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DREDG LYRICS - "El Cielo" (2002) album
DREDG lyrics - "El Cielo" (2002) album, including "Canyon Behind Her", "Whoa Is Me", "It Only Took A Day"...
DREDG LYRICS - "The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion" (2009 ...
Pariah. To sacrifice oneself never made sense to me 'Cause life is really the only and last gift we've all received. Some will waste it in the name of something you ...
DREDG LYRICS - "Catch Without Arms" (2005) album
DREDG lyrics - "Catch Without Arms" (2005) album, including "Matroshka (The Ornament)", "Hung Over On A Tuesday", "Jamais Vu"...
Dredg - Lightswitch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lightswitch' by Dredg. I was put in a round room / And told to sit in the corner / While they wash my brain with a dirty rag / I was given a hammer /
Dredg - Pariah Lyrics
To sacrifice one's self. Never made sense to me 'Cause life is really the only. And last gift we've all received. Some men waste it in the name. Of something that ...
Dredg - Ireland Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ireland' by Dredg. I'll never leave this place / No, I'll never leave this place / I'll never leave the place where I was born / Because beyond these.
Dredg - Saviour Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Saviour' by Dredg. It makes me wish I was a banger / I'd come and retaliate / I tend to avoid impulsive gangster attitudes / 'Cause they will blind.
Dredg - Not That Simple Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not That Simple' by Dredg. Remove my hands and feet / Watch me crawl on my stubs / Throw me to the street / Watch me fall on down head first / Its.
Dredg - Triangle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Triangle' by Dredg: Plead with nothing while they lecture about something Protest the way we're passive today.
Dredg - Whoa Is Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whoa Is Me' by Dredg. The only things surrounding you now / Are the circular memories / Infect your conscience / They are the make up of your ...
Dredg - Sanzen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sanzen' by Dredg. I can't even concentrate on this, / It's over thought, anticipated, / The pen ink is running dry, / It's been thrown to paper and.
Dredg - Yatahaze Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Yatahaze' by Dredg. Climbing, building me up, tearing me down / Lifted back up we are climbing / All of this time / Drifting right back to the ground.
Dredg - Lechium Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lechium' by Dredg. Yes take time / To realize what you have / Yes i did / But suspended / And now i hang / Beneath the ground that we have made ...
Dredg - Information Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Information' by Dredg. You're suffering, feel your pain / Allow me to be your sponge / 'Cause I can absorb your sorrows / I'm the one / Fire may rain.
Dredg - Planting Seeds Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Planting Seeds' by Dredg. She's to blame I'll erase routine, / With a spark to ignite the flame, / And in this struggle of guilt to tame, / It's.
Dredg - Bug Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bug Eyes' by Dredg: Ten years strong, that's much too long It's time / Nothin' feels right, nothin' ever goes my way.
Dredg - Quotes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Quotes' by Dredg. There's a way, a way to get out of here / To escape these storms and find some shelter / To rid of your darkness, to rid of your.
Dredg - Sang Real Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sang Real' by Dredg: I'm a local but a foreigner Still the addict yet I'm sober Still the body with the coroner Many friends yet still a loner.
Dredg - The Ornament Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Ornament' by Dredg. Well I've been aching for someone / I barely met / and I've been begging for something / I'll never get / and I've been.
Dredg - Catch Without Arms Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Catch Without Arms' by Dredg. I'm not your star / I'm not that beam of light / Here to save your life / To make your wallet fat / While mine's on a.
Dredg - Tanbark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tanbark' by Dredg: Wanted out We wanted out.
Dredg - Same Ol' Road Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Same Ol' Road' by Dredg. Here we go down that same old road again / Sympathy unfolds the shell that holds all the beauty within / Here we go down.
Dredg - Jamais Vu Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jamais Vu' by Dredg. I looked to the sky / Saw my body die / Gotta reappear up there / It's where I want to be in the university / I've found, I've.
Dredg - Cartoon Showroom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cartoon Showroom' by Dredg. I'm gonna miss your wave / Your sin, your smell, your smile, oh / In an anxious attempt to let you know / Dancing on the .
Dredg - Spitshine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spitshine' by Dredg: I harmonize with a million screaming laughs That haunted those before us Preaching symphonies while the chorus yelled, 'Unity'
Dredg - Convalescent Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Convalescent' by Dredg. This lonely old man had heart / Resting grey hairs on wrinkled arms / With nothing but a stool to hold up his back / Skinny.
Dredg - Mourning This Morning Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mourning This Morning' by Dredg. We'll be mourning this morning / There is no need to complain / 'Cause we've been ignoring this warning / There is .
Dredg - Ode To The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ode to the Sun' by Dredg. It's gone from light to grey / But I'll move those clouds away / Letting the sun shine through / In this ode to you / Let.
Dredg - Matroshka (The Ornament) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Matroshka (The Ornament)' by Dredg. I was looking down at you smiling up at me / For once I held you tight but shadow hands grabbed at me / Your ...
Dredg - Gathering Pebbles Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gathering Pebbles' by Dredg. Wait for me, you're onto something / Maybe there's no need to play catch-up, to play catch-up / Wait for me, you're onto.
Dredg - Of The Room Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Of The Room' by Dredg. White cloth, black napkins, wood chairs, surround me, / Wood tables, foggy signs, in front with no lies. / Night falls beneath .
Dredg - Hung Over On A Tuesday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hung Over On A Tuesday' by Dredg. So long to the hard and stormy weather / It's time for a cleansing / Nice try, but you can't avoid this forever /
Dredg - The Tanbark Is Hot Lava Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Tanbark Is Hot Lava' by Dredg. The old returns while the new can bore / 'Cuz you're the one who fell into a self created hell / We've worn it.
Dredg - Eighteen People Living In Harmony Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eighteen People Living In Harmony' by Dredg. The opera is over / Singers have all gone home / Seats are empty / The kitchen is closed / The ...
DREDG LYRICS - "Leitmotif" (2001) album
DREDG lyrics - "Leitmotif" (2001) album, including "Yatahaze", "Movement IV: RR ", "Penguins In The Desert"...
Dredg - Symbol Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Symbol Song' by Dredg. He said: patience is the key to / For a change to ensue / Warm the arctic cold / And drop down / To the ground / Wait for the.
Dredg - Sorry But It's Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sorry But It's Over' by Dredg. Distorted and complicated / I'm sorry but it's over / Essential to awaken / I'm leaving / Here we are / That's what.
Dredg - I Don't Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Know' by Dredg. I'm absorbed in mediocrity / ? uncertainty / Glazed with profanity / And conform like fraternity / I yearn for serenity /
Dredg - Stone By Stone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stone By Stone' by Dredg. (Verse 1) / Stone by Stone / I constructed a cathedral / Stone by stone / built it up and wrecked it down / Stone by stone.
Dredg - Zebra Skin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Zebra Skin' by Dredg. I wonder why I'm running around again / I took my chances / I may have lost my best friend / Yeah I wonder / Like sprinting on.

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