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Flavour - Ada Ada Lyrics
Writer(s): flavour 2 Translations available. Add Translation. italian (13 %) french (59 %) Choose translation. 1k favorites; Embed; Share. Last activities. I. Last edit by Ivan Torres. December 21, 2018. Synced by Geraldine Ouassa. July 13, 2019. Translated by Teo Nnalugha. December 17, 2018. Correct lyrics. More lyrics from the album. Blessed
Flavour - Virtuous Woman Lyrics
The Lyrics for Virtuous Woman by Flavour have been translated into 2 languages. Like the moon and the sun She is worth more than gold Like the stars in the sky. She is worth more than diamonds, whoa She is worth more than silver Special kind of woman, oh, yeah Imamma ya bu agwa ya Ngozi Chukwu bu nke ya She is a virtuous woman Maka na ezi ...
Flavour - Special One Lyrics
I've been waiting for the one I've been waiting for the special one And it's youuuu It's the little things you do That make me fall in love with you Baby mo look into my eyes And you can see it's true yeahhh When you call my name I'll be there with you I'll be your helping hand I'll never let you down yeahh Come rain comes sun My love will still remain Cause I've found a special one it's youuu ...
Flavour - Believe Lyrics
Lyrics for Believe by Flavour. You are my light You are my strength You are my Rock On You I stand I lift my voice I raise my hands I lift my soul With all I am In Christ forever I'll stand I will believe You are strong enough In my weakness God be lifted up And I will sing Lift Your praises high Lord be magnified You make all things new I will believe So, hear this song Receive our praise You ...
Flavour - Shake Lyrics
Lyrics for Shake by Flavour. Mr Flavour on the microphone When you see a woman wey sabi shake am you go know Are you re...
Flavour - Mama Lyrics
The Lyrics for Mama by Flavour have been translated into 2 languages. Nne mu, Nne mu Nne mu, Nne mu oo, Mama Afor mulu m' ooo, achala ugo, Mama.
Flavour - Golibe Lyrics
Lyrics for Golibe by Flavour. Ehbeh! ah ahan! They don't know! Otego m chobalu nwa di mma m ga-anu E don tey I have been...
Flavour - Ololufe Lyrics. Ololufe angel of my life For the love I have it's so real How can I be your Mr right Baby what I feel it's so strong Ife, ife, ife You are
Flavour - Ada Ada Lyrics. Have you seen my beautiful baby? Have you seen my tomato baby oh? (iyele) Baby softly dey cool me temper Ada Baby na sugar sugar iyo Everyb
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Flavour - Sexy Rosey Lyrics. ah ah ah Sexier rosey my chérie coco baby i see something beautiful for your back oh you're my sexy rosey my cherie coco baby i see somethi
Flavour - Oringo Lyrics
Flavour. Last update on: August 15, 2017. 1 Translation available. english (95 %) Choose translation. These lyrics are waiting for review. If you found mistakes, please help us by correcting them. Edit lyrics. The Lyrics for Oringo by Flavour have been translated into 1 languages.
Flavour - Ikwokrikwo Lyrics
The Lyrics for Ikwokrikwo by Flavour have been translated into 2 languages. Egwueji Egwueji I gba go ro gbada Egwueji Egwueji Nwanne ngwa buru nri Nwanne ka anyo koto si ya Uwa na kotosia Uwa nke a Nwanne onweghi Oyolima O Mr Flavour no ebe a Baby, I see you. 1 My baby boo You look so fine They say the beauty of a woman dey for her backside ...
Flavour - Catch You Lyrics
I just wanna love you you already know what time it is baby Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Original Mr. flavour If I catch you I go chop you like carrot oo If I catch you I go chop you like banana Baby I go work you I go work you like Rihanna and if I catch you You go feel my paraga Iyelelele E don tee when i don dey find you my baby tell where you dey e don tee when i don dey manya chineke mu eh ...
Flavour - Obianuju Lyrics. Hmmmmm Oh ye. ye, ah, eh Hmmmmm Nnem eeh Hmmmmm Oh ye. ye, ah, eh Baby, when you smile You look so beautiful See the way you fine You look
EhenMr Flavour upon the dance floor, another oneNastycraft on the beatgive it to themeyohoyolimaMr Flavour (rudeboy) upon the dance floor (they dont know)Baby Na Yoka I want to know what's upYour horny butt ima na obu one in townIfu ukwu gi na ku ka obi gi na ...
Flavour - Keneya Lyrics. Kene Ya Tobe Ya Halleluiah Domolo Onye putalu ula, ngwa, kenewe Jehovah If you wake up for morning, tibekwa Halleluiah From January to Dec
Flavour - Nnekata Lyrics. Nnekata nu didi Ogba pum isi oooh2× masterkraft on the beat kili be kili be, kili be nu baby oooh! 2× baby di sharp, from head to toe bab
Flavour - Wiser Lyrics
You don't knowmr Flavour M. IMasterkraft You don't know – Flavourebidosi ona todarling, darlingebidosi ona tosweety, sweetyebidosi ona fio I love you, I love youebidosi ona da I miss you, I miss you Onyesi masikwanu mgbe oge sunu Onyesi masikwanu mgbe oge bido Gidi gi gada ga, ko gana fio nu Yara ya wuru wu, yawa go gas Eyen ni machasi kwanu ni e'jim nolu Nwa baby, e'jim nolu oyeah eh eh ...
