I be up all night no sleep cos i feel like i am dreaming lyrics

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Lyrics to "All Night" song by THE VAMPS: I been up all night, no sleep Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming All night, no sleep Cause I feel...
The Vamps feat. Matoma - All Night Lyrics
Lyrics for All Night by The Vamps feat. Matoma. I've been up all night, no sleep Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming All night, no sleep...
THE VAMPS - All Night lyrics
Oct 14, 2016 I've been up all night. No sleep 'cause I feel like I'm always dreaming. All night. No sleep 'cause I feel like I'm always dreaming [Instrumental] ...
Lyrics to "Can't Sleep Love" song by PENTATONIX: Uh-huh Yeah! Tell me am I ... Cause' I can't do it anymore (Yeah!) Gimme that ... The kind that keeps me up all night. Gimme that ... Oh, I'm tired of dreaming of no one (I'm tired) I need some ...
Conor Maynard - Shape of You Lyrics
Feb 28, 2017 Saw me banging on the sofa 'Cause I've been up all night, no sleep, 'Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming Who do you love? And are you sure ...
The Vamps feat. Matoma - All Night Lyrics. I been up all night, no sleep Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming All night, no sleep Cause I feel like I'm always ...
CONOR MAYNARD LYRICS - Shape Of You (Sing Off)
'Cause I've been up all night, no sleep, 'Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming [ Brad:] Who do you love? And are you sure? [Conor:] 'Cause you make me feel ...
VOLUMES LYRICS - "No Sleep" (2014) album
VOLUMES lyrics - "No Sleep" (2014) album, including "Up All Night", "Neon Eyes ", ... I'm losing my mind ... Cause we love the night and we own the blur ... Feel like the pages of a story that we can't stop ... In perfect patterns in a perfect dream
SELENA LYRICS - Dreaming Of You
Lyrics to "Dreaming Of You" song by SELENA: Late at night when all the ... I stay up and think of you ... Cause I'm dreaming of you tonight ... (No puedo dejar de pensar en ti) ... (In my sleep) ... Where Did The Feeling Go ... A Boy Like That
Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming. Wide awake, that's okay, as long as I'm with you. I'll be up all night, no sleep. Cause I feel like I'm always dreaming
We can smash the club, make the pop go rock. With a love this deep, we don't need no sleep. And it feels like we could do this all night. We could do this all night
Pentatonix feat. Tink - Can't Sleep Love Lyrics
Lyrics for Can't Sleep Love by Pentatonix feat. ... Or am I not the loving kind? ... me up all night Gimme that can't sleep love Oh oh, I'm tired of dreaming of no one I ... it to someone Because I can't do it anymore (Tink) Rejected heart, feels like a  ...
Lyrics to "No Sleeep (Remix)" song by JANET JACKSON: You're missing me ( yeah ... Day and night, I dream of us doing whatever ... Whenever we meet, we ain't gonna get no sleep (same time, just a lil more, ... So you better get ready, my king, cause I'm a be the queen of insomnia ... Drunk off love we both feel deep down
I can't imagine all the people that you know. And the places ... 'Cause we both know what its like to be alone, no. And I'm dreaming in your living room. But we don't ... And those nights in my car. But this time ... Hey Baby, You know that you keep me up in bed ... And we'll go to sleep but this time not alone, no no, And you' ll ...
Brett Young - Sleep Without You Lyrics
Oh babe Never thought I would be like this Wide awake waiting on a ... staying up I can't sleep without you I'd be tossing and turning all night babe From the ... of that long as I know I'm the one you're comin home to But as long as the night ... without you Ya no matter how late I'll be stayin up cause I can't sleep without you  ...
MNEK LYRICS - At Night (I Think About You)
Lyrics to "At Night (I Think About You)" song by MNEK: In the morning I'm okay Just fine in the afternoon But at night I think about you Like an echo in my... ... Baby, sleeping without you just isn't right ... Cause I can't shake you off my mind ... Show up in my dreams at night ... Eyes are wide open the whole night through
HOPSIN LYRICS - Dream Forever
Lyrics to "Dream Forever" song by HOPSIN: You're the only girl who never disrespected me ... I love until there ain't no loving left in me, definitely ... It's cause you're beautiful, outgoing and smart ... You make me feel like I'm cute even though my face got all this acne on it ... I wake up in the morning with this sensational pain
Lyrics to "Paperweight" song by JOSHUA RADIN: Been up all night Staring at you Wondering ... But this feels like the first time ... You win 'cause I'm not counting
Lyrics to "Dreaming Alone" song by AGAINST THE CURRENT: The story starts laying in the dark with someone new I'm feeling tired from all the time I spent on... ... Cause I know it's you I dream about every night. Giving me a feeling like. Love in the summer. Way I've never ... Tell me I'm not dreaming alone. The story starts  ...
Nah'mean. Yeah! Seems like I always had crushes on chicks I couldn't have. And then I end up fucking with someone I shouldn't have. See, in my mind, it's like I'm perfect for her, I gotta show her ... I can take it 'cause I might be right, 'cause it's. This is the girl of my dreams, yeah ... Like all the way home without her knowing
TRAITORS LYRICS - "Night Terrors" (2016) EP
TRAITORS lyrics - "Night Terrors" (2016) EP, including "Burnout", "Sleep Disorder ", ... Because my dreams ... I wake up exhausted, with pain in my joints ... Natural death come take me so I'm here no longer ... It's me, I feel like, like it's all of me
HOTEL BOOKS LYRICS - Dreaming Or Sinking
Lyrics to "Dreaming Or Sinking" song by HOTEL BOOKS: I tried looking into her eyes to ... And it's all new but I love her, At least I think because I don't want to live so empty. ... That's why I feel like I'm going to die. ... Seems like that's not too much I guess but I sold my saviour for a whole lot less. ... That I can't sleep at night
Lyrics to "Windows Of My Eyes" song by BOOSIE BADAZZ: Last night I heard the rain on ... Serg and his boys got a problem cause I'm Boosie ... Feel like the whole world envy me, know I'm talking 'bout ... I think it's time I open up the window of my eyes, my eyes, my eyes ... No sleep, no rest so I'm feeling like I ain't blessed
STARLITO LYRICS - Insomnia Addict
Lyrics to "Insomnia Addict" song by STARLITO: And I can't sleep. ... Up all night like Gilbert Godfrey, on that loud, call it Gilbert Godfrey. Strap like gilbert arena is, pill poplin. Zanec till I don't feel the molly. Pandora on Phil Collins, ten years in bitch I'm still ballin. ... Just like we dream, no I can't sleep but I still have a dream.
