doesn't seem like you're gone ... Even though I know you're too busy, lovin' somebody else ... An empty hole in my heart, will I ever love again ... Ain't gon lie I spent sometime thinking, if we coulda lasted
I know this is something I gotta do. But that don't ... But I don't think you're gonna change ya. I do but you don't ... But you know gotta let it go cause the party ain't jumpin' like it used to ... Hate the thought of her being with someone else. But you  ...
Lyrics to "Nobody Else" song by MS KRAZIE: Even if they wanna say You were never right for me but still I stay, They don't understand the thing... ... [Verse 1] There's nobody else who could love me like you, ... People tend 2 wanna talk saying you ain't right for me, But only you and I know what they never get to see, See we ...
JACQUEES LYRICS - You Belong To Somebody Else
Lyrics to "You Belong To Somebody Else" song by JACQUEES: Can we get a room And we ain't gotta tell nobody It's just me, and it's just you And what we do in h... ... I'm just getting started I don't wanna leave you. I tell you I love you, you know that I mean it ... And I ain't never mean for none of that to go down like that
N-DUBZ LYRICS - Say It's Over
I aint gunna lie you were number 1 forever but I dont feel the same no more I just want ... phone cuz all I'm tryin to do is keep it on the low I think I need to let her know before she ... All my people round the world if you like somebody else. How do you find the words to say its over ... Baby its killing me this just isnt right for me
You hit me like I know you're there with someone else. That pussy knows me better than I know myself. On my way from the studio so get undressed. Let's do the ...
... to "I Bet" song by CIARA: I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else ... Soon as you see me with someone else ... You know that it hurts your pride ... That is just something' that I wouldn't do, babe ... See, I got you comfortable, now you ain't really scared ... You actin' like you upgraded me, I upgraded you
LUKE BRYAN LYRICS - Someone Else Calling You Baby
Lyrics to "Someone Else Calling You Baby" song by LUKE BRYAN: I saw a truck backin' out of your drive You were sitting ... Don't try to save me ... Now I ain't leaving till I hear you say what's going on. It'll be what it will be, its either him or me
Cause I know he didn't do you right. You say don't trust ... On my phone, looking for someone to talk to ... Cause I know them them guys won't love you like they're meant to [Konan:] ... Ain't together but still don't want no one else next to you
Lil' Bow Wow - Like You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Like You' by Lil' Bow Wow: I ain't never. ... 'Cause I ain't neva had nobody do me like you. Now, I done been with ... And I ain't trippin' or actin' shady 'cause baby, you know. I ain't never had ... Feel like I ain't doing enough that's when I shared more (Shared ... But you the first one to I holla to right after my shows.
"I'd rather argue with you than to be with someone else" (else, else, else) I took a piss ... I know you aint getting this type of dick from that local dude. And if you are I ... a hold of you. I'm calling your brothers phone like what was I supposed to do ... Dat aint right girl. You ... And I know that you are somehwere doing your thing
JOE LYRICS - Treat Her Like A Lady
Lyrics to "Treat Her Like A Lady" song by JOE: Something ain't right, something just ain't right. ... Don't even know when was the last time, you lit a candle for a late night meal. ... What you don't do for her, she'll find somebody else who can.
DRAKE LYRICS - Redemption
Why do I want an independent woman to feel like she needs me? ... Cause I'm searchin' for these words to say to you right now ... I gave your nickname to someone else. I know you're seein' someone that loves you. And I don't want you to see no one else ... Clicked up with Jessica, Kim, you know that I'm bound to see you
"Afraid". When I wake up I'm afraid, somebody else might take my place ... Paid junk honey, face so sunny, ain't that funny ... I know they're thinking. You're too mean, I don't like you, fuck you anyway ... You make me wanna die, right when I
Ever been disrespected, you know how it felt. You don't have to like me go love someone else [Verse 2:] ... Ain't right in the head, look back up in jail. Lord don't ...
THE FIRM LYRICS - Fuck Somebody Else
Lyrics to "Fuck Somebody Else" song by THE FIRM: You gonna make me fuck somebody else (I'm gonna fuck ... If you keep on treating me the way you do ... Most of these cats ain't got nothing for me, but if we talikng G's ... Niggaz got to fuck me right ... Pussy hot like a sauna, have yo dick doin' flips in my teddy by Gabanna
J Randall - Taking My Place lyrics
Yeah I know, I know, I know. That I saw you at the mall, You were getting at his car, And, girl I tried to call, but you ain't become. Do you, do you really think I don't  ...
BAEZA LYRICS - Can't Love You
Lyrics to "Can't Love You" song by BAEZA: Baby, what you gonna do when I say I can't love you And I'm seeing me with somebody else I know tha... ... I ain't tryna brag but I got women. If I lose you (uh) memories and ... Like everybody above me you used yo smile ... Wanna waste my time. baby I don't wanna waste our time
MATCHBOX 20 LYRICS - Back 2 Good
Somebody else ... If you see me out you don't know me ... And everyone here, hates everyone here for doing just like. They do. It's best if we all keep this quiet ...
Lyrics to "You Don't Know Her Like I Do" song by BRANTLEY GILBERT: Hey old friend, thanks for callin' It's good to know somebody cares Yeah she's gone, but I don't fee... ... Or to hear somebody say she ain't worth it 'Cause you don't know ...
JAZMINE SULLIVAN LYRICS - Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)
Lyrics to "Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)" song by JAZMINE SULLIVAN: Why cant I find somebody else When I know Know that you're doing wrong Its so hard Hard to let go I... ... And you're looking at me like you ain't the issue baby
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
Lyrics to "Lovin' You Is Wrong" song by WEBBIE: xhIf lovin you is wrong, ... That's why right not I don't wanna be no where else but beside ya. I feel like you all I got so baby Ima keep you close tah me ... You don't know what you've done tah me ... Whateva you did before we met ain't nun of my business wont even much care
Lyrics to "Take Care" song by DRAKE: I know you've been hurt by someone else I can tell by the way you carry yourself If you let me, here... ... We know, they don't get you like I will. My only wish is I die real ... just say you're ready. When all the baggage just ain't as heavy ... The Real Her · HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin' Right)
You know all of my secrets and. You know all ... I can't give that to someone else, none of these weak bitches. Gotta tell ... Please don't do that with no one else
You don't know anything ... so you're tired of living and you feel like you might give in well don't ... regardless of what you choose to do ... Annie says "If everyone has someone else, then I ain't got nobody's love to save ... Annie says "I think I'll pass away tonight, because it seems I'll never get it right if it's just me" ( just me)
Lyrics to "Someone Else" song by MILEY CYRUS: If you're looking for love Know that love don't ... If you're trying to find pity well, you need to look somewhere else ... Come to find out it's not like that at all ... Do My Thang · Maybe You're Right
Lyrics to "Save It" song by TORY LANEZ: Lil mama you know how I Always want you to, prove it Lil ... You found you somebody and I know ... Cause what I did was whack but you don't get me back like that, girl no ... Ain't nothin' gon' change you back to the girl ... Because the reason why them niggas just can't hit it right
Maybe if this bitch had acted right I would've stayed. But I've ... And what I mean is that I will no longer let you control me. So you better ... You know what you've done no need to go in depth. I told you ... Go marry someone else and make em famous. And take ... Treat em like you don't need them and they ain't worthy of you
MAX SCHNEIDER LYRICS - 10 Victoria's Secret Models
I don't know where this train's going. Red line ... Walked in this room right now ... Why would I ever trust my secrets with somebody else? With somebody else? You make time stop cold. When you be looking at me like there ain't nobody else

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