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Hasker Da - Diane Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Diane' by Hasker Da. Diane / Hey little girl, wanna go for a ride? / Ther's room in my wagon it's park right outside / We could cruise down robert.
Hasker Da - Too Far Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Far Down' by Hasker Da. I'm down again / And I don't know how to tell you / But maybe this time I can't come back / Because I might be too far.
Hasker Da - Keep Hanging On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep Hanging On' by Hasker Da. Only angels have wings girl / And poets have all the words / The earth belongs to the two of us / And the sky belongs.
Hasker Da - Hare Krsna Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hare Krsna' by Hasker Da. Krsna walking down the street / Touching me with lotus feet / Going to talk to the radharani / Going to ask her for her $ /
Hasker Da - No Reservations Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Reservations' by Hasker Da. I hear some news, I read the words / It's different every day / I get my thoughts from a letter that's lost / That.
Hasker Da - Games Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Games' by Hasker Da. I could stay here the rest of my life / I could be happy, never be lonely / I don't need to go looking for misery / I could.
Hasker Da - Don't Have A Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Have a Life' by Hasker Da. Don't have a life / That I wanna live with you / There's a thousand things / That I'd rather do / It's my life, told.
Hasker Da - Green Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Green Eyes' by Hasker Da. It's a great big world / There's a million other guys / I feel so lucky when I look / In those green eyes / Is it the sun /
Hasker Da - Beyond The Threshold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beyond The Threshold' by Hasker Da. It's a one-horse town / One big desert / Asphalt desert / Asphalt jungle / Beyond the threshold, beyond the.
Hasker Da - Obnoxious Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Obnoxious' by Hasker Da. Tell us we're obnoxious / You can't sell our product / Who asked you to? / Say we play too fast / The music's not gonna last.
Hasker Da - Flip Your Wig Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flip Your Wig' by Hasker Da. Welcome to this world that we live in / Normal people going for a spin / And we don't realize / That it changes all our.
Hasker Da - Somewhere Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Somewhere' by Hasker Da. Searching for the truth but all I ever find is lies / Trying to find identity but I just find a disguise / Looking at the.
Hasker Da - Mtc Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mtc' by Hasker Da. Gotta gotta go now / Gotta keep a date / Be at the corner / Mistake to be late / Half block away now / Bus is at the light /
Hasker Da - Bricklayer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bricklayer' by Hasker Da. Brick on your head / From the top of the ceiling / Urban sniper, urban killer / Won't be finished / Until you're dead /
Hasker Da - Celebrated Summer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Celebrated Summer' by Hasker Da. Love and hate was in the air, like pollen from a flower / Somewhere in april time, they add another hour / I guess.
Hasker Da - Every Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Every Everything' by Hasker Da. I've got something she wants / She's got something I need / Got a lock on my heart / And she's got the keys / Softly.
Hasker Da - I Apologize Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Apologize' by Hasker Da. All these crazy mixed up lies / Floating all around / Making these assumptions brings me down / And you get tight-lipped,
Hasker Da - Flexible Flyer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flexible Flyer' by Hasker Da. Down on my flexible flyer / To the bottom how fast I would go / Just waiting for me under the tree / And out in the.
Hasker Da - Real World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real World' by Hasker Da. People talk about anarchy / And taking up a fight / Well I'm afraid of things like that / I lock my doors at night / I.
Hasker Da - Back From Somewhere Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back from Somewhere' by Hasker Da. Now you look like you just got back from somewhere / Somewhere yeah you know that it's true / Together we ...
Hasker Da - Blah Blah Blah Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blah Blah Blah' by Hasker Da. Got something to say / Like something to me / Well just go ahead and spit it out / It's all the same, you see / What's.
Hasker Da - New Day Rising Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Day Rising' by Hasker Da. New day rising...
Hasker Da - Gilligan's Island Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gilligan's Island' by Hasker Da. Gilligan's island / Is where I wanna be / I wanna fuck ginger / Underneath a big palm tree / I wanna make the.
Hasker Da - No Promise Have I Made Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Promise Have I Made' by Hasker Da. If I could change my mind what changes would it bring / If I could change you, well it wouldn't change a thing.
Hasker Da - First Of The Last Calls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'First of The Last Calls' by Hasker Da. It's just like a battle zone / You got a bottle, now you're on your own / Gotta be a scotch or a kamikaze /
Hasker Da - She's A Woman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She's a Woman' by Hasker Da. I can see her loading boxes in my mind / Into a belvedere with a trailer pulled behind / Well things didn't go exactly.
Hasker Da - Sunshine Superman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sunshine Superman' by Hasker Da. Sunshine superman / Sunshine came softly through my window today / I could have tripped out easy but I've ...
Hasker Da - Terms Of Psychic Warfare Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Terms of Psychic Warfare' by Hasker Da. I see you walking down the road / And the thoughts within my mind explode / But having to hold back taught ...
Hasker Da - Love Is All Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love is All Around' by Hasker Da. Love is all around / I feel it in my fingers / I feel it in my toes / Love is all around me / And so the feeling.
Hasker Da - I'm Not Interested Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm Not Interested' by Hasker Da. Every time I see that girl / My lips begin to curl / She's livin', she's livin' in another world / She's just too.
Hasker Da - I Don't Know What You're Talking About Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I Don't Know What You're Talking About' by Hasker Da. You're a student of the world, learning every day / Surrounded by these walls / Tell me,
Hasker Da - Data Control Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Data Control' by Hasker Da. A nine digit number / For every living soul / That is all they talk about / At data control / They know everything about.
Hasker Da - 59 Times The Pain Lyrics
Lyrics to '59 Times The Pain' by Hasker Da. The most intense of burning hells / Blasting expectations into smithereens / Never feeling normal, can't accept the.
Hasker Da - It's Not Funny Anymore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Not Funny Anymore' by Hasker Da. You can do what you want to do / You can say what you want to say / You can think what you think you want / It.
Hasker Da - Plans I Make Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Plans I Make' by Hasker Da. I gotta make plans for the plans I make / Gotta have friends for the friends I make / I gotta make plans for the friends.
Hasker Da - From The Gut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'From The Gut' by Hasker Da. The gut from the gut / It hurts hurts so much / The same quite the same / You know know too much / It's yours yours no.
Hasker Da - Let's Go Die Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let's Go Die' by Hasker Da. Don't run away (3x) / Why should I stay / And give my life away / You've picked my number / First thing I've ever won /
Hasker Da - Everything Falls Apart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everything Falls Apart' by Hasker Da. If I listened to the things that you said / Everything would fall apart / If I did all the things that you do /
Hasker Da - The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill' by Hasker Da. There's a girl who lives on heaven hill / I go up to her cabin still / She keeps a lantern lit for.
Hasker Da - Something I Learned Today Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Something I Learned Today' by Hasker Da. Something I learned today / Black and white is always grey / Looking through the window pane / I'm not.

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