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Akon - Don't Matter Lyrics
'Don't Matter' is the third album's single. With it, Akon got his first number-one hit on Billboard Hot 100. The chorus of this track interpolates the chorus of Bob Marley's song "Zimbabwe" .
Eric Carmen - Love Is All That Matters Lyrics
Lyrics to "Love Is All That Matters" song by Eric Carmen: Lost in a dance Waiting for the chance All I really needed was to love you Night after night Searchi...
J. Cole - Note To Self Lyrics
Lyrics to "Note To Self" song by J. Cole: And wherever we go And whatever we do And whatever we see And whoever we be It don't matter It don't...
RJ & Choice - Wish U Better Lyrics
Don't get mad when them side eyes comin' from my side hoes [RJ:] You always think I'm out cheatin' Spendin' my time with another bitch You be on my line like the government I ain't signed up for this punishment You ain't runnin' shit You can do better, you can bet I wish you the best You think you can do better, you can bet I wish you the best
RJ - No Excuses Lyrics
[RJ:] Money over matter but it's morals over how you feel Bubbling off the block break a piece and buy me out the deal Look I've been exposed to too much So I don't condoning all that fluke shit true shit If you can't be used then you useless OMMIO that's a million dollar movement Front a chick and piggy back off her Jouvay
RJ & Choice - I Just Came To Play Lyrics
I just came to play [x3] Ball like a short sack I just came to play She cute but she stay on some circus shit Papa said son, keep a stiffer upper lip And that mean don't show emotion in this fucking shit Man I had a hundred bitches with a hundred cent Now I'm seeing a hundred thousand, you ain't trying to fuck and shit Bye there, fuck miss right
YG - I Wanna B Down Lyrics
Say don't you ever lie to me, don't ever give that pussy up Even if I cheated with a bitch that wasn't good enough 'Cause most of the time these bitches don't matter She say long as she don't find out, just make sure I wrap up She know a nigga gon' be a nigga But I'm that nigga she wanna be with So she might as well put up with it, like "hold up!"
Slum Village - The Line Lyrics
Lyrics to "The Line" song by Slum Village: ... [Young RJ:] I'm like a butterfly I can fly high to the top of the sky Came out of my cocoon to shine bright over the horizon ... I'm to big for small talk so y'all don't matter You can be a giant like Goliath I'm a still triumph, like a flame walking through a fire ...
YG - My Nigga Lyrics
Me and my nigga riding dirty, tryna chase them figures Who got the yola? Who got the yola? Don't matter, go figure I said that I'mma ride for my motherfucking niggas, Most likely I'mma die with my finger on the trigger I've been grinding outside, all day with my niggas And I ain't going in, unless I'm with my nigga
DJ Mustard & RJmrLA - Finally Getting Rich Lyrics ...
Hundreds don't fold up Niggas sniffin like a nose run Gettin' high on they own stuff Matter the plug late But it was early like a lunch date Bust down that's a bust break Hungry but I just ate Shootin dice, nigga touch cake And the ice will keep the punch straight Birds on the runway Hoes doing blade work Niggas having differences They be from ...
Akon - Sorry, Blame It On Me Lyrics
As life goes on I'm starting to learn more and more about responsibility And I realize that everything I do is affecting the people around me So I want to take this time out to apologize for things that I've done
RJ & Choice - Value Lyrics
These winners don't freeze up We often value what we need most You still find Jacksons without Tito My ego has gotten bigger The more I ball Like an eagle catching flights and missing calls Both sides done played our parts But our bloodline is flowing through these scars We done been through it all but [Chorus:] No matter all the fights we got into
Ne-Yo - Mad Lyrics
Girl I don't wanna go to bed mad at you And I don't want you to go to bed mad at me No I don't wanna go to bed mad at you And I don't want you to go to bed mad at me (oh, no) Umm And it gets me upset girl when you're constantly accusing (asking questions like you already know) We're fighting this war, baby, when both of us are losing
Jessie J - Masterpiece Lyrics
I'm still working on my masterpiece And I, I wanna hang with the greats Got a way to go, but it's worth the wait No, you haven't seen the best of me I'm still working on my masterpiece Oh, oh Oh, ah Oh, oh Oh, ah Those who mind don't matter Those who matter, don't mind If you don't catch what I'm throwing Then I'll leave you behind Gone in a flash
Matthew West - Mended Lyrics
When you see wounded, I see mended You see your worst mistake But I see the price I paid And there's nothing you could ever do, to lose what grace has won So hold on, it's not the end No, this is where love's work begins I'm making all things new And I will make a miracle of you When you see broken beyond repair I see healing beyond belief
R Kelly - Keep Searchin' Lyrics
Don't you run away from the truth Whisper in my ear and tell me you feel it too Girl, why do you You keep searchin' You keep searchin' You keep searchin' You keep searchin' (When) I'm right here, right here I'm right here, baby Love's in your face Shh, shh, shh It don't matter what it is All the things you need, girl, I'll give If it's here you ...
RJ - 30 In The Middle Lyrics
Lyrics to "30 In The Middle" song by RJ: We been getting no sleep That's why my neck feels like the nose bleeds I get respect where they shou...
