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Lil Yachty - No Hook Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Hook' by Lil Yachty. Never thought that I would ever make it this far / Dropped out of school and started swerving foreign cars / Young reckless Top Songs ... Beat the box, no Cassius My nias pullling up with masters Came in the world dabbing Quavo, Lil Yachty, got fashion You nias slower than molasses
Yo Gotti - I Feel Like Lyrics
Shit I feel like I'm the richest in the world Cause I come from where you gone if you got a couple of birds Foreign cars up in my four garages, real nigga Still sending niggas money orders, real nigga Lost a couple of hittaz Roll one for em, smoke one for em And I got they daughters and they sons, that's why [Hook]
[Chorus/Hook] It's a lot of violence 'round here ('Round here!) So a lot of sirens 'round here A lot of people dyin' 'round here (Man down!) A lot of people cryin' 'round here Never lackin', I keep it on my hip Sneak dissing is bad for your health (Yo health!) You better be prepared 'round here A lot of peeps is scared 'round here
DJ Drama - Self Made Lyrics
[Hook: Red Cafe] I'm self made, self made Self made, self made My bitch bad, my money long My ride clean, the top gone [Verse 2: Yo Gotti] I'm a self made nigga, Richcrest villain Summer of '09 I made a mothafuckin' killin' And I'mma be a thug nigga long as I'm livin' Plugg called, homies locked up and Gotti's still dealin' Two doors, no ceiling
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