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Drake - Shut It Down Lyrics
go go go get em girl, go go go hit em girl go go go go go go you looking good girl go go go get em girl, go go go hit em girl go go go go go go you shut it down [Drake:] The way I’m feeling, the things I say all just happen, when you pass my way what can I do to make you stay I know its getting late but girl I don’t want you to leave
Drake - Come Thru Lyrics
Drake "Come Thru": We had the type of ... I was trippin' off how I used to sleep at ya crib, Should drive by right where you live, and pick you up on the way We ain't spoke in so long, probably put me in the past ... They already had a stage and a booty pole Its supposed to be a lot of hard working going on
Drake - Zone Lyrics
Bust my girlfriend booty 'round like the merry-go, Bitches like where he at, they be like there he go. And this verse deserve a burial. Don't cry for me, this ain't ma'fuckin' mario, Yea, and polo isn't at my session Mr. anticipation Ima keep you niggas guessing like.. Ok, ok, I'm grown, grown Party at my house but I'm home, alone
Drake - Nonstop Lyrics
Reasons to go crazy, got a trillion for real They been trying me but I'm resilient for real I can't go in public like civilian for real And I hardly take offense Money for revenge, man that's hardly an expense Al Haymon checks off of all of my events I like all the profit man I hardly do percents (I don't do that shit)
Drake - Put It Down Lyrics
Can't take your eyes off me, like when you watch the wire And in '0-10 we finna go in So let the opposition know there is no win And I am no friend so put your hand down Tell em stand down before it's man down [Drake - Chorus] Uhhh, since your telling on me Tell the World bout me Ask your girl about me, she probably tell you Put it down, put it ...
Drake - Best I Ever Had Lyrics
You don't even trip when friends say you ain't bringing Drake along You know that I'm working I'll be there soon as I make it home And she a patient in my waiting room Never pay attention to the rumours and what they assume And until 'em girls prove it I'm the one that never get confused with 'Cause baby you're my everything, you're all I ever ...
Drake - Fancy Lyrics
Go, go, go, go As we proceed [Drake:] Uh, 5 and a half in boys Ass is off the hook Cinderella bout to lose the glass off her foot And when I find it is when I find you And we can do the things we never got the time to Better late than never But never late is better They tell me time is money, well we'll spend it together
wifisfuneral - I Think I'm Drizzy Drake Lyrics
I'm fresh up off the tour feelin like I got a million off my face Imma talk my shit for days Cause since I was a broke boy they told me paper chase I ain't even got a deal but got the Internet on waves I'm URL flexing in my IRL grave Your hoe go call me senpai cause she think a nigga famous I swear I do this stainless Your hoe go fuck around ...
French Montana - Pop That Lyrics
I'm a beast, I'm off the leash I am rich like a bitch On my pro-active shit Pop that pussy like a zit I go by the name Lil Tunechi Your girl is a groupie And nigga, you's a square And I would twist you like a rubix Motherfucker I'm on my skateboard Watch me do a trick hoe I'm 5′ 5" but I could 6-9 Then beat that pussy like Klitschko
Ooh the hoes go for me Have your chick send a pic like pose for me That's how it post to be That's how it post to be That's how it post to be Everything good like it post to be [Verse 1: Omarion] Pull up to the club and it go up Make your girl fall in love when I show up It's not my fault she want to know me She told me you was just a homie
Drake - Do Not Disturb Lyrics
Always tryin' to let go of anything that'll burden me That's the reason you can feel the tension and the urgency Last chance I get to make sure that you take it personally Take this shit to heart, it's always executed perfectly If we do a song it's like takin' my kids to work with me You overnight celebrity, you one day star
Drake - Best I Ever Had (Remix) Lyrics
[Drake: Verse 1] Know you got a roommate Call me when its no one there Put the key under the mat And you know I'll be over there (Yup) I'll be over there Shawty, I'll be over there I'll be hitting all the spots that u ain't even know was there Ha. And you ain't even have to ask twice You can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice
Beyoncé - Yoncé Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Yoncé' by Beyoncé. See me up in the club with fifty-leven girls Posted in the back, diamond fangs in my grill Brooklyn brim with my eyes sitting low Every boy in here with me got that smoke Every girl in here got to look me up and down All on Instagram, cake by the pound Circulate the image every timeI come around
Drake - Zone Lyrics
Plus my girlfriend booty round like the merry go B-tches like where he at, they be like there he go And this verse deserve a burial Don t cry for me this ain t motha f-cking Mario Yeah, and polo isn t at my session Mr Anticipation Ima keep you n-ggas guessing like
Hustle Gang - Go Off Lyrics
I ain't Kevin Gates but I eat that booty for a stack, let's go [Trae Tha Truth:] Nah, she gon' get this workout, in a different weight class ... Make the hoe go off, go off, go off, go off, go off, go off We go up, go off, go off Submit Corrections. AZLyrics. H. Hustle Gang Lyrics. compilation: "We Want Smoke" (2017) Friends. Go Off.
