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JAY-Z LYRICS - 1-900-Hustler
Lyrics to "1-900-Hustler" song by JAY-Z: 1-900-Hustler, Sigel, holla at your boy What's the problem shorty? Yeah whattup man ... [Chris] I'm ready to smash these niggaz in the rap game ... If you don't hustle find a nigga who pitch first. You new  ...
LL COOL J LYRICS - The Hustler
Lyrics to "The Hustler" song by LL COOL J: The streets got so many stories am told about the hustle About the hustle, lets go The streets have...
50 CENT LYRICS - Hustlers Ambition
Lyrics to "Hustlers Ambition" song by 50 CENT: (Like the fire needs the air) (I won' t burn unless your there) Yea, I need you, I need you to ha... ... So I hustle (hustle) Nigga you get in ... If the rap was the block or spider, I'll be that potent product
2PAC LYRICS - Hell 4 A Hustler
Lyrics to "Hell 4 A Hustler" song by 2PAC: Get on yo' knees ni**a Get on yo' knees and pray Huh, increase the doses, ... Head to head, whoever hustle hardest
MURS LYRICS - Hustle (Remix)
But I will find time to knock your favorite rapper out. And I'm a [Chorus x2: Murs] H-U-S-T-L-E hustler. You'll never find a dime that ain't mine motherfucker
Master P - Best Hustler Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Best Hustler' by Master P. / Maaan, I coulda been did this shit but I'm not on no industry shit ... I'm the Ghetto Bill gangsta, best hustling in the rap game
ACE HOOD LYRICS - A Hustler's Prayer
Lyrics to "A Hustler's Prayer" song by ACE HOOD: I rebuke the devil away from me No weapon formed against me shall prosper Pray for me mama Live, Sta...
50 Cent - Hustlers Ambition Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hustlers Ambition' by 50 Cent: I want the finer things in my life So I hustle (hustle) Nigga you get in my way when while I'm tryin to get mine And. ... If the rap was the block or spider, I'll be poke and butter. Now get a load of me, flashy, ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Hustler Musik
Lyrics to "Hustler Musik" song by LIL' WAYNE: Goddamn Missed and hit a nigga in his head with this one I'm gonna paint the city red with this on...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - The Art Of Hustle
Lyrics to "The Art Of Hustle" song by YO GOTTI: Law #1: never underestimate the enemy See ... I'm the hustler's constitution ... Your favorite rapper hella broke
Common - Electric Wire Hustler Flower Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Electric Wire Hustler Flower' by Common. Yo / Electric! Wire! ... Hustle! Flower. Electric! Wire! Hustle! Flower. Blood and magic dripping from me. True thugs and addicts I grip ... All this rap talk is blowing my high. I just came to chill and ...
EMINEM LYRICS - You Don't Know
I'm a hustler I hustle, you can tell that I'm paid. And I protect what I got, I'm in the house with my blade. Nigga you front you gone get it, OK now maybe I said it
BEANIE SIGEL LYRICS - Tales Of A Hustler Pt.2
Lyrics to "Tales Of A Hustler Pt.2" song by BEANIE SIGEL: Court casin.. Third felony facin No ... Push to hustle but the point is just to stack that cash. Tales of a  ...
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Hustla's Poster Child
I'm supposed to style, I'm a hustler's poster child. Girls see me ... Can't you tell I get my hustle on? Ohhhhhhh ... These rap cats wanna be Nino Brown But I'm the  ...
ICE-T LYRICS - New Jack Hustler
Hustler, word, I pull the trigger long, Grit my teeth, spray till every nigga's gone. Got my block sewn, armored dope spots, Last thing I sweat's a sucka punk cop.
YOUNG BUCK LYRICS - Bonafide Hustler
[50 Cent:] Yeah, I'm A Special Kinda Nigga With Mine's I Grind, I Get's My Paper, You Know What I Mean? Hahaha I'm A Bonafide Hustler, Nigga Get Outta Line ...
NAS LYRICS - Hustlers
Lyrics to "Hustlers" song by NAS: Dre, he a Compton-Compton O.G. Nas, he a QB -QB true G ... "If I Ruled the World" I summons all you weak rap niggaz to death
JAY-Z LYRICS - The Prelude
As you see I can't leave so I do love you. But I'm just a hustler disguised as a rapper. In fact you can't fit this hustle inside of a wrapper. Back when crack was
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Hustler's Story
Lyrics to "Hustler's Story" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: Akon... and B-I-G Niggaz talkin but aint livin it Cristyle pac I'm sippin it Mobb hats and li...
