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Young Buck - Let Me In Lyrics
[50 cent] Yeah, Its 50 cent, Young Buck G-g-g-g-g-G-UNIT! We get the club jumpin' from beginning to the end Go shawty, we back up in this bitch again
Young Buck - U Ain't Goin Nowhere Lyrics
Now get that O, that's what the f**k you came here fo' Now move that body all around like a professional Damn, shorty's so flexible We can do it on the highway, I'm talkin 'bout sex to go
Young Buck - Walk With Me Lyrics
Just Walk With Me (Yeah), Walk With Me (Yeah), C'mon Walk With Me (Yeah) Now I Can Show You How To Put In Work, And Move Them Birds I Do That Dirt, Now All My Real Niggas, Walk With Me (Yeah)
Young Buck - Get That Brick Lyrics
[Chorus: Young Buck] I've been slangin' for too long See this block is my home When these rocks are all gone I'm a (Get that brick!) We up in the zone
Young Buck - The Bag Way Lyrics
[Young Buck:] Yeah The bag way Fuck these old niggas, get yo' money young nigga Let's get it [Young Buck & MoneyBagg Yo:] Now go get a check (run it up, run it up)
Young Buck - Flex Lyrics
I told my young niggas go split it up All of this shit can't fit in the casket with ya nigga living it up These broke hoes still waiting on me to come pay the bills (bitch give it up)
Young Buck - Let It Go Lyrics
[Young Buck:] Hey my nigga, down here in the dirty dirty We ain't with that fake rap beef shit You want to get into it lets go [Verse 1: Young Buck]
What did ya do to me? (What did you do to me?) What did ya do to me? (To me, ha hah) (Young Buck) Now even though I might trick a little I know you love the way I work the middle
Young Buck - Get Buck Lyrics
[Intro] Yeah!!! Get 'em Buck!!! [Verse 1] OK! I'm reloaded my bankroll swole and a nigga can't fold it I got 'em like HEY! Got 'em rollin The kush on the way and the champagne frozen
Young Buck - Taking Hits Lyrics
Get 'Em Buck, Hit 'Em Up, Ambulance Pick 'Em Up Should've Duck'd, Got Killed, Nigga Wasn't Quik Enough Shit Is Real, I Ain't Here For No Bullshit, I'm Here With A Full Clip
Young Buck - No More Games Lyrics
Young Buck - No More Games Lyrics. I just told my old bitch I'm focused baby do you remember? I told alot of these niggas fuck y'all I just roll with the stendos I've been fil
Young Buck - Move On Lyrics
Nigga I am the streets Not just the south but I'm the streeets I'm your neibourgh hood nigga They holla stop buck red light but green mean go If people see me on top and they see me broke
Young Buck - Get Your Murder On Lyrics
Lyrics to "Get Your Murder On" song by Young Buck: You niggaz got me fucked up, it's time to go to war Nigga so what's up, I bust up, any muh'fucker f...
Young Buck - Guns Go Bang Lyrics
[Chorus: Young Buck] Shots rang out, if you ain't got a gun If you don't want none Then that ass better run You can get hit In the middle of this shit
Young Buck - Buss Yo' Head Lyrics
[Intro: Young Buck] Aight rap niggaz (yeah!) You got 24 hours to live nigga (ha ha) Your time's up right motherfuckin now nigga Dah dah dah dahhhh
G-Unit - Footprints Lyrics
[Young Buck] I get down on my knees every night and say "Walk with meeeee..." [Young Buck] Hahahaha, ... Then there was one set of footprints in the sand When times get hard and shit hits the fan God don't walk with me, he carry me man [Verse Two: Young Buck] ... And if it go down, you better tell your people to duck
Young Buck - U Ain't Goin' Nowhere Lyrics
[LaToiya Williams] What did ya do to me? (What did you do to me?) What did ya do to me? (To me, ha hah) [Young Buck] Now even though I might trick a little
If I Die Tonight lyrics by Young Buck - original song full ...
Some flicks, make they time go by quick You surprised what some pictures in the penitentiary did We survived, but most of us die for some bullshit Go to church but the devil standing on the pulpit Niggas lie just to kick it, swear to God they got a meal ticket Then they call you when they about to get evicted A Underground King, I been one ever ...
