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Lyrics to "Hold Me Tight" song by COLD CHISEL: Hold me tight Hold me tight Baby nothing's gonna change this magic night Well energy we've got to bu...
Lyrics to "The Door" song by COLD CHISEL: Baby baby The telephone's ringin' again What do I ... You know it's getting me down ... I want you to hold me now
Lyrics to "Forever Now" song by COLD CHISEL: Taking her seat at the bar She don't talk to anyone Plane leaving soon for afar ... Cos it's only you and me
Jimmy Barnes - I Gotcha Lyrics
Aha-ha you thought I didn't see you now didn't ya (who me) Aha-ha you ... Give it here (no) don't hold back now. Give it here ... Cold Chisel lyrics. Cold Chisel.
Lyrics to "Flame Trees" song by COLD CHISEL: Kids out driving Saturday afternoon pass me by I'm just savouring familiar sights We share some hist...
cold chisel - build this love - live (last stand out-takes) lyrics
Is gonna break nobody's heart but mine. If you hold me now you can feel it beat. We can start it rockin' with a new sensation. Layin' on hands till you feel the heat
Lyrics to "Water Into Wine" song by COLD CHISEL: City papers blow around ... If I don't seem in a hurry now. I've arrived. Come on baby won't you save me. Turn this water into wine. Love, emotion, like an ocean. How can I hold back the tide
Cold Chisel - Water Into Wine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Water Into Wine' by Cold Chisel. City papers blow around me / As the mornin' hits the sky / On the ocean ships are waitin' high / So am I / City. ... If I don' t seem in a hurry now. I've arrived. Come on baby ... How can I hold back the tide.
Cold Chisel - Choir Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Choir Girl' by Cold Chisel. ... girl / Crying like a refugee / Looking like a choir girl / Crying like a refugee / One nurse to hold. ... Loves me like a sister
Cold Chisel feat. Jimmy Barnes - All I Wanna Do - Live - Jimmy ...
Jan 29, 2016 Lyrics for All I Wanna Do - Live - Jimmy Barnes Vocals by Cold Chisel feat. ... but my words choke up inside, all I wanna do to somehow find the time to take hold of you and make you feel my ... so come over baby let me feel your love oh all I wanna do is somehow find the time to ... Get the mobile app now.
Lyrics to "Temptation" song by COLD CHISEL: Running so fast, trying so hard Losing a girl who is ... Take away temptation now ... Driving me wild, being alone
Cold Chisel - This Big Old Car (Bonus Track from Ringside Dvd ...
May 22, 2015 Lyrics for This Big Old Car (Bonus Track from Ringside Dvd) by Cold Chisel. This big old ... Cold Chisel. Last update ... Hold Me Now (Demo).
Cold Chisel - Ita Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ita' by Cold Chisel. Every night ... Cold Chisel Lyrics. Overview ... Her magazine'll get me through. Ita's tongue ... I'd probably hold my fork all wrong.
Lyrics to "When The War Is Over" song by COLD CHISEL: Ain't nobody gonna steal this heart away Ain't nobody gonna steal ... Try to hold a trace of what it was
Icehouse - Break These Chains Lyrics
Now you listen to me 'cause I'm. Standing on the outside. Watching ... No you never could hold me down. I've got to break these ... Cold Chisel lyrics. Cold Chisel.
Cold Chisel - Flame Trees lyrics
New! Read & write lyrics explanations. Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Cold Chisel – Flame Trees lyrics. Flame Trees - by Cold Chisel.
John Farnham - Help Me If You Can Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Help Me If You Can' by John Farnham: When I was younger, So much younger than today I never needed anybody's Help in any way But now those days are. ... Cold Chisel lyrics. Cold Chisel · Mental As Anything lyrics. Mental As  ...
Lyrics to "Stone Cold" song by JIMMY BARNES: When I get home I found you sleeping I said the words you know are true And I'm stone Stone cold in... ... I'm stone cold in love with you. You don't have to wonder why now. Look at all the things you've been to me. I'll build my whole life ... Something's Got A Hold · Love Thing
Brook Benton - Love Me Now lyrics
Love Me Now lyrics by Brook Benton: If you're ever going to love me / Love me now (love me now) / And if you have something / Good to tell.