Flavour - Most High Lyrics. Lord You are the most high, hallowed be thy name you tell me say make I nor bother that everything is gonna be okay you are the father to th. Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of 2011. Top Lyrics of 2010.
{Flavour} My jollof rice oh How you dey do today, baby mu My tomato Jos oh I don dey think about you (omalicha nwa) E dey make me dey wonder Because you love me so so tender (eh ya) But now I'm dulling Cause here is so so boring, baby mu {Pre-} For a very very long time I don dey shive oh And e be like say na fever I dey catch cold Oyi na tumo
Flavour - Dance Lyrics
Lyrics for Dance by Flavour. Oyorima Mr Flavour pon the dance Obianuju, baby love to dance Omotola, baby love to dance ...
Maren Morris - Flavor Lyrics
Maren Morris "Flavor": Ain't gonna water down my words Or sugar up my spice Sometimes the truth Don't always come out nice...
Flavour - To Be A Man Lyrics
O si m asa mia mia Ya na odo y'ewu O bia me inko Ya na odom inside. Nwoke na ife Oyi m nwoke biaru Ghana ko Ne Flavour n'abania Oje mbe enweghi ilo I makwa na guys no na China I makwa na guys no n'Amerika I makwa na men no na London Ihe niile, nwoke nwoke. To be a man, To be a man is not a day's job Yeh yeh yeh, na so e be.
Flavour - Time To Party Lyrics
Original Mr Flavour Onyolima. Everyday na party Everyday na jolly oh Oya move your body No time for story oh Uhnn where my woman? We suppose to dey party oh No time to check time Everybody shekelebe Shekere Oya mama eh eh, shekere Oya sister eh eh, shekere Oh my baby oh eh, shekere Time to party oh oh, shekere Oya mama eh eh, shekere Oya sister ...
Flavour - Most High Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Most High' by Flavour. Lord You are the most high, hallowed be thy name you tell me say make I nor bother that everything is gonna be okay you are the father to the fatherless the miracle working God
Zoro feat. Flavour - Echolac (Bag Of Blessings) Lyrics ...
Allow me to take you to the village for a minute Zoro akpa swag original Mr. Flavour Tell me If no be God (if no be God) I for no dey ball (I for no dey ball) Now the slay mama nmam now no go dey pick call (no dey pick call) If no be God (If no be God) I for no dey ball (I for no dey ball) But for lulidonkudidon ofugi na half don (ofugi na half don) Emana Oluwa vuyerumu (echolac) Egovin butin ...
Zoro feat. Flavour - Echolac (Bag Of Blessings ...
Flavour. 01. Ogene Zoro feat. Flavour. 02. Echolac (Bag Of Blessings) Zoro feat. Flavour. See more. Exclusive offer. Get up to 3 months of free music. You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial. Redeem your gift. News you might be interested in.
Flavour - No One Like You (with Semah) Lyrics. Ooo, eee, Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah Hosanna Hallelujah Hosanna You remaineth the same There is no one like you Hallelujah Hosanna (I
Flavour - Most High Lyrics
Lord you are the most high hallow be thy name you tell say make i no worry that everything gonna be ok you are the father to the fatherless the miracle working God you made the blind man to see you made the cripple man to walk you are the lilly of the valley you make impossible possible agam aturu gi mma mma mu na ezi n' ulom ga na eto gi ooo makana chi anyi di mma hallow be thy name (chrous ...
Flavour - Odogwu Lyrics
Flavour. Last update on: February 5, 2020. No translations available. Add Translation. Choose translation. Lyrics for Odogwu by Flavour. Politics gazielugi Itibe aka n'obi si n'ibu eshi Kama igasi na chi adika.
{Flavour} I don hammer no be small Now it's time to chop money Somebody say nabania Na takwa ne fe omo wania See them girls them plenty Waka waka baby, oh yeah Wuru wuru baby, oh yeah I go tell my mama, oh yeah I go tell my papa, oh yeah And I go tell am say, oh yeah You be waka waka baby, oh yeah You be wuru wuru baby, oh yeah Corner corner ...
Larry Gaaga feat. Flavour - Tene Lyrics
There is something I want to show you nne nu Girl you no need delaying You dey reject my love abumsim apenu When you dancing kukere E dey enter my body baby nene Omalicha my baby my boo boo My love for you confirm ohh eh The way she dey whine am go down O baby na nkwonagida She relate to babaginda Oya whine am go down o make wee dey dance cia (dancecia aa) Isi ngbaka ama yin nfe ne mezi Ha ge ...
Flavour - Professor Johnbull Lyrics
The Lyrics for Professor Johnbull by Flavour have been translated into 1 languages. Professor tupe-nyem azu-na ofee, (Anti meela) Professor suo-lum-onyiboo (Anti meela) Don't be silly o bu ajuju ka o bu inwee, (Antimela) Don't be quark o bu nkata ka o bu okwu (Anti meela). Erudite professor, suo rum onyibo, Erudite professoe, asim suo run ngiri ...
Tori Amos - Flavor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flavor' by Tori Amos. Back to lull the minds Cries below Cries above You must pick a side
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