Got some gangsters in the bag yeah we down for that lyrics

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Lyrics to "Oldie" song by ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL: Yo, shout out to everybody ... In a bag and wrapping them in seran wrap bandages ... To have some type of knowledge that is one perception ... Jasper got the Henny, my nigga we get it in ... I need a bitch to go down like a Nitty beat .... Yeah, fuck that
GANG STARR LYRICS - Code Of The Streets
So let's get a car, you know, a fly whip. Get a dent, pull a screwdriver, and be off quick. With a dope ride, yeah, and a rowdy crew. We can bag us a Benz and an ...
And let me lick you up and down (Let me take you up and ... know you tryna get it off. Turn the Bryson Tiller off, let me fuck you to this gangster music. Party bag and I can't refuse it ... We wasn't deep at first but now we got our feelin's in. When I'm on the road she missin' me, yeah cause she not on that. When I'm layin', I'm on  ...
We got racks on racks on racks (racks), racks on racks on racks (racks) Racks on racks ... I know it's some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! I roll one and roll ... Better make, sure you fuck ya girl right 'fore I dick her, down (Flocka!) ... And all she want is more bags, but all I want is more ones
RICH GANG LYRICS - Bigger Than Life
Lyrics to "Bigger Than Life" song by RICH GANG: Look around, is this where you wanna be? (Yeah ... Oooooh when the sun goes down we gonna be alright (yeah , the sun do shine, nigga) ... Cooking up some keys, flip it with some B's Yeah ... Gucci bag full of chips nigga ... Got that drop top Maybach, smelling like payback
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Smoking On Purple
... that we get high to. That gangster music nigga ... This that shit that we get high to… yeah. It's murder ... When you down and out, don't nobody trust you. But when you ... [Lil' Webbie] Smoking on that doja I done got a bag for cheap, nigga ... This shit must got something in it, niggas slipped some crack with weed. Ain't no ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Dreams & Nightmares
Lyrics to "Dreams & Nightmares" song by LIL' WAYNE: Turn the music down in ... Turn the music down in my headphones, (yeah) that noise in the background ... I got some new shoes and a bag of hair for ya" ... Soon as we get to yo block it's the fucking other way around ... Blood Gang red rain on these niggas hot if you dry
DEAD PREZ LYRICS - Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)
Lyrics to "Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)" song by DEAD PREZ: Holton Street ... All the pain got me on some migraine shit ... I know a way we can get paid you can get down but you can't be afraid ... Coming out the mall with the shopping bags ... Hell yeah. If you claiming gangsta. Then bang on the system. And show that you  ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Down In The DM (Remix)
Lyrics to "Down In The DM (Remix)" song by YO GOTTI: If she respond to this DM, boy you fucked up She took your pictures off her ... Do be in some gangs, couple Cs on their bag, bitches ... Felt them thick lips and got wood ... He said, "Yeah"
If that's some Perc, nigga pour that. We the realest, you know that (Just took the loud out the turkey bag) If you got lemon then roll that (We off a pound, can you ...
