I aint playin no games boy u kno i wanna ride wit you lyrics

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Lyrics to "Play No Games" song by LIL JON & THE EAST SIDE BOYZ: I ain't really here to play no games, Girl You already ... Bitch you better learn how to chop rocks if you wanna get with Crack ... Cause you know, Bitches ain't shit to me ... Boy I tell ya, Best to deal with them real niggas ... Shawty I ain't playin no games
RICK ROSS LYRICS - No Games (Remix)
Lyrics to "No Games (Remix)" song by RICK ROSS: Say no names, play no games (Ain't no bottles on yo' table, pussy boy go hey yo' gwalla) {"M-M-M"} R... ... Can't play no GAMES with these niggas, can't play no GAMES with these hoes. They treat us like ... I get what I wanna (wanna) you would think I own a genie ( genie)
Boy,I think this the second time you done passed up this sign you goin'the ... Either you die slow,ride slow, cause Fiend about to show ... Got wit you F-I-E-N-D and THREE-6 ... Act like you know me when I say Im head thug on your block ... If you wanna hate the click ... Lay down bitch ,La Chat and I ain't playing no games
BIG SEAN - Play No Games lyrics
"Play No Games" is a collaboration with Chris Brown and Ty Dolla Sign. ... Just to let you know, I'm not one of them niggas you be dodging. I'm the one that ... And I ain't bout to play no games with you ... Tell me who you wanna fucking love
And you know I got a man. So lets both ... Everybody wanna know. But they ... Stop playin' with these lames. Ain't got no shame ... I ain't 'bout them games shawty (nah) ... Come and ride out wit cha boy (Big Sam) then fill with almond joy
We're just playing hide and seek. It's getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you. I don't want to play no games. I'm tired of always chasing, chasing after  ...
J HUS LYRICS - #Rated Freestyle (GRM Daily)
Ooh, She's my ride or die. Her body ... Moving loose with the one pop. Like I'm on ... Trust me, I ain't playing no games ... Real bad boys, never comment on YouTube. Rappers wanna warn me ... But he's moist, How'd you know?, I just heard
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Wanna Be A Gangsta
Lyrics to "Wanna Be A Gangsta" song by LIL BOOSIE: Yeah So you sho you wanna be a gangsta? Sure bout dat lil ... So I'm on a rainy night with a gangsta who don't play no games. He love them ... Well is you down to bust a head (Head you know I ain't scared) ... Now show me where the niggaz at who playin with my son
T.I. LYRICS - Hurt
Betta tell 'em I ain't playin' ... Boy you finna get hurt, murked, put him in the dirt boy you betta ... Don't get me wrong there's some niggas wanna kill me too (Well where they at?) But they ain't sayin' bout shit because they very well know where I'm at ... The nigga ride inside the truck with me (and) for the most part the nigga
Lyrics to "400 Degreez" song by JUVENILE: 400 degreez Ya see me I eat sleep ... If I aint a hotboy then what do you call that ... Ride top down so we let the trucks pause. In the jepp ridin' four deep. I booted up at these nigga claimin' they know me ... You don't want to fuck wit me ... Boy look nigga don't play no games no mo
You wanna shoot dice, we could do somethin' In the club with like 30 bands, going hard til' like 2 somethin' ... Pull up broad day, you know the raw way ... I ain't got shit to do but cook like I was from Virginia ... You say a nigga disrespect you, nigga ride bout it ... Not a local rapper in your own city, boy you look disgusting
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 Yea Yea x 3 Yea Uh uhh Told em they shouldn't, less you want none Wait for it, gotta want ... ... You know I am who they said I wouldn't be You know you gotta win, ... don't wanna listen Everything a nigga tell them they ain't never want to ... And ain't getting no money What's up, I can't fuck with you bitches ...
You know I'm tryna get with you, andale [x4] And all the things that I wanna do, to you [x4] Girl I ain't trippin just want you to listen, Cause I ain't tryna be rude to ...
