I wanna love you, just wanna hold you for the rest of my life i wanna feel your body close to me lyrics

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Zalman Krause feat. Miriam Mitzman - Will You Be Mine? Lyrics ...
Oct 2, 2015 I just wanna love you baby For the rest of my life I Wanna see you in the ... I wanna hold you thru the night I wanna feel your body close to me ...
Zalman Krause feat. Ely Jaffe - Will You Be Mine? Lyrics
Aug 13, 2015 I just wanna love you baby For the rest of my life I wanna see you in ... I wanna hold you through the night I wanna feel your body close to me oh ...
Zalman Krause feat. Miriam Mitzman - Will You Be Mine? (feat ...
Nov 30, 2016 I just wanna love you baby For the rest of my life I wanna see you in the ... I wanna feel your body close to me oohh every single day So can we ...
I can feel how much you love me. And it just ... I've never been this close to anyone or anything ... I don't know how you do what you do ... It just keeps getting better. I wanna spend the rest of my life ... I wanna spend the whole night in your eyes
Lyrics to "Tear You Apart" song by SHE WANTS REVENGE: Got a big plan, his mind's set, maybe it's right At ... Or maybe this is danger and you just don't know. You pray it all away but it continues to grow. I want to hold you close. Skin pressed against me tight. Lie still, and close your eyes girl ... I Don't Want To Fall In Love
Rixton - Wait On Me Lyrics
And I wanna love you some more. Wait on me. Come a little closer. Wanna be the one to explore. A little trouble never hurt nobody. Ooh I wanna feel your body
Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes' by Aerosmith: (Chorus) I don't wanna close my eyes, ... I could spend my life in this sweet surrender, ... you, feeling your heart beating, ... Wondering if it's me you're seeing, ... I just wanna stay with you in this moment forever, ... Well I just wanna hold you close, ... For all the rest of time
... flexin' your arms. I'm flexin' my life ... you a career. For the rest of your life (RAH !) ... me for me. Or do they love my stats ... Just want somebody to hold me ... I just wanna use your body in the most selfish way. I'm feelin' ... Can you pull me really close, kiss up on my neck ... I just want you next to me and I want you to feel me
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
xhIf lovin you is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Cus you can ... You came and brightened my life up ... I feel like you all I got so baby Ima keep you close tah me. Everything gone be aite I promise you just go wid me. First I lost my first love. I thought I was thru wid dis. Love done got me trapped again man how did I do dis shit
Lyrics to "All Of Me" song by JOE BUDDEN: I give you my all.. but it seems like ... I wish I could see a day wit no he say, she say, just wanna see Trey ... When I proposed to the game I figured life was merry ... I feel like being a addict cuz it hurts ... I wish you all the best throughout the rest of your career". ... Send Him Our Love
LIL ROB LYRICS - Lost In Love With You
Lyrics to "Lost In Love With You" song by LIL ROB: How You Doing Sweet Heart ... Im Just Wondering How You Feel. ... And Do All The Things You Want Me To. Caress Your Body, Touch Your Soul, ... Estar Contigo, Is All I Want To Do Everynight. ... Hold Me Baby Dont Let Go, ... My Life Was Fine But You Brought Perfection.
Exile - Kiss You All Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kiss you all over' by Exile: Gonna wrap my arms around you Hold you close to me Oh, babe I want to taste your lips I want to fill your fantasy, yeah.
DAN HILL LYRICS - Sometimes When We Touch
You ask me if I love you ... I'm only just beginning to see the real you. And sometimes when we touch. The honesty's too much. And I have to close my eyes and hide ... I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides ... And drive you to your knees
ERIC BENET LYRICS - Spend My Life With You
Lyrics to "Spend My Life With You" song by ERIC BENET: I never knew such a day could come And I never knew ... Can I just feel your heart beating beside me
Lyrics to "Lies" song by MC MAGIC: Why would you lie to me? After all that we've been through, After the love I gave you, I just... ... could tell your lies. I dont really care what you feel inside ... my life is in your hands, ... Come close to me girl, ... Today is the first day of the rest of my life, I wanna spend every moment with you
BOW WOW LYRICS - Let Me Hold You
Lyrics to "Let Me Hold You" song by BOW WOW: Y'all know what this is This what ... And introduce you to the better side of life that you ain't been seeing girl ... When you cry I wanna feel your pain; no secrets, no games. All excitement, nothin' plain; keep you happy, that's my aim ... I'm just tryna get you to (Let me hold you)
Sam Hunt - Take Your Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Your Time' by Sam Hunt: And I don't wanna steal your freedom I don't wanna change your mind I don't have to make you love me I just want to. ... I ain't gonna waste my lines ... And the next thing you know you're trying to be nice .... Sam Hunt - Sam Hunt - Body Like A Backroad [LYRICS] Lyric Video.
Hold your body close to mine Leave behind all of the worries on your mind I... ... And you make me feel. Feel so shine and ... you. Love me in that special way ... I want to spend the rest of my life.. with you. Oh girl ... Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
FRONT PORCH STEP LYRICS - Private Fears In Public Places
I'd rather freeze in your arms than be warm under covers. And I'd let you hit me ... So just hold me and tell me that I'm everything you need. Tell me that, that ...
Lyrics to "You Never Know" song by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: She was on her way to ... Fuck the horse and carriage shit, her love was never for hire ... Hold her close in my dreams, but when I woke she disappeared ... The way your life done changed ... You made me doubt the way I thought, you made me want to believe
Mariah Carey - My All Lyrics
Just one more night with you. I'd risk my life to feel. Your body next to mine ' Cause I can't go on. Living in the memory of our song. I'd give my all for your love  ...
