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Lyrics to "H2O Gate Blues" song by GIL SCOTT-HERON: Heh, don't wanna be involved in this one, huh? This here is gonna be a blues number. But first I wan...
"H2O". You tried your best to bury in the ground. A place, a face, a very small town. The walls you built are crumbling down. Haunted by the shadows all around
"78% H2O". When the joy had left your body. And you were locked into your own pulse. You used to love to sit by the water. And watch it lapping on the rocks
H2O - Everready Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everready' by H2O. Try but you can't bring me down / Try but you can't let me / Try but you can't bring me down / Try / I've come too far now / To.
No Ordinary Girl Lyrics - H2O
Full and accurate LYRICS for "No Ordinary Girl" from "H2O": 'Cause I'm no ordinary girl, I'm from the deep blue underworld, Land or sea, The world's my ...
H2O - 5 Year Plan Lyrics
Lyrics to '5 Year Plan' by H2O. My friends look out for me like family / My mom's been struggeling since I was three / My friend's look out for me like family /
H2O - Guilty By Association Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Guilty By Association' by H2O. Six years ago, a very hot summer night, ave a with friends hanging tight / No future, no goals, and no destiny,
H2O - Memory Lane Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Memory Lane' by H2O. Am I wasting all my time chasing innocence to find / A time in my life when I should have known better? / Have I wasted all.
H2O - True Romance Lyrics
Oct 12, 2015 Lyrics for True Romance by H2O. Rich or for poor For better or worse People made bets on us Said it wouldn't work No one b...
The Spaceman: Chaos - H2o Delirious Lyrics
Feb 4, 2016 Lyrics for H2o Delirious by The Spaceman: Chaos. been a goat been a turtle been an orange on a shelf I keep a positive fuck when I survive ...
H2O - I Dream To Sleep Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Dream To Sleep' by H2O. Someone glanced across a dance floor / Not going home and loving in doorways / A room to remember who to meet in ...
H2O Lyrics
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H2O - Underneath The Flames Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Underneath The Flames' by H2O: Living and dying to never question why. Silence beats the wings.
H2O - Cats and Dogs lyrics
Lyrics for Cats and Dogs by H2O. Man's best friend is beautiful and affectionate, an ideal pet. Cats are the same, we make up their names and our love fo...
H2O - Friend Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friend' by H2O. If I say something that you don't like / Just think about it cause I may be right / If I say something just hear me out / Cause I.
H2O - Well Behaved Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Well Behaved' by H2O. So listen up 'cause this one goes out to the well behaved / We wonder how we all got so tame / And yes it's true we have to.
H2O - Repair Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Repair' by H2O. Sunshine! / It's so revealing in my head. / It's still unwinding from the road / Where I've been broken down. / But it's nothing that.
H2O - Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Go' by H2O. When you talk about your homelife / I try to identify / With my own memories / Childhood life was such a breeze / But now i'm slipping.
H2O - Black Sheep Lyrics
Oct 12, 2015 Lyrics for Black Sheep by H2O. Never fit in I never wanted to, picked on In school for my identity Cos I chose to skate a...
H2O - From the Heart lyrics
Lyrics for From the Heart by H2O. Sacrifices made To follow our dream Grass isn't greener Or so it seems A boat full of sailors No rules apply Play our he...
H2O - Just Leave Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Just Leave' by H2O. I dont want to thank about you boy, / dream about you boy, think about you boy, / i dont want to think about you boy, / dream.
Jasmine Sokko - H2O Lyrics
Lyrics to 'H2O' by Jasmine Sokko. this is my first big chance / but here i am letting it run through my fingers / like so much water through my fingers / like.
H2O - Static Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Static' by H2O. I can hear it on the line / While you profess that everything is fine, but / There's that static in your voice / And all I want to do.
H2O - Found The Truth Within Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Found The Truth Within' by H2O. Do you remember when we were afraid? / Crossing our fingers we'd turn out okay / No faith in the world 'cause we.
H2O - Thick and Thin Lyrics
Oct 12, 2015 Lyrics for Thick and Thin by H2O. Some stayed clear Some dived in The right path or a wrong decision Both sides of the coin ...
Lyrics to "H2O" song by 21 SAVAGE: Water whipping in the kitchen Water whipping in the kitchen Water whipping in the kitchen Water whip...
H2O - Forest King Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Forest King' by H2O. Do what you want it really doesn't matter anyway / A lot of different people got a lot of different things to say / But what is.
You are H2O, H2O Soup to my cold, Film to the roll. Love doesn't fold. Ooooo oooo ooo ooo gravity. Ooooo oooo ooo ooo gravity. Ooooo oooo ooo ooo gravity
H2O - Wrong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wrong' by H2O. Go on, I can not blame you / No one to teach you that / The truth is hard to find / You have to seek it / You have to meet it / Reset.
H2O - Use Your Voice Lyrics
Oct 13, 2015 Lyrics for Use Your Voice by H2O. I'll use my voice For the tortured For the weak Use my voice For the innocent Who can't sp...
H2O - Self Reliable Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Self Reliable' by H2O. What if you could live your life / Like you're the only one around / Would you do it just to see if you could / Or would it.
H2O - Pride (Times Are Changing) Lyrics
Jun 26, 2014 Lyrics for Pride (Times Are Changing) by H2O. Times are changing for the worse Gotta keep a positive outlook Growing up in such violent ...
H2O - Faster Than The World lyrics
Lyrics for Faster Than The World by H2O. Look for us in Cali East Bay to L.A. Or with our friends in DC, U.S.A We made it through the Canadian border Back ...
H2O - Father Figure Lyrics
Oct 12, 2015 Lyrics for Father Figure by H2O. Felt like the black sheep When I was young After my dad passed My life became numb Mom wor...
H2O - Whats It Gonna Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whats It Gonna Be' by H2O. You know it's you / You know it's you / You know it's you / You know it's you / So tell me what we gonna do / Oh / Whoa /
H2O - Nothing to Prove lyrics
Lyrics for Nothing to Prove by H2O. Me and all my friends we've got nothing to prove, nothing to lose! Me and all my friends we've got nothing to prove, not...
H2O - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now lyrics and translation ...
Lyrics and translation for Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now by H2O. I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour But heaven knows I'm miserable now I was ...
H2O - Wake Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wake Up' by H2O. Wake up, don't give up / Get off your knees / It's your last chance / Or will you / Blame it all on circumstance / Where will you.
H2O - Nazi Punks Fuck Off Lyrics
Lyrics for Nazi Punks Fuck Off by H2O. h2o go! punk ain't no religious cult. punk means thinking for yourself. you ain't hardcore...
H2O - Talk Too Much Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Talk Too Much' by H2O. She was with him, now everybody knows / Cause she told a friend, and that's the way it goes / People have loose lips,

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