... Heah hah hah! I'm serious nigga one of y'all niggaz got this ass motherfuckin up Aiy baby, aiy bab... ... But (but what) we don't love them hoes, yeah! So we ... Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice ... Now, that, I got me some Seagram's gin ... My homey Dr. Dre came through with a gang of Tanqueray
Lyrics to "Paint Tha Town" song by RICH GANG: Yeah, Bigger than life, YMCMB Flashy Life, Yeah (Blehh) Red everything, Red (Red) Bentley Chop ... Chop a nigga down and tell his momma red send me ... And when we hit the club we come in with them trash bags ... The say I'm out of my mind like I got a cocaine addiction
Lyrics to "War Ready" song by RICH GANG: Hey look man I got a ruger on me now I got like four baby choppers Know what I ... We got guns plus machetes ... Cause if it comes down to it, boy you niggas ain't ready ... Nawl this ain't all of my bullets I got some more rounds ... I just took it, yeah we kept it, boy we play for keeps
Lyrics to "Mob Life" song by DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT: I get money, fuck what you ... Throwin up gang signs, Mob life ... I got belts, shoes and hats for every one of them bags (Louie, Gucci, Louie, Gucci) No shoes in the box just some zips and some cash (Yeah!) ... She said we pumpfaking, speaking down on niggas name
TYGA LYRICS - Bussin Out Da Bag
Lyrics to "Bussin Out Da Bag" song by TYGA: Yeah I got it bussin' out the bag, yeah This is big money, shit be bustin' out the bag, yeah Shawty... ... Gold shine papers got me bussin' down the gram. Ballin' with my gang, ain't no fun without the fam. Took a trip to Europe, ... We just hit the mall, don't give a fuck about the tag
Lyrics to "Gangster 101" song by WIZ KHALIFA: Anywhere that we go they know us I keep some KK in the plane rolled up Shawty say that I'm a gangsta... ... Niggas talk down, really mean it cause it's all for fame. Look at ... Niggas going on your page, don't know where the bank is ... (Yeah, yeah, I shouldn't have hit that KK)
Real nigga files (hell yeah) ... Aye man, nigga got this lil burden off my back, dawg (for real) ... Constant conversations with my lady, she gon' hold it down ... I told him to pack his bags, we goin' out of town ... Throwin' rocks at the chain gang
Lyrics to "Problems" song by HUSTLE GANG: Fuck ya'll nigga want with a nigga like me man Eat you nigga for dinner I'm ... I'm a gangsta bitch, we aimin like you ain't tonight ... Yeah, fed case ain't nothing to me ... Now get some paper if you wanna play ... Niggas wanna sleep, I lay em down ... I don't body bag em, I stuff em
LUD FOE LYRICS - Killa Season
You on that opp shit get mop stick bitch straight gang shit ... Free my niggas out the jail cell until they free I'm a raise hell, hell yeah say it with ... Gang banging on some Foe shit I'm a rich nigga ion want no broke bitch ... Cruising down the block in my big box Chevy, feel like a baby on my shoulders cause my chain too heavy
DJ QUIK LYRICS - Medley For A "V" (The Party Medley)
told me come on through 'cause he got a gang of bitches that was ... a bag of ice some blue dice & some Cognac yeah the pussy's good ... we dick bitches down and that's Rule #3 in the Dogg Pound ... but we probably get some pussy for this.
GETO BOYS LYRICS - Gangster Of Love
Lyrics to "Gangster Of Love" song by GETO BOYS: I've never been played by a ho! If the bitch is acting stupid, She's got to go! Some ... got to go! Some mutherfuckers [missadden'] ... Told my girl I was fucking around and she's still down. ... While we on the subject of hoes, whatever happened to the hoe you used to fuck
Off that Hennessy, we just stay, turn me up. You know I got some bottles back at my place. I got it if you need it, yeah [Quavo & Chris Brown:] Whippin' (like a ...
Game - Body Bags Lyrics
Its 07, we can't be fuck with / Try and die, motherfuckers / I run the world, it's on! ... 9-3 gangsta ties hatians down in Miami (zoe gang!) yeah, them hatians down in Miami Fat Joe don't fuck ... Set up a peace treaty or go get some muscle. Call the  ...
THE GAME LYRICS - Gang Bang Anyway
Lyrics to "Gang Bang Anyway" song by THE GAME: Um, yeah palms sweating guess it's time for ... Though we still gang bang anyway, uh ... Gotta keep them antennas up, moving down Central ... We all go on Insta and get the whole rundown
K KOKE LYRICS - Fire In The Booth
Yeah I might smile on occasion ... Wishes it was [?] wish we had another life mum you done your best please don't ... She got me cooking beef and you know she's having some ... Your pissing in the wind if you think I'm gonna back down ... Got nothing but love for my whole gang ... Bag grams and start pebbling peddle it
311 LYRICS - T & P Combo
But what is comin' down around it's snow or it's rain. It's insane and I'm still in the same gang. The way the ... When I walk by it some bag lady goes sha-na-na-na. Your street time ... Zooma zooma zooma yeah we got the boom. Blowin' up the ...
