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ShadowIcon - Endless Shades Of Pain Lyrics
Legions awaiting for new dawn to come, / Redemption or ones final breath? / The army of thousands, but yet all alone / Every man on his own... / A change of an ...
SHADOWICON LYRICS - "Empire In Ruins" (2011) album
Endless Shades Of Pain 6. Eastbound 7. King Of Kings 8. The Alliance 9. Battle Of Actium 10. Deceptive Dreams 11. The Haunting 12. End Of Days 13. Immortal  ...
RHAPSODY OF FIRE LYRICS - "Dark Wings Of Steel" (2013) album
Shades of gray and magic flames. Are facing tragic days ... And days of endless pain. Alone with my silent ... Embrace my soul, my tears of pain. Memories are ...
SYMPHONY X LYRICS - "Symphony X" (1994) album
... X" (1994) album, including "A Lesson Before Dying", "Thorns Of Sorrow", " Rapture Or Pain"... ... Shades Of Grey ... Endless dreams are all encased in disarray
Far, far beyond the island. We dwelt in shades of twilight. Through dread and weary days. Through grief and endless pain. It lies unknown. The land of mine
LIMBONIC ART LYRICS - "The Ultimate Death Worship" (2002) album
From The Shades Of Hatred 9. ... Follow the voices of the night, in endless sleep you'll hide from light. ... In endless pain the soul is lost, a solitary holocaust.
MERCENARY LYRICS - "Metamorphosis" (2011) album
In Bloodred Shades 7. Shades Of Grey ... And through my endless torture. My existence is divine ... All the pain running through my veins. Slowly, as I go insane
SILENT CRY LYRICS - "Shades Of The Last Way - A Prelude To A ...
SILENT CRY lyrics - "Shades Of The Last Way - A Prelude To A New Begin" ( 2001) EP, including ... Of and endless night ... Sorrowful to the silence of pain!)
DARK TRANQUILLITY LYRICS - "Of Chaos And Eternal Night ...
With The Flaming Shades Of Fall 3. Away, Delight, Away ... Illusions that speak of endless night. A venture in ... Messenger of pain sailing silence. Commander of ...
Invisible Lyrics - Otep
Shivering in endless shade. Like criminals. The pain still remains. And I promise you. It never goes away (chorus) You're so lovely when you cry. You're so ...
OTEP LYRICS - Invisible
Shivering in endless shade like criminals... The stain still remains. And I promise you, ... This pain could save your life. You're so lovely when you cry. You're so ...
Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' by Procol Harum: And so it was that later As the miller told his tale That her face, at first just ghostly, Turned a whiter.
IN THE SILENCE LYRICS - "A Fair Dream Gone Mad" (2012) album
... Mad" (2012) album, including "Your Reward", "All The Pieces", "Endless Sea". ... seventeen shades of darkness find you ... your eyes have seen too much pain
THE BEATLES LYRICS - Across The Universe
Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup. They slither while they pass, ... Sounds of laughter shades of life are ringing. Through my open ears ...
DARKSIDE LYRICS - "Shadowfields" (1999) album
in the door the nightly silhuette upon my head a rising shade of death ... violence sweetness of pain drives my exstacy in endless search for the appease release
WHISPERING GALLERY LYRICS - "Shades Of Sorrow" (2005) album
WHISPERING GALLERY lyrics - "Shades Of Sorrow" (2005) album, including " Daydram II", "Beyond The ... The sorrow and the grief are filled with pain and tears.
KATATONIA LYRICS - "Brave Yester Days" (2004) album
Shades of Emerald Fields 12. ... Helpless souls drowning in pain. But storms of dawn. .... Endless spikes of certain death, come closer at my hand. Where they ...
RHAPSODY OF FIRE LYRICS - "Triumph Or Agony" (2006) album
the infinite pain behind Nekron's will. Wars of the ... ANCIENTS' GLORY ENDLESS PAIN DEEP INTO THE .... FROZEN SOUL Shades of a velvet wide horizon
And I've loved in shades of wrong. We learn to live with the pain. Mosaic broken hearts. But this love is brave and wild. And I never (never) {[x8:] Oh oh, oh oh ...
