Had to run my check up cause it aint shit lyrics

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Lyrics to "Ain't Shit" song by SUGA FREE: Hey, what's up baby?-I mean 'bitch' Ain' t ... Cause they ain't never slapped a bitch and told her to watch her mouth. Keep your hygiene ... You ain't my girlfriend, bitch and I definatly aint your boyfriend, hoe. ... Lemme catch you with her nigga and I'ma check ya'll chin. Let that bitch ...
DR. DRE LYRICS - Bitches Ain't Shit
... hoes and tricks... Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks Lick on these nut. ... And I hope in my ride to make a quick run... [Dr. Dre] I used to ... Now she's suing ' cause the shit she be doin' ain't shit. Bitch can't ... Nothin' but homies around so I put my gun up. Bitches on my ... I once had a bitch named Mandy May Used to be up ...
Said she ain't got nothing good to say so she ain't gon' say nothing, but this... " You ain't shit" Guess she don't want me to hit her up no more. Guess she don't ...
Sometimes I tell the bitch I'm with, "Shut up and pass the weed" [x3] ... Brook used to love me till another nigga with a bigger check approached her. Up ... Cause it ain't shit to send a hit, I feel like John Gotti ... My mother had sex with an angel
Lyrics to "Ran Up A Check" song by KODAK BLACK: Aye Kodak. ... Yall slide this shit 'til school start back ... I ain't lookin' at ya, got my eyes on the cash ... It's just me and my niggas having a blast, living fast, buying the things we never had
TRINA LYRICS - Niggas Ain't Shit
Lyrics to "Niggas Ain't Shit" song by TRINA: Niggas ain't shit, but hoes and tricks Lick tha pearl tongue ... So I can hop in my Coup and make a quick run ... Cause I 'm a bank roll havin bitch ... Last night you was all up in the club, slingin grips
I ain't got no issues wit these bitches [Dr. Maria ... My last girl wasnt shit, I'll do for a bum before I give that hoe a cent (forreal) See I ... But until then imma just call up ma home girls. ... Wanna do too much, raise hell and cause drama (drama)
LIL DICKY LYRICS - Professional Rapper
"Hi, my name's Dave Burd. I have an ... Let me just check your sheet ... I was born out of Philly grew up in a little silly old town called Cheltenham ... So real shit you ain't never had to struggle for much ... Cause I can switch it, deliver this shit to whatever cadence you bitches prefer ... Well I don't know if they can run it like that
J. COLE LYRICS - Forbidden Fruit
Lyrics to "Forbidden Fruit" song by J. COLE: Me and my bitch, took a little trip Down to the garden, took a little dip ... Do you believe that Eve had Adam in check?
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Living Right
... my trash out. I can not fuck with you bitch, cause you gon' get a nigga busted ... Put the dick up in your mouth while it's running bitch don't ask no questions ... Please Lord forgive me, I just talked to my reverend ... Getting top, I'm laying on top, swear to God I had a chopper ... Bitches ain't shit but a brick to your windshield
Lyrics to "Set It Off" song by LIL BOOSIE: you wanna talk shit? you wanna run your ... D.A. don't search my house 'cause ain't no motherfucking drugs there. We' re smart with this shit, we got retarded with this shit. Duce-Duce up in my shoe, I set if off up in this bitch nigga ... you mama had more heart than you daddy bitch ass
Lyrics to "Addicted" song by PNB ROCK: I got my check up and then I got me a bad bitch Put all this ice up on my ... Ayy, I remember I had a little, now I got a lot ... And all these fuck niggas hatin' cause I'm mad rich ... I ain't what they try to be ... This whole time I was on the run ... Posted on traps, see where that shit go down
Reason you alive ain't the niggas you run wit, I was in a cell witchu and you ain't run shit, Told me put my ... Yeah you punched me in my shit but you did not hit hard [laughs] [Bridge:] ... Sold it before it got off the scale, Re-up and do it again, ... It's getting had to be humble tryna get this bad karma off me, Starlito!! [Bridge:]
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Watch My Shoes
And I'm so unfit cause all I eat is rappers, And these rappers ain't shit I like my fast food faster, Syrup got me slow like a turtle round this hoe, And I'm flyer than ...
