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FREAK KITCHEN LYRICS - "Cooking With Pagans" (2014) album
FREAK KITCHEN lyrics - "Cooking With Pagans" (2014) album, including "Once Upon A Time In Scandinavistan", "Ranks Of The Terrified", "Come Back To ...
Freak Kitchen - Nobody's Laughing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nobody's Laughing' by Freak Kitchen. Nobody's laughing here / Nobody's laughing / Your mouth is open wide / Words spin a cynical swing / It's getting.
Freak Kitchen - Goody Goody lyrics
Lyrics for Goody Goody by Freak Kitchen. So you met someone who set you back on your heels Goody, goody So you met someone and now you know how it ...
Freak Kitchen - Snap Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Snap' by Freak Kitchen. Hurry! Hurry! / I know you can do it / Faster! Faster! / Never mind that bleeding from your nose / Busy! Busy! / Always under.
FREAK KITCHEN LYRICS - "Land Of The Freaks" (2009) album
FREAK KITCHEN lyrics - "Land Of The Freaks" (2009) album, including "Clean It Up", "Do Not Disturb", "One Last Dance"...
Freak Kitchen - Blind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blind' by Freak Kitchen. It's so easy to criticize / When you live your life with blind-folded eyes / You're so scared that you can't relate / To the.
FREAK KITCHEN LYRICS - "Organic" (2005) album
FREAK KITCHEN lyrics - "Organic" (2005) album, including "Breathe", "Sob Story ", "The Infidelity Ghost"...
Freak Kitchen - Propaganda Pie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Propaganda Pie' by Freak Kitchen. Good evening and welcome / Would you like an aperitif? / May we recommend / The Disinformation Beef? / We do ...
Freak Kitchen - Freak of the Week Lyrics
Oct 29, 2014 Lyrics for Freak of the Week by Freak Kitchen. I'm the new black I'm opium to thee Will do anything For popularity Mutilate myself Become...
Freak Kitchen - Lisa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lisa' by Freak Kitchen. Wonder what you're doin' / Wonder how you're doin' / Wonder what you're sayin' / I wonder what you're thinking / I wish you.
Freak Kitchen - Hollow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hollow' by Freak Kitchen. Constant ringing inside me ears / Little demons inside my head / Static caught between my teeth / Outta focus, my thoughts.
Freak Kitchen - Jerk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jerk' by Freak Kitchen. I am into showbiz, I am a road manager / D'ya know a sexy chick? I got a pass for her / Touring can be boring, but not for me.
Freak Kitchen - I Refuse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Refuse' by Freak Kitchen. Shut up, I've heard enough / Daddy's boy, a well-dressed clown / Why don't you kill yourself / The stock market just went.
Freak Kitchen - Burning Bridges Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Burning Bridges' by Freak Kitchen. The sun is kind of annoying / As I try to sleep in the back of my van / It is supposed to be autumn / Did someone.
Freak Kitchen - My New Haircut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My New Haircut' by Freak Kitchen. Another beautiful shitty day / I wanna throw my life away / I wish the sun would stop to shine / But it seems the.
Freak Kitchen - Scattered Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Scattered' by Freak Kitchen. Waking up in pieces / On Monday noon / I' m a burdon to myself / Gonna to crack real soon / My armour, my shield / The.
Freak Kitchen - Broken Food Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Broken Food' by Freak Kitchen. Are you going to say "hi" to me? / What a waste of sympathy / I'm stuck in my stupid misery / A.
Freak Kitchen - Walls Of Stupidity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walls Of Stupidity' by Freak Kitchen. I bang my head against / The walls of stupidity / I bang my head against / The walls of stupidity / I'm a pill,
Freak Kitchen - We've Heard It All Before Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We've Heard It All Before' by Freak Kitchen. Haven't got the time for this, waiting makes me sick / Tell me what the hell you want and tell it to me.
Freak Kitchen - Get A Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get A Life' by Freak Kitchen. This is one of those days / I know I've got it coming / The more I try / The more I screw up everything / This town is.
