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Tech N9ne - Elbow Macaroni (Skit) Lyrics
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Tech N9ne - Elbow Macaroni (Skit) Lyrics
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TECH N9NE LYRICS - Technicians
It ain't nothing' but real women in my circle, not them phony chicks. That don't know what I mean when I say elbow macaroni bitch. They know what I'm drinking
Tech N9ne - Killa Call (Skit) Lyrics
Get More. Listen to Tech N9ne songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to Tech N9ne Radio on Last.fm. View All. Latest News. Can You Guess The Song ...
Tech N9ne - DrFrazier's Office (Intro Skit) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'DrFrazier's Office (Intro Skit)' by Tech N9ne. ----------------- / Fuck you niggers (reversed) / Killer / I don't even know why I came here in the.
Tech N9ne - Worst Case Scenario (Skit) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Worst Case Scenario (Skit)' by Tech N9ne.
Tech N9ne - I Am Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Am Everything' by Tech N9ne. (1st Verse) / 11/8/71 mama brung the gun / to this world and ever since it's been tons of fun / Leavin' bitches stun.
Tech N9ne - Seven Words Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Seven Words' by Tech N9ne. welcome to the sextion, where it's all about sex / if horny is what you're looking for / well this is the place / the.
Tech N9ne - Shit Is Real Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shit Is Real' by Tech N9ne. (1st Verse) / it's friday night and i / got my check man i / damn i really need a (PARTY) / so when the weekend come /
Tech N9ne - Happy Ending Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Happy Ending' by Tech N9ne: I set my heart out for people They know what the inside bout.
Tech N9ne - I Love You But Fuck You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Love You But Fuck You' by Tech N9ne. Welcome to Killer 2 / Damn, my brand new Benz, thinkin' bout my so called friends / And why should I make.
Tech N9ne - Enjoy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Enjoy' by Tech N9ne. you body dont lie, i can tell you done this before, you too locked up let me put my key in your door and put your body all on.
Tech N9ne - Can't Shake It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can't Shake It' by Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne - Intro / Another piece that I wrote, about me, being stuck in my ways. / Yeah..... / Chrous - / And I can't.
Tech N9ne - Too Much Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Much' by Tech N9ne. Ain't nobody better we comin' clever than ever goin' head up with competitors and levelin' a, / We put em through the.
Tech N9ne - Everybody Move Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everybody Move' by Tech N9ne. Tecca Nina's drunk as hell at three in the morning / When ya snoring / I just hit the after spot without a / (Warning)
Tech N9ne - The Sexorcist (Infomercial) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Sexorcist (Infomercial)' by Tech N9ne. And now a word from our sponsor / Do you have a problem bringing the freak out of your girl? / Is sex with.
Tech N9ne - Beat You Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beat You Up' by Tech N9ne. When its drama in the air / imma beat you up / you don't fuck with me / I don't care / Imma beat you up / anytime or.
Tech N9ne - Drill Team Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drill Team' by Tech N9ne. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome / For your half time viewin pleasure / From Kansas City, Missouri / The strange ...
Tech N9ne - Poisonous Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poisonous' by Tech N9ne. Now you know that I'll never give you anything / That will hurt you right baby so try this / Yeah, yeah, you like that? / I.
Tech N9ne - Blackboy Lyrics
[Verse 1: Tech N9ne] And I was told in school I was a fool and money, I'd never gain none. But I used my flow as a tool, they was cruel. Said I'd be no rapper, but  ...
Tech N9ne - Why You Ain't Call Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Why You Ain't Call Me' by Tech N9ne. To whom it may concern / (Why you ain't call me?) / You know I'm the hardest, you know that my art is ...
Tech N9ne - Hope For A Higher Power Lyrics
[Chorus] If there is a final hour. Let's hope for a higher power 1 by 1 and 2 by 2. I have ammo what about you [x2]. [Verse 1] Grandma told me the good book said
Tech N9ne - Pillow Talkin' Lyrics
[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne] If you you see thunda. From a gun this is somethin that'll get the heat on ya when she's under the sheets on the beautiful sleep numba
Tech N9ne - The Waitress Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Waitress' by Tech N9ne. Damn! / Hey, that's all I'ma say right now / I' m at a loss for words, girl, you, girl, goin' take that bow / You lookin',
Tech N9ne - Crybaby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crybaby' by Tech N9ne. I was born in 71' in Kansas City, MO / My momma was a heavenly one, so the fam was pretty slow / When it came to rap and ...
Tech N9ne - Psycho Bitch II Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Psycho Bitch II' by Tech N9ne. / Let me show you just how fast I can get to your heart / Talk to you later... Bye.
Tech N9ne - Let's Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let's Go' by Tech N9ne. Let's go / Yer sittin' at home talking to him on the phone / And he ain't call without my style as his own / You wishin' that.
Tech N9ne - Paint A Dark Picture Lyrics
Skits onto me, honor me for the time. Never given to the rhyme in another mind. Lookin' like a nice guy behind the face be the beast. Of another motherfucker that  ...
Tech N9ne - Wheaties Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wheaties' by Tech N9ne. Tech9, here in the mix / Here in the mix with your boyfriend, baby / Bobby Bang and his death time for the hot ninety nine /
Tech N9ne - One Good Time Lyrics
Just give me one good time. Nobody is looking at me anyway. Nobody is looking at me anyway. Yo Yo I know that I'm Hardcore Know how to start wars
Tech N9ne - Holier Than Thou Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Holier Than Thou' by Tech N9ne. / (Holy, holy) If you live in another world would you / (Know me, know me) I know you be strong, but you been gone a.
Tech N9ne - Like Yeah Lyrics
(verse 1). ay, it's time to get into some sin you been listenin' to gibberish hits in the interum them are done, 'cause here me come so make you stand up, stand ...
Tech N9ne - Get The Fuck Outta Here Lyrics
Get the fuck outta here. Nina Get the fuck outta here. Popper Get the fuck outta here. Wall. Ya I'ma spitter, you other cats be on littler. That's probably why you just ...

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