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And cause her heart to sing Be a Father to the fatherless Our Savior and our King We will be Your hands, we will be Your feet We will run this race
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From my heart to the Heavens Jesus be the center ... Jesus at the center of it all From beginning to the end It will always be, it's always been You Jesus.
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Check out the complete Sia Alive lyrics and watch the Youtube video on Directlyrics. “Alive” is the lead single from the Australian singer's seventh studio album ...
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Sia - Alive Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alive' by Sia: I had made every single mistake That you could ever possibly make I took and I took and I took what you gave But you never noticed
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Lyrics to "Classic Man" song by Jidenna: My name calling all night I can pull the wool while I'm being polite Like, darling calling all night...
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Lyrics to 'Ready To Go' by Panic! At the Disco: I'm ready to go
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Lyrics to "Alive" song by Sia: I was born in a thunderstorm I grew up overnight I played alone I played on my own I survived Hey I...
Lonestar Lyrics - Amazed
You touch every place in my heart Oh, it feels like the first time every time I wanna spend the whole night in your eyes I don't know how you do what you do
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