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Cliff Richard - It's All In The Game Lyrics
Many a tear has to fall But it's all, in the game All in the wonderful game That we know as love. You have words with him And your future's looking dim But these things Your heart can rise above Once in a while he won't call But it's all, in the game Soon he'll be there at your side With a sweet bouquet And he'll kiss your lips
Tears have to fall/ Each time you whisper goobye/ I know the brave shouldn't cry/ But I do/ Tears have to fall/ For when you wander away/ I feel so much everday/ Without you/ Soon time will go/ Once more you whisper, hello/ With all the love I possess/ I cry a tear of happiness/ Then hand in ...
Phyllis Hyman - Waiting For the Last Tear To Fall Lyrics
Phyllis Hyman - Waiting For the Last Tear To Fall Lyrics. Another day of waiting out this storm The rain has come to stay since you've been gone Oh but isn't that the way of heartache Seems it's nev
Four Tops - It's All In the Game Lyrics
Four Tops - It`s All In the Game Lyrics. Many a tear have to fall But it's all in the game All in the wonderful game That we know as love You have words with him And your future's
Many a tear have to fall/ But it's all in the game/ All in the wonderful game/ That we know as love/ You have words with him/ And your future's looking dim/ But these things/ Your hearts can rise above/ Once in a while he will call/ But it's all in the game/ Soon he'll be there at your side ...
Dolly Parton - Before The Next Teardrop Falls Lyrics ...
I'll be there before the next teardrop falls Though it hurts to let you go Darling I want you to know I'll run to you if ever you should call And if I should ever hear That she's made you shed a tear I'll be there before the next teardrop falls I'll be there anytime you need me by your side To dry away each teardrop you've cried If she ever ...
Honeymoon Suite - Tears On The Page Lyrics
We could have made it, we could have had it all Now everywhere you go, you'll see my shadow on the wall I was too blind to see, through the tears on the page She says I still love you, and that will never change Love's never guaranteed, some give, some take Questions of the heart, are the first mistake Too blind to see, through the tears on the ...
Myrath - Empty World Lyrics
Why so many tears have had to fall Don't you know, I'm tired of it all? Our wishes and bloody hopes, everything is burned And to the Lord I want to return My eyes are so tired because of what I've seen How many times I pretended not to hear those screams Why so many tears have had to fall Don't you know, I'm tired of it all? So take me to ...
Becky G - Alone In December Lyrics
Lyrics to "Alone In December" song by Becky G: See the first snow fall to the ground It just don't feel right when you're not around Supposed to be...
Slayer - Payback Lyrics
When you draw first blood you can't stop this fight For my own peace of mind - I'm going to Tear your fucking eyes out Rip your fucking flesh off Beat you till you're just a fucking lifeless carcass Fuck you and your progress Watch me fucking regress You were made to take the fall - now you're nothing Payback's a bitch motherfucker
Strata - Hot / Cold (Darling, Don't) Lyrics
The first of the tears to fall hurts the worst of all. I had it all planned out, what I was going to say. But then that lump in my throat stole my words away. Darling, if nothing else, I know that this is true; I'd have nobody if I don't have you. But you said your hope was lost, my eyes were stinging hot, the first of the tears to fall...
Just let 'em fall, right down your face Hit the ground, in a pool of grace And feel the things, you haven't felt for years That's why God made tears The waves crash, hard into the harbour But you don't, have to hold 'em back any longer There's a freedom, found when you're unafraid To let the water, wash it all away Just let 'em fall, like ...
MandoPony - Chara Lyrics
Don't expect me to shed any tears in the end I am only human, after all I don't have very far to fall until I'm disconnected, done For eternity, that's me, what do you see? It's done, and nobody is free Because the blood that we spilled can never be undone I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have fun When I saw you fall down on the ground
Alessia Cara - Out Of Love Lyrics
I know my tears will fall in vain There's not a thing I could say Not a song I could sing For your mind to change Nothing can fill up the space Won't ask you to stay But let me ask you one thing Oh, when did you fall out of love, out of love? Oh, when did you fall out of love with me? No use wondering Why your changing heart has wandered
Tinie Tempah - Lost Ones Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lost Ones' by Tinie Tempah. You're only a man It's only right you let the tears fall Know you're strong but you can't take it all You just lost one You're just a man
Steve Wynn - Tears Won`t Help Lyrics. Oh, my friend what have they done to you? Held you down until you liked the view Strangers on the street, they mock you Phantoms in your sle
Verse/ Your tears are just temporary relief./ Your tears are just a release of the pain, sorrow, grief./ Your tears are expressions that can't controlled./ A little crying out is alright,/ but after awhile you won't have to cry no more;/ don't you worry, God's gonna wipe every tear away ...
