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Trillville - Eat It Up Lyrics
See me, all I wanna do is get in your draws Hit it from the back, while ya ass hit pause Mr. Funkadelic off deep in ya jaws I love the way you lick it up on the sidewalls Open up wide, let me slide on in Drinkin' on this gin make a nigga wanna sin The orgy begins, now she lickin on the tip Might as well be a tip drill, the way ya tongue flippin
Moneybagg Yo - Ask For Lyrics
She wanna dance but she ain't got the ass for it (got no ass) Bought her Chanel, she didn't have to ask for it (she ain't say no words) I swiped the card even though I had cash for it (the bag for it) This shit was slow motion but now it's fast forward (move a lil fast) I came a long way runnin' from the task force (task force)
And we gon get it on We gon get it on I know what you want Yeah I know what you want Shawty wanna scream Want it from the front back side in between Want ti all the time she . So good i see it in my dreams She want it out your back when i hit it one Do it mama one how to get it She said: Take it slow, put it down low Baby jump on me, ride like ...
Tory Lanez - Freaky Lyrics
She done heard lotta stories 'bout this cash I get She done heard lotta stories 'bout this dick I slang She wanna suck a nigga ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling, yeah Shit, I pop, through the block with my ice, I walk Shit, I fuck, through your block with the icey drop I might let your friend hit it, gotta share the rock I done hit every bitch in your ...
Juicy J - Hit It From Da Back (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Hit It From Da Back (Remix)" song by Juicy J: ... I can hit it from the back, hit it from the back, hit it from the back, I can hit it from the back Wake up in my room, sat upon my mat Woman gotta talk, I can hit it from the back
Baeza - Slow Down Lyrics
Lyrics to "Slow Down" song by Baeza: Baby just, baby just And ... she bring it back she a cold waiter ride them waves I'm a cold sailor ... get you scratchin all up on me man that G'd up a low D in the backseat get you gaspin when I hit it from the back and I be thrashin clap clap baby smackin oh your love is so you make it bring it back then I ...
YBN Almighty Jay - Takin Off Lyrics
Hit it from the back that pussy speakin' My nigga popped some xans now he tweakin Blew two bands in a strip club for no reason Bitch she broke and boujee She get on on nerves then she might just loose me These bitches choosy My friends is dead i feel like oozy These niggas goofy They diss my for clout but the shit so booty I told her t chew me
Mobb Deep - Hit It From The Back Lyrics
Hit it from the back (3X) Like dat! Hit it from the back (3X) Like dat! Uhh, knowmsayin? Check it out, word is bond Knowmsayin, gonna flip it like dis Rink-a-dink, rink-a-dink dinky dink. I used to hit raw daddy, but now I carry packs of three Bulletproof I refuse to let the monster get me I'm in, hit it from the back like that
Mykko Montana - Do It Lyrics
I'mma hit it from the front, back, side, side Girl I love the way you ... Girl I love the way you do it. When I hit the club I'm coolin A bad bitch I'm perusin' She in park but her ass be movin' Too turnt up and I can't stop groovin One look at it and she can't stop lookin' Girl Scout swag, she ain't sellin' cookies
Meek Mill - Stuck in My Ways Lyrics
If a nigga start layin' where your ho at I'm from the north side of Philly My niggas are releasin' shot where your bro at (Shot) I heard them niggas that's helpin' your hood Got depressed when you hear you can't go back (Whoo) I ain't gotta front, I get what I want If shawty a baddie, I hit from the front She got a fattie, I hit from the back
Tory Lanez - In For It Lyrics
Just hit a 5th of the bottle And I'm in for it, I'm in for it You brought your girl and she's riding But I'm in for it, I'm in for it Call over your homegirls, tell 'em I'm on it No more excuses, you always do this I know what I want, I know what I want No more excuses, no more excuses [Hook:] Shawty I want, shawty I want Whatever you want ...
