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Tinchy Stryder - Game Over Lyrics
The game's over, so roll over, I'm sober, but I'll still kidnap a so called soldier, In a boat I'll row into dover, yeah it's over, the game's over. [Example:] Put up your lighters, I clash the Titans, Fight the fighters, might fight the biters, Spit to my throat, got tonsillitis, That's on a Monday mornin', ha Takin' over, run straight past you
Mayer Hawthorne - The Game Lyrics
Just for playing the game Just for playing the game In California They kill over a glance How could he know that He never stood a chance Leaving you alone I've only got myself to blame Oh, but I can't hate the player Just for playing the game Just for playing the game Just for playing the game Anybody would do the same Ooh, leaving you alone
Mayer Hawthorne - Over Lyrics
I know that it's over And the past is all behind But when I'm not sober Well you still run through my mind I know it won't ever Be the way it used to be But can you come over 'Cause I need you here with me We got along We've got a long way to go To get used to this But we can take it slow (Take it slow) A little rust Been a while for the both of us
AmaLee - This Game Lyrics
I'll make a bet and play my cards to win this game. Unlike the rest I'll do my best. And I won't ever lose. To give up this chance would be a deadly sin. So let's bet it all. I'll put all my faith in us so let the games begin! There's a darkness in our hearts. And it's stronger than any foe that we've fought by far.
Dave - My 19th Birthday Lyrics
Dave Lyrics. "My 19th Birthday". 169. I spent my 19th birthday in the hospital. With my brother and my mum. And I know it sounds dumb but I felt like I lost it all. The pain's compulsory, suffering's optional. Takeshi's castle, my life's got obstacles. I'm still dealing with a whole load of stress.
Mayer Hawthorne - Rare Changes Lyrics
Over and over 'Til I think I can't take any more Love you forever Wouldn't change a thing Play high key Surprise me Let's eat birthday cake on a whim We'll tandem At random This diet is wearing us thin but we're Holding hands and Waiting for the rare changes To take us out of the loop So romantic Leavin' on a vacation But we'll be home real ...
Ninja Sex Party - The Mystic Crystal Lyrics
The king called in his wizards three. And begged them brokenheartedly. "Search the forests, search the seas. Search time and all realities. Two champions are what I need. To bring my daughter back to me". "Yes, my king, it shall be done". The wizards said, and so begun. A wondrous spell that soon would find.
Bowling For Soup - Evil All Over The World Lyrics ...
Bowling For Soup Lyrics. "Evil All Over The World". A sweetheart in Atlanta, Georgia. Screw your friends in Paris, France. They're freaking nuts in California. They don't wear no underpants. They'll walk all over you in New York City. Don't get me started on Amsterdam. They'll fuck you over in the Carolina's.
Giveon told about the meaning of this song on the 22nd of May 2020, "So 'HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY' is just the anniversary of a heartbreak.Say you guys are heartbroken on Valentine's Day, February 14th. Every time Valentine's Day comes around you kinda revisit the pain and revisit the sorrow.
Because, you come to meWith naught save loveAnd hold my hand and lift mine eyes aboveA wider world of hope and joy I seeBecause you come to meBecause you speak to me in accent sweetI find the roses waking 'round my feetAnd I am led through tears and joy to thee
Mayer Hawthorne - M.O. Lyrics
Mayer Hawthorne Lyrics. "M.O." Heartache mender take my hand. We'll bury the past forever under Hollywood land. A bottle of red can raise the dead. Mmh-hm, if you give me your number. Ooh, I'll never make you wonder. I'm starting to feel a certain way about ya. It isn't my M.O., oh, no, no, no, ooh.
Mayer Hawthorne - Only You Lyrics
Mayer Hawthorne Lyrics. "Only You". Havin' late night conversations. Got me losin' all track of time. Baby, why you wanna try my patience. When I can't get you up out my mind. Try to fake it, can't shake it, you're losing control. Wanna ride in the fast lane, you're movin' too slow. I've been drivin' for so many miles down this road.
The Garden - Crystal Clear Lyrics
The Garden "Crystal Clear": We'll knock the other ones out We're crystal clear We're crystal clear We'll knock the other ones ou...
Top 100 Songs of All Time
Roll Over Beethoven: 94: The Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop: 95: Carl Perkins: Blue Suede Shoes: 96: Little Richard: Good Golly Miss Molly: 97: Al Green: Love And Happiness: 98: Rolling Stones: You Can't Always Get What You Want: 99: Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls Of Fire: 100: Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son
The Coral - Welcome To Coral Island Lyrics
On Coral Island you can fall in love. On the piers and promenades. On the boardwalks and bridleways of innocent dreams. You can fall in love with an imagined self. You can walk in plain sight where the shoreline recedes. Or hide in the alleyways of oddity museums. There is no past or future, only the now. You can become an impression of yourself.
Ying Yang Twins - Hahn Lyrics
We brought hands to the game, and we takin over mind control em',like a hypnotic potion puff of smoke em',nigga we don't bluff, we rolls em' curve ya stomach, you vomit on tha rollercoaster [Verse 2] We been around the globe, done seen the world Now we still make jingles fo tha boyz and girlz and they like when a nigga say hahn (hahn!)
Eminem - Love Game Lyrics
Eminem Lyrics. "Love Game". (feat. Kendrick Lamar) Something's burnin' I can't figure out what. (Out what) it's either lust, or a cloud of dust, judgment is clouded must. Just be the powder from the power of. (Love) but I'm in somethin' I don't know how to get outta. Left my girl in the house alone, is that my soon-to-be-spouse's moan and the ...
