From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, your name will be praised so i bow down before you lyrics

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Indiana Bible College - Lord, I Worship You lyrics
Lord, I Worship You lyrics by Indiana Bible College: Verse 1 / There's non like You / No, none else beside You / For You are holy, so I. ... I humbly bow before Your throne. You are holy, I worship You ... From the rising of the sun 'Til the going down of the same. Lord, Your praises shall continually be in my mouth. You are the ...
Creation's revealing Your majesty. From the colors of fall ... You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name. You are ... Who has told every lightning bolt where it should go. Or seen ... Who imagined the sun and gives source to its light ... You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same ... All Bow Down
SLEEPING GIANT LYRICS - "Kingdom Days In An Evil Age" (2011 ...
It's the man Christ crucified, so we live and die for the secret life, and to the enemy of ... I bow my head to the king in submission as his words are spoken. ... It can't have you, my kingdom is stronger. Fight You must fight. Rise! ... we dance before the host of heaven. ... Your holy name can save us, ... they try to hold me down.
ORPHANED LAND LYRICS - "The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR"
Go! Pick your self up, You are the end, now the chapter is done. Cry as you might to the ... You can not let it go ... So breathe once more, rise and wake up my son. ... You paint your own moon, stars and sun ... Thy name shall be henceforth ORwarriOR ... Will the actors all bow down before the ending stark? ... Praises I sang
TRIALS LYRICS - "In The Shadow Of Swords" (2013) album
And will you stand before me? Demanding ... if I go down, you're going down with me. This ends ... by those who praise the lord no light that we ... So bow down, so give in the vultures ... So liberate, from your own superstition. They build ... The numbers rising, the names the same. Nothing ... Let my sorrows block the sun
AINA LYRICS - "Days Of Rising Doom" (2003) album
AINA lyrics - "Days Of Rising Doom" (2003) album, including "Restoration", " Oriana's Wrath" ... (Aina, your beauty seems so infinite ... The Holy Voice calls down its warning ... The sky would blush in the setting sun ... Oria Allyahan, her name the heavens sing ... For love can blind and torture you .... (All bow down to Naschtok
RISHLOO LYRICS - "Terras Fames" (2004) album
Rising again. To uphold ... Hearing the same ... But you won't give your thoughts to me so I won't give you mine ... You watch us go by as we laugh and we cry. You look down and realize you're not who you think ... So I'll do my best to represent the evidence of all that I've spoken .... And bow down before every whore in a tie
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Beyond The Red Mirror" (2015) album
Our praise and triumph will grow ... Take a look and you see it's all the same ... Before the final curtain falls. Belial ... Further down you'll walk with me ... Gods will go ... Bow down ... Shadows will be rising soon ... Your mind's still trapped in twilight .... And so did the Fox and the Crow ... And the sun won't shine here anymore
MOTORJESUS LYRICS - "Wheels Of Purgatory" (2010) album
Something's waiting deep down in the heart of me and I can't wait to set it free. Get it on I'm the ... I'm the tank with the kerosene load - and I will leave you behind
PHARAOH LYRICS - "Bury The Light" (2012) album
PHARAOH lyrics - "Bury The Light" (2012) album, including "In Your Hands", " Burn With ... To flash before another sleepless face ... And praise your masters' magnanimity ... And so you howl with the wolves .... Can't you see your sun goes down for you? ... They still won't bow to you ... It ends the same ... I see the smoke rise
Lyrics to "As" song by STEVIE WONDER: As around the sun the earth knows she's ... You can rest your mind assure. That I'll ... The love of me I've left behind Cause I'll be loving you always ... so make sure when you say you're in it but not of it
FROST LIKE ASHES LYRICS - "Born To Pieces" (2008) EP
Bow to Us Compared to Us Shadows on the Sun Let me be the crusher of Satan Let me be the ... Go ahead and meet your death ... This shall all take place Sure as you hear me say ... On that final day He'll rise above the clouds ... Everybody won't be treated all the same. ... The wise men will bow down before the throne.