Freak Kitchen - Some Kind Of Love Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Some Kind Of Love Song' by Freak Kitchen. This is some kind of love song / I can't find the words, I was born wrong / Girl, I've been trying for so.
Freak Kitchen - Taste My Fist Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Taste My Fist' by Freak Kitchen. Football, baseball and racketball too / You should worry 'bout the balls that I'm crushing on you / I'm a sports.
Freak Kitchen - Gun God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gun God' by Freak Kitchen. We have to be prepared to / Protect our privacy / The wife and kids all carry guns / A family army / Got fired, girlfriend.
Freak Kitchen - Heroin Breakfast Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heroin Breakfast' by Freak Kitchen. That junkie logic is bound to fail / We`ve heard it al before / You defend yourself with tooth and nail / But.
Freak Kitchen - Dead Soul Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dead Soul Man' by Freak Kitchen. You're real efficient / You work 15 hours a day / Your basic food is beta-blockers / The 21:st century way / You log.
Freak Kitchen - Dystopia Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dystopia' by Freak Kitchen. How many died? How many were injured? / Is this the grossest the you ever heard? / Maybe someone is gonna fry on ...
Freak Kitchen - Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silence' by Freak Kitchen. How are you doing? Are you ok? / Lovely day to get blown away / While God and cancer sing a duet / Hey, your neighbour's ...
Freak Kitchen - Vaseline Bizniz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Vaseline Bizniz' by Freak Kitchen. God, I have to know / Is it really true? / I refuse to believe in / The stuff they write about you / You always.
Freak Kitchen - See You In Pittsburgh Lyrics
Lyrics to 'See You In Pittsburgh' by Freak Kitchen. You can not see your misery / But you are climbing on the misery-tree / You broadcast filth, you bring us.
Freak Kitchen - Supermodel Baby Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Supermodel Baby' by Freak Kitchen. Them calories just gotta go / Stopped eating a year ago / I'm so thin you will not spot me sideways / I wanna be a.
Freak Kitchen - Raw Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Raw' by Freak Kitchen. Six AM, just woke up drunk / There's a woman by my side / Who is she and where am I ? / And why are my hands tied ? / Well, I.
Freak Kitchen - Are You For Real? Lyrics
Hey, I like the colour of your skin. Hey, I like the teeth you're wearin' You look so good in those mellow lips. And those remade hips. Hey, I see you've got a brand  ...
Freak Kitchen - Logo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Logo' by Freak Kitchen. Tiny fingers from afar / Born to sow your push- up bra / Billions spent on your new campaign / The greater the profit, the.
Freak Kitchen - A Regular Guy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Regular Guy' by Freak Kitchen. I don't feel a thing when I see a nude Pamela Lee / A whopper meal with cheese ain't my cup of tea / I'm a sensitive.
Freak Kitchen - The Healthy Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Healthy Man' by Freak Kitchen. I am so healthy, I'm the healthy man / I eat a lot of greens, I do the best I can / Send the germs right up, be a.
Freak Kitchen - The Sinking Planet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Sinking Planet' by Freak Kitchen. Do you think you could bear it? / Would you put up with the mess / Today's kids do? / All the shit that.
Freak Kitchen - Professional Help lyrics
Jan 5, 2015 Lyrics for Professional Help by Freak Kitchen. Where am I? Where are you? Have I been here before? It's spinning so fast now I can't kee...
Freak Kitchen - Everything Is Under Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everything Is Under Control' by Freak Kitchen. Try to piece it all together / Try to make it all make sense / Strange, my fingers seem electric /
Freak Kitchen - Mr Kashchei And The 13 Prostitutes Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Mr Kashchei and the 13 prostitutes' by Freak Kitchen. "New in town? Got it all, ya' wanna buy a gram? / Funny accent, a Russian in Amsterdam? /
Freak Kitchen - Pathetic Aesthetic Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pathetic Aesthetic' by Freak Kitchen. You think you're so strong / Living in your outside / Pathetic aestetic world / The pieces of your puzzle / Fit.

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