Do that thing when you dip and keep your hips pumpin lyrics

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Work It Lyrics - Nelly feat. Justin Timberlake
I just want to see you work it (Come on baby work it for me, yeah) That ain't ... Please, do that thang when you dip and keep your hips bumping. What up wit all  ...
Freak Nasty - Da Dip Lyrics
And do it. And take a chance. I put my hand upon your hip. When I dip you dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When you dip I dip we dip. I put my hand ...
To the hip, hip hop, and you don't stop, a rock it. To the bang ... So after school I take a dip in the pool, ... But that's okay, I still keep in stride, ... And do a thing but a-rock and shuffle your feet .... So your heart starts pumpin' and you think of a lie
69 Boyz - The Dip lyrics
You put your hand up on my hip. When you dip I dip we dip. I put my hand up on your hip. When I dip you dip we dip. You put yours and I put mine. And we can ...
Lyrics to "Twist My Hips" song by TIM JAMES & NEVERMIND: The energy's impactful Feel the beat, don't be so ... Do you feel this? ... I twist my hips, watch me ... I swerve and dip, watch me ... And don't stall, stand tall, get your back up the wall
Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rappers Delight' by Sugarhill Gang: I said a hip hop, The hippie to the hippie The hip hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it To the bang bang. ... So after school I take a dip in the pool, Which is really on the wall, I got a colour ... But that's okay, I still keep in stride, 'Cause all I'm here to do is just wiggle your behind
Just when y'all thought it was safe to poke your head out again, let's go!!! I know you thought ... AND YOU KNOW I'M DOIN MY THING IT'S BLUE IN THE RING IF YOU HAD IT LIKE THIS YOU PROBABLY DO IT THE SAME BUT YOU WON'T ... You love the way we re inventin' how we just stay new (TURN IT UP!!) HOW WE ...
Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be Lyrics
I know you hear 'em / Don't get scared / That ain't five-o / No that's the funk. ... We can dip left slide right all night. It's time to be wild freestyle ... He play funk, punk, and hip-hoppin' breakin' laws yeah. Cultures ... Disco funkin' get your booty bumpin' This beat's bangin' I'm rap talkin' Sweet spit slangin' keep your feet hoppin'
Lyrics to "The Boogie That Be" song by BLACK EYED PEAS: Yo, you hear 'em sirens I ... You know I Want you to come boogie with me. We can. Dip left, slide right, all night ... He play funk punkin', hip-hoppin' ... Disco funkin' get your booty bumpin' This beats bangin' I'm rap talkin' Sweet spit slangin' Keep your feet hopping
Lyrics to "Get Busy" song by SEAN PAUL: Shake that thing Miss Kana Kana ... Just keep swinging it. Get jiggy. Get crunked up. Percolate anything you want to call it. Oscillate you hip and don't take pity ... Can you done know your destiny
J. COLE LYRICS - Hold It Down
Lyrics to "Hold It Down" song by J. COLE: If my heart stop pumping tomorrow don' t feel no sorrow 'Cause life is hard mentally And everything i... ... I know you'd do the same. I would die ... And if I needed gear you'd let me hold your new clothes
Us 3 - Cantaloop (flip Fantasia) Lyrics
Dip trip flip fantasia. Feel the beat drop jazz and hip-hop. Drippin' in your ... Keeps ya coastin' on the rhythm ya cruisin' Up down ... You move your feet and sweat from the beat. Back to the ... The way I kick the rhyme some will call me a poet
MOS DEF LYRICS - Ms. Fat Booty
Lyrics to "Ms. Fat Booty" song by MOS DEF: I know, I can't afford to stop for a moment.. that it's too soon.. to forget I know, I can't afford...
I keep my chick on smash like a muhfucker. Thick lips, hips, tits, ass like a muhfucker ... This forty cali-caliber cowabunga you. Bump you like how a bumper do. I'm on the corner, pumping like how a pumper do. What, that ... Put your hands up
I can feel it slowly drifting away from me. I'm on the ... I will never ever let you live this down, down, down ... but we stay winning, this week has been a bad massage ... they done stole your dreams, you dunno who did it ... Is hip hop just a euphemism for a new religion ... kiss the ring while they at it, do my thing while I'm got it
Beyonce Knowles - Yoncé Lyrics
I do this all for you baby just take aim. Just tell me ... High like treble, pumping on the mids. Ya man ... And why you think ya keep my name rolling off your tongue
Soundtrack Artists - Rapper's Delight Lyrics
the hippie dibby hip hop hop and you don't stop to rock it to ... So after school I take a dip in the pool, ... You go ho-tel, mo-tel, whatcha gonna do today? ... You start pumpin your fingers and stompin your feet ... But that's okay, I still keep in stride
Strapped up, know I keep that tool. That racks on ... Now my life ain't my life no mo', I told you, nigga it's a wrap. OOOH! you ... Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I' m doin my damn thing. Been blood ... But on the track, you can call me Hussein ( Hoo-hah-hah!) That's why .... Oh! Twista, I see your future, finna shoot ya. I salute  ...
The Lox - Fuck You Lyrics
Shit / Feel this / If your hoped we wouldn't make it, fuck you (fuck you) / Talk with a heart full of hatred, fuck you (fuck. ... That's why I try to keep the grass cut. So I can ... Ain't gon' help you do nothing but carry your casket ... While you was running round pumping for niggas ... Don't even hit me on my hip if I ain't give you a call
The Boogie That Be Lyrics - The Black Eyed Peas
You pumpin' in ya trunk (yeah) You know ... We can dip left slide right all night ... He play funk, punk, and hip-hop and ... Sweet spit'slangin, keep ya feet hoppin
IV to pump-in, you're feeling something. Catch my drift, or ... Missed you by pinches (HOO) your talk is senseless (RRUFF) Actor needs ... Stay up on about ten folds, you know how it goes ... Can yo' pussy be chaka, don't let me speak in pat-ois
Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity Lyrics
But right now, yo, we gonna up you on how we just chill. Dial the ... Close range, I throws game at your dip like handball. Cause the ... We can max pumpin' fat tracks. Exchangin facts ... Keep tabs on your main squeeze before I tap her. I'll mack ...