R Kelly - Hit It Till The Mornin' Lyrics
Lyrics to "Hit It Till The Mornin'" song by R Kelly: Ladies, ... Come let a West Side Nigga slide this dick off in yo womb, Uh huh ... Louis Vitton, Gucci and Prada, hit it from the back and make her girlfriend holla Pimperish but he walk like a schola, Stack the paper like the almighty dolla ...
SOB x RBE - Endzone Lyrics
I ain't even hit it once, she put my friends on I'm just tryna get you while your man gone I'ma rush it til a nigga reach the endzone Chop get this business, bitch fire like a manager Hit it from the back, she can't move like I damaged her Let the chop go, this bitch paint like a pedicure Free T, free pops, got me shedding tears Lil nigga what ...
Produced By: Deko / [Hook – Quavo]/ Your bitch look like she want to fuck some’/ That’s what I did when I came in the room and I hit her with the uh (hit it!)/ When a nigga hit the plug, when I nigga hit the trap and I hit em with the pump/ Look at the pot, look at the egg beater, hit em ...
Trippie Redd - Owee Lyrics
That's your side of town, that's my side of town These hoes run up on me, I should blow em right now Hit it from the back, watch that hoe wet down [Trippie Redd & UnoTheActivist:] Baby, oh, oo, I hit the bitch from the back and she like oh, oo, ay Hold up, baby, oh, oo, I hit the bitch from the back, the back I hit the bitch from the back Uh ...
Travis Porter - Ride It Lyrics
I love it when she (ride it) Baby come on and (ride it) I know you wanna (ride it) So come on [Chorus] She was calling my phone 3 in the mornin say she all alone she wanna ride it ride it ride it Usually I hit it from the back but tonight she say she wanna ride it ride it ride it Ride it (oh yea) ride it (oh yea) ride it she wanna
E-40 - Catch A Fade Lyrics
Your bitch on sacks, in my ear like wax and this Landy got her ready to get it hit from the back She chose up chump, salute, give daps or get your face flat, you don't want that And get your nose tapped, you don't want that Get your life fucked up all over a batch Get cropped, get chopped on your head like a barber shop Have it out in the ...
Nelly - Do It (Remix) Lyrics
Dances we hit, now all along Let me see you touch toes and get low Break it all, break it all, break it all slow I be kicking shit with your main bitch And my name all on her butt Hit it from the front, drill it from the back I'm a big dog for the kitty cats In front of your house, in the back of my Lex God damn tell him he ain't doing like ...
SOB x RBE - Paid In Full Lyrics
Hit it from the back, now it's cream on my tee Remember fail in school, now it's D's in my teeth ... And I keep a side bitch that bring no problems SOB x RBE we some known goblins ... bitch you can't get the digits Switch every lane in the foreign, watch me kiss it Claim you on that field, lil' nigga get to blitzin'
UGK - She Luv It Lyrics
Hold up / And she luv it / And she luv it / Hold up / I make her get down on a dime, open up the store / Slide down slow, she ... When I hit you from the back you say don't pull it out. ... Get to pressing on your pink, gripping on your soft To the side, take a ride, from the back I break you off.
SOB x RBE - Back To Back Lyrics
Niggas get to breakin', when that choppa get to sprayin' I hit it from the back, lay her down and hit to blame 'em Lay her down and I hit that shit Nigga pull up on me, I'ma flip that whip SOB the gang and I'm in that shit IMessage for them blues, I send that bitch Aye, baby send me naked pictures I'll slap a nigga brother, I'll pimp a nigga's ...
