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Mario Frangoulis - Enas Hartinos Ilios Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Enas Hartinos Ilios' by Mario Frangoulis. Enas hartinos ilios ki apopse that vgi / to mikro mou ton kosmo n'alaxi / n'apodrasi i kardia mou ki ena.
Mario Frangoulis - Adagio Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Adagio' by Mario Frangoulis. Dei, poeti, uomini piccoli / Tutti qui di passaggio come nuvole / Sotto una terra ingrata che promette e limita / Sopra.
Mario Frangoulis - Cu'mme Lyrics
Scinne cu'mme 'nfunn 'o mare a truva' chell ca' nun tenimme cca' viene cu'mme e accumience a capi' comm' e' inutile sta' a suffri' guarda 'stu mare
Mario Frangoulis - Come What May Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come What May' by Mario Frangoulis. Never knew I could feel like this / Like I've never seen the sky before / Want to vanish inside your kiss /
Mario Frangoulis - Dance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dance' by Mario Frangoulis. I see those vulnerable eyes, they're as deep as the darkest of oceans / I sense the loneliest heart holding back your.
Mario Frangoulis - Another World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Another World' by Mario Frangoulis. There are heroes and angels / who watch over us / There are people we meet in life / who touch us / You have.
Mario Frangoulis - Bridge Of Dreams Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bridge Of Dreams' by Mario Frangoulis. At seventeen the bridge of dreams / Can reach across forever / A long weekend, my mother's friend / You ...
Mario Frangoulis - Follow Your Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Follow Your Heart' by Mario Frangoulis: Every little tear you cry.
Mario Frangoulis - Here's To The Heroes Lyrics
Here's to the heroes. Those few who dare. Heading for glory. Living a prayer. Here's to the heroes. Who change our lives. Thanks to the heroes. Freedom ...
Mario Frangoulis - Un'anima Sola Lyrics
Anima Mea Gratia Plena Dominus Tecum... Amen... Ave Maria ascolta un'anima in piena come un torrente di dubbi che trascina ricordi ed oblio. Ave Maria
Mario Frangoulis - Benedictus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Benedictus' by Mario Frangoulis. Te lo dir / proprio ora dolce musica, che / fatto hai di me una foglia e perci / dico tu sia benedetta, per sempre /
Mario Frangoulis - Hay Mas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hay Mas' by Mario Frangoulis. Cuanta tierra he recorrido / Why cuanto he vista ya / Aeropuertos why estaciones why gente de ciudad / Que se ...

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