Lyrics to "Gangster Shit" song by YOUNG THUG: Did you pray today? Did you pray today? I could dick you down on some gangster shit Did you pray tod... ... You got ventilation. Her sex is ... Yeah she put that pussy on my log, ooh-wee. Yeah ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
I went down one of them Bodaga shits right there in Harlem Got me a ... Thought I was 'bout to be on some radio Raheim shit. Man that ... Defending his yard, yeah, standing his ground. I'm saying if ... We can go bar for bar, I'll let the lines speak to 'em ... You can hate me or love me, but now the cops the only homies he got
Money Bags Lyrics - Yung Massina
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Money Bags" from "Yung Massina": Intro, All I want is money, All I ... Busting down them onions, turn them into hundreds ... I'm swimming with piranhas, got some niggas like to gang bang ... Bad bitches, I murk, yeah you know I'm player made ... Now we bare on the covers like Kanye Albums
[Verse 1: Jasper] Chillin' in class with a bag full of grass. Lookin' for a white chick to smoke up and choke up. I even got that white sniff come over here and take ...
Lyrics to "I Got The Baag" song by LIL YACHTY: Today's a good day, today is a ... My bitch, she bad, she poppin' some tags, her ass hella fat, and she coppin' stacks. I call my gang, scheme to my gang, these hoes got my name, bitches rock the ... Bag? Whoo! Who got the bag? What? Yeah! Swag! Who got the bag? What ?
FUTURE LYRICS - Digital Dash
Yeah, yeah, yeah ... I sit in the trap with the gangsters ... Got big with my bag with some Act on me ... See how we came from the mud and the bottom, we did it
EAZY-E LYRICS - No More ?'s
s" song by EAZY-E: We're sitting here with Eazy E Believe that How are you doing ? Allright So, Eazy, tell ... Ran with a gang, slanged in the meanwhile. Bankin ... Wait... for some people to leave. I got another trick up my sleeve ... Yeah, you gotta be cunnin ... Fill the bag, homeboy, don't lag ... Down and dirty from the C-P-T
They say there down for the team but playin' two damn sides. I'm like Niggas ... Young nigga go and get it yeah. And ain't a damn ... Just to get a bag or maybe a pair of shoes ... Till I put some money on thier head, yeah, make them feel it. Have they ... So I hope your ready cause we heavy and we're coming for you [ Hook]
Yea. Uh, you know we the Gang, baby. She say she in love with my gang. She in love with my gan... ... Slow it down for a second. Let a G like me get high for a second. Face down, yeah, ... See me smokin' out a big bag. Yea. She say she in ...
Lyrics to "Gangsta Ride" song by SNOOP DOGG: It's a gangsta gangsta ride On the nutty danger side As we ride, dip and slippin Take your mind,... ... Gotta bag me some dank so I, hit the sto' In the winter ... Tell Snoop to get the Coupe his new shit I just, gots to go get ... Yeah, we keep it gangsta dogg ... Down 4 My Niggas
Yea, Young Gunnaz, State, State, State Prop Chain Gang! Yea, Chad West ... Backblock boys, pop boys, back you down ... [PC:] We want, we want the kid that shot that B.B. Gun [YC:] Oh yea niggaz wanna get on I got some niggaz in my click
LIL DURK LYRICS - 52 Bars (Part 2)
Lyrics to "52 Bars (Part 2)" song by LIL DURK: Body bag, body bag Photo them, they don chopped his ass No parol, but the poll I got, they done drop... ... Drama life, but my whole family told me to calm it down. Bro and them ... Yea [x3] (I'm back in!) ... We gon do some shit ... When shortie be postin in cuts in the gang ways
YOUNG GUNZ LYRICS - Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Remix)
Cause we, we get down baby, we get down baby. The girls the girls ... Cause we stay fresh to death, we the best nothing less ... Plastic bag 'em, then we findin' a ditch (Yeah) Toss the ... Let 'em know you need some cash for the drawls (Wooo)
Yeah you punched me in my shit but you did not hit hard [laughs] ... Gone ahead and get some get back or fuck my bitch, ... Whole family full of gangstas and we both know this, ... Hold it down for my real niggas still penned up, Luca Brasi!!

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