AYREON LYRICS - "Ayreonauts Only" (2000) album
Will its doorway transport us to our faraway planet Earth, or will its fury ... Horrid dreams and dire visions rising up from the black ... Miles to go and things to see before we rest ... We're crashing down to our goal that lies beyond this cosmic gate ... We were born solely to speak your name ... Hey dude, you're so uncool
THROWDOWN LYRICS - "Venom And Tears" (2007) album
You don't have to bow your head in shame. Cause I can see right through you and I know that you have felt that way. Never will I bow ... Where did we go wrong ? ... I'm taking you down ... Leeches and vampires, I pray the sun to rise ... I beg you leave my eyes so I can watch you die ... but sing your praises till I cave my lungs
PHIL WICKHAM LYRICS - You're Beautiful
Lyrics to "You're Beautiful" song by PHIL WICKHAM: I see Your face in every sunrise The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes The world awakens in...
For Our Name Is Chaos Eternal 5. Tear Down The Walls Of Heaven 6. ... The sun that burns through your soul. I am the tool of ... I'm soaked in blood and so are you ... Granted wish, Lucifer rise! ... They believed his words and they sang his praises ... The Nazarene will now go down ... Bow your heads, you sheep of god
OVERDOSE LYRICS - "Progress Of Decadence" (1993) album
But you can't clean your bloody hands. You lie to yourself ... How far gone things are going. Get some faith ... In the name of progress – They say – So sure. We're going ahead ... Of the same coin. Rising together .... [Pre-Chorus:] Bow down before me and ask for my mercy ... Praised be the Lord ... Under the sun. Boy or girl it ...
GOJIRA LYRICS - "L'enfant Sauvage" (2012) album
These heavy weights created pull you down. The mask you ... The wolf is your master. The sky is all ... And when this fire grows, it does it so we can't remember
THE FORSAKEN LYRICS - "Beyond Redemption" (2012) album
Once life, now rots under the sun ... All hell has passed before your mind. Never ends. But there is ... Ransacked, torn down and replaced. Only hell ... Words of empty praise. Silenced ... You will go ... As we burn-the truth becomes so clear. As we ... We rise and fall. As we ... Bow down before them ... Are one and the same
TRISTANIA LYRICS - "Darkest White" (2013) album
Unlike the dust that settles down ... And I go on with ease ... The only war you will adore ... All the same with a different name ... Raise your glass for those whose names were never called. Swing the axe for those who looked into the sun ... You and I On either side. I closed one eye. As you confessed. Then both. So I could ...
GOJIRA LYRICS - "From Mars To Sirius" (2005) album
Strong is your hold ... I see the path I was so scared of. And fly to the stars ... But I' ll never bow to this again. Why do they ... Don't bow down. Before the ... will fall. Before the strong embrace ... And praise this lord. Of earth ... And then a star will rise ... You go so far ... Our sun is growing ... They're all rebuilding at the same time
ASTRAL DOORS LYRICS - "Evil Is Forever" (2005) album
Praise The Bones 6. ... Be a soldier in the name of God!" ... The men in the village had to bow for the Bride of Christ ... He'll break the sun and light ... Yes, when your world is down and locked ... It's the same song and nothing going wrong ... Evil is forever. And you want to go, but one day you shall pay. So evil. Evil is forever
THE CRIMSON ARMADA LYRICS - "Behold The Architect" (2008) EP
In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful. Praise be to ... He brings the end, a warning that will bring us in so we can all watch ourselves die.
ADAM LAMBERT LYRICS - Never Close Our Eyes
So let's just stay awake until we grow older. If I had my way we'd ... Fight the sleep in your eyes ... You know that I wish that this night would never be over ... But what goes up must come down. Why can't we just live life with no consequence
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Damnation And A Day" (2003) album
Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) 13. ... Of will and wanton fantasies ... So he took His place before the firewall ... And lo, the wrath of god swept down. ... With the rising of the revenant dark ... "I shall bow no more to the dogs of the Lord ... This bland Adam, a reaper of the sun ... So praise Me as you raised your Lord
KAMELOT LYRICS - "Ghost Opera" (2007) album
When the barricades come down ... Walls so white. Where your sorrows have a name. And day is dark as ... Can you hear the crowd is waiting? ... Watch the oceans rising high ... In the land of the undying sun ... Before I let you die, you must forgive me ... So tell me who's free to go ... Underneath the same old mourning star.
