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BLACKBEAR LYRICS - Cars, Clothes, Calories
Lyrics to "Cars, Clothes, Calories" song by BLACKBEAR: She only wants the dress inside the magazines She ... Maybe it's the fast life ... All the girls get richer
JAY-Z LYRICS - Run This Town
Black cards, black cars. All black everything. And our ... This a fast life. We are on a crash ... All these girls only gonna want one thing. I could spend my whole life ...
Nexx Level - City Life Lyrics
... 'City Life' by Nexx Level. City Life Life Lights / They Flashing / No Other Place Messing with Our Fashion / City Life Life Nights / It Gets Crackin / ... This is my town and its all about "City Life". (Verse 1 - G-WiZz Of Nexx ... Enfluence Of Nexx LeveL). Fast Girls Fast Cars Fast Money But don't flash girls flash cars flash money
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - Driving In Cars With Boys
Lyrics to "Driving In Cars With Boys" song by LANA DEL REY: They say I'm ... Go out every night whenever I feel sad ... I spent my whole life wasted in bars with boys ... I was born to live fast, die young ... Girls just wanna, just wanna have fun
G-EAZY LYRICS - Downtown Love
Every morning always roll one and spark it ... You're living in your own world, where love is all synthetic ... And when it does is when I see you turnin' sour fast
One night, two shows. That's two mansions ... All this ice I'm just livin the life. Bad bitches want me ... Fast girls, fast money, no more fast food. Came up first class, ...
I just want you all for me and you just want the same. Let's take a ... Let's get a hotel, let's both spend a night. I'm a busy ... It's a fast life we liven' in this busy world
M.I.A. LYRICS - Bad Girls
"Bad Girls". Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well. Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well [x2] My chain hits my chest. When I'm banging on the dashboard
JRDN LYRICS - U Can Have It All
U can have it all. You want the good life (U can have it all) House on the Hill baby (U can have it all) Do you want a late night freak to put you fast asleep you got ...
Ice T - High Rollers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'High Rollers' by Ice T. Speed of life, fast, it's like walkin' barefoot over broken glass / It's like, jumpin' rope on a ... Young girls desire, very few live to retire ... Look at the cars as they roll by ... Just live a life of leisure every night and day
3OH!3 LYRICS - I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby
These children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks, ... All these asphyxiated, self-medicated; take the white pill, you'll feel alright,
MAC MILLER LYRICS - All Around The World
Lyrics to "All Around The World" song by MAC MILLER: I got my cup filled up, we came to ... See, money, bitches love me, designer clothes foregin cars ... Tonight is the night to chill, tonight we do it big. Girls, comin' all dressed up and they takin' off their clothes ... It's the fast life, don't worry baby we ain't here to slow it down
BOW WOW - Get Money lyrics
Yeah that's me. I live the life. Fast cars. Watching hoes shake it up all night (I do it) [Soulja Boy] ... Watch the girls joc with my two door pass (Pass) And if you say ...
Anita Cochran - Girls Like Fast Cars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girls Like Fast Cars' by Anita Cochran. It started at an early age, I guess ... Girls like fast cars too. Drivin' down the street one night, just the girls and me.
Danny Brown - Worth It Lyrics
Is it really worth it fo' fast cars and ice? Do ya want to live that life? Is it really worth it? New girls every night. Do ya want to live that life? Is it really worth it?
T.I. LYRICS - Welcome To The World
Fast money, fast cars, big diamond rings. Chief chains and the girls of. Fake smiles ... All I got is hard dick and conversation for you ... Li-li-li-living my dreams
Lyrics to "This Is The Life" song by RICK ROSS: Billionaire yeah you feel me I ... Keep shit poppin these hoes they stay bobbin no stoppin us every night ... It's all fast food my niggaz eat quick ... Brand new twenty cars party for twenty nights
Wombats - Girls/Fast Cars Lyrics
We don't care for romance. Romance or shooting stars. They were last found together in 18th century memoirs. We don't care for lovers. If loving is all that ...