RJmrLA - Blindfold Lyrics
Cook up while I trap the hood, no matter the price, I want the hook up I can go on, want me a brick up Watch me go warm me a brick up We got your order for pick up You take it too far, my niggas deliver, yeah [Quavo:] Mama said, "Boy, get your shine on" (mama) No Tony how I get my grind on (no Tony) Came in the game with a blindfold (blind)
Hale - The Day You Said Goodnight Lyrics
The day you said goodnight If you could only know me like your prayers at night Then everything between you and me will be alright To be is all I gotta be And all that I see And all that I need this time To me the life you gave me The day you said goodnight She's already taken She's already taken She's already taken me She's already taken
Imagine Dragons - Demons Lyrics
Don't wanna let you down But I am hell bound Though this is all for you Don't wanna hide the truth No matter what we breed We still are made of greed This is my kingdom come This is my kingdom come When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It's where my demons hide It's where my demons hide Don't get too close It's dark inside It's where my ...
South Border - Rainbow Lyrics
There's a rainbow always after the rain Ohh, woah Hittin' high, hittin' low Win or lose you should go, yeah yeah Getting warm, getting cold Weather could be so good or bad But baby this is life now don't get mad no, no, no 'Cause oh, can't you see (can't you see) That no matter what happens Life goes on and on So baby, please smile (just smile)
RJ - No Excuses Lyrics. Artist: RJ. Album: O.M.M.I.O 2 (Mixtape) Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. ... RJ] Money over matter but it’s morals over how you feel Bubbling off the block break a piece and buy me out the deal Look I’ve been exposed to too much So I don’t condoning all that fluke shit true shit If you can’t be used then ...
RJ - RJ For Mayor Lyrics
MRLA rappers Tailgating (RJ) Courtside halftime dodging shell casings Hundred twenty five thousand for the bell Ten percent of that is twelve racks I'm in a holding cell waiting Oh, PD crooked in the sheriff race It don't matter nigga Black cops too, they got deep hate And the damn judge tryna be in Congress soon That's why the DA runs the ...
Drake - Nonstop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nonstop' by Drake. Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up! Look, I just flipped a switch (flipped, flipped) I don't know nobody else that's doin' this Bodies start to drop (ayy, hit the floor)
Yeng Constantino - If We Fall In Love Lyrics
I'm always ready with a smile With just one glimpse of you You don't have to search no more Cause I am someone who will love you for sure so If we fall in love Maybe we'll sing this song as one If we fall in love We can write a better song than this If we fall in love We will have this melody in our heads If we fall in love Anywhere with you would be a better place You can watch sad movies in ...
RES - The Hustler Lyrics
I'll be on my own, it don't matter I'm grown I won't be singin' no sad song in the lay And if I rub you wrong, baby, I come on strong I got no mind to cushion what I say. In my house the moon still shines in the day But there's a lot 'a old bills I gotta pay In my house feel free to dance like it's May But there's a lot 'a old bills I gotta pay
Too $hort - Sexy Dancer Lyrics
Mexican or Filipino Puerto Rican salsa dancer Makin' love while she talkin' Spanish These other girls don't matter You see the baddest bitch, point at her Shake that ass so fast And if you ain't got no ass Keep shakin' that thang, too You want 'em all, I don't blame you 'Cause I'm in love with every race Different flavors, different taste
Kings Of Leon - Wait For Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wait For Me' by Kings of Leon. Cut open my heart Right at the scar Listen up Gonna do what I'm told Go where I'm told
AJ Rafael - She Was Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to "She Was Mine" song by AJ Rafael: So, I hopped on a train, Three in the afternoon. I don't know when I'm coming back, But I hope that...
Yeng Constantino & RJ Jimenez - If We Fall In Love Lyrics ...
Lyrics for If We Fall In Love by Yeng Constantino & RJ Jimenez. There will be no ordinary days for you If there is someone who cares like I do You have no...
Alex Aiono - Don't Mind translation in English
English translation of lyrics for Don't Mind by Alex Aiono. Hola Hola na Yeah She telling me this she telling me that You said once you take me with y...
Nelly - Dilemma Lyrics
And I got special ways to thank yah-ah-ahhh.. don't you forget it But uh, it ain't that easy for you to pack and leave him But uh, you and dirty got ties for different reasons I respect that and right before I turn to leave, she said (You don't know what you mean to me) [Kelly Rowland:] No matter what I do, all I think about is you
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love Lyrics
Lyrics to "Bleeding Love" song by Leona Lewis: Closed off from love I didn't need the pain Once or twice was enough And it was all in vain Time sta...
Sara Bareilles - She Used To Be Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to "She Used To Be Mine" song by Sara Bareilles: It's not simple to say Most days I don't recognize me That these shoes and this apron That place and...
The Turtles - Happy Together Lyrics
No matter how they tossed the dice It had to be The only one for me is you And you for me So happy together I can't see me loving nobody but you for all my life When you're with me, baby, the skies will be blue for all my life Me and you and you and me No matter how they tossed the dice It had to be The only one for me is you And you for me So ...
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