2PAC LYRICS - Hit 'Em Up
Lyrics to "Hit 'Em Up" song by 2PAC: I ain't got no motherfucking friends ... Check this out, you motherfuckers know what time it is ... I'm going to let my little homies ride on you bitch-made ass Bad Boy bitches ... Puffy weaker than the fuckin' block I'm running through, nigga ... I'll tell you to your face you ain't shit but a faker
I'm allergic to broke niggas cause all we know is get it, yeah [PnB Rock:] I been ballin' for a while, I get money by the pound. Fuck a checkup, it's okay, I'm 'bout ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - All My Bitches Are Gone
Lyrics to "All My Bitches Are Gone" song by TOO $HORT: I used to have a lot of ... They had to share me or them bitches couldn't have me. Cause I'm a Mack with a capital M ... And it really ain't shit to find another bitch ... Treat bitches like red lights and run right through'em ... Before you need a check up from the neck up
Lyrics to "Cut The Check" song by MAC MILLER: I'm a motherfucking fool, cut the check I'm a ... No stress, running suicides, don't even break a sweat ... How convenient, you ain't worried about shit right now ... Walked up the stairs look at my shoes like them cleaner. But I should've worn the other ones cause them better
Came to my senses, got naked and it was off the hook ... But don't trip cause it ain' t shit, I keep the doctor on speed dial ... You flipping shit on me, now what the fuck is up with that ... Check her, one two, double check, for the middywest ... Had a daydream that we made out and it made off ... Running with the main boss
JOE BUDDEN LYRICS - Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 4 (Running Away)
Lyrics to "Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 4 (Running Away)" song by JOE BUDDEN: ... But check it, I just wan' treat you good and do better ... More prayers cause they all players, you out there havin a ball, playa ... You found make up on the sheets, I had a bitch in our bed ... You keep bringin up my last girl like she ain't my past girl
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Hey, man, I'm done holdin' back on you niggas, man, straight up, man ... And you mad at your main bitch cause that bitch bumpin my new shit. Yeah the game foul ... And if this nigga run and this nigga done, I'ma soak a nigga like he in the tub ... Lil Tony got paper now all in my bank account, and it ain't shit to debate about
Lyrics to "Real Shit" song by YO GOTTI: Ya (cmg) This mixtape here It's strictly for the fans (yogottimusic.com) Trust ... I'm on my grown man flow band up flow, ... And I ain't drop shit but a nigga bitch off. ... I talk cocaine, cause I know cocaine
T.I. LYRICS - Tell 'Em I Said That
you better check up on these niggas. these niggas be lying man. these niggas ain't really kicking this shit they be telling you all man. they wanna see you ... Think it's all good until they run into some real G's Holla tell us where it ... I'm speaking on it cause it ain't right. Nigga died I survived I done earned my stripe. Went to jail ...
Turn it up. Webbie Trill E-N-T. Young Savage Just some gangsta shit for the gangstas ... I'm a fuckin hustler nigga, I ain't got time to be playin nigga, I'm tryin get it. ... But before a nigga had somethin, (shitt) ... When my shoes was been dusty, with a hole in the front ... Now don't take it wrong and think I'm trippin cause I'm on
MURS LYRICS - Fun-eral
Get your weight up Felt's in your city, we don't need any help Do me a favor,... ... Ryhmesayers, Strange, ain't shit funny. Do me a favor, ... Ever since the clock got punched on my first day of labor. Ain't no ... And I'm down with the strange cause I ain't no stranger ... Got a Rhymesayers check, and I'm spending Strange money.
