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Nancy Sinatra - Summer Wine - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Summer Wine - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. (NANCY): / Strawberries cherries and an angels kiss in spring / My summer wine is really made ...
Nancy Sinatra - Lady Bird - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lady Bird - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. I've been where the eagle flies / Rode his wings 'cross autumn skies / Kissed the sun, touched the ...
Nancy Sinatra - Paris Summer - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Paris Summer - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. Walking down some cobbled street / The sound of water near my feet / I found her / A hundred ...
Nancy Sinatra - Down From Dover - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Down from Dover - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. I know this dress I'm wearing doesn't hide the secret I've tried concealing / When he left he.
Lee Hazlewood - Hey, Cowboy lyrics
Hey, Cowboy lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Hey cowboy, where did you get the clothes you wear / Hey cowboy, where did you get the funny hair.
Nancy Sinatra - Jackson - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jackson - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra: We got married in a fever hotter than a pepper sprout.
Lee Hazlewood - Your Sweet Love lyrics
Your Sweet Love lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Stranger's arms reach out to me cause they know I'm so lonely / Then my mind goes back to you your.
Nancy Sinatra - Some Velvet Morning - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Some Velvet Morning - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight / I'm gonna open up your gate / And maybe tell you ...
Nancy Sinatra - Storybook Children - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Storybook Children - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. You've got your world and I've got mine and it's a shame / Two grownup worlds that will never.
Nancy Sinatra - Sundown, Sundown - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Sundown, Sundown - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. Theres no one in this world for me / Theres never gonna be / Theres no one in this world ...
Hazlewood Lee - White People Thing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'White People Thing' by Hazlewood Lee. If you got a place where the grass is green / and the sky is blue and the air is clean / and you got a church.
Lee Hazlewood - Me And Charlie lyrics
Me And Charlie lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Me and Charlie shot a man this morning / He was such a dreary man this morning / His gun was fast.
Nancy Sinatra - Did You Every - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Did You Every - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra. Did you ever? / Not so much, that you can know this / Well could you ask maid how many? / 8 or 9 /
Nancy Sinatra - Sand Lyrics
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Lee Hazlewood - For One Moment lyrics
For One Moment lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: The hurt I hurt is nothing like the hurts I've hurt before / The things I feel do not feel like.
Lee Hazlewood Lyrics
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Lee Hazlewood - We All Make The Flowers Grow lyrics
We All Make The Flowers Grow lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Cowards and heroes listen my friends / If you have money or nothing to spend / It'll.
Lee Hazlewood - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' lyrics ...
These Boots Are Made For Walkin' lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: (Here's a little song bout boots and a darlin' named Nancy) / You keep a sayin'
(with Lee Hazlewood). [Lee:] Young woman share your fire with me. My heart is cold, my soul is free. I am a stranger in your land. A wandering man, call me ...
Lee Hazlewood - After Six lyrics
After Six lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Hey there Mr Bartender now have a little pitty on me / Time is rough and a fuss is tough and I'm where.
Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra - Save The Last Dance For Me lyrics
Lyrics for Save The Last Dance For Me by Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra. You can dance, every dance with the guy who gives you the eye let them hold you ...
Lee Hazlewood - The Night Before Lyrics. I wake up Sunday morning With my mind all in a haze Tearstains on my pillow And make-up on my face I see those ...
Lee Hazlewood - Them Girls lyrics
Them Girls lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Them girls call me such and such / Them girls with society's touch / A long blond hair and a money to.
Lee Hazlewood - Forget Marie lyrics
Forget Marie lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Standing on the corner with a raggedi-old suitcase by my side / Waiting for a Greyhound bus to come.
Lee Hazlewood - First Street Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'First Street Blues' by Lee Hazlewood. Don Lowance, the man who plays guitar with me, and I / Were born in a small town / And we kinda think it was a.
Lee Hazlewood - If It's A Monday Morning Lyrics. There were times when being together was fun. And there were times when being apart was even more fun.
Lee Hazlewood - Long Black Train lyrics
Long Black Train lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Back when I was ten Jim was my best friend / We'd go down to the station and watched the trains.
Nancy Sinatra - Elusive Dreams - Lee Hazlewood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Elusive Dreams - Lee Hazlewood' by Nancy Sinatra.
Lee Hazlewood - Come On Home To Me Lyrics. A bird can fly on just one wing But then why should he? Where there's sky there must be rain, Where there's you  ...
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Lee Hazlewood - Easy And Me lyrics
Easy And Me lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: We rode on trains with hunger and pain but we didn't cry / Easy and me and some other guy / We hook.
Lee Hazlewood - Pour' Man Lyrics
Lee Hazlewood Pour' Man Lyrics. Pour' Man lyrics performed by Lee Hazlewood: I'm just a pour' man with a heart full of love.. I'm just a pour' man with a heart ...
Lee Hazlewood - Friday's Child Lyrics. (Friday's child) Friday's child Hard Luck is his brother (Friday's child) Friday's child his sister's Misery Oh Friday's child his ...
Lee Hazlewood - Sugar Town lyrics
Sugar Town lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: I got some troubles but they won't last / I'm going to lay right down here in the grass / Pretty soon.
Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine lyrics
Summer Wine lyrics by Lee Hazlewood: Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring / My summer wine is really made from all these.
Hazlewood Lee - The First Song Of The Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The First Song Of The Day' by Hazlewood Lee. Das erste Lied des Tages ist nur selten wirklich gut / dies ist eine Weisheit, die auf Tatsachen beruht.
Lee Hazlewood - I'm Glad I Never Lyrics. In the beginning there was nothing but it was kind of fun watching nothing grow You came walkin' into my life Carryin' ...
Lee Hazlewood - No Regrets Lyrics. I know your leavin's too long overdue For far too long I've had nothin' new to show to you Goodbye dry eyes I watched your ...
Lee Hazlewood - Rainbow Woman lyrics
Lyrics for Rainbow Woman by Lee Hazlewood. I saw her reflection in the shadow of the sun Listening to the cadence of a dying drummer's drum She knew I was ...
Lee Hazlewood - The Girls In Paris Lyrics. The girls in Paris are special and unique You see it in their eyes when they walk down the street They sing a song my ...

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