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Fat Trel feat. Slutty Boyz - Love My Gang lyrics
Lyrics for Love My Gang by Fat Trel feat. Slutty Boyz.
Lyrics to "Real" song by FAT TREL: One time for the real niggas, two times for the bad bitches One more time for ... Got your bitch on my dick, I can still hit it ... Hustle in the projects, bitches love projects ... Fuck one time cause my gang got guns
FAT TREL LYRICS - 542 AM (Outro)
Funny how it change, now you tell me you love me. And I'm the only one and ain't nobody above me. Hustling, youngin thuggin, fat and ugly with money. All my ...
Lyrics to "Savage" song by FAT TREL: Once again I fell in love I kill the dog Am ... Am savage my habits just running ... When they introduce to that murder gang
FAT TREL LYRICS - Started From The Bottom Freestyle
Lyrics to "Started From The Bottom Freestyle" song by FAT TREL: Fat Trel Nigga Slutty Boy Gang DC 1135, you already know what the fuck it do Huh... Louie V Mob, Duc... ... Got my niggas on ya ass with them K's at your door. When them choppas in my hand, ... She say she in love, I say I be back. When I left Projects nigga ...
Lyrics to "No Lamez" song by FAT TREL: Swear to God can't fuck with no lames Wish a nigga would take my chain I ... Wish a nigga would take my chain [Nooney :] I wish a nigga would fuck yo bitch [Fat Trel:] ... You told that bitch you love her
Lyrics to "I'm Ill" song by FAT TREL: Dree the drummer Damn all that gang shit Yeah, we're ... My bitch be worried cause I'm always in the field (I'm in the field)
Fat Trel - Rest In Peace Lyrics
Jan 5, 2015 Rest in peace to my real niggas In the field niggas On sight drillers and ... Fat Trel . I love all my bitches I kiss it I lick it I hit it the minute I'm with it.
Lyrics to "Free Issa" song by FAT TREL: Pull up on a nigga in a 66 Feel like Gucci in the mix I'm too legit to quit ... I swear I love my choppa he an instigator
FAT TREL LYRICS - Yung Nigga Died
Lyrics to "Yung Nigga Died" song by FAT TREL: JD on tha track I can take the ... I just got a call saying my young nigga die ... Love and treat your little children
FAT TREL LYRICS - Treez & Liquor
Lyrics to "Treez & Liquor" song by FAT TREL: Ricky Hill, Slickville, I'm the illest here My new bitch is crawlin' on all fours (crawlin' on all...
Fat Trel - She Fell In Love (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Fell In Love (Remix)' by Fat Trel. / I fuck her like a real ... Fat nigga in the drop so the roof dropped back ... She said she love me cause my life wild
Fat Trel - All Day (Gleesh Mix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Day (Gleesh Mix)' by Fat Trel. i cop them doubles all(number 1,fuck it am the runner up) / i cop them doubles all day / she the shit she know. ... my birthday she bought me a ak(a ak) baby won't you come my way my way ... i came back to selling gang make a hay to realize ... Songs You Love If You Love Nerds.
Lyrics to "Call Craig" song by FAT TREL: Urgent message urgent message Dre is in ... Wanna suck my dick I'm like yea ... The money they got it and I love it
Wale feat. Fat Trel, Rick Ross & Young Thug - Clappers lyrics ...
Fat Trel, Rick Ross & Young Thug. Hit-Boy on the beat, HS87 the plug You know MMG in the street so them real niggas showin love We ain't throwin up no one...
Lyrics to "Gabos" song by FAT TREL: These bitches think I like to think about them When I was only talking money showers I seen my cousi... ... I love ya'll north east forever you heard me. DMV take you nigga ... Finesse Gang · Trap House
A$AP Mob feat. Danny Brown, Fat Trel & Gunplay - Coke and White ...
Lyrics for Coke and White Bitches by A$AP Mob feat. Danny Brown, Fat Trel & Gunplay. Shout to my nigga P on the Boards (Oh, I see this must be G-14 ...
MASTER P LYRICS - Louie Sheets
Extra pussy just to play. Fucking on my louie shit, Gucci loubbie on her feet ... my mama nigga. Honest nigga, everyday I profit nigga, fat trel, p and problem nigga
Shy Glizzy - White Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'White Girl' by Shy Glizzy: In love with a white girl She's soft as powder I get hard around her I ... My bitch come from France, oh, she love my Eiffel Tower ... You no fool, you know that the Glizzy Gang will shoot you ... Fat Trel lyrics.
Chance The Rapper - Juice Lyrics
And I still shake up bo squad, praying for my brogods ... Shout my nigga fat trel, shout my nigga joseph ... And you love being kobe when you make the lay up
Gunplay - Real Niggas Lyrics
Nigga told me 'Ricky Rozay you not real my nigga.' / I said ' got a car load ... Real niggas that gang bang, real niggas that claim blood. Real niggas that crip walk, show them boys the same love. I know real niggas that .... Fat Trel lyrics. Fat Trel.
Shy Glizzy - John Wall Lyrics
Or I'ma hit my second bitch like John Wall John Wall, John ... Glizzy Gang no chill, better keep your steel. I'm not ... 23 Boy Band Slow Jams That Made You Believe In Love ... Peewee Longway lyrics. Peewee Longway · Fat Trel lyrics. Fat Trel.
Shy Glizzy - What U Talkin Bout Lyrics
(Hook) If you a fuck nigga, / keep my name out yo mouth If you a tough nigga, / how come ya ... Peewee Longway lyrics. Peewee Longway · Fat Trel lyrics. Fat Trel.
Lyrics to "Fuck Out My Face" song by ASAP FERG: Get the fuck out my ... They love that I'm from Harlem, don't let them see your [?] ... Where you lay at, gang colder than face off, you don't want to face that ... Ass ain't fat but her face all that
Shy Glizzy - White Girl (Remix) Lyrics
In love with a white girl. She's soft as ... My bitch come from France, oh, she like my Eiffel Tower Oops ... You no fool, you know that the Glizzy Gang will shoot you . We're not ... Peewee Longway lyrics. Peewee Longway · Fat Trel lyrics. Fat Trel.
Louie V Mob - Bang Bang Lyrics
Bang Bang lyrics performed by Louie V Mob: (Intro) I put my trust in God, I don't put my trust in man Niggas will lie, steal, ... From the hood where niggas sell dope and gang bang ... And that boy be big Fat Trel ... Do I love that gun sound?
Alone at night, pray to god that I can count on my niggas. While they're right ... Heard the gang unit, while I always gotta fly lonely. Tell my niggas ... 13, Bad Feat (Feat Fat Trel, Master P). 14, I'm That ... 18, Love You (Feat Taco Odie). 19, Street  ...
Foe Boyz - Flexin Lyrics
7 сен 2016 My nigga, you know, если я тут король, то на ринге с тобой будет скучно любой.(trrrra) Твои суки со мной, я их шлепал рукой, для нее я ...
4, My Story. 5, Feel'n Like Pac (Remix) ... 22, I Dont Have A Gang History. 23, SemCity ... Fat Trel, Alley Boy). 41, 5900 (Feat. ... 52, The Love Of Money. 53, If I Die.

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