Fires of hell (your only son) the futility of war lyrics

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Uriah Heep - Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son) Lyrics ...
(THE FUTILITY OF WAR)Oh, I was born your only son And I will think of you Before this day is done The fires of hell surround me now So I must fight for freedom
Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son) (the Futility Of War) Lyrics
Uriah Heep Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son) (the Futility Of War) Lyrics. Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son) (the Futility Of War) lyrics performed by Uriah Heep: Oh, I was born your only son And I will think of you Before this day
Fires of Hell (Your Only Son) The Futility of War 10: Words in the Distance (Love Awareness) 11: ... When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). This is just a preview! ... Fires of Hell (Your Only Son) The Futility of War Lyrics: 10. Words in the Distance (Love Awareness) Lyrics ...
Uriah Heep - Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son) Lyrics ...
"Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son)" Oh I was born your only son And I will think of you before this day is done The fires of hell surround me now ... their raging guns In all my life I never said how much I love you In all this time I never really said I cared This war is wrong and so I write these words Before I give my life to the Somme In all my ...
Uriah Heep - Love In Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to "Love In Silence" song by Uriah Heep: ... In a world of pain and war who knows what they're fighting for Many rivers running out to sea ... Listen to the only sound Many rivers running out to sea One heart with a cry for love Many dreamers in a moonlit sky
Uriah Heep - Fires Of Hell Lyrics
(the futility of war) Oh, I was born your only son And I will think of you Before this day is done. The fires of hell surround me now So I must fight for freedom
3 INCHES OF BLOOD LYRICS - "Fire Up The Blades" (2007) album
3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics - "Fire Up The Blades" (2007) album, including "Rejoice In The Fires Of Man's Demise", "The Hydra's Teeth", "Black Spire"... SUBMIT LYRICS LINKS METAL LYRICS - CURRENTLY 13 800+ ALBUMS FROM 4500+ BANDS
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LONEWOLF LYRICS - "Cult Of Steel" (2014) album
Hell's legacy Governments of corrupted whores Their fellow's media twist the truth They divert your attention For you to know and see nothing The lambs just focus of futility While the whole world is drowned into hell Open your eyes before it's too late Wake up and fight this dreadful end 6. Funeral Pyre Beware of the masses And what they think ...
ALTERBEAST LYRICS - "Feast" (2018) album
To feed and bleed your only use In shit you live and die Invading, gestating, existing, enslaving Parasitic eggs we sow ... My bastard son what have you done for you have surely lost your way Through the burning gates of the damned ... These hell fires incinerate Lay face down in the mourning fields
Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell Lyrics
Lyrics to "Bat Out Of Hell" song by Meat Loaf: The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling Way down in the valley tonight. There's a man in...
THY INFERNAL LYRICS - "Warlords Of Hell" (2000) album
A time of war -- a fight for hell Screams of the fallen abound Swords clash and bodies flail ... Hell's fire burn black our satanic fucking souls As fists thrust toward the sky ... SON OF SATAN spread your wings on this evil night Beneath the moon of suicide Sacrificed REBORN IN HELL 7. Warlords Of Hell
Elvis Presley - Life Lyrics
Well, the fires of hell began to burn, and so he sent his chosen son, To let us know, That love had surely made us all, and hate would surely make us fall, So from the cross, Well he showed the world that dreadful day, That love could be the only way, or all is lost of life, Everlasting life, For life is love, And love is life.
BEASTCRAFT LYRICS - "The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive ...
album: "The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive Devil Worship" (2017) 1. Aapenbaring 2. Demonic Perversion 3. Deathcraft And Necromancy 4. The Fall Of The Impotent God 5. Her Highness Of Hell 6. Reborn Beyond The Grave 7. Waging War On The Heavens 8. The Devil's Triumph 9. The Beast Descends
GOATWHORE LYRICS - "Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun ...
album: "Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun" (2003) 1. Sacrament Of Emptiness and Despair 2. Vengeance Of Demonic Fury 3. Bloodguilt Eucharist 4. The Serpent That Enslaves What Is Worshiped 5. Chanting Bells Of Funeral Anguish 6. Sky Inferno 7. A Closure In Infinity 8. Invocation To The Obsidian Moon 9. As The Sun Turns To Ash 10. Fires Of The ...
The Showdown - Aries: I Am Vengeance Lyrics. Apocalypse juggernaut Engine of war Piercing your chest with pure hate Twisting within the great heart of all things Exist only to obliterat
THE OBSESSED LYRICS - "Sacred" (2017) album
Coming to grab your mind, From the grasp of Saturn’s kind. If you try to stab my back, Listen what I say, You’ll be cast in the black, It’s your reckoning day, I’m not sure what you think you are, Steal and lie to get your fix, We all know who you really are, Be gone with all your idle tricks Punk Crusher
VENOM LYRICS - "In Memorium" (1993) album
All hell breaks loose, Hell's breaking loose, Witching hour Our work is now complete, The blood runs fast and free, And Satan takes his bride, And cry's of blasphemy, All hell rejoices at the child, That she will bear, And Satan only son, Shall be the worlds despair, All hell breaks loose, Hell's breaking loose, Witching hour 6. At War With Satan
MYSTIC CIRCLE LYRICS - "Damien" (2002) album
Through his eyes you can see the fires of hell Beneath his hair lies the mark of the devil On the 6th day ... Only few know his true identity The more he grows up, the more powerful he gets ... Armageddon War God of silence Hear his please Your son begs you To support him in the final Battle God of darkness Give him the power
VENOM LYRICS - "Prime Evil" (1989) album
It's time to open up your eyes,Hell Yeah! Here's one for you,you thought,it's only Rock and Roll, We're taking everything,prepare to loose your soul! Harder Than Ever, Hotter than hell! Are you with us, Legion's, iron and steel? You want it hard,you want it fast,you want it loud,you got it all!
