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Erigga feat. Yung6ix & Sami - More Cash Out Lyrics ...
Lyrics for More Cash Out by Erigga feat. Yung6ix & Sami. I gats money in my pockets And gat some in the bank too Pull up in a Benz in the highway e Tell me why them no go rush you The good life is for me I'm feeling it deep within yeah Man wey like your way Man go show you way Oluwa Me I want more cashout Me I want more cashout This year Me I ...
Erigga - Hold Up Lyrics. It's erigga baby Paper boi Ah just woke up in a brand new house I wanna go out and I've got a brand new car Mehn na God dey run am menn Nobo
Erigga - Outro (Wrong Advice) Lyrics
Lyrics for Outro (Wrong Advice) by Erigga. Daddy sit down Palour Mummy dey the Kitchen Junior Dey him room dey sit down dey listen To...
Calvin Harris - Cash Out Lyrics
Lyrics to "Cash Out" song by Calvin Harris: You can rock it, you can sock it You can even put on your brand new jacket Because I'm the man who c...
Erigga - Outro (Wrong Advice) Lyrics. Daddy sit down Palour Mummy dey the Kitchen Junior Dey him room dey sit down dey listen To some paper boi flow But them no wan Know oo Wetin
Bobby Shmurda - Hot Nigga Lyrics
Lyrics to "Hot Nigga" song by Bobby Shmurda: ... all I do is cash out And if you ain't a hoe, get up out my trap house ... Ayo, pour up, I need some more drinks Submit Corrections. Thanks to Alex colennie, Liclyn, Sydnie Osborne, Bronze, Tere Hqz for correcting these lyrics.
D.R.A.M. - Broccoli Lyrics
Lyrics to "Broccoli" song by D.R.A.M.: Ain't no telling what I'm finna be on I'm beyond all that fuck shit Hey little mama would you like...
Canibus - Second Round K.O. Lyrics
but he feelin himself, cause he got more cheddar than him Well lemme tell you somethin, you might got mo' cash then me But you ain't got the skills to eat a nigga's ass like me And if you really want to show off, we can get it on Live in front of the cameras on your own sitcom I'll let you kick a verse, fuck it, I'll let you kick em all
E-40 - Straight Out The Dirt Lyrics
Lyrics to "Straight Out The Dirt" song by E-40: ... I got it straight out the dirt (the dust) Checkin' more cash than a clerk (that's us) Play with me you will get hurt (I'll bust) ... I got it straight out the dirt (straight out the dirt) I got it straight out the dirt (straight out the dirt) ...
Tana Mongeau - Hefner Lyrics
More ice on my wrist than tuition for your daughter Yo, I fucked your bitch I'm sorry I'm rich and you're not Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana Playmate of the month Cash come in lumps Keys full of bumps Mans all on my humps Fuck on your bitch like I'm Hefner She say she in love but I left her She sip on my pussy like nectar
Luke Combs - Can I Get An Outlaw Lyrics
Lyrics to "Can I Get An Outlaw" song by Luke Combs: Back in the day it was a six gun, and a six string Man, that was country And that's the way country...
Big L - Put it On Lyrics
Lyrics to "Put it On" song by Big L: ... Got more cash than Gotti (you don't know?) you betta ask somebody Big L is a crazy brother, and I'm a lady lover ... And I'm out [echoes] Submit Corrections. Thanks to Nomed X for correcting these lyrics. Writer(s): ANTHONY BEST, LAMONT COLEMAN.
Desiigner - Outlet Lyrics
Getting more liquor, more pigeons, more cash More chicken Dead niggas come through, gon' flip 'em Old niggas own niggas, I'm my own nigga I'm a king, welcome to the throne, nigga Barreled up, hit you with the stones, nigga Knock you out, Mr. Larry Holmes, nigga Switch it up, clap you chrome, nigga On the camera, hit you with the drones, nigga
Rae Sremmurd - Throw Sum Mo Lyrics
Lyrics to "Throw Sum Mo" song by Rae Sremmurd: Ass fat, yea I know You just got cash, blow some mo' Blow some mo', blow some mo' The more you spend...
Nas - Halftime Lyrics
That's extra Phillie change, more cash for that weed This goes out to Manhattan, the island of Staten Brooklyn and Queens is livin fat and The Boogie Down, enough props, enough clout Ill Will, rest in peace, yo, I'm out (Right..) It's still halftime (Right..) To the Queensbridge crew To the Queensbridge crew, you know it's halftime (Right..)
Kanye West - Monster Lyrics
Monster Giuseppe heel that's the monster shoe Young Money is the roster and a monster crew And I'm all up all up all up in the bank with the funny face And if I'm fake I ain't notice 'cause my money ain't Let me get this straight wait I'm the rookie But my features and my shows ten times your pay? 50k for a verse, no album out!
Rae Sremmurd - Powerglide Lyrics
Lyrics to "Powerglide" song by Rae Sremmurd: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Mike WiLL Made-It Yeah, Yeah Yeaah Mally Mall Oh, ... You can say I'm greedy 'cause I always want more (more) I don't fuck with holmes 'cause they with some slow-pokes (lame) Oh, money on monsoon, baby girl full moon (ay) ... I hear you like fast cash (fast cash) Oh, You know I got ...
