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Fredo Santana - Always Lyrics
Flexin' on these goofies, bitch that's always [Verse 1: Fredo Santana] Coolin' in the trap, gettin' high off that gunsmoke Niggas sneak diss and I'm a show 'em what my gun fo' Lot a rappers actin' [?] See me fo' But I be gettin' money and I don't need to see you folk Yo' bitch text me, I don't know why you with her tho
Jody Breeze - Uptown Lyrics. Ayee, you always talkin always flexin Me, I'm always strapped with Smith and Wessons(bah) I tried to tell you I'm not one to test in So fuck ... I will turn you into sushi, and you got yo style from Gucci You on your way out, I'm on my way in And all you did was grin, when shawty shot yo friend
Iamsu! - Hipster Girls Lyrics
This for all of my hipster girls On Instagram straight flexin On Instagram straight flexin ... I said This for all of my hipster girls On Tumblr straight flexin On Tumblr straight flexin On Tumblr straight flexin [Hook 2:] So go girl, do yo thing I hope everybody in here know your name I said go girl, do yo thing ... When you caption always ...
DDG - Rubbin' Off The Paint (YBN Nahmir Remix) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Rubbin' Off The Paint (YBN Nahmir Remix)" song by DDG: That's what I thought you said Now let me offer this as a rebuttal Ayy, yuh, ayy, okay Okay, yuh I...
Lil Yachty - Ballin Like A Piston Lyrics
Lyrics to "Ballin Like A Piston" song by Lil Yachty: ... Nah bitch I'm never stressin Youngest nigga ever flexin You broke if yo ass stressin Yo bitch who my ass texting Fucked yo bitch head, then I told her that she not a slut Lyin cuz I ain't give no fucks Drop my nut all on her butt
Wiley - Let The Ink Flow Lyrics
In a place that ain't mine, but I'm still flexin' Not concerned with what anyone's doing I just hit the parties, I ain't in here textin' I'm drawing down on the video vixens Mix tings knowing we shouldn't mix 'em We've all got problems, but not all of us wanna go ahead and fix 'em I'm rolling deep and I'm a dan when I flow I make a sound boy know
Tinie Tempah - If You Know Lyrics
Always burnin' calories Flexin' like we used to, ayy [Tiggs Da Author:] Used to run around with them hoes you must know Now I mess with bitches that I don't even know Rollin' with my G's, screamin' fuck how you feel We no say no names, if you know, then you know If you know, then you know If you know, then you know
I’m focused, dog, and I ain’t wit’ that fuck shit, think it sweet but it ain’t, doe I’m tried and true when I’m ridin’ through, I ain’t hidin’, they can just hate me My top is down and my pockets fat and my diamonds clearer than HD (Hold it now) I’m flexin’, shawty (Hold it now) I’m stupid, hoe
'Cus I remember getting tricked by the dope fiends When I jumped off the porch I used to give away the dope I'm flexin mink coats now, I remember when it started coke I got airplanes, now I fly to you with this dope I got all kind of prices, 10 different types of coke I ain't never had no license but I'm always on the go
Trey Songz - LOL :) Lyrics
Sent that little face with the tongue 'cause I'm nasty I'm on my way (way), girl I can't wait (wait) Twitter me a picture, lemme see that OK [Chorus - Trey Songz:] Shawty just text me, say she wanna sex me (LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face) Shawty sent a Twit pic saying come and get this (LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face) Go to my page and follow
Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot Lyrics
Yo, Big Shaq, the one and only Man's not hot, never hot Skrrat, skidi-kat-kat Boom Two plus two is four, minus one that's three, quick maths Everyday man's on the block, smoke trees
Dizzy Wright - The Perspective (feat. Chel'le) Lyrics
Dizzy Wright - The Perspective (feat. Chel`le) Lyrics. She on Instagram flexin . Uh She on Instagram flexin' Changin' outfits in the mirror with her reflection Them couple likes always got her ch
Future - Future- Grandma Lyrics. [Hook] Caught a 7 brick nap when I put that on my grandma Off 7 thousand keisha, but I'm always smokin' granddad, yeah And I put that on
Always flexin, now the Jews, they wanna sue me Come from the bottom, where we at now? We at the top and around the city, we headed around Pull on yo block, the Glock go bababa The feds on us now cause we hot hot hot Fuck yesterday I'm talkin' bout now now now Pull on yo block skrrt boom boom boww boww boww We 'pose to smoke it and tote it and ...
Rich Chigga - Back At It Lyrics. Woah, Yeah, Uh, Ay Back on my bullshit man you can't believe it Who the fuck just said I should quit, they gon prolly take it back We make
Superwoman - Voices Lyrics
Lyrics to "Voices" song by Superwoman: ... I'm flexin' my life 'Cause homie, my hustle got gains Back in the day they used to say, ... I'm always on the go, no time to take it in I meet my idols, then I'm searching for the next win I don't know what I'm doing I'm making this all up
Bankrolls, Glizzy gang shit/ You ain't gotta like me, bet you know my name, dawg/ Ain't need a nigga to put me in the game, dawg/ Just copped some new ice, every diamond in my chain glow/ I got street money on me like I'm Bankroll/ These bitches they gon' fuck me for a bankroll/ Yo' nigga love ...
