Guala guala had to run up a check on these niggas lyrics

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Lyrics to "Ran Up A Check" song by KODAK BLACK: Aye Kodak.. Yea I'm ... It's just me and my niggas having a blast, living fast, buying the things we never had
Chedda Da Connect, Trill Sammy & Dice Soho - I Might (feat. Trill ...
Apr 4, 2016 I might run through the whole check I might fuck up the whole Milly I might (Ho. ... by Chedda Da Connect, Trill Sammy & Dice Soho has been translated in ... i need college Man fuck all these niggas I fuck all these bitches they ...
LIL HERB LYRICS - Runnin' Through A Check
Lyrics to "Runnin' Through A Check" song by LIL HERB: I pull up in that 'Rari whip Smoking on that Marley piff Got me on that cocky shit ... Bitch I'm running through a check ... These city niggas know wassup, we hit the club they know its us
FUTURE LYRICS - Kno The Meaning
You need to go back in, show these niggas who the one ... on for two years straight was on this... was on this one hard drive that Esco had and he was locked up with it, so I had to record new music. ... I've been about my guala from the dodo
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Lyrics to "Chiraq (Remix)" song by MONTANA OF 300: Any nigga that ever looked at me wrong, (ha!) hey man, go that ... I kill a clown over my guala. Don't give a fuck if ... And if this nigga run and this nigga done, I'ma soak a nigga like he in the tub. These rappers acting like Ice Cube now tell Doughboy to come pick him up
Imma run circle round all these niggas. Imma go flex ... Young nigga had a pashion. For mansion ... Im gone run me up a check like i ran track and sign with nike
LIL SNUPE LYRICS - Headed Str8 To The Top
I swear to God all you niggas better get yo shit straight 16 and runnin, checkout ... Bitch I been about my dollar, focus on my guala ... I'm straight up from the streets but I'm headed to TV I'm finna ... Every check that I get on that bitch is skill, take it to the grave ... Man these niggas gotta respect me cause they know I'm the boss
These niggas really don't wanna see us take over the streets. Niggas ... They don' t wanna see you pull up foreign with a foreign bitch right inside it. All I know is get the guala nigga, it's like 30 thousand in designer nigga. All I know ... I had that pack in my Tommy drawers. Fuck am I ... I ran a check up on Balmain Walked in ...
I don't fuck with these niggas cause they shady. These bitches they just wanna have my baby. Born in the 80s, ... Niggas quick to run their mouth when they get jammed ... Same bitch that claim she love you she'll set you up (Preach) Out here  ...
Kodak Black - I'm That N*gga Lyrics
Jul 16, 2015 Aye man let me get my rim on ice man, let me get that check straight hunnids, let me get m. ... my collar please Security get these bitches up off me Paparazzi love me ... i got lots of cheese All this Gualaby stuffed up in my my Guala jeans ... Cause i got on my shit lil nigga running up the band's Boy i need my ...
All I ever wanted was some motherfuckin' guala (money) Bando used to smell ... of guala on me. I'm walking around with a pocket rocket, don't run up on me lonely ... Fuck the rap game cause these rap niggas really ain't shit. I hop in the Audi, ...
I've been working all God damn year, I just got my check. I'm 'bout to spend ... Pull up (swerve), watch these motherfuckers freak ... So these niggas can know I do what they can't ... Far as I came, guess when you're running the game they want you to sprain. Yeah ... Life of a Don, Sean Don sippin', never had a palm readin'
2 CHAINZ LYRICS - Where U Been?
song by 2 CHAINZ: I keep my hoes in check, you buy Nike for yours Say they want that loud, I'mma ... Would skip you like a spacebar, but I much rather delete niggas (DAMN) ... (Hold up) I've been getting money, where the fuck you been? ( Turn up) ... I know you had a wild past, I ain't fucked you in a while with your wild ass
LIL YACHTY - 2AM lyrics
Check out the complete Lil Yachty 2AM lyrics and watch the music video on Directlyrics. Move just like ... She talkin' guala then bitch nigga shut it up, flood it up
OG Maco - U Guessed It Lyrics
... guessed it! Still in that place, and I'm flexin' Bitch, you guessed it I'm still with my niggas, come and test. ... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Goddamn boy ... All we know is that mula, benji's, Franklin's and that guala. Fetti with us ... Runnin my check up I think I'm with Nike, I'm sprinting. Sheesh, y'all ...
