Got a bunch of commas then i rolled up with the rolex lyrics

Get lyrics of Got a bunch of commas then i rolled up with the rolex song you love. List contains Got a bunch of commas then i rolled up with the rolex song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

If you've got a rollie then hold it up. If you ain't got a ... Whole clique, rock 'n' roll looks like that. Got chick ... Every dope boy dream to have a Rolex Everybody in ...
Future - My Lyrics
Roll some herb up, pour some syrup up. They tried to infiltrate us and then betrayed us. I told you way before ... I got love for all my savages with itchy fingers . I got love but it ... The fame is doing a lot of damage to my friendships. If Esco didn't ...
LUDACRIS LYRICS - Roll Out (My Business)
Lyrics to "Roll Out (My Business)" song by LUDACRIS: Roll out! ... You take a pick , while I'm rubbin the hips, touchin lips to the top of the dick and then whewwww! ... Get up out my face, you couldn't relate, wait to take place at a similar pace
BIG SEAN LYRICS - All Your Fault
Your bitch got a bitch, your spouse got another spouse. Young Walt Disney, I'ma tell you truthfully. If you leave Mickey you gon' end up with a Goofy ... Got me thinkin' back bout how I used to roll to Little Caesar's ... (Niggas want the comma, comma combination) Long as I'm around, it's gon' be dot dot dot a lot of waitin' Got ...
I got a link in my bio my bitch do the salsa like pico de gallo ... She shine like a Rolex, got that from her momma ... That booty gon' roll and it's outta control ... Growing up I ain't have my brother cause he said the streets gave him a fresh start
Sippin' all of this purple, it got me too damn high. They say there down for ... I'm barely getting time to see my son and then she heard of me. Baby momma trippin  ...
Hold up wait for a minute, I got some shit to explain, we didn't ... Bronx syle rolex, quick like boflex. A weak nigga ... Thats why yo main bitch can't wait till my nigga roc get out. My braclet for your ... I blow up by the oz then call a couple thousand
Bcplvlysl Lyrics - Neako
Rolling up, I keep floating up. All these hoes, they ... I'm like hold up ho, gotta wait in line, gotta take your time. Even though ... Go to white with the pearl, Rolex nigga watch it do the twirl. Now I get ... Then she suddenly twisting weed from earlier that I had got. Whipping ... Make dollars make cents, make sense make comma's
E-40 LYRICS - Countdown
Lyrics to "Countdown" song by E-40: (Ballin') Got a blunt rolled, full of OG Double lean cup, can't catch me Grey Goose to ... Grey Goose to the face, and I'm 'bout to go up into space ... Big Face crown on my wrist (rolex) ... If its curly I straighten if its straight then I leave it curly ... Comma, zero-zero-zero-comma-zero-zero-zero
On some G Shit I got my chips up now I'm balling. On some Kieth ... I went to school with niggas, snatched they bitch then tutor niggas. My hoes smoke I watch them, don't roll the blunts I just cop them. Feed her shots ... 40/40 bank 40 commas

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