All the things on my mind. Like, I remember ... Or Talladega nights. I know I'm ... Fast cars, fast hoes. My whole life is fast foward ... Girls who want relationships
Lyrics to "Past Lives" song by BORNS: Past lives couldn't ever hold me down Lost love is sweeter when it's finally ... All my past lives they got nothing on me
The-Dream - Fast Car Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fast Car' by The-Dream. / I need a fast car (fast car) / Candy coated red / Drive me all night and park it in my bed / I need a fast car (fast car)
RIHANNA LYRICS - Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary
... Red lipstick, rose petals, heartbreak I was his Marilyn Monroe Brown eyes, tuxedo, fast cars A James... ... You say, oh it's nothing at all ... You took the best years of my life. I took the best years of your life. Felt like love struck me in the night
Jay-Z - Run This Town Lyrics
Black cards, black cars, all black everything. And our girls are blackbirds, ridin' with they Dillingers I'd get more in ... This a fast life, we are on a crash course
Looking for some education. Made my way into the night. All that bullshit conversation. Well baby can't you read the signs? I won't bore you with the details baby
MICHAEL RAY LYRICS - Real Men Love Jesus
... Love Jesus" song by MICHAEL RAY: Real men love fishin' Fast cars and livin' Out ... They like Saturday nights out on the town ... Every girl's daddy's kinda guy
But you left me lonely and cold at night. Since you won't, someone ... Don't think that you can play me, and jerk me all around. You used to be ma ... Forever forbidden, the fast girls in life. The fast cars they call'em kittens. They've been known ...
G-EAZY LYRICS - Order More
The way you drop and shake it fast, need that ass on a menu. Yeah baby, make it clap cause we got cash on the menu [G-Eazy:] We do this almost every night ...
Masicka - Greatest Pussy Lyrics
Sep 10, 2015 She use to the hype life Fast cars, big city bright light Gyal normally u ... a the greatest Mi would a fuck u every night and every day yes Gyal, ...
Lyrics to "I Do Em All" song by WEBBIE: From Hood To Classy, To Freaks That's Nasty, ... I Had To Get My Cash Right Cause This Fast Life Was The Choice I Chose ... Hit All Sorts Of Hoes The Dumbest Hoes, The Smartest Hoes, House Girls, ... Ass I Live To Fast And I Ain't Gone Last So I'ma Just Looking For A One Night ...
RICK ROSS LYRICS - Aston Martin Music
Vibing to the music this is how we do it all night (all night) Breezing ... Just me and my boss no worries at all. Listening to ... Living fast where its all about the money bags. Never front ... And girls countin' on me to be there like missin' rubbers
M.I.A. - Bad Girls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Girls' by M.I.A.: When I'm bangin' / Bad girls do. ... Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well. Live fast, die young ... My life, I broke it. When I get to ...
Drake - Asthma Team Freestyle Lyrics
And fast cars, fast women, fast cash and cream. Could mold ... Everyday is Christmas and every night is New Years Say whatever, I ... Stop acting like teen girls are my only market, I parallel the ... Toronto's where you living today, And you ain't ...
Life goes so fast then it goes too slow. ... Late night, I listened to the tape box til the daylight come and I break off to ... Make love every night like the first night.
Lyrics to "Say I Won't" song by LECRAE: Say I won't (why y'all scared to be different?) Say I won't ... Was a slave for the cars, then we got free. Used to only ... To know Christ and live life like every night my last night 'Bout to ... Look, I'm from an era of fast living and mass terror. Boys cover them cover girls like mascara. I don't ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Asthma Team
And fast cars, fast women, fast cash, and c.r.e.a.m. Commode ... Everyday is Christmas and every night is New Years ... Cheer up baby you don't see all this revenue? ... I'm sayin, stop actin like teen girls are my only market ... Going In For Life
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - Entertainment 2.0
30 girls in the V.I.P. Got you, pussy ... Life of a millionaire, on the way to be a billionaire. All I like is stripper poles and white hoes in their underwear [Refrain ... Big money, fast cars. Hoes all in my lap ... All night, and I'm famished. He took the  ...
Trick - The Life Lyrics
Livin' life on the fast lane / Trick or treatin' like everyday's Halloween / Though we not sixteen but it still feels sweet when. ... I'm talking fancy clothes, fast cars, cruising with the top down. You can ... Trick - Some Girls Music Video ... Up All Night.
Lyrics to "It All Started With A Beer" song by FRANKIE BALLARD: You had a ... I was drinking Bud Light That jukebox singing every song just right that night Som. ... Fast lane freeways and bumpy roads ... Lost it all when we rolled some sevens
Lyrics to "Good Enough" song by BIG KRIT: Life is funny ain't it Cause I don't think this is my parents dream for ... Pimpin these broads fast cars and jewels. All in the blink of a eye I could lose ... Late night checkin chicks really wasn't effortless
Trevor Something - Miami Nights Lyrics
Oct 27, 2014 Its the cars and the clubs And the drinks and the girls and the drugs I get ... Staying up all night Its just us two And it feels so right Driving so fast ...

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