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Jelly Roll Song Lyrics
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Jelly Roll - Roll Me Up Lyrics
Just roll me up and smoke me when I die Just roll me up and smoke me when I die All of the sudden they askin me how I'm feeling I'm sick of explaining myself I'm Bob Dylan I started at floor but I think I hit the ceiling Either die the hero or live long enough to be the villain The good die young like Jimi, Croce
Jelly Roll & Struggle Jennings - The Shovel Lyrics ...
[Jelly Roll:] It's bad apple bitch A game, huh Man I ain't fucking with dat Quit asking me bout that bitch, I don't fuck with that rat Guess these coward hoes didn't wanna see me blow These motherfuckers where happier when they seen me broke Got me reminiscing right now, rest in peace to mondo Plotting on me so I keep this pistol in the console
Joe Bonamassa - Around The Bend Lyrics
I've Seen Cowards and Hero's as Fast as The Wind I Go Down any Road There is, To see what's Around The Bend Girls I've Had Me a Few, Some were Small and Some were Cute I've Tasted the Honey and Dew, Lord I will be with you I was Born in The Country, Strayed in to Town And I Go anywhere, To see what's going Down
Willie Nelson Lyrics
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Andre Nickatina - Ho'lat Lyrics
Shoot you like a free throw, don't be no hero Turnt into a zero, I'm hard to find like Nemo Pour wine on you like Nino, to the format Walk on you like a doormat I made a bet, did they score that? Man money I fold that, dice I roll that Tell a freak to HO'LAT Oh you decided, money you gon' hide it And not divide it, never split the pie
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Joe Bonamassa - Around the Bend (Live) Lyrics. Lord, I've come a long way And here's what I gotta say I've paid but I had to pay To play what I had to play I was born in the country Stra
Willie Nelson lyrics - Lyrics Mania
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Merkules - On Top Lyrics
Could'a been a hero, I remained as a villain They in last place so they hate that I'm winning Back-back-back-back, blood stains on the ceiling I don't need ya'll help, you just left me out to rot I'ma different kind of artist, you can't put me in a box Phone ringing, hit ignore, they just looking for they shot
Big K.R.I.T. - Gumpshun Lyrics
Peanut butter guts with the grape jelly glow Chromed-out bumper with the Cobain do's That's suicide shit if ain't know that Need a lil' pimping? Baby girl, let me pour that Sow that up with some dough on it I was born with the gift of gab, so motherfucker throw a bow on it [Chorus]
Kodak Black - Already Lyrics
No I can't save a hoe I'm no neighborhood hero Keep that shit 1K I can't be fuckin wit a zero My name is Kodak but you know that already I don't want the wap baby I just want the fetty Polo to the socks homie this ain't Perry Ellis Let me get the raw I'mma ball like spaghetti It's getting hot in here the block be hot no not Nelly
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Lorde - Royals Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Royals' by Lorde: I've never seen a diamond in the flesh I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies And I'm not proud of my address In the torn-up town, no post code envy
Brad Paisley - More Than Just This Song Lyrics. Like a boat on a river this bus is floating down this old highway Looking out the window I think about how I got here today Anyone who's any
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MC Lars - It`s a Party Y`all Lyrics. MC LARS: Yo tonight we’re going to party like we’re back in first grade (How we gonna party?) With cake and lemonade! Got my Ninja Turtl
Insane Clown Posse - Nobody Move Lyrics
Insane Clown Posse "Nobody Move": ... Partys over hoes get they jelly blown out like titties And i blast these stupid hero idiots movin on me thinkin they will save the day With joni seals there graves away so put your mutha fuckin face in the floor
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got...)(Re-recording ...
[Q-Tip:] Woo...Grand groove, grand groove [2X] Rough, rough, rugged Tough like a nugget Listen to the Abstract Poetic, don't snub it The Midnight Marauder is the hype beat arranger
Lecrae - Tell The World Lyrics
But, like a hero in a dream Christ came, and he rescued me Now, I'mma tell the world Tell the world, tell 'em I'mma tell it everywhere I go Tell the world, tell 'em Yeah, I'm a billboard Tell the world, tell 'em And I'm broadcastin' like a radio Tell the world You ought to know, I'm brand new Now, I'mma tell the world Tell the world, tell 'em
Three 6 Mafia - Mosh Pit Lyrics
I roll with killers, and drug dealers And all the others I kick it with 'bout their scriller Throw 'em in the mosh pit! [Chris Steve talking] Yo this is Chris Steve from Saliva comin' at you I'm bumpin' this Unbreakables motherfucker You can't even get with this shit You can't handle it You can't even fuckin taste this motherfucker
Butcher Babies - Thrown Away Lyrics
Somehow I've been thrown away I've grown allergic to an image, fractured by an idea my brain Is full of rot and disease I've been thrown away Let's make believe that these walls could sing They'd open up and they'd welcome me in But in the end I'd know it's been a dream Let's make believe that these shadows screamed They'd reach out they'd hold ...
Beastie Boys is an American hip hop group from New York City. The group comprises Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz. Since around the time of the Hello Nasty album, the DJ for the group has been Michael "Mix Master Mike" Schwartz, who was first featured in the song "Three MCs and One DJ".
Insane Clown Posse - Nobody Move Lyrics
and i blast on these stupid hero idiots movin on me thinkin they'll save the day which only seals they graves away so put your mutha fuckin face in the floor and if you move for the door then its your head and my bullets in a all out war. Nobody move Nobody get Hurt Nobody move Nobody get Hurt Nobody move Nobody get Hurt Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
Random Encounters - Samus the Spaceman Cowboy Lyrics. Let me tell you a legend About the greatest bounty hunter who ever lived. A real manly man, a rugged warrior, and they call him, 'Samus Aran
T-Pain - Rap Song Lyrics
And I don't need no background music, girl I turn it loud now I got the gangsta feelin' And I'mma do somethin' to you To you, to you Oh. We can take it over The Bay
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