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Aidonia Lyrics - Grab Har Nuh
Lyrics to "Grab Har Nuh" song by Aidonia: ... Now she waan likkle wata She beg tek time push in ... She beg tek time push in And then she whine like lambada
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - All Aboard
Lyrics to "All Aboard" song by ... Fucking idiot yuh likkle ticks (Ewy Ewy) We scratch him off like a ... Hustle hard, hustle ha hard, yuh rent like ram Don't beg, ...
Busy Signal Lyrics - Send It On
Lyrics to "Send It On" song by Busy Signal: Gal a whine an a bruk out bruk out She a whine ... See a likkle gal a whine har waist ... She beg me seh lawd hothead yuh ...
Cardi B Lyrics - Back It Up
Lyrics to "Back It Up" song by Cardi B: Yeah Cardi B Hoodcelebrityy Hey gal, beg you listen to my offa Yuh body, me ah beg a likkle wine o...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Gyal Wine To Di Top
Lyrics to "Gyal Wine To Di Top" song by Vybz ... Seh aye likkle bwoy u mussi smokin crack Yuh face cute, ... cable nuh cut off Yuh pretty nails long til it wah ...
Demarco Lyrics - Tek Yuh Time
Lyrics to "Tek Yuh Time" song by Demarco: Sekkle down my girl tek time, time... Gyal look so seductive when you stop whine, whine... gyal Slow...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Tun Up The Fuck
Lyrics to "Tun Up The Fuck" song by Vybz Kartel: Ayy you tight ... Likkle gal doa gi weh dat (ah ah) Yuh pum pum clean and ready so mi dash weh di boots and mi ...
Vybz Kartel - All Aboard Lyrics. ... Fucking idiot yuh likkle ticks (Ewy Ewy) Wi scratch him off like a lotto ticket ... Dem bwoy yah a beg like gyal Don't beg, beg, ...
Busy Signal Lyrics - Stop Show Off
Lyrics to "Stop Show Off" song by Busy Signal: Some likkle bwoy fi behave dem self a road Seet clear seet ... People warn beg him ... Stop show off Mine yuh get ...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Just Wine
Lyrics to "Just Wine" song by ... Memba Jeffery Hype wah fuck yuh likkle sista ... Soh jump and whine Quint up yuh pussy And whine yuh waistline Cocky inna belly
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Wah Yuh
Lyrics to "Wah Yuh" song by Vybz Kartel: Don haha How dem ladies deh a gwaan so man Haha check fi it hi no Hey mi baby Whine up yo body fi...
Vybz Kartel - All Aboard Lyrics
Lyrics for All Aboard by Vybz Kartel. All aboard all aboard All a all ... idiot yuh likkle ticks (Ewy Ewy) Wi scratch him off like a ... yah a beg like gyal Ahh bwoy ...
Cute & Likkle And Tight lyrics - LyricsMode.com
Cute & Likkle And Tight lyrics by Spragga ... Mek I'm juss done and haffi beg yuh fi a next one ... Don't spam and write clearly off-topic meanings Don't write ...
Elephant Man Lyrics - Approach
Fi nuh man neva wuk yuh and throw yuh off a ... eyes have yuh shiverin This likkle black ... Still I put a fire pon a girl when yuh genuine Everyday she beg a ting ...
Whine Pan Di Cocky Gyal lyrics - LyricsMode.com
Whine Pan Di Cocky Gyal lyrics by Vybz Kartel: ... Likkle gyal doh gi weh dat, (ahh ahh) Yuh pum pum clean ... Baby from mi fine yuh You alone mi wah gyal Whine pon ...