Sage The Gemini - Make Me Feel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Make Me Feel' by Sage The Gemini. / I might hit it from the back and take you shopping / Gucci, Louis, oh, you got options / Make me feel like I'm
2 Chainz - I Do It Lyrics
I pull it, I do it [Verse 1: 2 Chainz] Hang up on a bitch, call it crucified Time to go to work, no suit and tie Bumpin' Makaveli, I be trappin' at the telly My nigga did a dime and he back already Got that sack already, man we got them racks already As far as your girl, I hit it from the back already I tried to get a tan, but I'm black already
OG 3Three - About To Make A Million Lyrics
Get the racks out the safe then we right back to trappin' ([?] back to trappin') [OG 3Three (YoungBoy Never Broke Again):] Hung up the phone, said I'm finna make a million (make a million) Nowhere to run But my main bitch steady trippin' (steady trippin') I grabbed the gun Add the three scope just to go hit it (and it's a clip)
Yo Gotti - Real Shit Lyrics
Put your hands on a real nigga then its 1st degree Get it (pow) Hit it (pow) Split it Thats all my niggas do is murk some I'm trying to hurt some Mego got a 18 wheeler, he trying to work some That bitch bad as hell, she trying to twerk some I'm give that bitch back to you cause she worst-some I'm out C-M-G I'm king
Sage The Gemini - Make Me Feel Lyrics
I might hit it from the back and take you shopping Gucci, Louis, oh, you got options Make me feel like I'm that nigga, yeah Make me feel like I'm that nigga, yeah, yeah, yeah Git it from the back and turn my cash in Red bottoms like I'm Michael Jackson Few bands for your dress Do they got your size 'cause it might just happen Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy ...
Twisted Insane - Up Late Lyrics
But don't get it fucked up - I am nothin' like you bitch, I'm from the bottom and I came a long way In the beginnin' wasn't with it, now she hit me on my line like all the time and say she wanna come play And you already know that I'm a run it, you can find me in her stomach, they know I be (up late) [Twisted Insane:]
Kevin Gates - Jam Lyrics
No draws underneath, with the slits in the side Squintin' my eyes, locked in with the notion If she squint back, bet I'm approachin' Playin' my song, slow dancin' to Strokin' Track number seven, told me it was her (jam) Do you kiss with your friend? Oh you roll with your friends? Start the car and I get in, we rollin' Let the leaf hit the green ...
Snoop Dogg - The Way Life Used To Be Lyrics
Get it to you get back hit that kick back Three flies one a way Reminisce about the things that my grandmama use to say Stay in your own lane stay on your own and quick trying to be grown Day turn to night and play turn to fight Yeah I guess my granny was right Reflections of the way life used to be It's all right
03 Greedo & Mustard - Wasted Lyrics
She trying to have a soul child, she half crazy Bitch, there ain't no money we can get it out the pavement I ain't trying to trick you, trying to put you on the slave ship Get out the zombie, so she workin' on the grave shift Turn a trick, get that change on a late night Suck this dick in a Range on a late night Focus on the campaign on a late ...
Freeway - She Makes Me Feel Alright Lyrics
Her girlfriends downstairs, her little nephew in the back room But I don't mind 'cause she, on her job And she, drive a nigga wild when she slob the knob And she, throw it back when I hit her from behind Every time, that's why I had to make her all mine, yeah [Chorus - Sample from "Mary Jane" by Rick James (Freeway)] She makes me feel alright ...
Lil' Kim - Freaky Gurl (Remix) Lyrics
Now your woman wanna get it from the front, from the back If she with it, I'm a hit it from the side Give her what she wants in the lac She a freaky and I can see it in her eyes She can go tit for tat, it's so good that I made her wanna cry A little bit of this, a little that for a two piece biscuit and sum fries
Tory Lanez - In For It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In For It' by Tory Lanez. Just hit a 5th of the bottle / And I'm in for it, I'm in for it / You brought your girl and she's riding / But I'm in for
N.O.R.E. - Eat Pussy Lyrics
Your girl faking orgasms, she don't ever cum [N.O.R.E:] Eat pussy, before I hit that shit from the back Eat pussy, before I put that Magnom on Eat pussy, before you wanna suck me off Eat pussy, homegirl, I get you right in the mood [Peedi Crakk:] I eat it in the morning, I eat it in the evening Water added at night, baby started bleading
Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle Lyrics
With working my thang to get a bitch sprung She gazing in the mirror and shit Cause once I'm in it from the back all I'm hearing is shit is [Jewell (George Clinton):] Once you get near, the pussy gets clearer (I can see it) I will do things to blow your socks off (I can feel it) Once you get near, the pussy gets clearer (Doggystyle, Doggystyle ...
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