JT Machinima - Rapture Rising Lyrics
The Great Chain in motion Beneath the waves of the sea Into the city All good things flow The sweat on your brow Is what you reap and sow Forge your own fortune From salt and from sand No gods or kings Only man Folks told me, son, you won the gene pool So I guess I had a head start on these fools Doesn't take a Winter Blast for Jack to keep cool
Drake - Sacrifices Lyrics
Drake Lyrics. "Sacrifices". (feat. 2 Chainz & Young Thug) Wrote this shit, January 21. Baby girl, I had to run, I'll be back a couple months. Kendall turned 21, was up the street with 21. They could see me on-line, but they won't see me on the ones. I got Dubai plates in the California state. I got her waitin' at my place, I got no baby on the way.
Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think Lyrics
Keep comin back to live love life like i'm crazy. Keep it movin risin to the top. Doug fresh clean livin you dont stop. Revolution means change. Dont look at me strange. So i cant repeat what other rappers be sayin. You dont stand for something. You fall for anything. Harder than you think.
Ministry - AmeriKKKa Lyrics
Ministry Lyrics. "AmeriKKKa". Well I walked a mile today. In someone else's pair of shoes. I came home tired and disgusted. Just walking home from Hatred Avenue. What you want, what you feel. You will never forget. What you know, what you trust.
Skylar Stecker - Up On Game Lyrics
Yeah it would be great if you were able to hold me But that's not what we're talking about All the other girls They might drool over you And yeah, it's true I think you're cute But I'm not new to you I've been up on game New face but nothing's changed You're the type that wanna break my heart Walk away tear my world apart I've been up on game
Mayer Hawthorne - The Great Divide Lyrics
Ooh, that's a real change right there. Ahh, it's a sticky situation. Such a small world after all. Except for the space between us. A gentleman ceremoniously waiting. To the west of the Berlin Wall. Through the great divide. While you slept in my T-shirt on the other side. But I never saw it coming.
Mayer Hawthorne - Healing Lyrics
Taste the air now. That extraordinary feeling. It's healing. I'm down on bended knee. Don't close that door on me. Just hold me near. I'll be right here for you. You know it's true. Let your hair down.
2Pac - Tha Lunatic Lyrics
He couldn't hold on, game is too strong, nigga Leave me the fuck alone, you get none of this Feel the wrath, and revenge of tha' lunatic [Stretch:] Yeah Tu', tell 'em motherfuckers, word up We ain't havin' it, none of that shit! Bitch ass niggas, niggas can't fuck with us Tu', word up '91, we takin' this whole motherfucker over
The Walls Group - My Life Lyrics
See that I'm trying and no it's not a game Ain't gon' lose no sleep over what people say Just let me live my life, ah You ain't give me my life, nah You can't tell me what's right, ah You ain't lay down (You ain't lay down) You ain't lay down (You ain't lay down) You ain't lay (down) He made me great so let me be great He made me great so let ...
03 Greedo - Vulture Lyrics
[Ketchy the Great:] Killer like John Wick I got the flame on me, no Bic Bust him over the head with a Glock, I'm trippin' Meat cleaver chop him up, I'm a demon I'm schemin', I'm cold, I'm anemic I got the heater, I do not kick it like FIFA Bring it to your door like pizza Bitch I lean, I'm the tour of Pisa (mud) Head to [?], have you restin' in ...
Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows Lyrics
Everybody wants a box of chocolates. And a long stem rose. Everybody knows. Everybody knows that you love me baby. Everybody knows that you really do. Everybody knows that you've been faithful. Ah give or take a night or two. Everybody knows you've been discreet. But there were so many people you just had to meet.
ARCTURUS LYRICS - "Arcturian" (2015) album
The game is over In the blink of an eye Not tonight You turn me round oh yes I am easy to judge You win it is over Game over Addiction traps All collapse I don't care When it's over It's over Game over 6. Demon Loaded Exploded Drone Far gone A groke obscure Forevermore A vortex Black hole A ghost ship glide with the city tide Twisted drifting shell
SABATON LYRICS - "The Great War" (2019) album
Standing in the line of fire. Moving on through the fray. Coming over trench and wire. Live to fight another day. The spell has been broken. A new way to wage war has come. The future of warfare. For all to be seen, 1918. The new world approaches.
Dave Matthews - Gravedigger Lyrics
Made his great granchildren believe You could live to a hundred and three A hundred and three is forever when you're just a little kid So Cyrus Jones lived forever Gravedigger When you dig my grave Could you make it shallow So that I can feel the rain Gravedigger Muriel Stonewall 1903 to 1954 She lost both of her babies in the second great war
Eminem - Love Game Lyrics
Polow Tha Don, Drake, Dante Ross, James Conway, Kwame Guess I'm gettin my goddamn Jigga on Cause your name, I'm beyond sayin' But fuck it, I'm movin' on, you women are all cray But I'll probably always keep on playin' the game of. Love, love, love, love L-l, l-l-l-love
Chris Tomlin - Lay Me Down Lyrics
I belong to you alone. Lay me down, lay me down. Hand on my heart this much is true. There’s no life apart from you. Lay me down, lay me down. Lay me down, lay me down. Letting go of my pride. Giving up all my rights. Take this life and let it shine.
The Lox - The Family Lyrics
The Lox Lyrics. "The Family". [Styles P:] Yeah, it's the Wraith, and I chalk the great safes. On a 911 turbo with a place to vacate. I'm putting on my own soul, I'm the illest nigga to live. Since BIG, my nigga, I got faith. Me kissing Louch, my nigga, that's living proof. If you never saw poison look at us in the booth.
Insane Clown Posse - Piggy Pie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Piggy Pie' by Insane Clown Posse. Come and get it, woo! We got some fresh vittles For your fat chicken-ass to snack on, bitch So here, start wit' a slice of this fresh piggy pie, mother fuka
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