Lumidee - Amazed Lyrics
I can feel how much you love me. And it just blows me away. I've never been this close ... I want to spend the rest of my life. With you ... (every little thing that you do , baby i'm amazed by you) ... From the way you hold me. Your body controls me
The way you move your body, girl you make me wanna love ya. She the only one ... She my ride or die, hold it down for me, that's my nigga. You can get it all ...
I don't even be remembering these bitches names the next day. ... You my what you call when you wanna take ya time, settle down, and share it all. ... You my baby girl. the way i feel, if you ever disappear I swear my heart will just stop. ... me so mad til I hate you so bad but I love you so much and the break-ups just never last ...
Isaac Hayes - That Loving Feeling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Loving Feeling' by Isaac Hayes: Come on ... come closer baby. ... 1 That Loving Feeling. 2 Body Language · 3 Chocolate ... And lay your lovely face against my skin ... Hold me baby, hold me, don't let me go! ... It's more then just a sexual attraction ... I want to spend the rest of my life loving you ... Close Video ...
HEDLEY LYRICS - Kiss You Inside Out
Lyrics to "Kiss You Inside Out" song by HEDLEY: I don't know if you're ready to go Where I'm willing to take you girl I will feel every inch of you... ... Yeah, I wanna know you inside out. I'll spend my life trying to figure out. Just close your eyes and shut your mouth. And let me kiss you inside ... let me love you babe. let me love ...
Estello - Till The Stars Come Out Lyrics
If you really wanna sit down on my side, aha. And you know it, cause Im feeling alright, lets go. Baby I know I love you so, yeah. Babe I got your body under my ...
HALSEY LYRICS - Is There Somewhere?
song by HALSEY: You were dancing in your tube socks in our hotel room, Flashin' those eyes like highway signs. Light... ... Light one up and hand it over, rest your head upon my shoulder. Just wanna feel your lips against my skin. ... And I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me. ... I didn't mean to fall in love tonight.
ANITA BAKER LYRICS - You're My Everything
Lyrics to "You're My Everything" song by ANITA BAKER: Ooooh Baby Got the sun in the morning I got the moon at night I got your arms around me, everyt... ... the rest of my life. Feel the warm breeze blowing. Down through ... I've got your love beside me child, that's all I need. My ... Just want to hold you ... Close Your Eyes
Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up Lyrics
Come inside take off your coat I'll make you feel at home. Now let's pour a glass of wine cause now we're all alone. I've been waiting for you girl just let me hold ...
PHORA LYRICS - Make You Feel
Listen Long, long enough, you can love me. I'll be just yours, you can hold me ... But I guarantee you baby, I could make your life change. Just Breathe, breathe me in, taste my words, let me blow your mind. I will take you far, far away, I'll make you feel alright. You gotta crave it and chase it, until you're close enough to taste it
And I love the way you look in a firefly glow ... And make me hold my breath. You pull me closer, ... I wanna feel it like a kick drum beating faster in your chest
Maxi Priest - Close To You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Close To You' by Maxi Priest: I just want to be close to you And do all the things you want me to I just ... Livin' her life ... Girl you make my dreams come true ... I feel love. Everytime your body's next to mine. Somethin' deep inside of me
Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand Lyrics
You'll let me hold your hand. Now, let me hold your hand. I want to hold your hand. And when I touch you. I feel happy inside. It's such a feelin' that my love
Joe - I Wanna Know Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wanna Know' by Joe: Yeah Alright, oh, oh, ... It's amazing how you knock me off my feet, hm. Every time ... Nobody ever made me feel this way, oh ... I wish that I could take a journey through your mind, alright ... I do believe that there's a love you want to share, oh, oh ... Close Video ... Lil Uzi Vert XO Tour Life lyrics ...
... see me, come see me I wanna hold you when you next to me Can't you see? ... SONGLYRICS just got interactive. ... I wanna hold your body next to me ... Girl, in your heart you know you don't feel this way ... Oh, love you for the rest of my life
Lyrics to "Hush" song by LL COOL J: Hush baby, wanna let ya know This is how its gonna go Hush baby, wanna let ya know This i... ... Just wanna feel ya touch ... Rest of my life i wish i could. Hold u ... Maximize the moment and hold ya close ... Me bouncin baby? no chance ... Unconditional love, forever we are attatched
Lyrics to "I Wanna Be Yours" song by ARCTIC MONKEYS: I wanna be your vacuum cleaner Breathing in your dust I ... Secrets I have held in my heart. Are harder to hide than I thought. Maybe I just wanna be yours ... And let me be the portable heater that you'll get cold without ... Hold your hair in deep devotion ( how deep?)
Aerosmith - Don't Wanna Miss A Thing Lyrics
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing / Watch you smile while you're sleeping, while ... I could spend my life in this sweet surrender ... I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep ... I just want to hold you close and feel your heart so close to mine. And just stay here in this moment for all of the rest of time.
GALLOWS LYRICS - "Orchestra Of Wolves" (2006) album
Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn't Mean You're Safe 9. ... Leave your inhibitions at the door ... They want to kick my fucking head in just to feel alive ... So baby, baby hold me tight ... Left on the only road out of our lives .... I want to feel your body close against mine. ... When we can fuck for the rest of the night?

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