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I'm taking a chance,letting you inside. Feeling alive all over again, As deep as the sky, under my skin. Like being in love, she says. For the first time. Maybe I'm ...
"Alive". What if I told you that I think you're perfect? Beautiful sky in your eyes, it's so worth it. I know you make me feel alive. ... Until I walked away the first time.
Lifehouse - First Time Lyrics
I'm taking a chance, letting you inside. I'm feeling alive all over again. As deep as the sky under my skin. Like being in love, she said, for the first time. Maybe I'm ...
THE AFTERS LYRICS - For The First Time
Lyrics to "For The First Time" song by THE AFTERS: There's a different sunrise It's a ... I feel alive. I can breathe for the first time. For the first time. For the first time
It's so divine, the sky it glows with fields of light. Did you know ... You make me feel alive, And I'll love ... So hear me out, and hear this the first time. That I... love ...
Sterr - Alive Lyrics
No time to spare / I can feel your hair / On my skin / I can see right through / that smile, what a day / It's been / I need some. ... For the first time. I feel alive. And your eyes shine. Like the fire under water ... Is breaking through the broken sky
I kissed you first then you kissed my air. If I ask you once will you ask me every year? Do you feel alive? (Imagine ... The sun is set in the night time sky. The stars ... The stars in your eyes light up the sky with thoughts, light and fire and sound
Lyrics to "The Sky's The Limit" song by JASON DERULO: Yeah Jason Derulo Yeah Like a shock, to my heart When I saw you tonight Like a dream come alive For... ... come alive. For the very first time ... Can you feel it (feel It, feel it) Girl you  ...
LEMAR LYRICS - The First Time
But I feel, I feel so alive. For the first time. Put your hand in mine. And let's blaze across the sky. Gypsy runaway, true another lace 'Cause it feels, this feels like us
I SEE STARS LYRICS - Electric Forest
'Cause then I feel relieved when the bass slowly sounds. A crystal light shines ... Let yourself go, this is the only time to feel alive. ... For the first time in my mind,
HOTEL BOOKS LYRICS - All My Friends Are Trees
Watered down prayer requests to a sky painted blue, like the ocean of my heart. Settled for what I ... Because for the first time in a long time, I felt alive. I felt the ...
THOMAS RHETT LYRICS - Like It's The Last Time
Lyrics to "Like It's The Last Time" song by THOMAS RHETT: Throw on your boots ... Start comin' alive ... Raise your cup to the sky ... Feel the fire on your tongue
VANNA LYRICS - "And They Came Baring Bones" (2011) album
these dying eyes have seen death a time or two have you ever seen a .... while feeling alive for the first time watching ... present them to the sky only to feel your  ...
And I feel the light for the very first time. Not anybody knows that I am lucky to be alive. War inside my mind, behind my eyes, is coming down. For the thousandth ...
Must have picked the stars out of the sky ... I feel alive. Cos you're the only one. To drive me wild-wild. And I can't deny (I ... (I feel so alive for the first time baby)
John Lennon - Oh My Love Lyrics
Oh my love for the first time in my life / My eyes are wide open / Oh my lover for the first time in my life / My eyes. ... Oh, I see the sky. Everything is clear in ... I feel the sorrow. Oh, I feel dreams. Everything is clear in my heart. I feel life. Oh, I feel ...
I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN LYRICS - "Music For The Recently ...
Offer not the slightest bit of comfort for the first time in days. I wait to discover disasters that I've slept though while I felt so alive. So we say goodbye, so we say  ...
WE CAME AS ROMANS LYRICS - Understanding What We've ...
I've died inside every time I tried to lie to myself about feeling alive, alive. [x2] ... I feel everyone who is looking up sharing this, ... Tonight, when I look into the sky
FOUR YEAR STRONG LYRICS - Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
Lyrics to "Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)" song by FOUR YEAR STRONG: Wasting time All along you've ... My way back to that summer in 2003 when I felt alive
P.O.D. LYRICS - Alive
I feel so alive for the very first time. I can't deny you. I feel so alive. I feel so alive for the very first time. And I think I can fly. Sunshine upon my face. A new song for  ...