Young Buck - Hard Hitters Lyrics
Lyrics to "Hard Hitters" song by Young Buck: You can smoke one to the head to this Rizin Sun, Young Buck (What), First Born (What), ... See go to war nigga, hard hitters we buck wild Just us four niggaz See we live for gunfire, kick in ya door nigga If we come at lunchtime, we afternoon killers
Young Buck - Get Money Lyrics
Lyrics to "Get Money" song by Young Buck: Whats up in the streets? (Get Money) Whats up in the streets? (Get Money) Whats up in the street...
Young Buck - Headphones Lyrics
Lyrics to "Headphones" song by Young Buck: But it's OK, cause we go hard, you know, that's why the streets for. I feel the pressure in pain, y...
Pouya - Get Buck Lyrics
Don't get out of line homies notorious committing crimes Like johnny layton I stay on my grind bitch you is basic so get ouy my life I'm a young mother fucker so I pull up to the scene
Young Buck - You Know How I Get Down Lyrics
Lyrics to "You Know How I Get Down" song by Young Buck: We come that gangsta shit, nigga! {"WHOOO! WHOOO!} Ca$hville's in the "Philldid". We at the way! Nig...
Young Buck - Money Good Lyrics
And I can build whatever, you know my money good, yeah [Chorus: Young Buck] If can get money (money) I be in the hood (hood) I be stackin paper like a real nigga should ... Go and do your thang (thang) just don't get caught Let your money talk (HEY!) I let my money talk for me If shorty wanna hate, then tell the bitch to walk
Tony Yayo - Feel It In The Air Lyrics
Lyrics to "Feel It In The Air" song by Tony Yayo: There Maybe No More Dangerous Job In The World These Days Than Being An Undercover Agent For The U...
Young Buck - The Taped Conversation Lyrics
It was a heart felt conversation for Young Buck, so yeah they heard the emotional side of me but they see the bitch nigga in u 50 believe dat. Cause see like nigga looked at chu as a big brotha my nigga 7 years I mean we done made millions togetha nigga haha.
Young Buck - I Got It Lyrics
Young Buck Chorus x2: If ever theres a drought out in your hood, i got it, coke ain't jumpin pack like it should, i got it, you ain't gotta worry bout me, i got it, the streets nigga this is where we be, i got it.
Young Buck - Get Buck [Clean] Lyrics. Yeah, get 'em, Buck Okay, I'm reloading my bankroll swole and I just can't fold it I got 'em like, hey, got 'em rollin' the skittles on the
Young Buck - 4 Kings Lyrics
Just another young nigga havin' thangs man (I gotta get, I, I gotta get it get it) I was standin' on the corner slangin' 'caine (tryna make it do what it do) [Verse 1 - Young Buck]
Young Buck - Look At Me Now Lyrics
[Young Buck:] You Know, Growin Up In The Hood, Is Gon' Do All Kinds Of Thangs, Ya Heard? Some Of Its Good, Some Of Its Bad, But The Things You Go Through In Life, Make You Who You Are
Young Buck - Narcos Lyrics
Young Buck Lyrics "Narcos" I'm bout to run me up a check again Thank the Lord, I just met another Mexican ... go get the mula Still I pull up and pick up the pack, don't let me fool ya I'm rockin Givenchy in these trenches, nigga I put insurance on the bags that they sent me, nigga I know the lil nigga that ran off with that sack I know them ...
Young Buck - The Get Back Lyrics
Young Buck Lyrics "The Get Back" I see we had a long night last night 10 cops shot, Dallas what it do? Cashville we on our way (Hey!) I just seen some killer's get some get back I tried to tell these police that we with dat ... Make these nigga's load up and go kill a cop right now!
Young Buck - Stomp That Snitch Lyrics
Lyrics to "Stomp That Snitch" song by Young Buck: G Unit South Niggas know whats up Its about to go down in this bitch Everybody in this motherfuck...
Young Buck - Refill Lyrics
Young Buck Lyrics "Refill" Fatality I'm fucking rhyme with the work (whip it) ... She really real nigga's refill you won't gas up I bet we will ... I sit down and count you know what I'm about Go and get to work in the drought (I roll) Make safety first check paperwork shit all good but I could make it worse nigga better not open up his mouth ...
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