Elephant Man Lyrics - Jook Gal (Wine, Wine)
Lyrics to "Jook Gal (Wine, ... Cock up yuh bumpa a likkle more ... Fan Dem Off Jook Gal (Wine, Wine) Cock Up Your Bumper Indian Gal
Konshens Lyrics - Dem Nuh Real
Lyrics to "Dem Nuh Real" song by Konshens: Onton wooy, ... But if yo thing slow down a likkle bit yuh naw go find none a dem Yow Jades ... So wi no haffi beg none a dem
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Fever
It give the fire fever If yuh caah bruck it off Hasta La Vista ... FEVER Pon yuh punanny Whine fi mi ... You nah dead Wide out, like a sheetspread Likkle twelve lef ...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Children Are Our Future
Lyrics to "Children Are Our Future" song by ... But anybody dweet mi a beg unu fi ... Don't touch the likkle girl mi no care if shi pretty Run yuh down wid the ...
Aidonia Lyrics - Oh Oh Oh
And me haffi pop it off If yuh man cocky soft ... me haffi beg yuh fi calm ... (oh oh) Jiggle up yuh body and whine go down low ...
Konshens Lyrics - Fight The Ban
Lyrics to "Fight The Ban" song by Konshens: ... Tek yuh dutty hand off a we culture Di likkle street dance ... And watch di girls dem a whine and a gwan
Popcaan Lyrics - Fall In Love
Lyrics to "Fall In Love" song by Popcaan: ... mi fall in love Mi wi buy yuh a ticket to Barbados Gyal mi fall in love Gyal yo pretty likkle pussy have mi coming back
Blak Ryno - Wine Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Lyrics for Wine Up Yuh Body by Blak Ryno. ... Sit down pon mi c**key fi a likkle wine Fi get a likkle child That in a yo belly, ... We Nuh Beg Fren. 06. Dem Nuh Real.
Aidonia Lyrics - Supm Fi You
Lyrics to "Supm Fi You" song by Aidonia: Mi have sup'm fi you Mi just puts har pon mi peg pon di bed Mek she bawl and beg ... off mi buddy head Position pon yuh ...
Major Lazer feat. Future Trouble - Lazer Theme Lyrics ...
Lyrics for Lazer Theme by ... , Sweden gyal jus whine fuh me Bubble up yuh ... Boss gyal you mah real friend Buss ah likkle whine party weekend Take ah trip ...
Vybz Kartel - See A Man U Want ... Gimme a show off inna yuh BCBG ... Buy a two a rum drink a likkle And memba seh! yuh a goodas, she a nuh nothing
Kardinal Offishall Lyrics - Nina
Man all a spen off dem money tryna dance with her, ... I first met her when I was a likkle yute, ... Nina she cold and yuh done know she nuh beg nuh fren.
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Tell Him A Lie
Lyrics to "Tell Him A Lie" song by Vybz Kartel: ... How yuh fi gimme hype when yuh beg mi par ... Memba di house weh yuh madda live likkle like patty van
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Dem Nuh Like Wi
Lyrics to "Dem Nuh Like Wi" song by Vybz Kartel: ... Beg yuh ah bligh fi di coaster driver dem ... Weh government ah treat like dem ah likkle gyal
Lisa Hype - Just Wine Lyrics. ... And whine yuh waistline ... Memba Jeffery Hype wah fuck yuh likkle sista [Chorus: ~Jah Vinci~]
Collie Buddz Lyrics - Come Around (Remix)
Lyrics to "Come Around ... Yuh see when mi tun on my switch dem caan bloodclaat tun it off ... Sweet sensi a come around Mi a tek a likkle draw and pass it ...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Mofraudo
How yuh fi gimme hype when yuh beg mi par And mi write five songs gi yuh turn ... Memba di house weh yuh madda live likkle ... Mofraudo the failure yuh ketch di ...
Vybz Kartel - Fever Lyrics. ... FEVER Pah yuh punany Whine fi mi baby Everything cris ... It give the fire Fever If yuh caah bruck it off
Major Lazer - Lazer Theme Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lazer Theme' by Major Lazer. Aye, / Sweden gyal jus whine fuh me / Bubble up yuh waist, ... Buss ah likkle whine party weekend
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