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Ashley Tisdale - Be Good To Me Lyrics
I'll make you shine like a star up in Hollywood I'll be your knight in shining armor Your prince in the saga Never catching me bringing drama Never that Roll you in the club like Monopoly Smiling, looking like you won a mill' on a lottery And I'm gonna be good like water to a whale Jassy world, Miss Ashley Tisdale
David Bowie - Shining Star (Makin' My Love) Lyrics ...
Well, I could make you happy Every goddamn single day of your life Making my love Like a shining star Like a shining star If that's what you are Like a shining star (oh) Making my love (making my love) Like a shining star (like a shining star) Taking my love (taking my love) Just a touch too far (just a touch to far)
Frida - Shine Lyrics
And like a star I'll shine You give me love, you make me shine Clear in the midnight sky My fantasy makes me shine Clear in the midnight sky In the darkness see you shine Move your body close to mine I'm feeling excitation I feel a perfect vision In the darkness see you shine
The Bellamy Brothers - Inside Of My Guitar Lyrics ...
In my guitar there is a garden. Where rainbows bloom and shine like stars. If you say no, I beg you pardon. Come inside of my guitar. [Chorus:] I'll make you laugh and make you sing. And we can play among the stars. And we'll make love and dance beneath the strings. Inside of my guitar.
Johnny Drille - ova Lyrics
No one be like you Dem finna try but they never could My girly wanna be by you But you no pick up Wanna make it up to you, my ruby You shine like a million stars You're always in my head But girl you no gimme chance I'll amend my ways for you, my ruby Should I get you a bullion van You're always in my head But, girl, you no gimmie chance Make ...
Little Mix - We Are Who We Are Lyrics
I know, I know, I'll never be perfect I know, I know, but I'm gonna work it Let go, let go, put your new shoes on The new you on We are who we are, who we are, pretty's just a pretty word And I'm gonna shine like a star, cause I'm the only me in this world Throw away the books and the magazines, I'm never gonna look like a beauty queen
Morissette - Shine (25th Anniversary Version) Lyrics ...
Like the stars in the heavens Shine, shine You keep me shining through Shine, shine With the love that you've given It's true I'm shining on, all because of you So watch me glow A light shines within me People ask me why And I just smile And tell them you're the reason I've cast the darkness aside Yes you make me shine, shine Like the stars in ...
Gregory And The Hawk - Boats And Birds Lyrics
I live to let you shine. I live to let you shine. But you can skyrocket away from me. And never come back if you find another galaxy. Far from here with more room to fly. Just leave me your stardust to remember you by. If you'll be my boat. I'll be your sea. A depth of pure blue just to probe curiosity.
Simple Plan - Gone Too Soon Lyrics
You're part of me And I'll never be the same here without you You were gone too soon Shine on, shine on To a better place Shine on, shine on We'll never be the same Shine on, shine on Like a shooting star Flying across the room So fast, so far You were gone too soon You're part of me And I'll never be the same here without you You were gone too ...
Nessa Barrett - la di die Lyrics
"Don't ever be afraid to let people know you aren't where you wanna be. Set a goal, find a dream and make those reality. Live for others while being yourself; don't live for yourself while being like others. This song has had a lot of work put into it. I'm so proud of Nessa and her diligence. I know it's gonna pay off!"
tobyMac - One World Lyrics
I'll look out for you, you look out for me One world And I'm a dedicate this song to everyone of God's children You can come as you are Love is yours Love is ours I am a witness sweet forgiveness You will shine like a star Burning bright where you are in our one world, one world Like a star, like a star, like a star One World Like a star, Baby ...
Fall Out Boy - 27 Lyrics
The planets align, you're just like Mars You shine in the sky You shine in the sky Are all the good times getting gone? They come, and go, and go, and come, and go, oh yeah I've got a lot of friends who are stars But some are just black holes My mind is a safe And if I keep it, then we all get rich My body is an orphanage We take everyone in ...
Aaron Carter - Girl You Shine Lyrics
The moment that I laid my eyes on you. I knew you'd be the one to make my dreams come true. [CHORUS] Girl you shine like reflections on the water. Girl you shine like the sun in the sky. Girl you shine like the moon does in the night-time. Girl you Shine like that stars in the sky. In you I see something I won't find ever again.
Karl Wolf - Let The Music Play All Night Lyrics
But my heart is due with sorrow, let's make this right (Let the music play all night) Just because you don't know who you are But you shine just like a star, baby (baby) It's a secret love affair, cuz it feels like you ain't there And this game you've been playin' ain't fair [Chorus:] So let me take ya, to a place yeah, where the music play all ...
Caitlyn Smith - Feel That Way Lyrics
You make me feel like. The shine of a star, the blue of a flame. Vinyl at midnight, chills on the inside. From my head to my toes, I know I have been changed. You make me feel that way. Holding my breath just to keep it in. While I spin around in a dream. Dancing with you.
will.i.am - She's A Star Lyrics
You a naughty lady, and sophisticated I'll be honored baby, if you have my baby So now let's just be grown-ups and do what grown-ups do Baby let's develop a star 'cause you my star, my star My star, my star Ah You a star girl [10x] You a star, baby you a star You a star, you a star 'cause when you shine, baby when you shine When you shine, when ...
AmaLee - Orange Lyrics
I admit, when you're not here Everything feels so boring and grey But I'm scared to say that I'm lonely 'Cause I don't know if that's strange All the things you've left behind I'll make sure they are kept in the light And like stars, they'll never disappear, but shine at night After the storm has passed, I looked up at the sky That brilliant blue
Bazzi - Mine Lyrics
Even when it's rainy all you ever do is shine You on fire You a star just like Mariah Man this feel incredible, I'll turn you into a bride, you're Mine Hands on your body, I don't wanna waste no time Feels like forever even if forever's tonight Just lay with me, waste this night away with me You're mine I can't look away I just gotta say
But I'll be okay Long as there's you to hold You're a star That's what you are Something wonderful I gotta let you know You mean the world 'Cause you're my girl Shine like a supastar To me that's what you are Happiness with you Didn't believe it could be true But now that you're my girl You know you make me a better world You know I never knew ...
Young Rome - For Your Love Lyrics
We shine like the sun Now you don't love me cuz I'm a star ... Rule number two girl I'll always take care of you ... I wanna make you feel good all over like you Stephanie Mills You gotta man to hold u down That will carry your bills And your smile alone gives me chills I feel my skin vibrate You can't front on a love this real
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