Waka Flocka Flame - Can`t Do Golds Lyrics. [Hook 1:] Quarter million dollars cash in my guest room (turn up) Thumbin' through the bands I be playin' with the check (flocka!) Count
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - No Heart Lyrics
I grew up in the streets without no heart I'm praying to my Glock and my carbon I sit back and read, like Cat in the hat 21 Savage, the cat with the MAC 21 Savage not Boyz N The Hood but I pull up on you, shoot your ass in the back Stuart Little, heard these niggas some rats Pockets full of cheese, bitch I got racks I'm a real street nigga bitch
Yung Chris - Racks (Remix) Lyrics
I'm in the club, tryna show 'em how to stunt (stunt) Tryna pick up what I throw, it probably take 'em 'bout a month (month) The club underwater, have 'em running out the front While I'm somewhere in the back, getting blowed like a blunt (blunt) No need to trip, you can tell 'em that I'm cool as hell (cool as hell)
EMMANUEL HUDSON - Questions Lyrics
You dirty. Yo dirty ass, you dir-ty. And the guy always be flexin like they gon hit her, "Man get yo hand out my face shawty, man-somebody better get her! I ain't playin'! "And the girls always want to beef over the internet they would say some like
They say that Gucci Mane be flexin unbelievable price And I know that life is priceless but I pay for yo life I think I’m Dirty Harry nigga when I got that full fire And I can never respect a man that can’t look me in my eye Just as stupid as these rappers if you bullied alive You brought your knife to a gunfight, yo ass wanna die
Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba De) Lyrics
Yo listen up here's a story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just blue like him inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue Corvette and everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around 'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen to I'm blue da ba ...
Ayo & Teo - Rolex Lyrics
I pull up to the mall and I'm flexin' on your hoe Jahleele in the cut, and he got them buffies ayy Whiteskins got me goin' crazy, crazy, ayy Your girl love me 'cause she prolly want my baby, ayy (woo) Ice on my neck cost like five K I want a girl built just like Kim K (she thick) Karate chop that bitch like a sensei
IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh) - Voices Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Voices' by IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh): I got three Ls in my name But, yo, don't get it twisted I get double-Us My money like a pair of Nikes My
Dizzy Wright feat. Chel'le - The Perspective Lyrics
Dizzy Wright feat. Chel'le - The Perspective Lyrics. She on Instagram flexin . Uh She on Instagram flexin' Changin' outfits in the mirror with her reflection Them couple likes always got her c
Robb Bank$ - Counting (March) Lyrics
So cold, my mistress always tell a nigga to be gentle Navy Supreme chinos Closest I go to denim Now am I cool? Cause I'm rappin bout my clothes and my women? You niggas just don't get it This how I'm livin' Fuck flexin' And I got yo bitch believing every little thing I'm texting So why can't you [?] I roll 3 And face 2 I'm who you can't go face ...
You know I'm coming back to you (Every time you call my name) I'm coming back to you You know I'm coming back to you (Every time I see your face) Just wanna be with you I'm comin back! Yo I said tit for tat I said tickle for tackle Getting your attention always seems a battle I'm a cool guy, I don't want no hassle You be the queen, I'll be the ...
Windows Down (feat. Drummer Boy) - King Lil G feat ...
King Lil G feat. Drummer Boy - Windows Down (feat. Drummer Boy) Lyrics. This that a-k mob shit Ridin' round with a boss bitch Moet sippin' Faded off of that boss shit Rollin' through the city Its amazin', bang
Lil' Wayne - Dope New Gospel Lyrics
But fuck it my nigga, I'm past good Text a bitch, rubbin' my tats good But before she do, bitch, watch yo hands good I'm flexin' muscles that you can't pull You can't make a fist cause I'm a handful I never really knew my dad good But still grew up to be the big bad wolf You always see me with the white cup Some people say that is a bad look
Tried to keep it close to me/ Just the way things used to be/ Time is flowin' like a dream/ Things ain't always what they seem/ So I slip through the cracks/ Can't find my way back/ Now I'm way off course/ Looking for the source/ Yo Buffalo Girl/ Go round the outside/ Round the outside/ Round ...
Dillon Cooper - State of Elevation Lyrics. It's bout to be a state of elevation Because the underdog is eatin' cus I'm starvin' like I'm Marvin Yo, emaciated overdose Ya never know th
Capo feat. Chief Keef - Now Lyrics. Chief Keef] When I ball out, I go all out I walk up in the mall, buy the mall out I know you see me ballin', bitch don't call now Can I hit
Dillon Cooper - State Of Elevation Lyrics
State Of Elevation lyrics performed by Dillon Cooper: It's bout to be a state of elevation Because the underdog is eatin' ... Because the underdog is eatin' cus I'm starvin' like I'm Marvin Yo, emaciated overdose ... coops time to dominate The show is on the road, my pockets swollen up, them big bills Always gotta stay Trill, red light, pop'em ...
King Lil G feat. Drummer Boy - Windows Down Lyrics
King Lil G feat. Drummer Boy - Windows Down Lyrics. This That A-K Mob Shit Ridin' Round With A Boss Bitch Moet Sippin' Faded Off Of That Boss Shit Rollin' Through The City Its Amazin', Bang N
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