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Julia Holter - God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes' by Julia Holter.
Horace Family - God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes lyrics
Lyrics for God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes by Horace Family.
R KELLY LYRICS - I'll Never Leave
So dry your weeping eyes..cause i'll be here by your side, ... God put us together, nothing can't take that away ... Girl, I will put my life..on bended knees for you.
Anita Wilson - Keep On Praisin' Lyrics
... say bow my head and cry But the holy spirit says I can dry my weeping eyes ... I remember that my God He is more than enough He will never leave nor He'll ...
WHITE LION LYRICS - When The Children Cry
Lyrics to "When The Children Cry" song by WHITE LION: Little child Dry your crying eyes How can I explain The fear you feel inside 'Cause you were born In...
1, In the Green Wild. 2, God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes. 3, So Lillies. 4, World. 5, Sea Calls Me Home (Live at RAK). 6, This Is Ekstasis. 7, World.
R. Kelly - I'll Never Leave Lyrics
So dry your weeping eyes. Cause I'll be here by ... God put us together. Nothing can take that ... Girl I will put my life on bended knees for you. Ask all my friends, ...
Christafari - Cry No More lyrics
Cry No More lyrics by Christafari: Dry your weeping eyes my brethren. Cry no more, no. Dry your teary eyes my sistren. Cry no more, no (Rev.
PYOGENESIS LYRICS - "Twinaleblood" (1995) album
Weeping Sun 4. ... God Complex 12. ... But my lungs are dry not able to work ... Lost my will to live and lost all I adore .... I'm all tied up, my eyes are always shut
OTIS REDDING LYRICS - That's How Strong My Love Is
that's how strong my love is. Thats how strong my love is baby. baby that's how strong my love is. I'll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears. And you can go  ...
MY THRENODY LYRICS - "An Angel And The Eternal Silence ...
MY THRENODY lyrics - "An Angel And The Eternal Silence" (2002) album, including "In Articulo Mortis", "Eternally", ". ... I can no longer speak and what I still can hear ... of god We fight for peace, are we alone? ... I'll dry my weeping eyes,
SOUL EMBRACED LYRICS - "Dead Alive" (2008) album
My God, is it too late? This is my ... I pray my Lord will cleanse this and wash away my shame. Its pleasure is ... No more weeping, dry your eyes. You've come so ...
MY DYING BRIDE LYRICS - "For Lies I Sire" (2009) album
MY DYING BRIDE lyrics - "For Lies I Sire" (2009) album, including "Death Triumphant", "A Chapter On ... Of my long arms, weeping ... Flowing deep into me from your eyes ... I will weep forever, oh my god why? ... In an issue of drying blood
Andraé Crouch - Take Me Back lyrics
$writer_name. Post my meaning; Write my explanationnew ... And dry my weeping eyes. ... There you can add structure tags, correct typos or add missing words.
Trynna keep my spirits high so I can walk in, (into your life) ... I thank you God. Cause everybody ... And if I did you dry my eyes and hold me, I'm so glad that you
THE AMITY AFFLICTION LYRICS - "This Could Be Heartbreak ...
I can hear the weeping song ... Will you miss me when I'm gone? ... Place the pennies on my eyes ... God help me, I've fallen away ..... The river has run dry
DAEMONICIUM LYRICS - "Through Time And Death..." (2004) album
Where is my God, where are you now?! Where are you ... "Because your love is strong my blood will forever live" .... My heart is weeping but eyes remains dry
I saw the Holy City, Descending from the sky So brilliant with the light of God The city is ... And God Himself will wipe the tears. From every weeping eye ... And every tear made dry .... 6, My Help - Psalm 121;The Way Of Wisdom Album Version ...
MY DYING BRIDE LYRICS - "Like Gods Of The Sun" (1996) album
MY DYING BRIDE lyrics - "Like Gods Of The Sun" (1996) album, including "For My Fallen Angel", "Here In The Throat", "It Will Come"... ... Woman of mine you'll never close your eyes. So I hide myself away ... Bleeding, weeping, calling to no- one. Pleading ... You're killing for your God, the stench that you have trod. The world ...
MAROON 5 LYRICS - Wipe Your Eyes
Lyrics to "Wipe Your Eyes" song by MAROON 5: I'm afraid that I gotta do what I gotta do But if I let you go, where you gonna go? We gotta ... We can turn this around please let me be first ... I run my thumb across your cheek (across your cheek)
LEPROUS LYRICS - "Aeolia" (2006) album
LEPROUS lyrics - "Aeolia" (2006) album, including "Eye Of The Storm", "Close Your Heart", ... God love me I know that he ... Image burned to my eyes ... Last word weeping ... I will wake when you drown ... Someone sucked your life dry
Filled with dry bones baking in the sun. Remains that used ... He spoke God's words, the bones began to shake. He stared ... For soon these arisen warriors will battle again. For they have ... But now he stares into the lifeless eyes. Believers ... But this time he comes broken and weeping. With tears of ... My Own Worst Enemy
BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED LYRICS - "Novella Of Uriel" (2001) album
strange that pain brings my name to your lips but I am not ... be still for I am now your god fall into my arms and ... hand in hand these eyes will never lie ... my eyes and woulds are still weeping let it dry up so I can fly again biting my tongue in ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh ...