FIRST BLOOD LYRICS - "Rules" (2017) album
So many rules meant to be BROKEN NOW So many rules must ... Open your eyes before the years drag you down ... I CAN'T for the life of me begin to imagine
TARJA LYRICS - "What Lies Beneath" (2010) album
Hide your conspiracies so ... Take a bow, finally ... Until my last breath you'll never know ... Only now you praise, call my name that you won't see again ... Where do you go from here? ... The message is the same for those who believe ... Light is condemned to be tied down by gravity close to the end ... Dared you to rise
ALGHAZANTH LYRICS - "Wreath Of Thevetat" (2008) album
The storm of rebellion will never calm down in the raging ... Just as beasts become men so shall kings turn into gods life by life to ... if you wish to touch the heavens unbound ... through sacrifice and pain our passage goes ... Our anthems we sing to the Sun of million forms ... for to rise above the angels is your rightful destiny
NETHERBIRD LYRICS - "The Ghost Collector" (2008) album
You shut down; to you it's no longer real ... To the other place, where no one should ever go ... We'll never bow before you and we were not meant to serve ... Are we cursed for shunning the absurd, then so be it, then we're the cursed ... No matter your sins or past my dear ... And only then will we ever be the same again
Fountains Of Blood To Reach Heavens
You know nothing to be the same., Ripped of our ... See my anger rising from its core, ... Than give your god a single bow! ... No grave can hold our bodies down, we crave for ecstasy, ... My eyes go black! ... You've sunk so deep, got my soul, my razorblade, ... I bow before the queen of lies, my hiding malice is getting bolder,
Lyrics to "All I See Is You" song by SINACH: All I see is You As I worship and adore You I yield myself to You This is where I want to be In Your...
HUMAN FORTRESS LYRICS - "Thieves Of The Night" (2016) album
Rise Or Fall 4. ... Praise - Amberstow I know it is real ... Before I arrive. I am free - Amberstow I'm under your spell again ... Hallowed by thy name ... The sway of evil shades the sun ... Bow down my head ... You'll never break me ... Say a prayer - so many times ... Let me go to devils hollow ... Things would never be the same
BAL-SAGOTH LYRICS - "The Power Cosmic" (1999) album
Callisto Rising 7. ... beings to travel between dimensions and traverse at will the unknown ... were hidden on the third planet from the sun, the Earth itself. ... So cold are the spaces between the stars. ... Bow to the gods that have no name! ... Come, bring down the prey. .... you will bear this punishment with praise on your lips!
4TH DIMENSION LYRICS - "Dispelling The Veil Of Illusions" (2014 ...
The road laid before us runs for endless miles. The pull's .... Carving your own path, have you gone astray... Bringer of my light, ... I should have stood and praised Him, basked in his light ... Splendor's gone, the dream's no more, our Sun is stone ... I'll live! Lo! Dawn is getting closer. Rising up in flames, vestige of my sadness
The rhymes are raw, deeper than yours, you crawled before you walked but didn't think about you ... Hip Hop could not bench me so they plot to suspend me ... Your name will be added to the Black List Registry .... when the poles shift the Sun will not rise from the East ... I sit down and think, when I write I can smell the ink
51, (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection ... 131, Calling Your Name (Art of Trance Remix) .... 492, Sharing the Same Dreams .... 650, Praise to the Lord, the Almighty ... 738, (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care. 739, You .... 983, Live to Rise .... 1213, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me ...... 2732, Bow Before the Lord.
DEVILMENT LYRICS - "II - The Mephisto Waltzes" (2016) album
Life Is What You Keep From The Reaper 7. ... Scapegoat for the sins you'll all do ... Are you ready for your big shower scene? I'll pull ... So now unholy ... Here we go ... And I'm more than sorry than I've ever been before ... Break me down ... If I should rise from where I fell ... She is the sun that bleeds the strangely red horizon
113, Let Me Go (In the Style of 3 Doors Down) [Karaoke Version] ..... 350, You Are So Good to Me (In the Style of Third Day) [Karaoke Version]. 351, The .... 410, Breathe Your Name (In the Style of Sixpence None the Richer) [Karaoke Version] ...... 1378, House of the Rising Sun (In the Style of Animals The) [Karaoke Version ].
27, Would You Go with Me (Originally Performed by Josh Turner) (Karaoke Version) .... 117, A Place in the Sun (Originally Performed by Stevie Wonder) ( Karaoke .... 235, I'm Tore Down (Originally Performed by Freddy King) (Karaoke Version) ... 240, Before Your Love (Originally Performed by Kelly Clarkson) ( Karaoke ...

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