Lyrics to "Boy It's Over" song by OMG GIRLZ: Baby, you can leave, you can leave, ... So go 'head with all of that ... You ain't gotta lie no more, we ain't seeing eye to eye no more ... Cause if you really, really wanna know ... Can't stay not another night, and you know you're gon' miss my kiss ... I'm way too real for these games
Lyrics to "Shawty Know" song by WEBBIE: Boo. ... When you be gone, I'm wondering where you at, what you doing, and who you with. ... Then say you not in the mood so it's cool. watch. ... So if you wanna holla, holla back cause baby I want you. baby, I need you. so, if you ... I know I ain't told you lately but. ... Pops I Luv U
"No More". oh i got some questions that i wanna ask you and boy don't even try lie ... but you were with her cheatin on me no no no [Chorus] no no no. I aint takin this no ... but ovbiously you don't know who i am turn around and tell me whats the deal when i will show you exactly how i feel here's the keys get in your ride take
[Man:] I'm trying to find out what you want to do ... you? [Girl:] What's wrong with you? You ain't getting none [DJ Paul] The shit started off ... Don't you play no games young boy you know that's where I gotta go ... See that Lexus that he ride in
K. MICHELLE LYRICS - Can't Raise A Man
Playing games like he'll never lose you. Try to talk ... You wonder why he acts like a boy. It's 'cause ... Girl, you ain't never gonna change nobody, If he don't wanna, you can't make nobody. ... Expecting you to let it ride ... You know that the love is changed, ... Better off letting him go, no matter how hard you try you can't raise.
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Right Above It
You know you at the top and all of heaven's right above it, we on.. 'cause ... And I wanna tell you somethin' that you probably should know. This that ... I'm not with different crews ... If you ain't runnin' with it run from it, motherfucker ... Guns turn you boys into pussies: sex change. ... Life is a beach, I'm just playin' in the sand
AZLyrics.com · A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # ... Now my life ain't my life no mo', I told you, nigga it's a wrap. OOOH! you claim you a ... I know it's some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! I roll one and roll .... I ride wit them boys in the middle of the map. St. Louis, Detroit ...
If you wanna talk streets, what it mean to you, nigga? ... Or I'm in the Watts with Jay Rock or slidin' through Compton with Game Cause real niggas livin' ... Keep playin' them games and get shot from them bleachers. I still got ... And there ain't no discussion ... And no disrespect, boy, you violate me, know we gon' handle that
Lyrics to "Kick It Wit You" song by CASSIDY: This for the grown and sexy This for the grown and sexy ... But I ain't playin when I sayin u should stay da nite
Eightball & MJG - Stop Playin Games Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stop Playin Games' by Eightball & MJG. ... I go by the name of that boy Diddy This is my man Fatboy, you know. Eightball niggaz, that's right, heh. Yeah, I pull up with my niggaz, you know it's on and poppin' I'm the ... You could smell it on my clothes so it ain't no secret ... Pigeons jockin' me, they wanna ride wit' me
Young G - Rich & Young Lyrics
Nov 8, 2015 Tsunami): (): It ain't hard to find us man (squad) Still out here by that gangway (ga ... ... get I ain't playin' no games wit em' Got a hundred-fifty niggas ridin wit me ... to ride for a 187(ha) That's a homicide(bang) Run up on a nigga with the ... They don't wanna see us Bitch we da' real L's and ya'll wanna be us ...
