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Funker Vogt - Gunman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gunman' by Funker Vogt. now the race is on the run / so look out for your man / try to catch him in the woods / and kill him if you can / come on.
Funker Vogt - History Lyrics
Lyrics to 'History' by Funker Vogt. They were fighting for land in earlier days / Wanting to extend their living space / They were fighting for their faith a.
Funker Vogt - Compulsions Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Compulsions' by Funker Vogt. The dreams still come and go / Lying wounded on a beach / With shrapnel in my leg / My only weapon is a knife / And.
Funker Vogt - Date Of Expiration Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Date Of Expiration' by Funker Vogt. Date of expiration / A disease you cannot cure / It's our destination / No delays anymore / Great expectations /
Funker Vogt - Reject Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reject' by Funker Vogt. A big crowd controlled by fear / Always underestimated / But beware of the time / When they will break loose / Why do we .
Funker Vogt - Tragic Hero Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tragic Hero' by Funker Vogt. I saw all the tragedies / Happened to mankind / I am always involved / When trouble hits our life / It's not me to turn.
Funker Vogt - Subspace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Subspace' by Funker Vogt. let's leave reality / enter the metaverse / creating an avatar / for your new life / get connected / come on in / join the.
Funker Vogt - No Tomorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Tomorrow' by Funker Vogt. I met her in a restaurant / A face that you will not forget / A character you will not find / In a thousand women you.
Funker Vogt - Vision Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Vision' by Funker Vogt. This is the next century / and we live far beyond / killing people doesn't matter / a necessary means to an end / waiting for.
Funker Vogt - Fallen Hero Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fallen Hero' by Funker Vogt. They called me the tragic hero / They avoided my company / My names were only whispered / Just a tale for a moonless.
Funker Vogt - House Of Sorrows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'House Of Sorrows' by Funker Vogt: And again I stare at the truth I couldn 't bare Not today and not tomorrow There's no escape from the house of.
Funker Vogt - The End Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The End' by Funker Vogt. Was it an act of evolution or a mistake more divine? / The creation of mankind a million years ago / Too few of them can be.
Funker Vogt - 4th Dimension Lyrics
Lyrics to '4th Dimension' by Funker Vogt. I am floating in the universe / like on a silent ocean / my mind is opened wide / to understand our life / I see the.
Funker Vogt - Starfighters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Starfighters' by Funker Vogt. A dream finally came true / To wear this special uniform / To join in their company / The best of the best / Always.
Funker Vogt - Fortunes Of War Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fortunes Of War' by Funker Vogt. The damage done to all these place / is quite unbelievable / you never have seen such pain / walking through the.
Funker Vogt - Navigator Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Navigator' by Funker Vogt. We sometimes want to be led by / The hand of a higher creature / So we just have to follow / The direction of the.
Funker Vogt - Civil War Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Civil War' by Funker Vogt. They fight against each other / Killing people of their own blood / For some very stupid reasons / Call it civil war /
Funker Vogt - Fallen Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fallen Man' by Funker Vogt. It started like a normal day / Shower, breakfast and then out / The sun shone on a winter morning / As he caught the bus.
Funker Vogt - Stolen Thoughts Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stolen Thoughts' by Funker Vogt. Every morning I wake up / With a new identity / With some new memories / Of my former life / All the thoughts I ever.
Funker Vogt - Sins Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sins' by Funker Vogt. they all emerged one by one / hoping for feedom but there is none / see the men in uniform / they send you out to fight the.
Funker Vogt - Father Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Father' by Funker Vogt. I see you - with a gun / in your eyes - insanity / in my dreams - I run / you follow me - I cannot stay / I wonder what - has.
Funker Vogt - Pure War Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pure War' by Funker Vogt. People hate people for nothing at all / our kingdon of love is ready to fall / hate is the power which keeps them going on.
Funker Vogt - Friendly Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friendly fire' by Funker Vogt. Within a few seconds their jets came over the hill / Strafing / the soldiers raining fire on their people / An.
Funker Vogt - Nuclear Winter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nuclear Winter' by Funker Vogt: It was just a dream which comes and goes as do the old seasons while the wind still blows.
Funker Vogt - Under Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Under Control' by Funker Vogt. They are watching you from far away / everything is under thier control / you can run but you can't hide / in this.
Funker Vogt - Take Care! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Care!' by Funker Vogt. We are living in a nightmare / We call it normal life / The time is reached that we take care / And stop dancing on the.
Funker Vogt - The International Killer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The International Killer' by Funker Vogt. People are suffering / it is the slow death / sometimes it takes years / until they are dead / Nobody knows.
Funker Vogt - Animals Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Animals' by Funker Vogt. The character which we need / They live all in common / And without self-interest / But we kill them to get the cash / Don't.
Funker Vogt - Shaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shaven' by Funker Vogt. Shaven cunts fuck much more horny / I know this for quite a while / so the juices run in torments / and not only bloody sperm.
Funker Vogt - The Voices Of The Dead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Voices Of The Dead' by Funker Vogt. You have seen the soldiers dying / And you have survived / Maybe there's a reason why / You are still alive /
Funker Vogt - Follow Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Follow Me' by Funker Vogt. An open door an invitation / To join in this new world / I took the chance despite the danger / All I saw was.
Funker Vogt - Stronghold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stronghold' by Funker Vogt. Our shields are all down / Nothing can hold them back / An overwhelming force came for just one reason / They came with ...
Funker Vogt - A Dream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Dream' by Funker Vogt. It all started with a dream / Two months like eternity / And in spite of all the problems / It was the best time of my life.
Funker Vogt - Body Count Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Body Count' by Funker Vogt. the body count will be massive / much worse than Oklahoma / hard times for the experts / messes like this mean lots of.
Funker Vogt - Alone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alone' by Funker Vogt. In some days you'll be alone / Have to manage all on your own / It's the time when your parents are dead / your friends are.
Funker Vogt - Evil's Birth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evil's Birth' by Funker Vogt. Wounds of self-mutilation / Caused by religious fervor / A sacrifice of a child / To summoning the Gods / A fortress in.
Funker Vogt - Maschine Zeit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maschine Zeit' by Funker Vogt. Der Mensch als Traum - nicht Wirklichkeit / Gedankengnge kontrolliert / Das Du im Ich in Raum und Zeit: / Gefhle noch.
Funker Vogt - Black Hole Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Hole' by Funker Vogt. Ride off into sunset / Even in hours you won 't reach / Seconds fade into infinity / Where the parallels will meet / The.
Funker Vogt - Cold War Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cold War' by Funker Vogt. Somewhere down in mother Russia / They make plans to take the world / Thousands of veiled secrets / Hidden deep inside.
Funker Vogt - Thoughts Of A Soldier Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thoughts Of A Soldier' by Funker Vogt. It never was and never will be / The sun setting beyond horizons / It always was and ever will be / The earth.

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