Dusk in her eyes. Torn bloody weeping skies ... Where the hungry ones will carry my soul. As the wild hunt ... The darkness in my eyes ... Am I to bleed myself dry just to see your delight? And the .... Regardless of the cost to your repugnant god
So dry your weeping eyes 'Cause I'll be here by ... God put us together, nothing can't take that away ... Girl, I will put my life on bended knees for you. Ask all my ...
She climbed in his bed, starts rubbing and weeping, ah, she was twisting and turning, ... And you know my body is hungry, oh yeah, and then God rolled the thunder ... Just then the devil, oh he emerged from the water, and he said in that dry voice. Your God will not barter, reverend lee, he went screaming from the water
INFANT ANNIHILATOR LYRICS - "The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution"
Pray and hope that God will hear as I am fucking you. ... eyes upon a mother weeping at the feet of her murdered family. I grab ... He lurks beneath my skin and stares through my eyes. Through me .... One by one the worms dry out in the sun at ...
And his anointing I can feel. He shed his blood (ohh ohh ohh). For my ... Don't you cry (ohh ohh ohh) stop your weeping (ohh ohh ohh) He has ... wipe your eyes
BROKEN FLESH LYRICS - "Broken Flesh" (2015) album
as the blade enters my flesh. screams of torture fill the air. body carved for my allegiance. bled dry and made a mockery. as the blade enters my flesh. screams of torture fill the ... Every knee will bow, every tongue confess. ... Abba God, why have you abandoned me? ... My kingdom of jealousy stripped away before my eyes.
SHATTERED HOPE LYRICS - "Absence" (2010) album
Follow this light upon my eyes. Days are ... Staring nowhere, you can't hide. You die every time ... It will be no star in my sky. I'll never ... Dry my lips with your kiss ... Now tears from her weeping eyes. A touch ... Drown in fear, failed for your God
HELL LYRICS - "Curse And Chapter" (2013) album
Bleeding eyes witness this evil extreme - the last Antichrist, the Disposer ... Can't you hear my soul is calling - save me from this world of pain ... Through this Gos, this God of fear - we sin here, then in fear we die ... I am the fly that vomits acid on your weeping eyes ... They'll suck out your humanity 'til they bleed you dry
MAKE THEM SUFFER LYRICS - "Old Souls" (2015) album
I'll go and gather my stories, try not to spoil the end. It's been so ... Dry those eyes, they're so telling of age. Fleeting, their ... where I can breathe the air, where I ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Bitter Suites To Succubi" (2001) album
Sat gargoyle-limbed amid My licking flame. A cruel ... I bored of war with God with greater thrones to claim... All heil, all heil ... Her eyes revealed, as Brocken's peak . Tried once ... How many secrets can they read by your face? Will they ... Torn bloody weeping skies .... Am I to bleed myself dry just to see your delight? And the ...
ILLUMINATA LYRICS - "Where Stories Unfold" (2015) album
Caressed and treasured in my heart. And given ... In God's name I will slaughter the savage in your soul ... In embrace of nothingness and energy I opened my eyes ... as wells of olden days run dry ... Blessed by weeping eyes we'll never see
NOVEMBERS DOOM LYRICS - "Amid It's Hallowed Mirth" (1995 ...
focus of my journey Will shine the light of harmony. Lick the drops of wine that trickle from my lips. Taste its sweetness For you are closer to your God And I am a warrior of lost souls. Could ... eyes of the infinite. ... The tears of the beautiful dry like moisture on a winters ... Between my love, and my heart lies a weeping willow.
ENOCHIAN CRESCENT LYRICS - "Omega Telocvovim" (1999) album
The dry land will drown under ... A luminous spear brought new light into my blinded eyes ... Through inverted names of a god .... Dare you listen their weeping
RINGS OF SATURN LYRICS - "Lugal Ki En" (2014) album
Dry your eyes / Hide your face with your hands / One last breath / Hold it in ... Put that gun to your head / You're a fucking disgrace / Can your god save you now.
DRACONIAN LYRICS - "Sovran" (2015) album
While god stays sound asleep ... In adoration bowing can I find you in your dark? ... And radiant life to falter and beautiful tears to dry: .... The cuts in my flesh, the red in your eyes (Watch me fall). ... They see weeping the newborn horizon
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes lyrics
6 explanations, 8 meanings to In Your Eyes lyrics by Peter Gabriel: Love I get so lost, sometimes / Days pass and this emptiness fills my. ... I lay here in bed, not sleeping, but rather, weeping at 3 A. M in loneliness that can't ... The grand facade of dry eyes and wholeness and strength that my young children need now can ...
ABYSMAL DAWN LYRICS - "Leveling The Plane Of Existence ...
Reality of a fiction in my eyes. Violence engulfs the ... Indoctrination of your God [ Chorus:] ... With the knowledge that you will surely die [Chorus] ... The fountains of your youth have run dry [Chorus] .... Hear the weeping brood of all mankind

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