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Quick, assemble a symbol, a solution. You're stalling. Flags tangle in the wind. Slash, slash. Slash, slash. Hyper dark. I think we have a problem. Hyper dark
Sleigh Bells - Hyper Dark Lyrics
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SCANNER LYRICS - "Hypertrace" (1988) album
79 afghanistan - mujaheddin 81 falkland islands - cruise missile unit end of printout - Dark was the night right out of nowhere. Airborne warriors of a different kind
CENTURION LYRICS - "Hyper Martyrium" (2000) album
CENTURION lyrics - "Hyper Martyrium" (2000) album, including "Riding On The ... Hyper killing legions will raise to the ground ... Come out side from the dark
TITLE FIGHT LYRICS - "Hyperview" (2015) album
Clouds warping around. I know you're scared. But don't cry your eyes out. Gatling gun. Under your spell now. Swirling through a tunnel view. Tangled in the dark
SLEIGH BELLS LYRICS - Unlimited Dark Paths
Lyrics to "Unlimited Dark Paths" song by SLEIGH BELLS: Take a picture at the Gallows Pole The Atlantic below Cause we're singing on a sinking ark Getting r...
WACO JESUS LYRICS - "Mayhem Doctrine" (2013) album
WACO JESUS lyrics - "Mayhem Doctrine" (2013) album, including "So Many Ways To Kill", "The Destruction Of Commercial Scum", "Hyper Dominant"...
Hyper Sleep. [Prospect #1] Mind bending strategy game. ... Down to the last seed , I stand with a dark stare. Still silent, still frighteningly silent. Down to the last ...
RIVERSIDE LYRICS - "Anno Domini High Definition" (2009) album
Only... For what? The dream went away. And you came. With your dark hair loose . Ruthless cold reality. Oh, how I hate your truth. Don't turn your back this time
THE CONTORTIONIST LYRICS - "Language" (2014) album
Begin hyper-communication. Restore our vision. Of natural progression ... Let them cower in the dark. The time has come for our re-emergence. The rift is sealed
Sleigh Bells - Unlimited Dark Paths Lyrics
13 Hyper Dark · 14 As If. New! Highlight lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics... Submit Corrections Cancel. D'oh! We don't have the ...
BAL-SAGOTH LYRICS - "Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled ...
And Lo, When The Imperium Marches Against Gul-Kothoth, Then Dark ... expansion of their queen's dark dominion, the hordes of Mytos K'unn began the
RAISING THE VEIL LYRICS - "Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena" (2015 ...
Dark Energy Cam 6. The Emperor's New Mind ... Calculation of hyper computed infinity. And probabilities of the hyper heuristic and infinite. Algorithmic evolution
DEVIN TOWNSEND LYRICS - "Addicted" (2009) album
DJ FRESH LYRICS - Hypercaine
I am caught between the dark and deep emotion, Its the only thing to keep me moving, I can't tire, I'm on the wire. gotta keep moving on [x3] moving on [x8]
NINE INCH NAILS LYRICS - "Year Zero" (2007) album
Nina Sublatti - Dark Desire lyrics
Sep 21, 2015 Lyrics for Dark Desire by Nina Sublatti. Sit down in the silence it's a dark and cold desire my door mine hyper static subjects like an object we ...
hyperstory - A Happening Lyrics
Oct 18, 2014 ... say what these thoughts entertain Laughing my way through the dark in my brain And it goes It goes how it goes But something is happening ...
DAUGHTERS LYRICS - "Hell Songs" (2006) album
When I awoke, a vicious dark hung in the sky. My surroundings foreign and discomforting. I staggered to my shoeless hooves and ventured down the only path I ...
BORKNAGAR LYRICS - "Epic" (2004) album
Traveller of the x-scape, through the gravisphere of wisdom. Hyper potency - the predominant endurance through infinity. The iridescence of the solar glimpse.
EDGUY LYRICS - "Superheroes" (2005) album
Hyper salivation - hyper ventilation. Heading for the grail across the sea of lubrication. I'm out for it while rather on my own. Don't you see all the water so get  ...
WITHERING SURFACE LYRICS - "Force The Pace" (2004) album
1. Gears 2. Exit Sculpture 3. This View 4. Force The Pace 5. Hold The Line 6. Machinery 7. Inhale The Hyper Pulse 8. State Of Emergency 9. Anything Goes 10 .