COLDPLAY LYRICS - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
... nobody knows? I've gotta say I'm on my way down God give me style and give me grace G... ... Now, when you work it out I'm worse than you. Yeah, when you ...
Cold Chisel - All For You lyrics
All For You lyrics by Cold Chisel: I get home & clean up, I put on my best shirt / I put on my good shoes / My arm are hard from what I do.
Cold Chisel - Rising Sun lyrics
1 meaning to Rising Sun lyrics by Cold Chisel: She just jumped on a plane / Paid no attention to me / Gave me no notice / But her goodbyes.
Icehouse - Stay Close Tonight Lyrics
Now as the day is closing / Hold every moment / It may slip through your hands / Evening falls so slowly / So. ... Oh girl you know me ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
The Divinyls - Dear Diary Lyrics
Dear diary I'm lonely / Won't you send someone to hold me / Preston annual fair this ... He wraps me tight each coil a night my heart he bites ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Icehouse - On My Mind Lyrics
... Where does it go? / Don't think I really care now / And I just know / I don't need you now / Does it. ... Something reminds me wherever I go ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Paul Kelly - How To Make Gravy Lyrics
It's the 21st of December, and now they're ringing the last bells ... Just don't hold her too close, oh brother please don't stab me in the back ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Icehouse - Electric Blue Lyrics
Every time you see through me. And it's all over you. Electric blue. On my knees. Help me, baby. Tell me, what can I do? Electric blue ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Hoodoo Gurus - Bittersweet Lyrics
Tried to hold you with all my might ... When we meet now it feels so strange. I hold you like a sword. You won't cut me like you did before. ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Hoodoo Gurus - Out That Door Lyrics
Your kiss can leave me cold. / I miss the fire that our hearts used to hold. / Oh-oh, there's no danger anymore, / ... Australian Crawl. Cold Chisel lyrics. Cold Chisel.
Australian Crawl - Reckless Lyrics
... Australian Crawl. Meet me down by the jetty landing / Where the the pontoons bump and sway / I see the others reading, standing / As the. ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Icehouse - Not My Kind Lyrics
Inside this city, on this empty train / Hoping that the late night never lets me go / I travel to the station, to the. ... So take a hold now. Don't ever ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Jimmy Barnes - Little Darling Lyrics
Yeah little darling wont you say you're gonna stay with me. Get to your house ... I only wanted to hold you tight. But you made it ... Cold Chisel lyrics. Cold Chisel.
Cold Chisel - Daskarzine lyrics
Daskarzine lyrics by Cold Chisel: Well Daskarzine, she was pretty bland / As she stretched out in the corner of the room / She was Oh! So.
Mental As Anything - Live It Up Lyrics
Let me warm your hands against the cold. A close ... Just answer me the question why ... Mental as Anything If you leave me can I… ... Cold Chisel lyrics.
Mental As Anything - Egypt Lyrics
Egypt, won't you hold me. Like I held a map of you ... Mental as Anything If you leave me can I… Mental As ... Australian Crawl. Cold Chisel lyrics. Cold Chisel.
Cold Chisel - My Baby lyrics
My Baby lyrics by Cold Chisel: My Baby, My Baby / My Baby, My Baby / I know this little girl she's quite a picture / I do my very best oh.
Cold Chisel - Janelle lyrics
Feb 27, 2015 1 meaning to Janelle lyrics by Cold Chisel: Janelle / Cold Chisel / (Twentieth Century) / Janelle, Janelle, Janelle / So far away.
Cold Chisel - Breakfast At Sweethearts lyrics
3 meanings to Breakfast At Sweethearts lyrics by Cold Chisel: Campbell lane, / And thru' the window curtain rain, / Long night gone, yellow.
... "Go L.L. and do the wop" If you think you can outrhyme me, yeah boy I bet ... Some brothers think he's making records now he must have relaxed. I couldn't shouldn't and ... My tongue's a chisel in this competition sculpture. I'm bad (Think I 'm ...
NAS LYRICS - Oochie Wally (Remix)
He really really made me scream and shout. He really taught me how to work my body. He really taught me how ... Is cold deep grand wiz. We taking honeys' to ...

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