Hit dem folks hit dem folks shots like a calico lyrics

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I'll have them folks cuttin a motherfuckin Y in yo' chest [Bushwick Bill] ... I'm in and out of jail like my homey Bobby Brown Homey I'm down, ... Whole click shot up, mob style, wasn't ... I hit the block with that calico, bustin at yo' back hoe. I'ma spit  ...
Bop King DLOW - Dlow's Bop Challenge Lyrics
Oct 9, 2015 ... Walk Like Me Can't Hit The Quan Like Me, Aye Bet You Can't Drop Like Me Can't Hit Them Folks Like Me Can't NaeNae Like Me Can't Dlow ...
For all them industry haters that said we couldn't do it. ... Folk round here be up to no good ... In a slump, head-shot got me pumped like a gauge ... Hit the script jump, shorty with the dump ... Swerve to the calico, give me a deuce of that
In the club with like 30 bands, going hard til' like 2 somethin' Go live on em, hit vibes on em. Niggas lie bout it, I'm fly on em. My lil' niggas, on ... I ain't takin' no diss shots at no nigga man, I'm just statin' them facts you heard me. Nigga ain't kept ...
All the hoes tear it down all the niggas get off, I hit the club shit on my chest ... all I don't like em I know they ant even in it but still and all I wanna fight em you get ...
THE GAME LYRICS - One Blood (Remix)
And I fuck wit b-boys who bring them choppers out. One shot of that will have the boys bring the coppers out. And we ballin, for .... Hit him in the head and the body with a bullet ... Wipe the streets with ya like you a swiffer as a gifter, one blood! ... I do it for my folks, vice lords and kings ... I am unstoppable, my calico is toxable
JUVENILE LYRICS - Hide Out Or Ride Out
Plus I got a chopper fifty shots about to droppin' you. I be 'bout ... And them houses in calico. Me and ... Lil' cowards takin' hits ... Like I'm them white folks. Look ...
KID ROCK LYRICS - Devil Without A Cause
And got scared when you heard that I was coming with hits. Now don't even trip, ... Like some uncut dope motherfucker, Kid Rock's to blame. Same game, same ...
E-40 LYRICS - Northern Califoolya
Have you lookin' just like the bottom of my shoe. The game, the ... Big shot niggas fade you up. I'm in the cut ... I give 'em blues, tattoo's on who to choose. Quitters ... The calico would make a playa hater rest fo' sho. Califoolya ... Hit a nigga up (huh ) God damn it! ... Clear folks and judges up have plenty of this light. So don't ...
The Game - One Blood (Dirty South Remix) Lyrics
B*Tch I Got Lords And Gangstas, Show Me Where Them N*Ggas At Chi Got Two ... Hit Him In The Head And The Body Wit A Bullet, ... Like Eric They Think Its Easy , But It Isnt Easy Believe Me ... I Do It For My Folks, Vice, Lords, And Kings ... Shot Me To Pop A Do', Cars Be Tropical ... I Am Unstoppable, My Calico Is Toxible

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