(No more tears to cry) The world seems to fall apart, your life has turned into dark (Hope will free my mind) But the sun will rise in somebody's loving eyes (A new sun will rise) It will light up your way, turning your night into day (Love will make it shine) No more tears to cry Hope will free my mind A new sun will rise Love will make it shine
Chris Tomlin - We Fall Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Fall Down' by Chris Tomlin: We fall down We lay our crowns At the feet of Jesus The greatness of Chris Tomlin - We Fall Down Lyrics | MetroLyrics Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.
The Beautiful South - Tears Lyrics
Tears have rolled down many good cheek So when it comes down to your turn Don't be afraid of admitting you're weak Cause these are tears that you earn Strangers, new neighbours, they'll both understand Who hasn't been there? Hold up your hand Strangers, neighbours, none of them planned Tears are the wage of this land When raindrop first fell to ...
Journey - After All These Years Lyrics
Since those days the world has changed But our love remains the same God knows we've had our share of saving grace And I'm proud of all the blessings you have given me The mountains we have climbed to get this far We've learned to take the laughter with the tears After all these years You make it feel brand new After the fires that we walked ...
These Are The Most Popular Fourth of July Songs
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Tear's edge, / Walking around with a hole straight through my heart / Walking on a window without a ledge / I'm on tear's tear's edge/ Out of my head waiting for you to call/ I don't ever get lonely / I guess in this case I'm just feeling miserable / It's not the same since you told me/ Never ...
The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (Theme From Friends ...
"I'll Be There for You" is a song recorded by duo "The Rembrandts" as the theme song to the sitcom "Friends". The song was also released as the first single from the third studio album.
He sees your tears and hears them when they fall God weeps along with man and He takes him by the hand Tears are a language God understands. When grief has left you low it causes tears to flow When things have not turned out the way that you had planned But God won't forget you His promises are true And tears are a language God understands.
Johnny Cash Lyrics - Streets Of Laredo
"Roses to deaden the clods as they fall." "Then beat the drum slowly, play the Fife lowly. "Play the dead march as you carry me along. "Take me to the green valley, lay the sod o'er me, "I'm a young cowboy and I know I've done wrong." "Then go write a letter to my grey-haired mother, "An' tell her the cowboy that she loved has gone.
Demon Hunter - Our Faces Fall Apart Lyrics
I watched our faces fall apart. [CHORUS:] I felt the tears of all your angels, so cold. I saw the fall of all your children, I'm so cold. We are just a fraction of the poison living in this place How can we answer with a straight face? Who are you in gauging every standard you Would have us chase? Are we alone to run the last race?
American Idol - Rolling In The Deep Lyrics
(Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep), We could have had it all, (You're gonna wish you never had met me), Rolling in the deep, (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep), You had my heart inside of your hands, (You're gonna wish you never had met me), And you played it to the beat, (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep), Could have ...
Shawn Mendes - Mercy Lyrics
But I fall when I'm around you. Show me an open door And you go and slam it on me I can't take anymore I'm saying. Baby, please have mercy on me Take it easy on my heart Even though you don't mean to hurt me You keep tearing me apart. Won't you please have mercy, mercy on my heart? Won't you please have mercy, mercy on my heart?
ALL THAT REMAINS LYRICS - "The Order Of Things" (2015) album
Used to tear it all down, now you're tearing all up Got em dripping in your whiskey at the brass mug I've heard it all before The murmurs and the whispers I don't listen anymore Every time I rise, you fall away It's the same story day after day You're voice is like poison You can't be me Every time I rise, you fall away Fall away
Blaque - When The Last Tear Drop Falls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When The Last Tear Drop Falls' by Blaque. It's so hard to lose the one you love / To finally have to say goodbye / You try to be strong but the pain
Susan Boyle - You Have To Be There Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Have To Be There' by Susan Boyle. What is it lord that you want / That i am not seeing? / What in my ignorant prayers / Am i failing to say?
Mad Season - Long Gone Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Long Gone Day' by Mad Season. So much blood I'm starting to drown Runs from cold to colder Time to time the sky's come down To help me lose my way Tears and lies for answers
Simple Plan - Me Against The World Lyrics
They're taking our dreams and they tear them apart 'Till everyone's the same. I've got no place to go I've got no where to run They love to watch me fall They think they know it all. I'm a nightmare, a disaster That's what they always said I'm a lost cause, not a hero But I'll make it on my own I've gotta prove them wrong Me against the world
Trina - Can I Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can I' by Trina. Is it Alright If I want to Fall way, way Deep In Love with you? Would it be Safe to Say that I'm well On my way, (my way, my way) Im Scared As Hell, Know Heartbreak All too Well; Jus Give me A Green Light Baby to Say its Okay to Go In (go In, Go In) x3Baby Can I (yeah)
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