T.I. LYRICS - Check. Run It
Run It" song by T.I.: Ignant motherfucker please You know exactly what a ... in my life. Cause I'm scared that shit could rub off on me ... No broke shit in my life [x2] ... Aye doubling up is all I'm about ... I ain't taking shit from no motherfucker man
Come to find you had another girl. Right there, on the side. But damn this end ain' t shit. Don't waste my time, no ... Feeling ways cause a bitch done found out
2PAC LYRICS - I Ain't Mad At Cha
Yeah, all the homies that I ain't talk to in a while. I'mma send this one out for y'all, know what I mean? Cause I ain't mad at 'cha. Heard y'all tearin' up shit out ...
Tell 'Em I Said That Lyrics - T.I.
my lyricsbox. [Intro] Ay Ay Ay ... you better check up on these nigga.. these niggas be lyin man.. these niggas aint really kickin this shit they be tellin yall man. ... Cause these niggas ain't G's ... Think Its all good untill they run into some real G's
2PAC LYRICS - Run Tha Streetz
Lyrics to "Run Tha Streetz" song by 2PAC: You can run the streets with your thugs I been waiting for you Until ... Throw up the block cause nothin' stops my chips
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam ... 300 Bars and Running ... I'm a gangsta slash rapper, check your CD shop ... Then call up the pigs, tell them the rooster's back ... Got mad 'cause I ain't wanna make your beef mine .... He had the shit in his hands, and you ain't had the ten stacks
They end up dead or somewhere in lock up where somebody ... Now first on your check list. Be your own man cause your friends ain't shit ... My advice to you is stay on your grind ... So when you get the chance to make a break for it, run fool.
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Lyrics to "Under Pressure" song by LOGIC: Work so fucking much my greatest ... On the come up, where they run up on you for nothing at all ... Even Jesus had haters, so when you feeling forsaken ... Positive that life ain't mine, bitch you can take that shit to Maury ... Cause lately you feel like I'm just not your sister at all, all
Lot of niggas had doubts said I wasn't gon make it. If I rode around with the same shit they probably would've been on my dick ... [Chorus:] I keep my day one niggas with me true, and we ain't never going back to what we used to do. You know ... Praying keep his head up cause lord knows we've been through hell. Truthfully ...
Lyrics to "Cold Hearted" song by MEEK MILL: Yeah, yeah I never had a role model I was ... And stay away from them haters cause they'll riddle you ... Look at your arm, check out your neck, look at your charm ... I think my heart getting colder, my heart getting cold ... Shit have your own mama talking to you like you ain't shit
Lyrics to "Control (HOF)" song by BIG SEAN: I look up Yeah and I take my time I'm a take my time, woah Power moves only Boy I'm 'bout ... I had women on women ... Cause now I run my city on some town hall shit ... They say that Detroit ain't got a chance, we ain't even got a mayor ... You could check my name on the books
Lyrics to "This Life" song by KODAK BLACK: Shit just crazy dawg You know, when niggas fall victim to the system ... Damn, I've been fucked up and got caught up in this life (shit deep) ... I'm just doin' what the fuck I want, cause this my life ( cause this my life) ... Nigga ain't give me shit, out here gettin' licks, I had to sell rock
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - Brake Fluid (Bitches Pump Yo Brakes)
[Snoop:] Check this out man [chorus: kokane] I got bitches all in my game that don't even know my name ... Running your mouths ... Had to cut the bitch up ' cause she tried to get too close to me ... Bitch you ain't shit but dirt for dirt (bitch!)
Z-RO LYRICS - Never Been
Where I'm from, the police is the only thing I'll run from ... I ain't never been a bitch, don't know how to be a hoe ... Matter fact my momma coulda' had a girl for that ... Turn up the volume to the radio, I'll be right there ... Snitches still need a record deal cause they still sang ... Y'all niggas ain't shit, y'all pussies and some tits
J. COLE LYRICS - Dollar And A Dream III
Then I'm all up in the spot. I got a dollar and ... So much on my mind I wonder how it fit in my brain ... Cause I still don't see hope, lookin' for a quick fix ... I wanna buy the mall but there ain't shit in this small town ... I run the town they tried to call me underground ... Who probably never ever had this type of lifestyle in they plans

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