Drake - Where Were You Lyrics
But when I heard you'd gone I hate that I looked desperate You gone is like me naked I'm steering not to crash Trying to make it last Keep looking close behind me My eyesight on a memory I thought you would've called by now, by now You could have all my love right now, by now Gave into my fears While you just disappeared That's why I'm asking ...
Sleepy Hallow - Deep End Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deep End Freestyle' by Sleepy Hallow. [Intro] -go off the deep end I don't think you wanna go off the deep end I don't think you wanna go off the deep end I don't think you wanna, give me a reason
Drake Bell - On To You Lyrics
Running off to It's not the first time You've left me behind Coming home in the middle Of the night You climb into bed What's on your breath? You say it's just a night out With your friends But I'm not stupid You never hid it well I could always tell You never thought I knew But I was on to you I should've known You weren't alone I heard his ...
Drake - Come Winter Lyrics
Off This I'm Kinda Takin It Back For A Second, I Get Her Number She Tells Me To Call Her After This Session And So I Do, And It's Kind Of Awkward, The Surface Hard To Scratch Until We End Up Sexin And Now My Heart Attached I'm Thinkin Off I Should've Been More Southern And Realizing All That She Wanted Was That Indoor Lovin And Ho! [Talking ...
Git Fresh - Booty Music Lyrics
Makin love to booty music Go Aries! It's your birthday (hey) Go Libra! It's your birthday (hey) Go Scorpio! It's your birthday Makin love to booty music Aint nothin wrong. Like a good slow song But the way you be booty shakin Turns me on (on) It turns me on It turns me on and on and on Can't keep my cool. You got me faded Baby thats just amazing
Chris Brown - Juicy Booty Lyrics
Ever since you've been gone, I've been running through All these girls, they don't compare to you (compare to you) The way you throw that shit back (back) Ain't so fast but they don't do it like you (fast) And girl, I know it's wrong but I'm still stuck on you (woo, ooh) The way you used to look in your jeans before I took 'em off
But you should miss a little when I'm gone I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone Oh shit, motherfucker, goddamn Kicking bitches out the condo like Pam Getting money everyday, I'ma groundhog 'Bout to scoop your girl up like a ground ball I walk light so I don't piss the ground off Man, I swear my bitches do it 'til they suck the ...
French Montana - Pop That Lyrics
I'mma beast, I'm off the leash I am rich like a bitch On my pro-active shit Pop that pussy like a zit I go by the name Lil Tunechi Your girl is a groupie And nigga, you's a square And I would twist you like a rubix Motherfucker I'm on my skateboard Watch me do a trick hoe I'm 52 5" but I could 6-9 Then beat that pussy like Klistcko
Drake - The Calm Lyrics
Uh, I'm just so far gone, october's own, Please leave me alone Drunk off champagne screamin' in the phone See my house is not a home, fuck is goin' on Where did we go wrong, where do we belong Caught up in the game and it's one I can't postpone Meaning if it rains I'm the one it's raining on When my diamond chain is on still nothing set in stone Women borrow sweaters that I spray with my ...