ILLNATH LYRICS - "4 Shades Of Me" (2013) album
ILLNATH lyrics - "4 Shades Of Me" (2013) album, including "Angelic Voices Calling (2012)", "It's On Me", "Not My God"... ... Shade Of Me 9. Not My .... Pain, pleasure, anger, hate destructiveness and pain ... The endless void we call the universe
ELYSIUM LYRICS - "Dreamlands" (2000) album
no warm words can ease your pain when you're falling ... where pain slowly leaves my body caress my hand .... in the endless shade of grey all alone you'll ...
ISKALD LYRICS - "Shades Of Misery" (2006) album
Watch the fallen victims. Crawl into this endless pain. Coldness is surrounding the landscape. Darkness is hunting the air. The ground trembles in thunder
Symphony X - Shades Of Grey Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shades of Grey' by Symphony X. Seasons changing now - summer's come ... Life's an endless stage - wisdom comes with age, ... Pain Of Salvation.
ESSENCE LYRICS - "Lost In Violence" (2011) album
Shades Of Black 8. Trace Of Terror 9. ... As my heart begins to fail I feel the pain of pinching nails. It's a needle .... Endless killing, endless death. Machine gun fire  ...
ANGELLORE LYRICS - "Errances" (2012) album
ANGELLORE lyrics - "Errances" (2012) album, including "Shades Of Sorrow", "... where Roses Never Die. ... Frozen memories of an eternal realm of pain
REFLECTIONS LYRICS - "Exi(s)t" (2013) album
Into endless shades of grey. You watched without taking a step. I just wish you could ... Wave away to all the pain. Were bringing all the light back. This candle is  ...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "In The Halls Of Awaiting" (2002) album
Shades Of Deep Green 8. Bitter End 9. ... The pain impossible to bear. There is no light at the ... Cast into the dark, thrust into the endless night. But even bitter is  ...
VALERIAN LYRICS - "Stardust Revelation" (2016) album
Symphony Of Endless Desire 3. ... Leaving all behind your pain and grief!!! ... Upon the one cold winter night the spell is lingered in the shade of thy heaven
DARKSIDE LYRICS - "Melancholia Of A Dying World" (1994) album
A brutal sttement of power against a mankind insane the pain. Sad youth - ... How - endless dark is the night ... in blood shades of deer lament above him pain ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Inhuman Rampage" (2006) album
And the stars fall on the horizon onwards and up through the pain. Ride the ... Crossing valleys endless tears in unity we stand .... Passing shades of darkness
PERSEFONE LYRICS - "Truth Inside The Shades" (2004) album
PERSEFONE lyrics - "Truth Inside The Shades" (2004) album, including "The ... The pain embraces my solitude. ... Time has passed by the endless shores
SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Emerald Forest And The Blackbird ...
Sleep my child, lay down your head and leave this pain, ... To endless morning I' m cursed from here on; ... Shades of night welcome you with a twisted smile.
EVIL MASQUERADE LYRICS - "Fade To Black" (2008) album
Different Shades Of Black 6. Powertools 7. The Ultimate Game 8. Desire And Pain 9. Diamond Dust 10. .... No remorse, just endless lies. The un-human race ...
DECIMATOR LYRICS - "Bloodstained" (2011) album
Shades of death are taking over me ... Total violence, endless pain, you´ll stand no chance. Chains of fear, agony in blood, I see your pain is burning. Times of ...
We're endless shades of the same blue. Filled with perfect light. Dizzy heat I can hear you speak of the endless summer hue. This is the spark that we'll ...
Veil Of Sorrow - Shades Of Grey Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shades Of Grey' by Veil Of Sorrow. There are ... Long lost passion, endless seems the fall. Sometimes I fall ... Without means to silence the pain. All fires ...
FAIRYLAND LYRICS - "The Fall Of An Empire" (2006) album
... "The Fall Of An Empire" (2006) album, including "Across The Endless Sea", ... Beyond these walls of pain a better world awaits ... Through shades of gray
Give me endless summer. Lord I fear the cold. Feel I'm getting old. Before my time . As my soul heals the shame. I will grow through this pain. Lord I'm doing all I ...
MY SIXTH SHADOW LYRICS - "Love-Fading Innocence" (2005) album
... "Love-Fading Innocence" (2005) album, including "With Or Without You", " Shades Of Grey", "Crushed"... ... Of an endless sleep ... All the pain you make me cry
FUNERAL SUITS LYRICS - All Those Friendly People
... SUITS: Count back, anaesthetise Colours burnt into my eyes Life for you is shades of grey Help me, help me... ... You said in time the pain would pass

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