I'm Ready for Love [June Pointer Solo Single] Lyrics - ...
As I stand alone on this moonful night. For the first time I feel alone in life. And as I watched the moon kiss the starlit sky. I feel the need for your lips to press close ...
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Like A Virgin Again
To your first time. But this time you know just ... Ima make you feel like a virgin again, again. Ima make you feel like a ... Legs up to the sky. I know this aint ure first ...
There's a different sunrise It's a different world In a way I feel like I have just begun Like I don't ... Like · Song Lyrics · Artists - T · The Afters Lyrics · Light Up the Sky Album; For The First Time Lyrics ... I can feel my heart is coming alive, I feel alive
And when we look to the sky. It's not mine, but I want it so. Let's not pretend ... And this'll be the first time in a week. That I'll talk to you and I can't speak. It's been ...
OH WONDER LYRICS - Technicolour Beat
"Technicolour Beat". Lay down your slow. Come settle down, settle down. Let loose your glow. Come settle down, settle down. And I feel life for the very first time
JOURNEY LYRICS - Live And Breathe
Lyrics to "Live And Breathe" song by JOURNEY: I've been waiting for the sky to clear, to get me ... For the first time in this young man's life, makes. Me feel alive,
Rihanna - Diamonds (In The Sky) Lyrics
When you hold me, I'm alive. We're like diamonds in the sky. I knew that we'd become one right away. Oh, right away. At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays
The velvet it rips in the city, we tripped on the urge to feel alive. Now I'm ... The sky was gold, it was rose (Doo doo doo, doo doo-doo doo...) I was taking sips of it  ...
I've got the strangest feeling. This isn't our first time around. Past lives couldn't ever come ... Flying high through the cities and the sky. I take you way back, cover ...
Lyrics to "Not Broken Yet" song by JULIET SIMMS: Back when we first kissed it felt like Every star above our heads aligned Every ... Every single moment made us feel alive ... Even when the sky is falling ... As time goes on, we still discover
ANTI-FLAG LYRICS - The Debate Is Over (If You Want It)
For the first time in my life I'm truly free. To see the clear cut forest for the poisoned sea. To see the waters occupy the shores of Jersey And I feel alive. For the ...
I'm Ready For Love Lyrics - Martha And The Vandellas
As I stand alone on this moonful night for the first time I feel alone in life. As I watched the moon kiss the starlit sky. I feel the need for your lips to press close to  ...
STORM THE SKY LYRICS - "Permanence" (2015) album
STORM THE SKY lyrics - "Permanence" (2015) album, including "Red Letter", " Only One", "Tempest"... ... It's time that we started living. This is. The only thing left to rely on and feel alive. This is the night ... First thing's first. You've gotta let me ...
Cascada - Everytime We Touch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everytime We Touch' by Cascada: 'Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling And every time we kiss I swear I could fly Can't you feel my heart. ... Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky. They wipe away tears that I cry
TESSERACT LYRICS - "Altered State" (2013) album
no force alive will bring it back. I would know. I can feel the pressure getting steeper with every life lost ... Bless my lips for the first time before you don't. Gripping ...
Lyrics to "The Only Time" song by NINE INCH NAILS: I'm drunk. And right ... Nothing quite like the feel of something new. ... This is the only time I really feel alive.
All over again, time after time. I never believed it ... When I'm with you I feel alive. I 'll never let you ... We're splitting the sky with fire in our hearts. And nothing can ...
TRAIN LYRICS - When I Look To The Sky
Lyrics to "When I Look To The Sky" song by TRAIN: When it rains it pours and opens doors ... And when I feel like I'm lost something tells me you're here with me
NEGATIVE LYRICS - "Neon" (2010) album
NEGATIVE lyrics - "Neon" (2010) album, including "Eat You Alive", "Neon Rain", " Fucking ... Jealous Sky 8. .... As you feel so alive, for the first time in your life
Franco - Touch the Sky lyrics and translation
We wanna go dance dance dance wooohoh I realize I feel alive Spread out your wings And head to the sky Me no worry, you no worry Catch a fire Never say ...

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