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Last Command - God Of Pain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God of Pain' by Last Command. Turning dreams to nightmares, always there at night / Cannot see you but you're there, just out of my sight / Drown me.
BATTLE BEAST LYRICS - "Bringer Of Pain" (2017) album
Behold the living God A power inhumane. The burning of the blood. I'm the venom in your veins. A savior sent to earth. The one to ...
God Of Nothing - Bringer of Pain lyrics
Lyrics for Bringer of Pain by God Of Nothing. ... Bringer of Pain - Lyrics. God Of Nothing. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
A NIGHT IN TEXAS LYRICS - "The God Delusion" (2015) album
A NIGHT IN TEXAS lyrics - "The God Delusion" (2015) album, including "The River Of Pain", "Death Scripture", "The Priest Of Lechery"...
"God of evil, you're the god of pain" (Call yourself whatever you want except the multi-million man) "Lucifer, oh lucifer" (Call yourself whatever you want except ...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Game Of Pain
Lyrics to "Game Of Pain" song by MONTANA OF 300: I remember coming home back from the ... Thank god we ain't broke no mo', ain't gotta kick doors no mo'
You seek a God who stands above you. Wrapping healing arms around you. You' ll find another God of pain. A God of suffering and tears. Give yourself unto ...
SIN OF GOD LYRICS - "Limbus" (2012) album
And gave war and suffering to Earth God's curse is as old as the creation. From the Seeds ov Death and Pain Life has ...
Bebo Norman - God Of My Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Of My Everything' by Bebo Norman: God of my hope, God of my need God of my pain that no one else will ever see God of my healing, God of my.
GRAVE DIGGER LYRICS - "Clash Of The Gods" (2012) album
God of terror - reign of the dead. God of terror - the sky turns to red. God of terror - reign of pain. God of terror - slaves in the bloody rain. Summon the immortal, to ...
PAIN LYRICS - Computer God
Lyrics to "Computer God" song by PAIN: Computerized technology Wipes out all your enemies Digital world controls A dying analogue blasphemy...
GOD OF NOTHING LYRICS - "Tormentor" (2014) album
The Swarm. [Instrumental]. 2. Bringer Of Pain. 3. Scum Crust. 4. Pitiful Waste. 5. Death In You. It's what you fear the most. It is the thing you see. In your worst ...
U-God - Pleasure And Pain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pleasure and Pain' by U-God. / Representin... how much gold can one man claim? / Over horizon, recognize him, it's candy rain / Flusty, lookin out.
BIG & RICH LYRICS - Thank God For Pain
Lyrics to "Thank God For Pain" song by BIG & RICH: Crushed, smoked, twisted up And burned like a cigarette Tossed away In the rain with no regret I've...
DA' T.R.U.T.H. LYRICS - Pain
I know you wanna cry from the hurt and pain. It's hard to see God in the eye of the hurricane. And so you wanna turn away from this chapter in your life wanna ...
Lyrics to "Tree Of Pain" song by SOULFLY: My pain is as deep as my roots The yearning, the ... This pain is more than I can take ... Carved my name, my god
MORBID ANGEL LYRICS - "Covenant" (1993) album
Pain is to godliness. Bleeding for Ecstasy Pain Divine Locked in vicious. Offer to the sado-gods. Nails driven through my dreams. Bleeding - Pain is a god's ...
God still raise up a champion. In the mist of the hurt, In the midst of the pain, In the midst of distractions, He said you are the chosen one. They said you will never ...
Lyrics to "God" song by JOHN LENNON: God is a Concept by which we measure our pain I'll say it again God is a Concept by which we measure...
TOTAL DEVASTATION LYRICS - "Roadmap Of Pain" (2003) album
I am pain and desire. I am forbidden dreams. I am flames in your fire. I am reality. I am god. I am not salvation. Forever coming again ...
That God could heal my broken home. As I sleep the sleep of death. God open my eyes. As I sleep the sleep of pain. God open my mind. As I sleep the sleep of ...
UNANIMATED LYRICS - "Ancient God Of Evil" (1995) album
UNANIMATED lyrics - "Ancient God Of Evil" (1995) album, including "Die Alone", "Dying Emotions Domain", "Ruins"... ... Cleansed from the pain - Reborn in
Pain Of Salvation - Waking Every God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Waking Every God' by Pain Of Salvation. Ticking / Ticking / Wishing / Wishing / Standing here in Buda trying to explain / To myself and to the girl.
T-PAIN LYRICS - I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)
Lyrics to "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)" song by T-PAIN: Goddamn Lil Mama U know u ... U got them big ass hips god damn! [Verse 1] Got the body of a goddess
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - For The Greater Good Of God
Are you a man of peace. Or man of holy war. Too many sides to you. Don't know which any more. So many full of life. But also filled with pain. Don't know just ...
Lyrics to "Pain Is Love" song by JA RULE: Love don't love me Is the only thing that seems to hold me God can you explain why Love don't lov...
Deathstars - Our God The Drugs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Our God The Drugs' by Deathstars. I dream... / And the laws ... And as they scream as faces of pain betrayed as tears by the rain. And as they sing, they  ...
Meaning Of Pain - Hallowed God lyrics
Lyrics for Hallowed God by Meaning Of Pain. ... Hallowed God - Lyrics. Meaning Of Pain. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
Lyrics to "Pain" song by HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD: (Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry Goodbye! ... My god I keep bleeding ... If I could take all this pain away
Z-RO LYRICS - Life Is A Struggle And Pain
[Hook x2] Life is a struggle and pain, I can't see the. Sunny days 'fore the rain, G-O-D please. Help me to maintain, because I don't. Wanna die, if I'm living in vein
Lyrics to "Back To God" song by RANDY HOUSER: Have you looked around, have you ... You gotta cry, rain tears of pain ... We gotta give this world back to God
SUICIDAL ANGELS LYRICS - "Bloodbath" (2012) album
1. Bloodbath 2. Moshing Crew 3. Chaos (The Curse Is Burning Inside) 4. Face Of God 5. Morbid Intention To Kill 6. Summoning Of The Dead 7. Legacy Of Pain
Frally - Pain Is My God lyrics
Sep 12, 2015 Lyrics for Pain Is My God by Frally. Baby, I ain't playing by your rules. Tell me, did you really think I would? I will drink this glass of pain fill it up a ...
LAMB OF GOD LYRICS - Ghost Walking
Lyrics to "Ghost Walking" song by LAMB OF GOD: 1, 2, 3 Do you remember when word was bond, a fleeting promise in the ... Shots fired just to numb the pain
Dark Funeral - Goddess Of Sodomy Lyrics
Come forth, the goddess of sodomy. My body is the source of pain, bow. Worship me.......And suck my soul. Every single hole in you is mine, so now. Obey.
Pro-pain - Act Of God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Act Of God' by Pro-pain. I can hear a voice inside / its telling me to try to hold on / I tried to give it up / but then you put me back to where I.
PRO-PAIN LYRICS - "Act Of God" (1999) album
Stand Tall. I can hear a voice inside it's telling me to try to hold on. I tried to give it up but then you put me back to where I belong now faced with a bitter rival
Lyrics to "After The Pain" song by BETTY WRIGHT: Well, I couldn't resist the urge to tell you the end of my story ... You see God is gonna bless me for lovin' you
SIMONIA LYRICS - "In Embrace Of Pain" (1998) album
On the dark river God will hold me tight. Under the light of the fullmoon me and my brothers pray. For us the silence of ...
Lyrics to "Game's Pain" song by THE GAME: Eyyy-yeaa... Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah. ... I swear to God, it feel like every day is my birthday. Let the top down, ...

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