AVANT LYRICS - Thinkin' About You
You're my hopes, my dreams, my everything. You're ... I wake up in a cold sweat ( why?) Because I ... And as I lay me down to sleep (down to sleep) ... All day, all night (all day all night, all night all day) ... I feel like the fool ... I'm so confused because ... Don't even know, who just, how much (cuz your not with me in my home)
THE-DREAM LYRICS - Rockin' That Shit (Remix)
Lyrics to "Rockin' That Shit (Remix)" song by THE-DREAM: Girl I'm in love with you baby. ... Can I call you nana cos you got that rockin' chair ... I'm like look at shawty go, go ... And all I can think about is rockin' it to sleep ... She revvin' me up, I got my hand all on my throttle ... And I leave ya spit clean, I don't use no polisher
Let's go all the way tonight. No regrets, just love. We can dance, until we die. You and I, will be young forever [Chorus:] You make me feel. Like I'm livin' a
Lyrics to "When I Dream At Night" song by MARC ANTHONY: I have been in love and been alone I have traveled over many miles to find a home there's that littl... ... 'Cause I only feel alive when I dream at night even though she's not real it's all right ... she opened up my heart ... A-Z Lyrics · M · MARC ANTHONY Lyrics.
Street dreams down the block from my dads spot. Bad cops on ... Fight nights I'm like Mike Tyson K/o for ... Cause all they say is jail or death, ... Said I'm wakin up on this sofa, ... Am I wrong for feeling you hate me, am I wrong for thinking you'd care? ... But I can't sleep without my mind gone cause of shit I witnessed last year,
OTC - Up All Night Lyrics
Apr 30, 2015 Lyrics for Up All Night by OTC has been translated in 1 languages ... ask me questions cause I'm tired of confessing And I know that it's not much ... nights, no peace, I feel like everybody's eyes on me I can't sleep, ... Dreaming.
Lyrics to "Not The Only One" song by KEVIN GATES: Let me out Say you love me, yeah Say you love me, yeah I know that I'm not the only one Struggles I... ... Get up out the bed, spend up all they check ... I ain't really feel like I was wrong ... See I live my life like you know I'm gonna enjoy this bitch cause you never know ...
... all the time. I want to make it right, 'cause that was last night ... All the time I done put in, I put in but time was ending. So silly chasing a feeling, figured you felt different ... 'Cause I just like to see you happy even when you faking it ... I hope we can make up in the A.M ... The hardest part of dreaming about someone you love
MAYDAY PARADE LYRICS - Three Cheers For Five Years
Stay up all night with the stars. Confess all the ... Too late, I'm sure and lonely. Another night, another dream wasted on you ... So sleep alone tonight with no one here just by your side. Sleep alone tonight. How does he feel, how does he kiss?
Lyrics to "Dreams" song by TWISTA: Hey lover, am I the only one Or are you selling your ... Damn, I'm trippin' 'cause I never really felt like this ... But the way you make me feel is real ... From the first time I met ya, you was on my mind all night ... No lying, no game, you gon' give me some, hey now, we freakin' up in the cut
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Live it up, hold on to your dream, don't ever give it up. Finally had my share of ... Cause lately you feel like I'm just not your sister at all, all. Uh, I'm sorry for calling  ...
Evelyn Champagne King - Love Come Down Lyrics
20 Give It Up ... No sleep last night. Been dreaming of you. Please hold me tight ' Cause I can't help the way that I feel. I just can't help the ... I feel. Deep in the night ... Make it come all the way down ... Evelyn Champagne King - I'm in Loveā€¦
But now I'm working to achieve, but sleep is the only thing I never see. And I vowed ... Cause I'm new, I'm not where the stars be. They chase dreams together like a slumber party, And now I'm ... I feel my nightmares watching me. ... You better wake up cause I am making moves, ... See I'm awake at night, with the ammunish
Lyrics to "Forget About It" song by ALL TIME LOW: (One, two, three!) You are a hand full of roses Thorns and a cheap bouquet True, I'm a walking dis... ... 'Cause I feel ... From a bad dream ... Of why I don't sleep at all ... I feel. Just like a bad joke. Woah~ Gotta know, Was it real? Waking up from a bad ... Just The Way I'm Not
THE RASMUS LYRICS - Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)
Lyrics to "Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows)" song by THE RASMUS: ... Guardian of my dreams. Watching me when I sleep ... Night after night I wake up shaking 'Cause my world is breaking. I'm fool enough to fall again ... 'Cause I feel like dying ... Shot · Night After Night (Out Of The Shadows) · No Fear · Lucifer's Angel
Lyrics to "Left Out" song by GNASH: Feeling left out From the right side of your ... Every time you're calling once you're starting there's no stopping ... But like does that even feel right cause I don't want you if anyone can hold you all through the night. And is it even fair or worth for me to put up a fight, just to prove that I'm the ...

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