MOTORHEAD LYRICS - "Hammered" (2002) album
If we all wipe each other out, it only goes to show ... And so you unearth a sense of futility in your miserable life, And after all why are you surprised, ... See the burned, light your fire, Ain't no Hell that burns enough for my desire, You say its blasphemy, that's too bad,
VENOM LYRICS - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Live)" (1986) album
Leave me in hell Hail Satanic Majesties Sabbath My crucifix Evil Chief satanist Danger Possessed by hell Master Cast me a spell I don't want to be born I don't want it Leave me in hell 5. Nightmare By the shores of the ageing sea Fools scream out destiny They speak of vengeance and your gods Into the fire - out of the flame The beast awakes ...
GLOOMY GRIM LYRICS - "Life?" (2000) album
Born In Fire These things said the Son of The Lord, ... Hell and Death only reigns supreme And I saw a Creature coming out from Bottomless Pit ... They gather for attack preparing for War against to all who have turned their back We do our prays toward to Him and waiting for The Sign
URLtv - DNA Vs. Mickey Factz Lyrics
But once you let your bills pile it (Pilot) only took one eye to see (Odyssey) that you outta your Element ... Be my guest, Disney bars, he was gassed on this platform, fire from my hands will heat ya head This prince rose to clock his face, give this Beast respect ... "Nah son, this time it was only with Beasley, and had ICE elated for the 1 ...
PAGANIZER LYRICS - "Murder Death Kill" (2003) album
But in hell there's no time Only penetance, no deliverance Drained of life you lie ... Long forgotten son Of slumbering urges Now your fading life suddenly has a price The bleeding never stops ... Your flesh will feed the fires of hell Dreams of tremendous pain
REVEREND BIZARRE LYRICS - "In The Rectory Of The Bizarre ...
Reverend Bizarre Oh Lord have mercy All right now! ... Son of God coming through the gates only one will know ... God himself was summoning all the fires of Hell So Loot and his family left for good to the halls of Soar And the city of sin was prepared to meet the fire and roar
Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago - War Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'War' by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago. ad lib / put your hands together / put em together / i got joy in my soul / god is in control / i got
WAR OF AGES LYRICS - "Supreme Chaos" (2014) album
We were built for war masked in pain as we scream out your name With the heart of a lion we crave, we crave I scream out your name, hear me Shed the weight from your past Here is your chance to set this world on fire Digging deep in the depths of your hell Realize you were meant for so much more We are the revolution of a broken dream
CHRISTAGEDDON LYRICS - "Metal Unblack" (2013) album
satan your doom awaits. We defend the throne of YAHWEH. Through the depths of slaughtering hell, I forge my sword through those i rebuke. By the blood of the Holy Lamb, I force murder straight through the gates of hell. This vengeance is Mine. I will repay, saith the Lord. We who wear the armor of light, cannot be withheld by the grip of darkness.
DEATHHAMMER LYRICS - "Phantom Knights" (2010) album
Where you shall summon the ancient fires And finally descend to Hell PLAGUE MASS Behind the gates of Hell Awaits the final death The earth will burn to dust Only ashes will be left Then altars shall be placed On every holy scene To remind you how it was When Satan ruled supreme... Cut open womb of mary Bring out the unborn son Raise your knife ...
GOATWHORE LYRICS - "The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black" (2000 ...
album: "The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black" (2000) 1. Nocturnal Holocaust 2. Lair Of Nastrond 3. Desolate Path To Apocalyptic Ruin 4. The Beauty In Suffering 5. As The Reflection Slowly Fades 6. All The Sins 7. Satans' Millennium 8. Upon This Deathbed Of Cold Fire 9. Gravedom 10. Invert The Virgin 11. Perversions Of The Ancient Goat 12. Into A ...
MORTAL SIN LYRICS - "Mayhemic Destruction" (1987) album
Send you down to the fires of Hell and let your body burn Stay down there with all your mates and lie yourselves to death Fill yourselves with laughter and draw another breath [Repeat chorus] 5. Blood, Death, Hatred Screaming for mercy your blood's running cold You worship the devil your soul has been sold Give birth to the beast at the black ...
ENTHRONED LYRICS - "Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan ...
When The Master dart from the star is down to Hell. ... and finally became a faithful son of our master! In your presence, the weak mortals stand in fear, ... with the legions of destruction through the fires of hate. My vengeance thristy of blood, is ready to spread a tremendous holocaust, the end of all races. ...
SACRED STEEL LYRICS - "Wargods Of Metal" (1999) album
Give us War, give us Passion Soldiers under your Command We will fight for your Glory We will fight until the End Metalheads unite Now stand up and fight Wargods Of Metal Wargods Of Metal Wargods of Metal rule the Fight Wargods of Metal rule the Fight Die in Blood, die in Fire Archfiend of dark Misery Pay in guts, feed the Lion
Edwin Starr - War Lyrics
(War) It ain't nothin' but a heartbreaker (War) It's got one thing and that's the undertaker. Ooh, war Has shattered many a-young man's dreams Made him disabled, bitter, and mean And life is much too short and precious To spend fighting wars each day War can't give life It can only take it away Oh, war! (H'uh) Good God, y'all (What is it good for?)
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