50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition Lyrics
Lyrics for Hustler's Ambition by 50 Cent. ... I want the finer things in my life So I hustle (hustle) Nigga you get in my way while I'm tryin get mine And I'll buck you ...
Lyrics to "Hustler" song by SCARFACE: Uno is for the money, deuce is for the show Trey is for the video, what the ... I'm darin ya to static with this Rap-A-Lot shit
Lyrics to "Hustler" song by LLOYD: Yo yo yo (hustler baby) Oh No (hustler baby) Oh No (hustler baby) Deep in the cut Wit... ... (hustler baby) Oh ... [Chinks rap:]
Irfan Sheik - Meri Kahani Meri Zubani Lyrics
inhi baaton pe huwa hustler fida ghalti se bechara wo pyaar kar bethaa. Karta b kya or karta be kya ismay becharay ka tha koi nhi kasoor dil k wo hatho hgya tha  ...
Hustle, my name I, I live and sleep on these streets 'Cause I have got to get mine, my ... Genre: Hip Hop/Rap ... I'ma be the first hustler that set up shop on Jupiter
Cappadonna - Hustle & Flow Lyrics
Yo, I flow with the hustle when I spit my G Aiyo, I, am, hustle & flow. I'm a hustler, hustle mad rap with GZA We shoot you with that shit, that make you shiver
Lyrics to "Hustler" song by KERI HILSON: Was I supposed to come so close to loving you That I couldn't see Was I supposed to drown myself in...
Lyrics to "I'm A Hustla" song by CASSIDY: I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler homey I got the product, narcotics for ... In fifth grade I was hustling my genesis game
[Verse 1 - Yo Gotti:] I'm a real hustler so don't knock it, that's law ... Hustling just to show out for these bitches you lost ... You selling them O's, I rap and do shows
JAY-Z LYRICS - Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Trying to hustle some things, that go with the Porsche ... But all the hustlers they love it just to see one of us make it ... Best rapper alive, best rapper alive.
Busta Rhymes & T-Pain - Hustler's Anthem 09 lyrics
Lyrics for Hustler's Anthem 09 by Busta Rhymes & T-Pain. ... should already know when I walk in the door That it ain't no use in frontin' on me I'ma hustle, I'ma do ...
Cassidy - I'ma Hustler (r&b Remix) Lyrics
E-ve-ry-day, You know you gotta hustle baby ("I'm A Hustler, I'm a-I'm Hustler, homie" - [Jay-Z]) You can't knock the hustle ba-by. See I got my mind right, I'm a ...
E-40 feat. Turf Talk & R. City - Hustle Lyrics
So when people ask me why Why Don't ever I slow down Oh I just simply reply I don't really know how So I Hustle Hustle Hustle I'ma hustler believe me You ...
All the hustlers they gon ride to this. They gon ... This is hustler music, this is hustler music, this is hustler music, and ... In the rap game takin niggaz clientele
pj harvey - the whores hustle and the hustlers whore lyrics
Speak to me, universal laws. The whores hustle and the hustlers whore. All around me people bleed. Speak to me, your song of greed. Speak to me of you inner ...
I hope my hustle don't offend nobody. I can give ... [Verse 3:] Ambitious ass hustler, yeah I'm tryna post up ... If you a real hustler you know how to stay committed
JAY-Z LYRICS - I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
I'm a hustler baby, I'm a hustler. I just want you to know, wanna let you know. It aint where I been, it aint where I been. But where I'm bout to go, top of the world!
CASSIDY LYRICS - The Problem Vs. The Hustla
It's the hustler ask about me [Announcer] ... First you was hustling bustin them shells. Then you went ... Where your strip at you ain't hustling nigga. That track ...
And you could ask anybody if the Kiss is a hustler [CHORUS:] [Styles:] He's a hustler [Jadakiss:] I hustle anywhere, any town, any borough, any strip, uh [S:] He's ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Get Yo Paper
If you a hustler (if you a hustler) Niggas be playing ... And if you rapping ain't no handouts in this industry ... [Z-Ro] I'ma get my paper, hustling up in this rap game
Dizzee Rascal - Graftin' Lyrics
Yo as a hustler in the city before I came to stack Lord knows I got the devil on ma back so call ... *hustle hustle hustle, hustle hustle hustle 'cause there means

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