Trey Songz - Chill Lyrics
Chilling with a nigga put your clothes over there, chilling with a nigga, got your booty in the air Chilling with me, you won't wanna leave, when a nigga go deep, I'mma make you sing (Sing to me) You go, all them lames in your face You ain't even gotta deal with them niggas, keep it real with a nigga Come chill with a nigga, come chill with a nigga
Eminem - Fuck Off Lyrics
Yo', I woke up fucked up off the liquor I drunk, I had a bag of the skunk won in last nights tunk, pussy residue was on my penis, Denise from the cleaners, fucked me good, you should of seen this, big booty bitch, switch unbearable, french roll stylin', body like a stallion, sizin'
Trey Songz - Drop It Low Lyrics
Now grab that baby oil from up off the dresser. And I'm a rub it in all over your body, Goin' in head first Kamikaze. Drop It Low Girl! You say you like the way my booty booty booty pop. You say you like the way my booty booty booty rock. You say you like the way my booty booty booty Drop Drop Drop Drop. Ladies
Ugly God - Welcome To The Booty Tape Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Welcome To The Booty Tape' by Ugly God. So what's your opinion on Ugly God, mom? A lot of people have wanted me to do that This two videos we just saw? Yeah Oh, good luck to him, because whatever he made off that is not gonna be--no What you mean?
Future - Used To This Lyrics
Stack of booty bitches, I got used to this There's Iceland in my wrist, I done got used to this Tropicana bitches, I got all kinda flavors Selling dope all my life, I can't do minimum wage (nah) Dirty-dirty money, I got used to this (gang) I give you my whole heart till there ain't nothing to give (Future)
YBN Almighty Jay - Takin Off Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Takin Off' by YBN Almighty Jay. [Hook] Bitch I'm taking off, leave your panties on when you fuck don't take em off She tryna have my babies keep the rubber on don't take it off Taking off the rari' with the top I had to take it off Niggas in they feelings 'cause they see a nigga takin off
BTS (방탄소년단) - Dynamite Lyrics
just move like we off the wall Day or night the sky's alight So we dance to the break of dawn Ladies and gentlemen I got the medicine so you should keep ya eyes on the ball huh. This is getting heavy Can you hear the bass boom I'm ready Life is sweet as honey Yeah this beat cha ching like money Disco overload I'm into that I'm good to go
Prince - Love 2 The 9's [Explicit] Lyrics
U'd b better off cheating Than trying 2 read my mind. Don't use that magical, mysterious, Intoxicating joy, Fantastic, fascinating Word called love Unless u love me 2 the 9's This is the only kind of love That I've been dreaming of The kind of love that takes away Ur body, mind, and soul Love 2 the 9's, baby I wanna b loved 2 the 9's I wanna b ...
I just find a way to let it go When the lights don't glow the same way that they use to And I finally get a moment to myself I will realize you were everything I'm missing And you tell me you're in love with someone else So can you do me a favor if I pull it together Make it sooner than later, we won't be here forever And I realize I waited to know
AnthonyxJohn - Dante (feat. Buddy Lofton) Lyrics
Lyrics for Dante (feat. Buddy Lofton) by AnthonyxJohn. Yeah Straight up Yeah I'm locked in my head and I can't make bail Depression's a bitch an...
Everette - Break It To Me Lyrics
Any minute now, you're gonna be gone girl Slow or fast Shatter like glass Break down and make a scene I know you're gonna break my heart, girl But how you gonna break it to me. Are you gonna want one more last time Leave a few lines a little blurry Gonna kiss me with a goodbye smile Or baby are you gonna try to burn me. How's it gonna go down
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