Chief Keef - Negro Lyrics
Lyrics to "Negro" song by Chief Keef: ... Have my young nigga knock you out lil nigga We ain't from the same neighborhood lil nigga ... And the monster on the back of this Fendi bag get more cash than you And these fingers on me, count cash faster than you "Look up Marlon, Say cheese" turn a nigga face to the news ...
Logic - Under Pressure Lyrics
Lyrics to "Under Pressure" song by Logic: ... Caked up 'til I cash out and I got 'em all wondering how, so On the down low, haters drown slow ... And lately I, I feel more and more like mommy, I know I’m me, but still You always seemed to pick up the phone and somehow I feel
Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "Crash Into Me" song by Dave Matthews Band: You've got your ball You've got your chain Tied to me tight tie me up again Who's got their claws In...
Calvin Harris - Faking It Lyrics
Lyrics to "Faking It" song by Calvin Harris: Pray to God, ... Just a little bit better at faking it than me, baby (Lil boat) Just a little bit better at faking it than me, baby ... Cash Out Heatstroke Rollin Prayers Up Holiday Skrt On Me Feels Faking It Hard To Love. Search. Submit Lyrics;
Ma$E - Do You Wanna Get $? Lyrics
Figure as days pass, make more cash And I push everything from E to H-class ... Drive out in the Benz say "Let Mase owe you'" [Repeat 1] [Mase] See, the moral of the story is ... "Do You Wanna Get $?" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. ...
Ski Mask "The Slump God" - Catch Me Outside Lyrics ...
Shout-out, my mucus (Ayy, ayy, ayy) 'Cause you know that be my slime (Ayy, catch me outside) Shout-out, my mucus That nigga, that be my slime That nigga, that be my slime sli-sli-slime sli-sli-slime slime Ayy, what? (Watch this pussy) Ayy, ayy, okay! Naruto nine-tailed fox coat fur I feel like a Gucci ad-lib, burr! Colder than Coca-Cola mascot ...
Ca$h Out - Hold Up Lyrics
and Im like wait, hold up, please let me roll up and your hoe done chose us & now she got her nose up WALE: Work work work These niggas dont want it see Im making more like ten racks i might leak em all with 600 stunting, DMV gonna get us see rack working no I step first like a DDT to these bitches hold up, get Patron in my soda
Notorious B.I.G. - Get Money Lyrics
Lyrics to "Get Money" song by Notorious B.I.G.: Fuck bitches, get money.. fuck niggaz, get money Hehehe WHAT? Uhh, sex em up The fuck? ... check it out [Kim] Bout to "get money" [Notorious B.I.G.] You wanna sip Mo' on my living room flo' ... "Poppa don't hit me no more" Disrespect my click, my shit's imperial Fuck around and made her milkbox ...
Chris Tomlin - How Great Is Our God Lyrics
Lyrics to "How Great Is Our God" song by Chris Tomlin: The splendor of a king Clothed in majesty Let all the earth rejoice All the earth rejoice He wraps...
Jay-Z - Is That Yo Bitch? Lyrics
From hanging out with chicks who be swallowing dicks ... Do we get more cash than the average nigga? All dem hoes like damn I gotta have this nigga Cause I'mma hot black, how in the hell can you stop that ... "Is That Yo Bitch?" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. ...
Cardi B - Money Lyrics
Bustin' out the roof I got bands in the coupe (Coupe) Touch me, I'll shoot (Bow) Shake a lil ass (Money) Get a little bag and take it to the store (Store, money) Get a little cash (Money) Shake it real fast and get a little more (Money) I got bands in the coupe (Coupe) Bustin' out the roof I got bands in the coupe (Brrr) Bustin' out the roof ...
Des'ree - You Gotta Be Lyrics
Some may have more cash than you Others take a different view, My oh my, heh, hey You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger ... "You Gotta Be" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. ...
Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels Lyrics
Lyrics to "Seven Spanish Angels" song by Ray Charles: He looked down into her brown eyes And said, "Say a prayer for me." She threw her arms around him, W...
Eminem - Without Me Lyrics
But it feels so empty without me So come on dip, bum on your lips fuck that Cum on your lips and some on your tits and get ready 'cause this shit's about to get heavy I just settled all my lawsuits Fuck you, Debbie! Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me 'Cause we need a little controversy 'Cause it feels so empty without me
The Charlie Daniels Band - Uneasy Rider Lyrics
Lyrics to "Uneasy Rider" song by The Charlie Daniels Band: I was takin a trip out to L.A. Toolin along in my cheverolet Tokin on a number and diggin on the rad...
RiceGum - God Church Lyrics
Lyrics to "God Church" song by RiceGum: I was broke but I'm living in the hills now I was crazy but this ice made me chill out No 20's, I ne...
Yelawolf - Addiction Lyrics
Jump out the whip and then knock your door off your fucking hinges Playground full of syringes (Yeah) Greyhound bus, twenty-two pound, send it (Yeah) Greyhound route, two hundred miles, end it Chattanooga to Nashville I watched more cash build through kids hands than a Disney flick He was fifteen with half a mil'
Chamillionaire - Batter Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'batter Up' by Chamillionaire. / -Look, Look / I might pull my cash out / And make ya women pass out / 'cause I get more green then a leprechaun in a
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