RICK ROSS LYRICS - No Games (Remix)
Can't play no GAMES with these niggas, can't play no GAMES with these hoes. They treat ... (Niggas wanna take mine? Check) [Rick Ross] The world is yours, I' ve got them calling me Tony (HUH!) ... He claim that he a soldier, fold up a flag for his momma (hold up!) ... Ain't nowhere to run, already sold out the seats (HUH!)
My hoodie up, hide my face cause I ain't not good enough. My bitch stay my ... So holla at your guala if ever you feel your weed sparse, nigga. Salty tee off with ...
Skippa Da Flippa - Trippy Bounce Lyrics
I'm a young OG, I get guala while I'm in any town. White Lou's, blue ... My young nigga lost and he's scared to appeal it. Grill him with the ... Wake me up in September like I'm Green Day Put the Beamer up, ... When I run through all these bitches they stay on their toes. Got my first check and split half with my bro. Count up my ...
Unlv - Nigga I'm Bout It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nigga I'm Bout It' by Unlv. {talking} / Motherfuckers I got kids, I don't them listenin' ... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: ... It had to be about seven or eight 'cause if I was there ... Apologzin' to you I did it for yo own sake but ya fell back up on me ... The gangster tried to run up but we dropped 'em
FUTURE LYRICS - Tony Montana
Want me to be the bad guy Wanna play, cartel nigga To... ... Check up out my ears. Tony Montana, Tony Montana, ... I swear young women are lost these days
Lyrics to "All My Niggas" song by G HERBO aka LIL HERB: All my niggas on point All my niggas gon' shoot All my ... And its real fucked up how it's good one day next day go wrong my nigga ... Remember all them nights we was out in that field, had to tote that chrome my nigga ... Visit for these lyrics.
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Ice Cream Paint Job
Shoot a nigga in his face knock his nose off. Make the ... Holla at your guala, zoom later. Young Tune ... Lightin up a mothafucking blunt, ... Running this shit now Im feelin athletic. I I'm on a ... Thanks to Rooks, Logan for correcting these lyrics.
CHIEF KEEF LYRICS - Laughin' To The Bank
I'm laughin' at these lames like 'HA HA HA' HA HA HA [x4] ... Just got a check for HA HA HA, Cashed it like HA HA HA ... I'm what these fuck niggas NOT [?]
Z-RO LYRICS - Call My Phone
Nigga, you ain't gotta call my phone. Matta fact all you ... That way when you think about Z-RO, you can shove it up in yo ass real slow. I'm a gangsta, but I'm a ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Fuck Your Bestfriend
I gotta stay consistent niggas know they like the sound ... I got a cruch on your bestfriend, thing for your sista shooting at these hoes like a ratified pistol. ... I had this red bitch jessica, my partner end up cuffing her but I can still fuck the bitch even ... "CM7 (Cocaine Muzik 7) - The World Is Yours" (2012). Bulletproof · Check
do it big shake them off and these haters wish I wasn't all about my chavo my guap ... I don't run up and down the court but u can say I'm ballin the moneys not a ...
Lil Ronnie - Addicted lyrics
Hey, click the icon to check the status of your contributions. User icon ... Know that I'm a call you when a nigga need a quick fix. Don't know what ... When she on the flo, run up behind ... Follow these rules and your meaning will be published.
Aye man let me get my rim on ice man, let me get that check straight hunnids, let me get my back ... Security get these bitches up off me ... All this Gualaby stuffed up in my my Guala jeans ... Cause i got on my shit lil nigga running up the band's
Searching for the circus lights, these demons never worked for Christ Ain't fuckin with no ... So holla at your guala if ever you feel your weed sparse, nigga. Salty to tee off with ... Because I like the highs and lows and I also like the checks. That I' m ... And bitches say them gritty raps be making up for shit he lacking. Sixes and  ...

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