BLISS N ESO LYRICS - Where The Wild Things Are
You see I'm talkin bout the jungle, the outback. The city I live in. That cunt that will always bounce back, with a witty dominion. I'll flow ... So ratatata the Big Macka is back and I'm loadin of the dip ... For the state of Australian hip-hop [?] ... I'm assured your ten foot breakers ... Let's keep the blood pumpin' like jumper cables
GAMA BOMB LYRICS - "Tales From The Grave In Space" (2009 ...
You've never been in a fight but you will be tonight. If you're hip to the groove you will see ... Defines like the lasers went come to seal your coming on ... Like a thief left alone with a shiny thing. You'll ... Outlining your career, pumping my fist ... stamping boot that keeps us oppressed ... Drop your Choc Dip as you look outside
3BALLMTY LYRICS - Quiero Bailar (All Through The Night)
I wanna dance with you all through the night ... Got your hands on hips ... It's so hot, can you feel the flame? ... Keep it going, keep it going, we gon' go all night
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up. All the gyal pon the ... everybody on the floor let me show you how we do lets go dip it low then you bring it up slow wind it up 1 time wind ... One time for your mind say it (Yeah Yeah) Well i'm ready for ...
Kardinal Offishall - That Chick Right There Lyrics
it's more then, now dip dip dow you stay here and let you girl go. ... You know that chick, she's fine, you know ... running down your neck ... Heart pumping like a
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Trapped On The Dancefloor ...
... Fresh Prince. You're trapped on the dance floor / It's locked there's no escape / There's no eat no. ... Your in a cage and this groove will bound you. People in the ... The speakers pumping out sounds and hip words. Lines between the ... Way of whipping and dipping. And sliding ... I keep the dance all night until. The party's ...
Have you ever heard this style befo' ... Hugging the curves and dipping ... So they get hip to the style I'm using ... What do you mean what we mean? ... The funk's in your face. Gonna keep the place jumping. As the beat keeps pumping
KRIS KROSS LYRICS - Da Streets Ain't Right
Every other day I keep strugglin' to keep my life. And I never ... 500 SL pumpin' some sounds. Now me I'm in ... And I ain't even tryin' to fight over this here dip. I kept ... Now I can feel a confrontation bout to jump on off. And I can ... Nigga give me all your money and your jewels cause you're stuck" ... Live And Die For Hip Hop
JUELZ SANTANA LYRICS - There It Go (The Whistle Song)
Aye girl you make my whistle blow. There it go ... Move it till you feel something hard on your back (Ugh) [Verse 2:] ... And that'll keep you n you n you in the ring ( or maybe not) Aye girl you make me want to know. You do it like a pro lil lady
Eminem - Crack A Bottle Lyrics
So crack a bottle, let your body waddle. Don't act like a snobby model you just hit the lotto. O-oh o-oh, ... I dip through in that six trey like sick 'em Dre ... Just keep the bass low speakers away from your face though ... The money ain't a thing when you party with me ... Bring the Shaun Dawn burn marijuana do what you want
K-Rob Vs. Rammellzee - Beat Bop lyrics
Hey, click the icon to check the status of your contributions. User icon ... Life is given to us just to do the right thing. Instead of ... When you're dealing with the answers that you can't explain ... Just a makin' you dip like a little bitty dive ... Break of dawn, keep it on keep it on ... Shake shake rock body rock the hip and the hop
Ty Dolla Sign - Blase Lyrics
You know what's going on / Over there and over there, okay / Ordered up a hundred Rosés, need a Benz like blasé, blasé / ... Been spent your rent and I'm still blowing big faces ... Keep her rowdy, seen around me, all we do is dip and dab
Def Squad - Def Squad Delite/Rapper's Delite Lyrics
... by Def Squad. / I said a hip hop the hippie to tha hippie the hip hip a hop / An ya don't stop a rockin to the. ... And you do the freak spank and you do the bump
DR. DRE LYRICS - Let Me Ride
bumpin like a motherfucker ready to get my serve on but before I ... Now, if your bitch in my shit, it's your bitch you check nigga. Now let the Chevrolet slide. As I dip a nigga trip to the south side, yeah (Rollin in ... Checkin my rearview, cause niggaz they will do ... While my deez keep spinnin and these hoes keep grinnin I' ll be
EPMD - Let The Funk Flow Lyrics
Relax while I tax, or you can just max ... Hypnotize your girl, while the funk flow. [ erick sermon] I got my girls to keep me pumpin, just like getti. Use the same fuel ...
Lyrics to "Bassment Party" song by THE COOL KIDS: They say if you ain't got no money take yo broke ass home I say if you got you two dollars, then ... Hold up, here come one ayy what's yo name hun? ... With a trunk to get that bass drum pumping ... Then don't do nothing small ... And I look to the left, she dipping her hips
But if you insist you can't convince your house are mine ... So take your hand off your hip and let's work out ... Some roars have things pumpin' beat. All the rest of my time Jerry knows my side. I'm so dip that's why I keep all girls in your mind
69 Boyz - Tootsie Roll Lyrics
Aug 13, 2015 ... dance floor and work them hips a little bit get to that dip a little bit oh yeah, you got it, no whips, baby, no buts about it and you over there with the long hair keep pumpin' that hair up 'cause it ... Instant lyrics for all your music.

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