BLOOD STAIN CHILD LYRICS - "Idolator" (2005) album
Hyper Sonic 2. Live Inside 3. ... Hyper Sonic ...from nothing soul ... It is warmly lighted even when dark cold Cloud is drifting in the blue sky. I feel air in the whole  ...
Hyper Act - Bukan Untukku lyrics translated in English
12 Des 2016 English translation of lyrics for Bukan Untukku by Hyper Act. malam ku tak berbintang siangku hanya berlari lari apakah ... Actually was dark
DeGarmo & Key - Hyper-faith lyrics
Hyper-faith lyrics by DeGarmo & Key: Days are dark, hearts are cold, pressing on / The race is marking you tired / Every bit of news is.
OTARGOS LYRICS - "Ten Eyed Nemesis" (2005) album
Six-dimension hyper-spaced unfolds. Daemonic forces, hell-divine volcano like ... Weapon-beasts vomit darkness. Pounding solid dark lightnings. Crush and ...
Siddharta - My Dice Lyrics
... even if it's dark can you be my fuckin' love can you be my fuckin' love Dive in ... a pleasant face anywhere in space my mind is a hyper tool it fixes everything ...
HANZEL UND GRETYL LYRICS - "Transmissions From Uranus ...
Take Me To Your Leader 5. Zeta Reticula 6. Komet Ride 7. Trance Planet Vortex 8. Robot Logik 9. Helium Popsicles 10. Starfucker 11. Hyper Erotic Joy Helmet
MESSIAH LYRICS - "Extreme Cold Weather" (1987) album
MESSIAH lyrics - "Extreme Cold Weather" (1987) album, including "Nero", " Radezky March: We Hate To Be In The Army Now", "Hyper Borea"...
NIGHTFALL LYRICS - "I Am Jesus" (2003) album
NIGHTFALL lyrics - "I Am Jesus" (2003) album, including "Nightfall (The Hyper Story)", "Semana Tragica", "Treasures in Aramaic Tears (Echelon)"...
MASTIC SCUM LYRICS - "C T R L" (2013) album
Cause & Effect 4. Brute-Force-Methode 5. D1s3mb0d1m3nt 6. Rebornation 7. Perceptive Illusion 8. Hyper-Detection 2.0 9. Create/Negate 10. The Vortex Within
Current got strong, now it's getting dark. So get your shit together.. As if... As i-if... As if... As if... As if-if... Spittin' out nothing. An infinite loop of literally bad news
DYING FETUS LYRICS - "Killing On Adrenaline" (1998) album
hyper-violent chaos rush all-out fucking total war your dead, adrenaline rush, ... soldiers of deception dark seeds among our race, an absence of free will, is all ...
MUSE LYRICS - Darkshines
Passing by you light up my darkest skies. You take only seconds to draw me in. So be mine and your innocence I will consume. Dark shines. Bringing me down
VENI DOMINE LYRICS - "23:59" (2006) album
VENI DOMINE lyrics - "23:59" (2006) album, including "The Frozen", "Hyper Sober Nature", "Brothers"... ... Hyper Sober Nature 11. ... The dark will leave
Muse - Hyper Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hyper Music' by Muse. Your golden lies feed my role / In this forgotten space race under my control / Who's returned from the dead? / Who remains? /
Dark Lyrics. SUBMIT LYRICS LINKS METAL ... Hyper-Detection 4. Perverse Illusion 5. Blind To ... No freedom to choice, hyper detection. Sometimes, will it end?
DAVE LYRICS - Freestyle For Semtex
For food in the club like tyga tyga hyper hyper boys doing cyber cyber. See man in the flesh dark. Talk big on the net dark. Bread in pen and kill a cyber man like ...
BLOODBOUND LYRICS - "In The Name Of Metal" (2012) album
Metal's getting hyper deadly as a viper. Rise from armageddon ... Dark creatures lie. Rapists and killers with blood ... When demons collide. The light turn to dark
SAMAEL LYRICS - "Antigod" (2010) EP
SAMAEL lyrics - "Antigod" (2010) EP, including "Antigod (Dark Night Remix)", " Slavocracy (Live)", "Reign Of Light (Live)"... ... I am the hyper star. Shining on your  ...

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