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Northern Sparks - Epitaph (Somewhere Inside Me) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Epitaph (Somewhere Inside Me)' by Northern Sparks. Somebody missed you / Someone remembers / Something to treasure on / Sometime in this life /
ALLURE LYRICS - Somewhere Inside
"Somewhere Inside". Who am I, love? What am I supposed to be? One life alone. Oh, somehow it's made for me. What do I do? What can I say? It's nothing new
Allure feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside of Me Lyrics ...
Lyrics for Somewhere Inside of Me by Allure feat. Julie Thompson. Who am I, love ? What am I supposed to be? One life alone Oh somehow it's made for me ...
Ignored the dreams, too many lies. Somewhere deep inside, Somewhere deep inside me, I found ... the child I used to be. And I know that it's not too late. Never,
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY LYRICS - "Epitaph" (2001) album
Epitaph 5. Everything Must Perish 6. Conscience 7. Decoy 8. Insolence 9. Krank It Up 10. ... Set for me. Burning in the fire. You fueled for me. Laughing at all the anger. You've ... A fire burns inside my head ... Reflecting somewhere in the past
ANTIMATTER LYRICS - "Planetary Confinement" (2005) album
Epitaph 5. Mr. White 6. A Portrait Of The Young Man As An Artist 7. Relapse 8. ... Epitaph. [Moss] Paint me a room where I can dream. Dream of a world that I used to see ... It's somewhere, hidden from view ... Look inside and find the parts
DERDIAN LYRICS - "Human Reset" (2014) album
Write Your Epitaph 8. ... You are inside of me and make me feel so lucky in everyday I live. .... Our beliefs lead us to guess they are somewhere watching us,
So we go inside and we gravely read the stones. All those people all those lives ... Don't plagiarise or take "on loans" There's always someone, somewhere
CANDLEMASS LYRICS - "Doomed For Live" (2003) album
Somewhere In Nowhere 16. Solitude 17. ... The grip of clawed hands drags you inside ... Can't you see, the devil in me ... With sad emotions, I sing this epitaph
OPETH LYRICS - "My Arms, Your Hearse" (1998) album
A soft breeze passed me by, somewhat warmer for a second. I knew it was the ... Red sun rising somewhere through the dense fog. The portrait of ... Once inside I heard whispers in the parlour. The gilded ... Confirming the epitaph of my soul
WUTHERING HEIGHTS LYRICS - "Salt" (2010) album
I will write no solemn epitaphs. For a world that's ... I released the beast inside me , but it had gone tame. I rang the ..... Somewhere, out there in the mist. But the ...
NIGHT IN GALES LYRICS - "Five Scars" (2011) album
Epitaph 2. This Neon Grave 3. Days Of The Mute 4. Five Scars 5. Void Venture 6. ... Cause death will embrace me like a long lost child. Five drops of red, five ... Yet all colours died inside. Down the ... We've lost somewhere between. What was ...
School Of Fish - 3 Strange Days Lyrics
For three strange days. I couldn't put a smile on my face. So they dressed me up in all of their clothes. And took me somewhere else. Johnny Clueless was there
KREATOR LYRICS - "Voices Of Transgression" (1999) album
Hate Inside Your Head 12. Inferno ... Lucretia, my reflection, dance the ghost with me. We look .... Somewhere there'll be, ... As earth becomes the epitaph of cain
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "The X-Factor" (1995) album
Inside my head feel the fear start to rise. ... Living on the edge it feels... it makes me feel as one .... Somewhere there's someone straying ... It's our epitaph
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY LYRICS - "Forever Is The World" (2009 ...
Look at me. There's nothing left but silent epitaphs ... If you could see what I see I know that you would hate me. Do what I will .... Drifting through the light inside. A lucent image in the ... Somewhere between every now and then. Harmoniously ...
GALADRIEL LYRICS - "World Under World" (2004) album
And will show me way, which I will set out. I can feel my feelings. ... Somewhere in heaven and down in your hell. So look ... When your body exploded inside... for your dreams. Silence is ... Few letters engraved on your black epitaph. And I still ...
KREATOR LYRICS - "Endorama" (1999) album
Let us look inside ... As earth becomes the epitaph of cain ... You've become everything and more to me ... Escape to somewhere far away far away from here
POP EVIL LYRICS - Unstoppable
Somewhere in some chance survive but the fire always burns from the inside. We 're unstoppable, like a freight train. Your momma said your never gonna be the ...
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "Terrifyer" (2004) album
I'm waiting for those blessed arms that seem to wrap around me six or seven ... Wondering if she's somewhere laughing, deciding ... She said, “Just 'cause I can't crawl inside you ... Now her eyes look like gravesites as she speaks in epitaphs.
PANDEMONIUM LYRICS - "The Autumn Enigma" (2006) album
The gift that you've gotten from me .... Winding up with a soulless epitaph of belief ... Engraved inside our souls and hearts. ... Flowing away to somewhere
EMPYRIUM LYRICS - "A Wintersunset" (1996) LP
Shadows of the forest lie inside. And gleaming ... Oh let me retreat 'neath fields embraced by winds and by your kiss. Oh you dwell in ... Trees, leafless trees, the epitaph of the sun ... Silhouettes of light astray somewhere in the clouds. Ravens  ...
WORSHIP LYRICS - "Dooom" (2007) album
A forboding fright dawned in me, as I slowly struggled to free myself from my own grave. ... And their epitaphs the ashes guard ... Inside a body of rags and ashes, she's long dead, unknown, forgotten. ... There was a scream somewhere,
DARK FORTRESS LYRICS - "Ylem" (2010) album
Engulf me. Illuminate my flesh. With sacred necrosis. Ylem I summon thee. From primeval chaos soar. Devour this ... A silent epitaph for a fevered vacuum ... Rusting inside of me. For all the rape .... Somewhere down the line. Man created god ...
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "38 Counts Of Battery" (2000) album
bitter aftertaste of every exploitation chokes me like a mouthful of spiders, crawling in or out i ... crack in the closet door warming the claw marks inside my eyelids the puppet seems to ... but i quite fancied them losing their lifeblood in a hotel room somewhere ... while we used long fingernails to carve epitaphs into the floor
TÝR LYRICS - "Ragnarok" (2006) album
Warfare somewhere. Forge now ... Let me aid you in your aim, don't stay behind let's ... Alone, betrayn, forsaken inside .... I saw carved upon a stone my epitaph
"You've got something I need so just give me your hand" ... YOu wrote your epitaph. With every move ... And do you think it needs your soul once your inside it's mind. Once your inside ... The origin of existence lies somewhere far far beyond
Kenny Rogers Lyrics
(Something Inside) So Strong ... Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight (with Dottie West) .... Sally Grey's Epitaph ... Somewhere Between Lovers and Friends
ARCTURUS LYRICS - "Disguised Masters" (1999) album
Even bigger doubts inside. Doors shut from the ... The mystery which binds me still: From the ... an epitaph worthy no king ... Somewhere night and day between

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