Lil' Jon - Stop Fuckin Wit Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stop Fuckin Wit Me' by Lil' Jon. I'm seein' me ... Everybody wanna know. But they ... (Wit it) Won't you let a real thug, hit it (Hit it) Stop playin' with these lames, ain't got no shame. The liquor ... I ain't 'bout them games shawty (No) You know my name shawty (Yeah) Just use ... no more. Come and ride out wit cha boy
BACKSTREET BOYS LYRICS - Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)
Lyrics to "Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)" song by BACKSTREET BOYS: Baby, oh Even in my heart I see You're not bein' true to me Deep within my soul I feel ... You know you've gotta stop (from my heart) You're ... I Wanna Be With You
2PAC LYRICS - I Ain't Mad At Cha
Lyrics to "I Ain't Mad At Cha" song by 2PAC: Change, shit I guess change is good for any ... Danny Boy Steward) ... I'mma send this one out for y'all, know what I mean? ... Wanna go to the Mosque, don't wanna chase tail ... She got a playa for life, and that's no bullshittin' ... Got a big money scheme and you ain't even with it
PROJECT PAT LYRICS - Still Ridin' Clean
Now can't a nigga see I ain't got no time for games. I'm on this ... You know who you are you hating ass bitch. You tried to change ... I ain't playing wit you hoes and you federal snitches. Wanna walk up to this pimp and get a hole in ya tensions. Always talking ... Know you scared to ride through know you gon' meet the steel
Lyrics to "Real Shit" song by YO GOTTI: Ya (cmg) This mixtape here It's strictly ... Ain't on this slick shit nigga, I see eye to eye. Runnin around,talking down, playing games, nigga die ... I've been going through a lot of shit, fucking with this model bitch ... And the a dope boy roll and a glock 9 too ... I mean you know shit crazy
And I think we just get closer when we're not together. You tell me that I'm ... I know you heard that my girl is sponsored by Audemars ... You wanna walk around naked in the kitchen. Without ... Playin' mind games, we both doin' the same thing
LIL' BOW WOW LYRICS - Playin' The Game
Lyrics to "Playin' The Game" song by LIL' BOW WOW: Just Blaze.. make it knock Ladies if you walkin' ... I'm your boy you're my girlfriend - stop! ... I'm warning you girl before you get involved with me ... I ain't got no cap on my salary so you know I'm tearin' it up ... Oooh how you make me happy I just wanna ride DADDY
Magic! - Money Don't Make Me Lyrics
The reaper don't fuck with a nigga like me, I'm a handle my biz. Like 4 more, I'm sick with it, you know what I'm sayin' Don't play no games boy, you know see- Murder ain't playin' I go to clubs, ... Can't stop a crazy motherfucker from doin' what he want to ... Infested with anger, that's why I ride with probably one in the chamber
And that ain't a diss, this way more to me than a diss track ... Shoutout to all the crazy bitches I've been involved with ... I ain't gotta spell out the offers. If being ... If you know me than you know a nigga treasure anonymity ... Without knowing shit about the people that I'm speaking to .... IRS wanna fuck me, I aint even outta debt
NATE DOGG LYRICS - I Got Love (Remix)
Fab-u-lous (Smash through, do whatcha do, and wh... ... Don't know what these broads trouble grief. For these roll ... I got love for, my homies who be rollin with me. Play no games. Play no games cuz, ain't nobody playin with me. I got love ... You wanna see the shells shift ... Buster boy Bobby, sockin all y'all is a hobby
What I wanna do with ya. Where I ... And you know that the boy ain't playin round. And I'd go that ... You always wanna talk about how I got a girl. How I be ... yes to you. Play games like the rest of these niggas do ... Theres no need for trippen
Lyrics to "Sorry Not Sorry" song by FABOLOUS: I'm way too different to treat the same You still playing I already beat the game I'm not with the b... ... I know you thought we had something special. But you don't mean nothing ... This ain't nothing new, keep it so 100. I can't let ... Now she want to ride stick, tryna witch up on you
Don't know why you wonder why them other ho's talk shit. I see sexy in ... I don't play no games. You're my ... Cause a new man hit her with that Jolly Rancher
Lyrics to "Sit Down" song by KEVIN GATES: I'm bout to tell you some shit. ... Don't you know it ain't no doing it with Gates? ... Ride around the bottom with the tint down ... Wanna wrestle, had to put him in a hip-toss ... "Take Care" playing tears running down my face I ain't playing, miss laying with my bitch having real-talks
Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz - BME Click Lyrics
Lyrics to 'BME Click' by Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz: To let you niggas know where I stay. ... Boy you'ze a ho I think you wanna man. It's not your boy from D12 ... They thought knockin with stuvella that would stop the cane ... I don't play, I just ride ... I ain't playin' no games ... Big Sam just sayin' this shit to let you know what's real
I ain't got no issues wit these bitches [Dr. Maria Gonzales ... (why you do me like that) Cuz bitch you beneath me like a coaster. I den been in more bitches walls then boy band posters. So aint shit ... now I heard she wanna fuck wit Roc ... I'm chillen, thuggin, same ole shit, you know ... Why you playin girl, you got miles Darius

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